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Cybercity K bridge
WARNING; peer creator tributes!!! finally, the bridge is completed!
About this creation
hi friends!
this is the bridge,
it s presented here,
with a hint of the new GF systems installed in Cybercity...
and the very first PANEL BUILDING TECHNIQUE models!!!

there is a good timing for everything,
and the bridge could nt come at a better time,
as it s pretty symbolical now...

as this moc expresses,
i m trying to bridge the gap,
abolish the frontiers, the language,
the different budgets and ages!!!

in the past, i tried coop,
i had fun, but, i want to push it further!
i have seen too many great creators leave,
as they were new, and had nobody to exchange with...

i find that very sad.
i like a lot of different concepts on the page!
and, with time, i came to appreciate different forms of lego art,
that, at first, i never cared about!

i find that there are very brilliant persons on the pages!
rich, poor, young, old, from all around the world!
and i want to share more than 'i like its'!
i want to laugh, and make things better!!!

so, if you find yourself here...
i like you, and have the tools...
if you re not...
i like you,
but, you have no sig fig,
or i don t have enough to reproduce you...
or don t hear enough about you to know...

i doubt annyone here complains,
as most have been 'reproduced' before,
but, if you re offended in any way...
i ll change text, or ear your suggestion!
it is presented as 'tribute' to your talents,
and i aknowlege them to all!

here is the bridge,
with, evidently, the POWER STATION and AQUEDUC*
[*if you can come up with a better name for it, i d be obliged!]

the BLUE OIL concept is real...
it is based on a french scientists late discovery!
it is what you see below!
of course, for story sake, i gave it a Cyber twist lol!
and i have merged it with the AQUEDUC!

the POWER STATION is based on a more known system,
thanks to my peer country man PIERRE NORMANDIN!!!
who designed this great wind turbine kit at LEGO!
and has a page on this very site!!!

it is a STATEMENT to how quebec ers care how,
and where, electric-power comes from!
and it s something i m proud of!

the finished look of the bridge is nt...
it s my first, and it must show...
no, don t be tender...
i m not.
say the truth, i ll like you better!!!

and, it s what logic dictates,
as it s also the best analogy for BUILDING ALTA-5 s status!
it s my first time too!
i m trying to avoid the mass group problems...

communication is key...
group is also key...
rules, and concepts, are what binds those together...
i have to design those to fully succede.
once done, it will ROCK!!!

of course, such a venture, can t be done without heros...
michael rutherford, needs vacations, he chose Cybercity...
i asked him to support me and he said YES!!!
i show him here, as a defective GF commander...
the BEST they had!!!

he s after some Cyber gang thug,
who did the mistake to steal his wallet!!!
boy! he gonna get it!!!
you re 'a' #1 michael...ATTACK!!!

next, we have BEN COSSY, as a secret GF assasin-spy agency team leader!
he s working on his game...check it out!!! fav...
hero of ALTA-5!!!
armed with a gun, and arc for steath,
you will see him kick, punch, jump over, and generally laugh of all zombie opposition!!!

it s keith goldman s sig fig!
who also generously conceided to invest a little time
in the BUILDING ALTA-5 project!
thank you a lot!!!

here we can see the AQUEDUC, and part of the beach!

here we can see HANS, finding new exotic herbs...[still looking for your face]
his collection is surely growing,
as he often collects...
sure has fine cooking herbs on alta-5!

LEDA is talking oriental art with MASTER SHIFU...
and...oups, there is gonna be trouble!

the beach guard does nt allow glass bottles on the beach...
and BONES and CAPT KIRK [HEATH] are not ready to part with their new
carabean pirate printed bottles!
and they just HAVE to have em!!!

he just does nt know them...
as they have been trough so much more than HIM on the pages! lol!

here we can see big buisness going on!

and they stand on MANOXYLO s patio,
i have removed the houses to show the scene in a better way,
when all together, AMELIE s house fronts the AQUEDUC,
MANO is in the center, and SEBASTIEN s house is fronting the POWER STATION!

MANO knows MISS-T very well,
they are planning the MARINA together!
a very small project, due to size availability...
but, with time, who knows...

the police s k-9 s dogs are very interested by this strange catch!
ALTA-5 is very exotic, we can encounter pretty much everything! [lego makes lol!]

but, the best catch always go to JAY RHUM!
he comes to Cybercity to replenish the sub s fridge...
hey, jay, where is the food?
oh no jay!...not again...?

don t go thinking these great ladies are just for him, oh no...
...they don t fit all in his they?...
it really helps crew s morale anyways, as it s all glass paneled...

you can see 2 other future heroes here!
BEN [flare], will be in the legion,
and SAM KNAVEL, lone small ALTA-5 city hero!
battling zombies up to it s source...GENERAL VARTOK now in Cybercity!
also, not shown here, CALEB MC SNIPER, [i ll find your head, i have it...]

and if romance does nt motivates jay s men...
then maybe this golden trident will!

as they ll now be able to purchase great sports cars,
made from T.TECH, or KODIAK CORP,
superbikes from DBG IND.
import martian exotic goods from ZED CORP trans-cargo!

