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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.20
Previously: The L.S.S. Mewton found a mysterion device which was stolen from the planet of death before it collapsed. The reason for the Mysterion invasion on the U.F.O.lien starempire must be connected with the secrets of it. Do we get new answers or just another bunch of questions? Or do we run into apocalypse? And now begins an epic GGWU/23rd Century crossover episode, which could change everything.
About this creation
Before reading you should know Ep.12:Another side, Decission of 3 and Ep.17: Planet of death. or best: be sure to know the series so far to understand all small plotpoints.

2301, Earth, Ethiopia

Fleet Lord Harris: “Welcome in nowhere, Professor Emeawos. I hope, the equatorial sun doesn’t bully you too much.”
Emeawos: “My UV-suit protects me well, thanks. And how’s the situation on earth?”
Fleet Lord Sam Harris:“Well, we still have problems with the terrorists who attacked a part of the PDR last month. Fellow travellers may start new demonstrations in capital city. If you ask me, we should deconstruct the whole ugly thing and reactivate martial war. The people of sol don’t deserve their freedom given by the emperor. By the way, what do we do here in nowhere?”

Emeawos: “Nowhere? This continent, Africa, is the cradle of life. Here the earth civilization was born. We can find out the most interesting facts about Tarsis brothers. Maybe new aspects of your own origins.”
Fleet Lord Harris: “Ah. Ok. Awesome, I think. Sorry, I miss the war somehow. I feel so empty without an enemy and this planet makes me depressive. So, tell me. What’s so interesting, that the Imperial Research Division sent you to watch for ancient ape bones? I mean, why do Thyrendi choose human archaeology as subject?”

Emeawos: “Simple. The Imperial Research Division isn’t interested in bones. We’re here to solve the greatest riddle in history. A mystery which seems not to be part of our world until a few years ago. I want to find out, who destroyed the 13th fleet with an unnatural supanova, what happened to the CPS INTERVENTION 20 years ago, I want to know, who destroyed a Thyrendi trade caravan last year and threats the almighty Coalition without been seen anytime before. The only evidence of its existence lies here. This is the place where everything comes together. We’re here because of THIS…”

Both looks at a cave art…

700 years later, Earth, Iowa

Mark Devine: “Welcome Ms. Johnson. We just finished the researches of the object found in the Omegon system. It’s still a mystery.”
Olivia Johnson: “Where’s the chief? Still not here? What did you find out?”
Mark Devine: “That our science have to be rewritten. This thing is a physical wonder. All our researches declared its existence as impossible. We can see and touch it but our instruments say, that there’s nothing, not even air, not a single piece of matter. It can’t even react with other materials. It’s there and it’s not there. The object exists but in a transdimensional way. I can just assume, but i think it’s not in our time continuum at the moment.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “How’s that possible? Why can we touch and see an object, which is not here?”

Franc LaGros: “At least not fully here at the moment. The only reasonable explanation would be a high level of EPSILON RADIATION.”
Olivia Johnson: “What? Never heard about…”
Mark Devine: “Because it doesn’t exist. It’s a theory created by physics in the 25th century. After Albert Einstein, time is no physical unit. There’s only movement of matter but the movement of time, if matter changes or not, can’t be proved. The theoretical energy, time movement would create is called epsilon radiation. The radiation level says WHEN a part of matter exist and when not. It’s natural, that the Mysterions would kill to find this device. It uses a physical energy we cannot measure, it’s the most developed Mysterion I’ve ever seen or heard of. Existing on one point but in different times at same… ehm time. Confusing.”
Olivia Johnson:“So, somekind of…A TIMEMACHINE?”
Franc LaGros:”More like that. It creates a constant wormhole between time and space. But for now, it’s deactivated, the hole is locked. The Mysterion itself a closed gate.”

The chief: “Ok, I’m here. >Hicks< A bit late, sorry. >Hicks< What’s up?”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “All ok with you?”
Franc LaGros: “In conclusion, this machine is dangerous. It would give the Mysterions ultimate power. I’m sure it’s unique and there’s no other object like it. I propose to store it in a military…”

Assistant #2: “Uh Oh! What happens to me?”
Mark Devine: “The machine, It’s active! The scanner receives electromagnetic waves.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “OLIVIA, NOO!!!”

Suddently, Olivia Johnson and her assistant have disappeared.
Franc LaGros: “What just happened?”
mark Devine: “They’re lost.”
Carl Meyer: “I didn’t touch anything!!”

