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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.21
Previously: The U.M.R.C. researched object zero, a mysterion device found on the planet of death which doesn’t seem to exist in a linear continuum. After it was revealed as time machine, Olivia Johnson was accidently taken into the past 1 billion years before while her assistant ended in the year 3041 where he met the old Cpt. Carnway. Back in the early 24th century the thyrendi professor Emeawos searches for Mysterion relicts on an occupied earth. At same time, Tarsis, capital of the Coalition of Planets faces an unbelievable invasion of Mysterions. Meanwhile, or better said 700 years later, Carl Meyer activated or will activate the Mysterion device but by mishandling it exploded which created a black hole in the space-time-continum and extincted the universe. But for now, back to the past, which still means our future, you know what I mean…
About this creation
2301, Tarsis

Thyrendi Lieutenant: “We lose 40% of our structural integrity. If the fighters won’t stop soon, the ship will get breaks on several decks.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “The emperor’s security has highest priority. Betha and Delta squadrons, break the bombardements of the bigger battleships in sector 456. Damn, why can’t we defeat these blocks?”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Their energy shields absorp most of our weapon powers. ARGH! Wall breaks on deck 14!!”

Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Sir. The scanners register a bigger object which set the course to the star. ”
Fleet Lord Aemowes watches the screen: “I remember that shape. It fits to the descriptions of an anonymous enemy encountered 20 years ago. It was assumed to be responsible for a supernova creation. It must be a starshutter. Change the course! All ships!”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “If we leave the orbit, the rescue transports will be destroyed.”
fleet Lord Aemowes: “The fleet should keep the escorts. The Hammer of Thyr, full drive, prepare all weapons!!”

Object 342 sends somekind of energy wave into Tekahn.
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Sir. We reach weapon range in 10 seconds. Wait. Imperial transmission. The yacht Tarsis-1. They leave the ground and ask for escort.”

Fleet Lord Aemowes: “The emperor? WHY? The safest place are the bunkers on Tarsis.”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “We got messages, that the foreign machines came from inside the imperial bunker systems. Nobody is alive there.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “What? That’s impossible!”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “The Starshutter is in range. We start firing.”

Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Object destroyed.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “Tekahn?”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Its magnetic field is instabil. Sir, I fear, its core will collapse within a few minutes. The star goes supernova.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “The fugitives must escape. All warships should defend them until they’re in warpspace.”
Thyrendi Lieutenant: “Tarsis-1 is damaged but just jumped. All ships are telling, the civil fleet escaped. The star is expanding and will reach us in about 4 minutes.”
Fleet Lord Aemoves: “Tarsis, I never thought, that this could happen. We…we will take revenge on this enemy. When all ships jumped, we follow. The billion left on the planet…they’re lost.”

Thyrendi Lieutenant: “The enemies leaving the system. CPS NebKhazink just jumped. It was the last. The supanova will reach Tarsis in 2 Minutes.”
Fleet Lord Aemowes: “Jump into warpspace! NOW!”
Automatic computer error message: “FTL DRIVE IS DEFECT.”
Not for long anymore fleet lord Aemowes: “The emperor is rescued. This is a good day to die in honourable serve for the coalition.”
The supernova is expanding…

about 1 billion years before, Earth.

Everybody is sleeping. Olivia takes her chance and cut the palmtree…

Olivia Johnson: “Good so far.”

Johnson leaves into the jungle.

2301, Earth

Gus Indo: “Honourable citizen of the coalition of planets. This message goes to all military and civil ships sailing under the flag of our holy emperor. I am speaking from TARIS-1, which escaped an invasion of an unknown enemy on the Tekahn system. I have sad news. The emperor is dead… So, I, Gus Indo take all governmental duties. Today, 11:55 pm Tarsis has fallen. The star Tekahn went supernova and extincted the whole system. I repeat: TARSIS HAS FALLEN… My imperial order for all fleets out there is to collect at Vogelia, the actual coalitions political core where the fleets are waiting. DO NOT travel to systems near Tekahn or try to take revenge on our enemy by your own. The imperial fleet WILL defeat this unknown enemy. Our empire CANNOT be defeated by the loss of just one system. OUR brave cannot be defeated, our hounor cannot be…”

Emeawos: “NOO, no…. it was all our fault. We weren’t fast enough…”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “Taris…how is that possible? The planetary defence system was build to hold years of siege. YOU HEARD the emperor, gentlemen! The imperial earth fleet will start tomorrow.”
Emeawos: “Nonono…where did all these mysterions came that fast? Our division should have detected them. The attack started from the laboratory! How get the objects reactivated?”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “What are you talking there? And what are MYSTERIONS? You mean that you know the enemy? Who are they? WHY did they attack the coalition?”
Emeawos: “Because we prisoned their brothers. The invasion was started from inside. Over 200 Mysterion objects were stored by the Imperial Research Division in the imperial bunker systems of Tarsis. We analized them for 20 years. Where do you think did all the new weapon and drive technology come from which helped us to conquer U.N.E.s space that fast? WE underestimated them…”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “NO! Such a danger wouldn’t be hided from the puplic. The emperor would never…”
Emeawos: “It was a secret project. The emperor never has known…”