and many more products YOU will manufacture,
once affiliated buisness wise!

the municipal worker responsible for the POWER STATION,
is VINCENT VOLT! you can see him here with a screwdriver!
and his famous truck! he takes care of all that s electric in the city!

the train is packed with tourists!
but, also workers from GLOBOLOPOLIS!
[see the gf financial add]
it s a safe transport, insured by the GF!

since GLOBOLOPOLIS has a space port,
you can expect people from all around the universe here!!!
the GF did nt allow Cybercity space port permits and licence,
as they want to be able to control space traffic.

this being the mail-money transfer wagon,
security is beefed up, heavily...
these men s identity is CLASSIFIED!
if you know them...
you re quite high up...

i will show you their faces...
to my own risks and perils, as i m devoted to your personal interest in my work...

...i survived...for now...
here is a shot of the station to see the door mainly...

much to my despair,
i m missing a few blue plates to cover past over the bridge,
it s not part of the city s plan,[check journal #3-4]
but, it s nice for stories.

overview of the party scene...

overview of the buisness scene...

overview of the catch scene...

doing evel kenevel trick stunts, on moto-cross!!!
the train might seem like a hard thing...
not for tk...wheels are his buisness...for now!

trans view...

trans view...

on this, you can see the power condensators, or accumulators,
also a nice view of the bridge s slope.

the 3 house row will be here.

i really can t wait to see this running...
it could take weeks...
as i have to be 'childless' to do so.
otherwise, things dissapear, or i have to fix all, all the time.

overview of the 2nd floor, of the aqueduc,
EL has eye wash stations...i listen to suggestions...
you don t waste your time commenting me...
it sometimes takes time though... lol!
thanks el barto!!!

the safety of the workers is important!
look at these fire extinguishers...
if YOU can make it safer...tell me!

here is the pressure controls,
the city s computer covers the whole city water system,
so the workers can check the beach too...

meet MR GERARD, foreman of all the city workers,
and specialist in water systems!
he s rough n tough, a real old school plombier! [plumber?]
i had the great luck of getting the wrench with the exo force kit!

and...the cyber twist...a new power capsule!
concentrated BLUE OIL!!!
usable on cars, tanks, ships, you name it...we POWER it!!!
MR HARRIS and RICHMOND insured to make
this structure s investment PROFITABLE!!!

not a new concept, LUDGONIUS used it months ago on his LIU universe!
i had the idea before i saw his post, but, i did nt know how, or if, i should use that...
now, i do! [btw love your work ludgo!!!]

ah...the POWER STATION at night!
i have dreamed of this pic for so long now...

again, the same twist, different!
even more LIU reminiscent...sorry!
green soylent anyone?!

i used to want to storytell smuggling from the LIU,
but, ludgo is a busy man...
it s hard to run an entertainment universe!
and i wanted to have his consent,
...i still do!

those bio discs do a nice job as power meters, don t you think?

naturally, you should nt consider this as a demo...
when i do, it will look like the bank s!

it s nice,
but, you have nt seen the recycling plant...yet!

and if you know me well...
you know it s the heart of my project...
keith also asked about MR RADNICK...
and what keith suggest me...goes!

eric, i m sorry!
i ll find something!

thanks a lot for your patience and respect guys!!!


