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The Insurrection: Ascension part 3
This is a late mission, but Eric said it was okay. I really have nothing to say here, so enjoy.
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Innie Communications Officer: We have intercepted a UNSC transmission and decoded it using a code from a captured ODST outpost.
Captain (one in white): Let me view it.
Officer: On the screen sir.
Captain: Itís garbled and I can only see two people.
Officer: Thatís because itís coded.
Captain: Well tell me what the decoded message says.

Private (One with orange pants): We are finishing the full decoding now.
Sergeant (One with flat brown hair): Okay sir, itís ready.
Captain: AndÖÖÖ?
Private 1st Class (One with glasses): Oh sorry, I forgot the volume.
Computer: To command post 1032, UNSC intelligence has located a vulnerable entry point into the MAC facility. By the orders of the high command, send a squad of ODSTís to surprise the entry point and capture it. Then meet up with team Foxtrot and protect them as they exit the facility. UNSC command out.
Captain: Vulnerable my foot! Tell the Masked Marauders to take position and ambush those ODSTís as they come to the entrance.
Lieutenant: Yes sir, Iíll inform them.
Captain: Oh and lieutenantÖ.
Lieutenant: Yes?
Captain: Tell the guards to get down and the ODSTís will think itís clear and they will move in.
Lieutenant: Yes, sir.

Lieutenant: Hey, you guys!
Guard: Yes?
Lieutenant: Come down, the Marauders will ambush a group of ODSTís and you guys need to come down from there and make the enemy think that itís an abandoned base and move in.
Guard: Yes maíam.

Guard 1: Well I guess we have to get down from here.
Guard 2: Aw, I was just getting used to the view from up here.
Guard 1: Come on, letís go.

Guard 3: Just donít look down, just donít look down, just donít look down. Man I hate getting down from my post. However, itís worse when itís slick and slippery up here.

*The command center is a buzz with activity as people make ambush preparations*

The Masked Marauders take their positions on a little hill just off the main road.

Some of the Innies dismantle the guns that defend the gate. They will not be necessary in the ambush.

People quickly run out of view of the gates and get ready. They are making sure they get out of view so that the ODSTís would think it was abandoned.

Marauder: Yes, my first ambush. Okay, calm down. Youíre freaking out Joey. Okay, go over it in your head. Shoot first and then stab if they get close. Accuracy is the key. Man I hate that smoky smell from this car. Where did this car come from anyways?

The Innies wait in anticipation and hold their breaths standing at the ready with their guns just in case the ambush fails and the Marauders are killed.

And then as if an invisible clock struck 07:00 hours, the troops appeared on the road slowly approaching the entrance.

Sergeant: Something is wrong here. Command told us there would be resistance.
UNSC informant: Yes, I agree. I used to be here and I know that the captain was strict about guarding the post. Unless they wanted to lay an ambush, in which case they would make the entrance seem deserted and then strike with theÖ theÖtheÖ uh-ohÖ
Sergeant: What is it?!
Informant: They strike with a force called the Masked Marauders. And thatís what theyíre planning on doing.

Soldier: Augghhh!

Marauder: Nice throw commander.
Commander: Thank you John.


Marauder: Die you ODST!

Soldier: Ahhhh!
Informer: Run!
Sergeant: Right behind you!

*throws the spear*
Marauder: And there it goes.

Informer: Ahhhhhh! My leg!
Sergeant: Oh my god!

Commander: Nice throw John.
John: Thank you commander.
Commander: Youíre welcome John.

Sergeant: Ahhh! Okay, I surrender! Iím putting my gun on this truck. Iíll surrender.

Sergeant: What theÖ
Marauder: Ha *punch*
Sergeant: Oof.

Sergeant: No please. Donít kill me. I can be useful in the long run.
Marauder: Should we just shoot him in cold blood because that seems sort of cruel.
Marauder: I agree.
Commander: Fine, I we wonít shoot himÖ
Sergeant: Oh thank you thank you thank you!
Commander: Instead weíll stab him.
Sergeant: WaitÖnoÖaughhhh!

*The Sergeant, already dead, loses his blood as he lies there.*

Commander: Letís go back.
Marauder: Okay.
Commander: Our job here is done.

Private: *watching security camera replay of battle* Whoa, those ODSTs just got PWND! You guys, we won! Itís just another Innie victory ending in us being the victors. Eventually the UNSC will get tired of our victories and their loss of soldiers and theyíll pull out.
Random Innies: Wooo-hooooo! Yeah! *tons of cheering and partying*

So the innies pulled out a bat, a ball, and some bases and had some fun.
Baseball time!

Only the Captain stayed in the computer room feeling it should be better maintained.
Captain: Itís always when we least suspect it, the UNSC attacks.
Little did he know, but he just guessed correctly.

However the place wasnít completely unguarded because the guards got back to their posts. They used to be soldiers of the planet and they didnít play ball.

Phipson: Oh Iím going to smack this ball out of this station; heck with the station, this ball is going off world!
Crowd: Woo-hooo! Go Phippy! Yeah! Woo-hooo!

Flare: Not on my watch. Prepare for a strikeout!
Crowd: Woo-hoo! Woot! Yeah! Go Flare (Ben)!

*click click*
Sniper: Marine sniper Harrison here. Permission to clear out all guards to make sure the area is safe for the strike squads.
HQ: Permission grated. Go ahead and fire.
Harrison: Got ya!