Fleet Lord Sammy Harris attacks him: “YOU! YOU knew about the threat for months? You mean…you are responsible for the END of TARSIS? I should put you on a drumhead court-martial and kill you immediately… if, if that wouldn’t matter now. You heard the emperor. The fleet has to travel to Vogelia. We leave…”

Emeawos: “No, wait! We can’t! The only possibility to defeat this enemy is here! This is the place where everything had begun! THIS is GROUND ZERO!!”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “WHY? Why should this dirty holy help us to defeat an overpowered enemy fleet? Tell me now, what facts else did you hide?”
Emeawos: “You know about my mission on the Intervention and the amnesia. It was just a guess in the beginning, but the last nights i…I had flashbacks. My memories came back. I can’t explain how, but it must be this place. Something is still here, something directly linked to the events from Proxima Centauri. The supernova, which killed General Van Heinrich’s fleet was the first encounter with the Mysterions.”
Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “I…I can’t trust you. Before we will do anything, you’ll tell us all. Every detail you remember from the Interventions mission…”

2281, Proxima Centauri system, CPS Intervention

Captain Raeos Iehnol: “We just reached Proxima Centauri.”
Erin Kasov: “Are we still in warpspace?”
Captain Raeos Iehnol smiles: “No, what you see on screen is a black hole. The star exploded and this is resting. Science stations, scans on all frequencies. Professor Emeawos, what does the division believe to find?”
Emeawos: “Van Heinrich gave traces of technology out of our knowledge and a prisoner, who was not part of our time. I don’t really know, what we’re searching for. But maybe evidences of the enemy are still here. Mh…Kymok…”

Erin Kasov: “Kymok? What…”
Emeawos: “Not important, I’m just thinking. Take your attention temporal anomalies. Disturbances of quantum mechanics in this area.”
Captain Raeos Iehnol: “What ever you say. But in orbit of a black hole ther’re many unusual ‘disturbances’.”

C.O.P. Lieutenant: “Sir. We receive electromagnetic waves about 700.000 kilometres away from the black hole. The cams shows a small object but we can’t detect it with normal detectors. It’s there but somekind not. From visual analyse it’s about 5x5x5 meters big.”
Emeawos: “A cube. The destroyer of the star was described as ship made of cubic objects, too. We should take it for further analyses.”
Erin Kasov: “Are you sure? It could be dangerous.”
Captain Raeos Iehnol: “Prepare hangar 5 as security zone, highest priority. We’ll never find out what that thing is without taking this risk. Send a shuttle and bring it on board.”

about 1 billion years before, Earth

On her run through the jungle, Olivia doesn’t think too much. She forgot her fears and orientation. All thoughts she had were about Antonio, Mortimer, her assistant and the possibility of being killed by stoneage men. But the idea of being lost in time was too scary to be thought. But suddently something unexpected happens…
Carl Meyer. “Ouch!”
Olivia Johnson: “Mister MEYER? WHAT?”

Carl Meyer: “Johnson, mam, oh what a coincidence! I reached the same level! I AM ALIVE! Mysterions, are there any following?..”
Olivia Johnson: “NO, we’re alone at the moment. How did you come here?”
Carl Meyer: “Puh. So I escaped. For the moment. Johnson, I’m happy to see you after all the months. Where are we? WHEN? We have to find object zero. And I need an epsilon emitter. Is there a laboratory near?”
Olivia Johnson: “Months? We…Carl, we’re billion of years in the past. Tell me, what happened to you.”

Carl Meyer: “Oh, ok. Everything gone wrong. We tried to reactivate the device but instead of bringing you back, suddently Cpt. Carnway appeared and ordered us not to use the emitter.”
Olivia Johnson: “Carnway?”
Carl Meyer: “Yes, from the future. He explained us that the Mysterions had kidnapped him and took him with back in time. The mysterions used the device to jump back in 2999 and invaded earth. Carnway and a few others survived and needed 40 years to fight object zero back. He sent an agent through it who helped us finding the object in the Omegon system. But he got killed.”

Carl Meyer: “ Over 3 months we needed to decode the device’s functions with the help of Carnway. The president made the UMRC to a governmental high security area. Our mission was to deactivate the device, so that nobody could ever use it in any time period. But our work was just the begin of the catastrophe we tried to prevent.”

Carl Meyer: “Because our experiments attracted the Mysterion fleet. They were able to locate the device and attacked the earth alliance. We had no chance against their ful space force.”