1 billion years before…

Olivia Johnson: “Uh. My head. Where I am?”

Olivia Johnson: “Or better WHEN?”

Dinopsaur: “ARRRRR!!!”

Olivia begins to run…

Till suddently…

Ugga: “Ugga! Ugga!”
Ugh: “Ugh.”


Assistant #2: “Oh no. Where?”
Noises of a bike comes near.

Jennifer: “STOP! Who are you? Do you belong to the eastern coalition?”
Assistant #2: “Ehm,…no. I'm from earth. I work for the U.M.R.C., a department of the E.D.D. Where, where we? Why everything is decayed?”
Jennifer: “UMRC? WHERE is DANIELS? Why did you go here?”
Assistant #2: “An accident. I was captured by a Mysterion timemachine.”

Jennifer: “I’ll bring you to the old man. And welcome in London, or at least what the Mysterions left of it…”

40 years before…

Carl Meyer: “The object was activated. But now, the time tunnel is closed again. There’s no trace where or when Johnson and her assistant went to.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “But we have to help them! Is there any possibility to use this thing? It was active before so why don’t do it again?”
Mark Devine: “An Epsilon emitter perhaps.”
The chief: “Dr. Lentz brought such a thing. There’s a company producing them but because nobody can measure epsilon radiation, there’s no proof that they’re working.”
Carl Meyer: “I’ll analyse the date we recorded when the event happened. Maybe I can learn how to use the device.”
Mark Devine: “The question is, should we try a technology we can’t understand just to rescue 2 people? One wrong button pushed and we could destroy the whole space-time-continuum.”

1 billion years before…

The ancient guys are preparing some stuff.
Olivia Johnson: “Fascinating. The begin of our civilization. I just hope, I won’t be sacrified for an ancient god. Hey friends, please let me go!”

Olivia Johnson: “The most important thing is, that I cannot do anything that would change our history. But maybe my existence here was part of our own…? Oh, I hate time travelling…Wait, what’s that?”

A curious craft appears…
Ugga: “Ugh?”

3041, Earth, London

Jennifer: “Go! Old man, sir. I have a foreigner. He swears, that he’s from the past.”
Old man: “Come near.”, he smiles, “Hey. It’s you! So our plan succeeded. You found the device before the Mysterions got it and Daniels explained you how to activate it. But why did you come to me?”
Assistant #2: “Umh. Do we know… of course. That’s impossible. CAPTAIN CARNWAY?”

Old Carnway: “I AM”
Assistant #2: “We thought you are..”
Old Carnway: “I’m just one version, but yes. He survived. YOUR Carnway is still alive. After the Mysterions kidnapped me, they went through object zero into the past. So I ended in the year 2999, just before the Mysterion fleet crossed earth. But this time, they were more powerful, more aggressive. THEY ATTACKED earth. And the Carnway of this timeline died on board of the L.S.S. Beko. Also the others are dead now. That was about 40 years ago. But now, we can repair the tradegy. So tell me, where is Daniels? He lead you to the machine.”

Assistant #2: “Daniels? We don’t know a man with that name. All we found on the Blacktron base was the object and a corpse of a human agent…oh.”
Jennifer: “NOO! That can’t be…”
She runs away crying.

Old Carnway: “That’s a catastrophe!! Listen. We needed 30 years to find and fought object zero back and another 10 years to decode its epsilon radiation codes. WE HAVE TO return in your time period quickly. Pushing just one wrong button, and they ‘ll extinct the space-time-continuum! That MEANS the END OF EXISTENCE of the UNIVERSE!!!”

Old Carnway: “Hopefully, Gyver is able to open another wormhole…”
The assistant notices an injured on a bed.
Jose Walker: “Oh no…we cannot…everything gone…Sha-Khae…”
Assistant #2: “What’s with him?”
Old Carnway: “Nothing we can do. He found object zero for us. Jose is a psi-force soldier like his father. He came when MAOX tried to help earth while the Mysterion invasion. Since an encounter with a Mysterion he got crazy. We had many losses in the years. My last mission is to repair the changes the Mysterions did.”

Meanwhile, in Jose Walker’s head…

Jose Walker: “Cole? Dad? W…who are you?”
Cole Walker & faceless beeing: “We’re piECes. PIeces of EVerytHing…”
Jose Walker: “What do you want? Why did you killed billion of people?”
Faceless being: “We weren’t interesTed in mankinD. THey weren’t A threat. But wAR is gOne bad. The PLanet exploded and the DEVICE Wasn’T THEre. NeEd the device or all is Lost. For surviving Sha-Kha-RHea, another AgE has to EnD. This age will end.”
Jose Walker: “AGE? Age of What?”
Faceless being: “The AGE OF HUMAN.”