*click click*
Marauder: Ahhhh!
Harrison: Thatís right, youíd better scream.

Marauder: Ahhh! Whereís the sniper fire coming from?!
*click click*
Harrison: Die you murderer.

Harrison: Outside courtyard is clear. Permission to proceed to take out guards.
HQ: Permission granted.
Harrison: reloading.

*click click*
Guard: Um sir, the Marauders just *bam* aughh.
Captain: What is it! Guard, answer me!
Random Innie: sir, heís dead.

Harrison: Oh no, heís going to light the stack of wood. Once he does that, every base will know of the attack. Gotta stop him!
*click click*

Guard: Tra-la-la-la-la!
Harrison: Shoot. Well the squad will have to proceed. The trumpeter got the sound out and I donít want to waste bullets just in case I need it for the future.
HQ: Understood. Squad on its way.

The Marine squad accompanied by an ODST squad runs towards the building.

The rest of the ODST squad runs to the cover of the truck. The difference between these guys and the ones before are that these guys are fresh from training and have no battle experience.

The Innies scramble grabbing weapons and moving into place.

A UNSC informer stops to pick up a weapon if the need for it arose.

ODST Sergeant: Okay, wait here. Weíre out of their line of sight.
Corporal Bob: Iíll command my own fire team thank you very much.
Sergeant: Sure, whatever you want.

ODST gunner: *shoomp* He he, die innies.

Read the small text in the corner to see something extra.

Innie: Our gunner is down! Weíve lost our heavy gun!

ODST: Got to get to the other side!
Innie: Die! *rat-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta*
ODST: Aughhh!

ODST: *plop*
Bob: Man that was a stupid move. Heís probably dead, but I should check. Give me covering fire so I can check on the gunner.

Edward: Got it! Covering fire!

Bob: Wow, thatís a lot of bullets. Yeah, heís dead. Weíll give you a proper military funeral when we get back.*yells* Yeah! Sergeant, heís dead!

Bob: I have to take out that heavy gun.

Bob: Woo-hooo! *shoomp*


Sergeant: Infantry! Move into firing position!
Innie: Yes maíam!

Bob: Okay you guys, weíre going to charge.
ODST: Are you an idiot!
Bob: No, not idiotic, just crazy.
ODST: Oh that makes me feel sooo much better.

Sergeant: Fire!
*bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam*

Bob: Give them some return fire!
Everyone else: We figured that!
*bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam*

Marines: Go go go!
Sergeant: Charge!

Steven: Ahhh!
Bob: Noo! Steven!
Sergeant: Keep on moving!

Sergeant: Hand to hand men!
*sounds of grunts and arguing and complaining*
ODST trooper Tommy: Hey, thereís no more gunfire.
Bob: Itís because they donít want to hit theyíre own men.

Bob: I got a clear line of fire! Watch out!

*bam bam*

Innies: Okay! We surrender!
Sergeant: Hands up and stay still.
Innie: Okay.

Bob went around checking on the wounded UNSC soldiers as his job requires.
Bob: Poor guy. He mustíve been a good soldier. But now heís dead. Shame.

Bob: Aww, Steven, you were such a good soldier. But now youíre dead too. Oh well, I have to get over it otherwise my feelings would get in the way of my performance.

Bob: Tommy? You okay. Your armor deflected the shot, itís just the shock knocked you out. Iíll address the wounds.

Tommy: Oof. Hey thanks Bob.
Bob: Well, itís my job.

Then Bob checked the Innies.
Bob: Hey, sheís still alive.

Edward: Okay you guys, youíd better stay silent and not move, or Eric here may shoot you.

Sergeant: Weíre going to move into the facility and meet up with team Foxtrot. You guys hold the gate.
Edward: Got it.

Bob: These three are still alive. Their wounds are minor and a little rest should get them healthy enough to stay in a prison cell for five years.

Bob: Okay, here you go you guys. This is a nice little resting place. Weíll wait for the truck to come by pick you up and burry you properly.

* A couple hours later*
Sergeant: Foxtrot has been safely extracted and we helped make sure of that.
Bob: Whereís Griffin?
Tommy: Dead. We encountered heavy resistance and with another ODST squad and engaged. We lost Griffin from a suicidal Innie. I shot the Innie up.

Bob: Well this is another UNSC success. Hopefully many more are to come.
Edward: I agree. Iíll blow a victory song.
Bob: Iíll put up the mission success flare.


 I like it 
  July 13, 2015
It's cool how you use pictures and make a story with them.
 I like it 
  June 1, 2011
Sweet! Congrats on getting 4th in my Under 30 piece contest! ;)
 I like it 
  May 28, 2011
very nice. good job!
 I like it 
  May 28, 2011
Wow, I mean... the explosion, it's- it's- so cheesy... Ha, ha, Epic fire fight and lotsa figs. Cool.
 I like it 
  May 28, 2011
The nervous masked marauder was pretty funny.
 I made it 
  May 22, 2011
Quoting Eric 'Hawk' Mickle Two corrections. This is a data facility. not the MAC facility. And the innies don't have other bases around, this was there last stronghold in the area. >Eric
Oops. Well, at least it's a misunderstanding error as opposed to an historical error.
 I like it 
  May 22, 2011
Very nice job.
 I like it 
  May 22, 2011
Two corrections. This is a data facility. not the MAC facility. And the innies don't have other bases around, this was there last stronghold in the area. >Eric
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