 I made it 
  July 30, 2014
most of these people are gone now, that s why this is now in the archives.
 I made it 
  February 5, 2013
Quoting noah pricskett Hi cyberfrank can u put my city lostbrick (1word) into your story Fellow alta 5 please I will give you more info if you say yes(thanks
if you are reffering to a residential licence, YES! no brob, sorry for the time laps, I got problems in that period, and, I deal those in my OFFICE post.
 I like it 
  March 31, 2012
 I like it 
  February 21, 2012
Hi cyberfrank can u put my city lostbrick (1word) into your story Fellow alta 5 please I will give you more info if you say yes(thanks
 I like it 
  August 27, 2011
Ce pont est très sympa (j'adorerais avoir un circuit de train en LEGO, mais il faut beaucoup de place et de $$$ !). Les photos nocturnes sont vraiment superbes. Je n'ai pas vraiment compris ce qu'est l'"huile bleue", mais le concept me semble intéressant (as-tu vu mon système de production d'énergie ?
 I made it 
  June 3, 2011
Quoting T.K . towers? the figs hold the energy units in their hands! that s what you should reproduce and use!
 I like it 
  June 3, 2011
I will use the Energy towers in my next MOC for sure! Maybe its time for T-TECH to branch out further...
 I like it 
  May 30, 2011
this is a great moc, cool pics and lights, I really like it !
 I made it 
  May 28, 2011
Quoting Master Shifu Leo J thanks shifu! hopefully you ll like your stay at the hotel, once finished! thanks!
 I made it 
  May 28, 2011
Quoting Brian Lyles thanks brian! i love the green buildings too! can t get enough it seems! lol!
 I like it 
  May 27, 2011
Lots of wonderful ideas and action going on here! Very cool pics with UV light. Thanks for the cameo!
 I like it 
  May 27, 2011
It looks great. I love the industrial feel of the green buildings and all the details you added inside.
 I made it 
  May 19, 2011
thanks a lot guys!
 I made it 
  May 19, 2011
Quoting Heath 'kik36' Flor thanks heath!!! i tought of you 2 guys, when i first saw them! they re pirate printed! they look...goood! lol! i wish you luck to get as much as you want heath! for the station, it will be special! lol!
cyberfrank 2010
 I like it 
Austin Durick
  May 18, 2011
thats good cyber frank i hope to see your movie theater with in the next few years :)
 I like it 
  May 18, 2011
I can not deny that I am a HUGE fan of those bottles, and may end up picking up quite a few of those in the near future! LOL Great bridge, train, and action overall! I really dig the use of the power station to help bring the whole thing to life.
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
Excellent scene here. >Eric
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
I love it, excellent!!
cyberfrank 2010
 I like it 
Austin Durick
  May 16, 2011
real cool man i think you should make the real working movie theater with a laptop like stephen abbott created i would just ask him if it is okay for you to make somthing like it that thing was awsome it would be a great addition to cyber city
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
OK, my office is up cyberfrank!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Salut mon cher Frank! Je vois que tu as encore fais des tiennes! Je crois que pour te suivre, il va falloir que j'investisse dans des "base plates". Bleues pour l'océan, vertes pour la terre, et que je me mette enfin à créer! Je me demandais si tu me fournirais des photos globales de ta ville, vues depuis la mer, ce qui me permettrais d'arriver au village d'Asterix... euh, Cybercity avec mon sub!!! :-P Je ne suis pas encore sur d'avoir tout saisi, mais je crois que je commence à piger ton concept! Y'a t'il un adresse mail qui nous permettrais de communiquer plus simplement?(hotmail?). Merci encore pour la dédicace! Et merci de faire du capitaine un vrai Don Juan! ;-) ;-)
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Jess G. since you re almost accepted as SUB-CONTRACTOR jess, could you define when you liked it?...where you disapointed in something? try to define it more...communication is key!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Jess G. i ll check your office jess! you re on!!!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting The Kodiak mmmm you re so close WILL! see you on the SATTELITE!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Nick Barrett s funny! as the big aqueduc glass windsheild part, always make me think of your big scale technical wonders!!! i miss making some...but, i had a little taste of it in my RHINO of the METAL LEGION post! thanks guys!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Cool! Do you mind putting me in one of these sometime? You could use my "Iron Legacy Sig-fig" (He is my main siggy) if you want. Oh, BTW, I will post my XarfCorp office soon.
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
this would make an amazing setting for a battle, like when kodiaks are following the tracks, and great work on the lighting!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Wow this is epic. Love the bio discs and tk's bike. Lol - Not allowed glass bottles on the beach. Awesome moc.
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Zac . can you insure transport trough ZED CORP s ? answer on the SATTELITE! CLASSIFIED!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting T.K . tk, you re sooo good at ll be millionaire!!!you re so on!!!...and thanks!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Austin Durick your on!!! but, i have thought of this before! you are so right without even knowing... the park, is inspired by his stage!!!...long ago, before i did my very first creation here, on moc pages! great sense!!! bravo! for the screen...well, i have to deal with my budget...expect it to year? maybe...
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Ben Cossy excellent news ben!!! make sure it permanenly stay on your page! it s more customer friendly! i ll try to send you buisness then!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Dustin Esau would you like to command men on alta-5? i can reproduce 3 of your squad! and...thanks dusty!!!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
I agree with Nick.;-)
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Great scene - now supersize it to squeeze in one of my large vehicles ;-) ... if you have 1,000,000 pieces!
  May 16, 2011
wow! i love the bridge and the glowing the dark aquaduct
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Jeff McElwee you make me want to work more...thank you!
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Deus Otiosus i m glad it s your turn DEUS! i wanted to introduce you from day-1!!! way sorry!!! like keith...YOU CONTROL THE ACTION!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
wow, the bridge looks great! Im definately going to have a go at panel building now, youve inspired me!! I like what my characters doing, i might try that in real lfe ;)
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
It's me :D Thanks for including me in this epic MOC! LOVE everything you've done here! All the detail is amazing! Great stuff! Oh and also I'll start building my office soon :D
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
This reall cool dude, You have a lot of base plates and bricks. Keep up the cool work.
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Awesome work..!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
 I like it 
  May 15, 2011
I must say, you have a talent for city vehicles! The buildings are pretty great too! I love the UV lighting. :)
 I like it 
  May 15, 2011
Cool Frank! This is great, love the photo of the bike jumping carriages. Another great moc :)
 I like it 
  May 15, 2011
Geez man I don't think you put enough detail into it...also, the sky is purple and up is down and down is up. Great job man, always a pleasure to see what you're doing.
 I like it 
  May 15, 2011
And as I check back it's even more epic! With the interior and all its ideas...
 I like it 
  May 15, 2011
I couldn't wait! It's so cool already!!!
By cyberfrank 2010
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