Jose Walker screaming: “AHHH!! THEY’RE COMING!!!!”

40 years before…

The chief: “I still don’t understand how this should work but…Here it is: An epsilon emitter from DEUS EX MACHINA MACHINES INC.”
Franc LaGros: “If the Epsilon radiation opens a wormhole on the same frequencies we recorded just before Johnson disappeared it should work. If not, we may should destroy the object so no one can abuse this technology.”
Mark Devine: “Are we ready for this? Experimenting with a force we cannot understand? I liked Johnson, too but…”
Carl Meyer: “Maybe we should wait for the president’s decission. If we do anything wrong, not only Johnson will be lost. I’ll check the calculations again meanwhile.”

Franc LaGros: “We CANNOT wait! As long as this object is active, Mysterions from all times can find it and may use it to manipulate the timeline. As long as we keep this object active, we’re in high danger. They could do everything! What if they helped C.O.P. to destroy earth or killed Columbus or kidnapped Albert Einstein or whatever? We cannot allow that these ugly boxes extinct the human civilization!!!”

1 billion years before…

A small laser enflames the wood.

Ugga: “Unga! Ungaa!”
Ugh: “Ugga! Yeah!”
Olivia Johnson: “So, Shannon Oceans theory was right. Object 1 visited us in stone age. And Däniken… Could that be?”

Olivia Johnson: “The Mysterions started the human civilization!”


Emeawos doesn’t sleep very well that night…
C.O.P. lieutenant: “Sir, the disturbance is expanding over all decks. We’re pulled in some kind of wormhole. The ship will break under these powers.”
Erin Kasov: “Everybody from board! LEAVE THE SHIP!”
Emeawos: “…a nexus. I’m sure to be able to control this object. If my theory is right we hold the most powerful weapon the coalition ever had in our hands.”

Captain Raeos Iehnol: “We sent a team through the disturbance. First I have to be sure that nobody is waiting for us on the other side before I’ll send an official ambassador of Tarsis through it.”
Emeawos awakes.


Carl Meyer: “So here we are. If I push this lever, the Epsiol level will increase about 45% and probably open a time tunnel to the position of Mis Johnson. OR it will bring the object to explode which would create a black hole in the continuum and destroy everything we know.”
Mark Devine: “Are you sure? Do you want to be the destroyer of the universe?”
Carl Meyer “I know what i do! Who do you think I am? A crazy side character in a stupid Star Trek parody?”
Franc LaGros: “Maybe we should vote. Who is for a try? ME!”
Carl Meyer: “ME, too.”
The chief: “I’m against it.”
Mark Devine: “I’m against. 2 vs 2.”

Connel McConnaghal: “A quarry is not necessary, gentlemen. I have the president’s order. He wants to activate this damn thing!”


Jennifer: “MYSTERIONS! They found our hideout. All men to the weapons!”
Old Carnway: “That’s too many. Our only chance to use object zero is know. Come, quickly.”

The assistant and captain Carnway rushes to a bike and try to reach the laboratory…

Object 712 & 713 are trying to kill everybody.
Assistant #2: “Damn, my leg!”
Old Carnway: “I’m too old for the action scenes. Come, we can reach it. Gyver start the Epsilon emitter!”

Gyver: “Disturbance is opening. Destination: 3001”
Old Carnway: “Now or never!”

The Mysterions extinct the rebells base while Carnway and his assistant jump into object zero on last second.


Emeawos: “Good night, gentlemen. Somehow the night on this planet is a beautiful view.”
C.O.P. grenadier: “Awake so late, sir?”
Emeawos: “I couldn’t sleep. You’re young. Your first mission, soldier?”
C.O.P. grenadier: “Ehm yes, I’m from Tarsis. I am honoured to serve the coalition like my grandfather did.”
Emeawos: “And so far away from home. Where did your grandfather served?”
C.O.P. grenadier: “The E.O.S. conflict. He fought aside U.N.E. against the High Ground. He always told that the human from earth were honourable allies that time and that it would be a beautiful planet, so I decided to join this mission.”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “Honourable? These apes? We shouldn’t trust in them. For me it’s still an occupied world which needs the rulement of the coalition.”
Emeawos: “Maybe you’re getting old. The open minds of the youth is the only chance for peace in the long way. And people like us are too blinded from the pains of forgotten wars. I want to dig deeper into the hole tomorrow. I have a feeling we are on the right spot.”

Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “It’s lost time and recources. There’s nothing than dirt here. What do we search here?”
Emeawos: “The begin of a top secret menace to be honest. 20 years ago the 13th fleet got lost by a unnatural supernova, the ship which researched the case, got lost, too. The enemy responsible for that is called Mysterions. The coalition never heard anything of them. It seems that they have never existed except in a few encounters. I’m not really sure if they’re part of our universe until we found evidences in these caverns.”
C.O.P. grenadier: “I heard from that ship. The Intervention, right? How can you be sure that the Mysterions are responsible, nobody came back alive.”

Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “Not quite correct. HE is the only survivor who came back. Emeawos was found in a stasis chamber in a rescue pod. Unfortunately with a big amesia and only some pieces of memories. Since then he is fanatic about the case. I understand it but as I said, there’s nothing here. We leave the place tomorrow.”
Emeawos: “NO! PLEASE, it’s important to continue my researches. We have to hurry. It’s may the only way to…”
Fleet lord Sammy Harris: “A transmission from Tarsis…No, that can’t be. It’s impossible… It says, TARSIS IS UNDER SIEGE!!!”

2301, Orbit of Tarsis

unknown transmission #1: “zsshh..Beta-76, our missiles don’t reach the destination..zzshk…the foreigners have some kind of energy shields….zz”
unknown transmission #2: “Beta-98, protect the Fortress of Silence, we’re under heavy attack. AHHHH!!! …zzz”
unknown transmission #3: “Where arzzhhz…o? Is the emperor safe? Stay in the bunkers, the orbital bombardement can’t threat them..”
unknown transmission 4: “They’re NOT safe! The city is invade with those crazy objects! The imperial guard is dead. We try to escape in the tunnels…”

Fleet Lord Aemowes: “Status! What happened to the orbital defence systems?”
Thyrendi lieutenant: “Destroyed or inactive. The Invaders used some kind of EMP weapon. They appeared that fast nobody had seen them coming. 1 half of the 1st fleet is destroyed, the CPS Fortress of Silence is drifting and we lost communication but its weapons are still functional. Sir, the aliens use technology far away from our.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “Inacceptable. TARSIS WILL NOT FALL! Open a channel to all units.”

Fleet Lord Aemowes: “Fleet Lord Aemowes is speaking. We lost contact to the Fortress of Silence and Tarsis headcommand. All resting ships are set under command of the CPS Hammer of Thyr and the 3rd fleet. Concentrate weapon fire on the bigger alien ships attacking the capital city.”


Carl Meyer: “ I’m ready. Here we go!”
Suddently, the device is glowing and 3 shapes are forming.
Old Carnway: “WAIT! DON’T MOVE THE LEVER!!!”

Carl Meyer moves the lever: “Uh?”

The device explodes...


Well, that's it. The final episode of the U.M.R.C. project and the story of how the UMRC extincted the universe. Fine. Not? Well, ok. This is really just the halftime-plot-twist of the whole series. Yeah, i finally reached the halftime! And hope you're enyoing the series and have a lot of theories etc. What i really wanted to say is:



 I like it 
  June 19, 2011
Very nice, did I read a professor Mortimer in London ? sounds familiar (comicbook ?) timetraveling is awesome, good job
 I like it 
  June 19, 2011
Awesome effort, again!
 I like it 
  June 18, 2011
I like how you did the jungle!
 I like it 
  June 17, 2011
All earth got killed but your only halfway through?????My head's a whrilepool.
 I like it 
  June 17, 2011
Man, the battle scenes in this ep were phenomenal!
 I made it 
  June 17, 2011
Quoting Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great YYYHHHEEEEAAAALLLP! What a set of twists! You got a lot of COP stuff right too, I'm proud. This is very, very good. That scene with Tarsis under attack was quite a "Oh shi-" moment.
Thanks. that's honouring me. Complicate? Wait for the next one. This season will have a few twists more. Oh, and the last video was wrong i corrected it.
 I like it 
  June 17, 2011
YYYHHHEEEEAAAALLLP! What a set of twists! You got a lot of COP stuff right too, I'm proud. This is very, very good. That scene with Tarsis under attack was quite a "Oh shi-" moment.
 I like it 
  June 17, 2011
This was a very confusing episode, but I think I was able to make some sense out of it. Lots of good explosions!
By Christian Schlichting
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