Carl Meyer: “Finally, the center was under siege. Everybody died. The last thing I could do was to open a random wormhole…”

Carl Meyer: “…and to escape. There’s no way back. Our only chance is to open a new wormhole and go into a time where we can prevent the war.”
Olivia Johnson: “Unfortunately, we won’t go anywhere. I watched object 1, it is here.”
Carl Meyer: “Then, there’s a chance. Where did it fly to? Show me the direction.”

2281, Proxima Centauri system, CPS Intervention

Emeawos: “Gentlemen, my research is finished. It exceeds everything, the great Khajawos Kymok dreamed about.”
Erin Kasov: “WHO?”

Emeawos: “A famous Thyrendi scientist, who experimented with probes he sent into the center of a black hole. His calculations weren’t fitting to explain all phenomenoms, so he resoned a physical force, Thyrenda didn’t know before and nobody can measure. The epsilon waves. This theory was the basement for a top secret project called Kymok. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to speak about it. But with his calculations, it’s possible for me to reconstruct the epsilon waves of this object. The reason why we can’t scan matter is that it exists in different time periods.”
Captain Raeos Iehnol: “A TIMEMACHINE? Did these cubes use it to jump into our time and manipulate our history like… like in STAR TREK? I have a favour for ancient earth literature.”

Emeawos: “It’s far more like that. After Thyrendi temporal theory, every piece of matter has its own epsilon wave. In time travel, let’s assume, it’s possible, every action will create a new alternate universe, another timeline. Every timeline in this multiverse will have its own pattern of epsilon waves. A temporal structure, science cannot prove but this structure decides in which universe a piece of matter would be. THIS OBJECT here, has no constant epsilon level, it’s moving. Gentlemen, what we see here is a nexus. A point where all parallel universes, that means every possible change of actions, an endless line of possibility comes together. I’m sure to be able to control this object. If my theory is right we hold the most powerful weapon the coalition ever had in our hands.”

2301, earth

C.O.P. grenadier: “This rock bed has an extremily robust structure. It can’t be formed in a natural way.”
Emeawos: “ It was here. A rest of the object’s energy field, which opened the first wormhole into our world. Bring the E-bombs!”
Fleet Lord Sam Harris: “E-bombs? More top secret technology from your division?”
Emeawos: “Epsilon weapons. Another side-product of the Kymok project. The experiments were stopped because they were too dangerous after the king of Thyrenda. But today, we have nothing to loose. Or sir? It’s your command.”

Fleet Lord Sammy Harris: “START!”
C.O.P.grenadier: “HEY! What’s happening?”
Emeawos: “The weapons! They’re gone! No Nonono! That CANNOT be! Whatever was left from the energy field at this place, it’s gone.”
Fleet Lord Sam Harris: “What does that mean? What now?”
Emeawos: “That means, our only chance to change the history is gone. Tarsis is lost. And the coalition of planets will face an enemy much stronger than we. The great coalition is LOST. We all are lost…”

2 billion years before, same place

Carl Meyer. “Object zero! We have luck, it’s still there. Now I have to find a possibility to activate that damn thing. Hey, do you hear that, too?”

Object 1 rushes over their heads.
Olivia Johnson: “I remember it. It’s the begin of human civilization. Maybe the Mysterions helped a lot of species to develop. But for…”

Carl Meyer: “I’m asking myself if it was supposed to leave the planet through the time machine…”

Olivia Johnson: “Maybe our only chance to escape. Run, quickly!”

2281, Proxima Centauri system, CPS Intervention

Emeawos: “In the last hour, a specific epsilon level has manifested near the object. I think, a stabil wormhole can be opened soon. Maybe it links us to the homeworld of the Mysterions.”
Captain Raeos Iehnol: “We sent a team through the disturbance. First I have to be sure that nobody is waiting for us on the other side before I’ll send an official ambassador of Tarsis through it.”
Erin Kasov: “Sir, the imperial protocol says…”

Captain Raeos Iehnol: “The protocol has no paragraph for enemies from parallel universes. After all our traces we have to assume, that the U.N.E. is allied with a powerful force called Mysterions and that they own a division called UMRC which is able to open wormholes to other universes. If we find their base, this will be a military mission.”

13th September 2999, Planet of Death

Olivia Johnson: “Where are we? What are these ancient ruins?”
She looks around and finds a small hole in the roof of the cave…

Carl Meyer: “A red planet. Not long before it collapsed. Like Carnway descriped in the missions log. It’s the time of the Mysterion rush. This is the planet of death.”
Olivia Johnson: “Object 1 doesn’t seem to be here. Maybe it’s already away...”

