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LONG ISLAND CITY ART CENTER - I meet Sean Kenney in person and see his work UP CLOSE!
For two week ends in May (May 14 & 15, 2011 and May 21 & 22) In NYC's Boro of Queens in Long Island City the first arts festival was held. The first week was the gallery view of the artists and ther work! The second week is visiting their studios! I felt I had to "backstory" this MOCpage by showing you just how the LIME BICYCLE came to be so I researched the net and came across some pictures that I am placing here from The net site: DAY OLD STUBBLE and the Releigh News. I credit Jason Carrick and the paper for them! I am also including a map to give you an idea where 44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City Art Center is. Imagine a good word when building with LEGO Bricks & Plates it's the one item that doesn't come in the box. Imagination is supplied by you! And who could ever IMAGINE I'd be meeting Sean Kenney! PLEASE NOTE: For today's (May 21, 2011) pictures please go to LONG ISLAND CITY ARTS CENTER - May 21, 2011, which will be up tomorrow! Anything is possible!
About this creation

For one year I will honor, remember and respect the victims of 9-11. Each of my creations will have a 9-11 memorial starting off the page. I'd like to give a big handshake, hug, kiss to all the people here on MOCpages that remembered by creating WORLD TRADE CENTER buildings done in LEGO you too honor the fallen of 9-11 GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

The announcement for BRICK MAGIC in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sean's room where he built the LIME BICYCLE in person. I love the sign! (Days Old Stubble)

Sean at work on one of the spokes of the bike! (Raliegh News)

Sean with the bike and surrounded by the infamous BLACK VEHICLES! (Days Old Stubble)

Sean and his finished LIME BICYCLE! (Days Old Stubble)

Google (TM) map of Long Island City, NY

Long Island Art's Center's directional map.

Your's truly in front of the LIC Art's Center. Please note the pylons that hold up one of the few remaining elevated train lines - the #7 line (also takes you to the old Shea Stadium).

A hazy day at the LICAC.

The LICAC anouncement of the 'Open House'

A street view of one of the galleries - left side.

Another street view - right side!

Bust of a Black Man done by one of Sean's gallery friends: Ms. Eunnye Yang.

Unzip to spring! Ar installation by artist: Annalisa

Hey even the farm animals got in on the exhibit!

A detail of one of the many photographs in the exhibit. Photography for this and the nex one done by: Marlon Krieger

Another detail.

So don't throw away your old, rusty and bent nails...turn them into ART!
After all we are called to use our imagination!

Country Western Trees - take one

Country Western Trees - take 2

They renamed our 59th Street/Queensborugh Bridge after our beloved mayor - Mayor Ed Koch, an arts project had the children from our school system design a poster to commemorate it! this is some of it!

Kids art 2

Kids art 3 - it filled up the walls of the 5th floor galleries! I loved it from an artists viewpoint as well as a teachers!

Line art the basis of hatching a technique to add gray to a line drawing - here it's done circlularly.

Line art done in a square pattern.

And here we meet the artist Palden Weinreb, from Tibet doing his work!

A close up of one of the paintings in the AES Sculpture Studio on the 5th floor!

Another close up (same painting).

A sculpture in progress from the same AES Studio.

The theme was Imagination - so why not BREAD as art? These were in the mini-cafe on the first floor!

More Bread Art - I lovetaking pictures of things others would not consider art. but study these two pictures. What are the shapes and forms and textures? THESE ARE THE SAME QUESTIONS WE NEED TO ASK OURSELVES when we do our Mocs!

Another work by Ms. Yang.

Sean Kenney himself!

A note to Sean: I did not include any pictures I took of you and you wife and daughter here, I wanted to respect your RIGHT TO PRIVACY! I will be sending them to Genevive instead!

Sean's self portrait done in Lego Plates overlooks his newest creation done for the arts fair in North Carolina the LIME BICYCLE!

Mr. Kenney and yours truly Nick Pascale a.k.a. MrMouth1117!

The LIME BICYCLE itself! The second "star" of the show!

Start to take notice just how 1x1 plates and 2x2 plates and 2x4 plates and plates of all sizes grow... make a familiar shape (but what is it?)...

...AN EYE, Sean's eye!

As I move back a face starts to appear (and yes, the white bacground is also made up of Lego Plates!

More of the face...

...and finally the whole self portrait!
Well done Sean!

Now the scuptural bust he did. Sean and I talked about the eyes, just the day before I was in Toys 'r' Us in TIMES SQUARE and saw the newest sculpture of the Pirates of the Carribean and discussed how the eyes were done different he used black Lego frying pan for eyes but the artist who did the statue at Toys 'r' Us used finals! Everyone has a diffrent way of doing a same thing God Bless Diversity! By the way Sean knows him!

Another view "head" on! (I just love puns! lol ;) )

three quarter view

from behind!

The deli man! "did you say 'sunny-side-up?"

A great view of the Deli man, the stock market broker, the deli counter and Sean talking with his guests! We all had something to do!
Oh, that was sunny-side-up!

You can leave a tip - he even accepts Euros and Pesos!

I hope he's happy the stocks just went UP!

I think I am going to order a yellow cheese sandwich - what about you?

O, no his stock was the one on the front page! It went down, I hope he doesn't cancel his order!

It looks like Sean has his back anyway!

The lettuce looks fresh, so do the tomatoes, maybe I'll get an egg sandwich!

Boy that stock really plumeted!

He doesn't look that happy!

His hands are a bit shakey!

He's also busy tapping his left foot...

and his right!

Still thinking about that egg sandwich!

Deli man: "I hope he makes up his mind!" "Maybe I'll let him have this sandwich on the house!"

This LEGO Vingette is very important, it expresses Sean's feelings about his job as a WEB DESIGNER. As you can tell he wasn't too happy. He took a big gamble and left it to pursue a jpb in the field of art - working with LEGO as his medium not stone or wood nor watercolors or paint...bricks....LEGO BRICKS. Aren't we all glad his gamble worked out!

If you go to Sean's mocpages you'll find out more about this vignette! I am providing you with the link:
His gamble not only aided with the creation of this Unofficial LEGO Site on the net but opened the door to the many male and female adults who lso use LEGO as their medium when expressing themselves artistically. THANK YOU, Sean!

IMAGINE that's the buzz word, the theme of the whole art exhibit at Queens' Long Island City. And Sean poses a question for us: Do we work with the plasticity that clay offers us as we shape and mold our imagined ideas into 3d realities or do we accept the rigidity of plastic, the plastic of LEGO BRICKS & PLATES?

The price list for Sean's Work! Someone has to ay for the bricks! and every penny is worth it, you are buying work done by one of 3 best LEGO ARTISTS! It's a deffinate investment for the future!

Sean with the guests!

The invasion of the black Lego Veheciles begins!

The "dirt" that surrounds the LIME BICYCLE is acually vehicles made of LEGOs! When Sean was in
Brick Magic in Raleigh, North Carolina the week-end before as he built his LIME GREEN BICYCLE the younger guests were given black Lego bits and ieces and made vehicles out of them. It was Sean's Imagination to use them as a grounding base for his bike! And forced to see just what the furor of these black items were!

As we say in the Fashion Industry: BLACK IS BASIC!

They seemed to come right out at you!

It was so hard to pick a favorite they surrounded the LIME BICYCLE!

Sme are detailed while others are quite simplistic!

Black Lego Vehicles - some big some small!

Another view of the small vehicles done in black by the kids in the Sean Keney exhibit in North Carolina!

LIME BICYCLE a close up!

Antother view of the spoke!

I got to talk with this whole 'International" family about the exhibit and introduced them to Sean who answered the girl's questions.

It was so nice to see whole families enjoy the exhibit!

Some of the children, two sisters and a brother looking at the bust sculpture Sean did.

IME BICYCLE Detail: The spoke

LIME BICYCLE Detail: The Seat

YES, kids were in attendance (the under 13 and the over 21 kind)!

The letter "N" taken from the Lego Word IMAGINE which is the head picture of this mocpage.

The letter "E" taken from the Lego word Imagine that is the head of this page. Why not I said? The letter "N" is next to the letter "E" and they represent the first letter in my name "N"icholas and the last - Pascal"E"!

Patrons looking at Sean's self portrait done with LEGO plates!

Are they discussing, the stock market, the deli and what they are going to get or what's for dinner tonight?

My last shot of the exhibit as Sean says good-bye to some of the patrons!


 I like it 
  June 11, 2015
Hey Nick! Thank you for sharing this for those of us who could only imagine being able to do something like this. Especially this OAFOL! LOL
 I like it 
  April 20, 2012
cool pics! but why did you think the world would end?
 I made it 
  May 22, 2011
Quoting cyberfrank 2010 wow! thanks for the pics and infos nick! a real pro if you ask me!!!
There's more on this event - I just created two and as we speak the pictures from the 3rd are downloading! Come visit them as well! Thanks, Frank for your kind words! Vous etes un vraiment ami!
 I like it 
  May 22, 2011
wow! thanks for the pics and infos nick! a real pro if you ask me!!!
 I made it 
  May 21, 2011
Well, thank God, the world didn't end! I enjoyed today's visit to the Long Island City Art Center and visiting Sean Kenney's Studio. I have tons of pictures to share with all of you they will be up sometime tomorrow!
 I made it 
  May 20, 2011
Quoting Sean Kenney Well documented! Thanks for sharing this with all the folks who couldn't otherwise make it.
Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your kind words, Sean. I'll be seeing you tomorrow (if the world doesn't end!). I tried to imagine that an invisible person was behind me when taking the pictures and my camera was his eyes! I tried to figure out - what details would his/her eyes be attracted to? I love photojournalism! I have the High School of Art & Design for that and my journalism teacher, Lynette Reese for that! IT WAS A GRAND PLEASURE!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2011
Wow! What an honor to meet Sean Kenney!!
  May 20, 2011
Well documented! Thanks for sharing this with all the folks who couldn't otherwise make it.
Nick Pascale
 I like it 
Austin Durick
  May 17, 2011
i hope i meet sean at the lego kids fest in pittsburgh i am going but mind looking at this
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
That is awesome!!! But the price tag on that bike is quite high. (Although I do admit, it's an awesome build!) I would love to have all of those black parts!
 I made it 
  May 17, 2011
Quoting Ru Corder I made one of those cars! I didn't see it though. That bike is stunning when it's finished, I saw it when he had only made one wheel.
Sorry about that, I was sure I got every angle! I didn't want to leave any out!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
I made one of those cars! I didn't see it though. That bike is stunning when it's finished, I saw it when he had only made one wheel.
 I made it 
  May 17, 2011
Quoting cyborg jedi Awesome! I went to Brick Magic in Raleigh, NC!!!!
Did you get to see him making the LIME BICYCLE? Are one of the black vehicles yours, if so did I photograph it?
 I made it 
  May 17, 2011
Quoting Paul Romano This is awesome! I live near NY City, so I gotta see this! The only question I have is, was this a free exhibit?
Yes, the exhibit is free! The only day left for you to see it is May 21. I am not sure if the gallery will still be open BUT all the artists' studios will be open. Follow this link for directions: I hope I'll see you there!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
Fantastic !!! I love the ..... I love all !!!!! can you see my creations ?
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
This is awesome! I live near NY City, so I gotta see this! The only question I have is, was this a free exhibit?
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
Cool mind checking this out?
 I like it 
  May 17, 2011
Thanks for posting these great shots - uggh, I'm so jealous. Would love to see this!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Thanks for sharing Nick, looks like a lot of fun.
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
:) awesome.... and to answer the question you left for cody.. yes your picture made feel i was there :)
 I made it 
  May 16, 2011
Quoting Cody G I wish I could have attended this, it looks like an amazing experience.
O.K. Cody G I wish you were there as well we could have met one another. BUT Did my pictures make you feel you were there?
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
Awesome! I went to Brick Magic in Raleigh, NC!!!!
 I like it 
  May 16, 2011
I wish I could have attended this, it looks like an amazing experience.
By Nick Pascale
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