Carl Meyer:I...i think i understand now... Of course! Why we never thought about it? I thought, my first attempt didn’t work but I activated the object. But a few hours before. That’s why you was kidnapped by the machine. The captain said, the Mysterions changed the timeline. He was wrong ...WE did... We are responsible!! Olivia!....Everything started here. But how?...wait...nono. Yes! The MULTIVERSE THEORY! The Mysterions could decide where they want to live. The Reason for the whole war. Just to find this small device. That’s the ultimate power!”
Olivia Johnson: “I’m confused.”

Carl Meyer: “In butterfly theory, every decission, every single event in our universe creates a new alternate, parallel timeline. Object 0 isn’t just a time machine, it’s a nexus of uncountable versions in this multiverse. And we have started all this. Carnway’s men interventioned and helped to bring the device to earth, we activated it the first time in hope to rescue you. So, in stone age object 1 could find and used it to travel into the future, to now, the year 2999. It was never supposed to be here. Object 1 will change the Mysterion decission to attack the earth. The future Mysterions will come back and when Carnway see what happened, he tried to change the war but at same time he’s starting everything. Somehow captain Carnway created HIS OWN TIMELINE!”
Olivia Johnson: “A paradoxon...”

Carl Meyer “And wherever this object appears, new ones will be created. And there’s no way back into our. Earth will fall and we can’t do anything aside waiting for this planet exploding.”
Olivia sighs.

All seems lost but suddently...

Carl Meyer: “Where did they come...? Bombs! Looking very special. The scripts are in tarsin. E…Epsilon-wave-bombs. That’s our chance! I may, i’m not sure but that could be the solution...yes.”
Olivia Johnson: “LISTEN! The pirates, they’re here. Quick, hide!”
Meyer takes the remote control he finds on the ground.

Blacktron pirate #1: “Well, the M-Tronship was a flop but these ancient caverns seem interesting. Look! What is this machine?”
Grox: “Quaks’koxl’löxi’quaks”
Pirate Captain: “Grox, did you heard that, too? Someone is here. Come out our we shoot everything down here!”

Olivia Johnson: “We’re unarmed, Blacktron! Please.”
Pirate Captain: “DON’t move the remote! How many are you?”
Olivia Johnson “We’re alone. I swear.”
Pirate Captain: “The treasures of this planet belongs to us, we…”
Grox: “Ko’zargh’loxl’zotzl.”
Pirate Captain: “What do you said? Hey, what happens with the machine…”

Captain Raeos Iehnol: “Weapons down! I’m Captain Raeos Iehnol from the CPS Intervention. I’m sent from the coalition of planets and there’s no need to do anything stupid.”
Pirate Captain: “C.O.P.cakes! Shoot them down!!!”
Everything escalates…

Carl Meyer: “I’m too old for this shit!”

Olivia smashes a Coalition soldier against a pylon and takes his rifle.

Unfortunately, she gets shooted down immediately.

Meyer just avoids a plasma shoot and lost the remote control.

Carl Meyer: “Ok. Now or never!”

Someone hits him in the shoulder. Just before the coalition droid can shoot the deadly shoot…

Carl Meyer heavy blooding: “Argh. I…have…to…reach it. Argh! EAT THIS, SPACE-TIME-CONTINUUM!!!!!!!!!!”
He pushed the button and the E-bombs activates…

And all the sci-fi-bullshit begins…

Emeawos: “By Thyr, the object overheats. It will explode! Arg…”
C.O.P. lieutenant: “Sir, the disturbance is expanding over all decks. We’re pulled in some kind of wormhole. The ship will break under these powers.”
Erin Kasov: “Everybody from board! LEAVE THE SHIP!”

Grox: “Zuhltz’qaksl’grotzlz’glox!!!”

Old Carnway: “WAIT! DON’T MOVE THE LEVER!!!”
Carl Meyer: “Upss! What?”

The device explodes...

Prime timeline
23rd century, 2281, Proxima Centauri, CPS Intervention

Erin Kasov: “Kymok? What…”
Emeawos: “Not important, I’m just thinking. Take your attention on temporal anomalies. Disturbances of quantum mechanics in this area.”
Captain Raeos Iehnol: “What ever you say. But in orbit of a black hole ther’re many unusual ‘disturbances’.”
C.O.P. Lieutenant: “Sir, there’s nothing out there.”
Erin Kasov: “Whatever the 13th fleet attacked, it’s gone. I fear we have to close this file for now. Let’s return to Tarsis.”

Prime timeline GGWU, 3001, Omegon system

Lt. Vega: “Captain, the station is abandoned. No hints of any known technology connected with the Mysterions.”
Lt.Wu: “The Blacktron were able to escape. But I doubt they had time to put something on their ship before. All they robbed was crap.”
Cpt. Calak: “Than the story was just a rumour. Whatever the Mysterions searched on the planet of death, it doesn’t exist anymore. This was our only trace but it seems, Josh Carnway died for nothing. Lieutenant, we return to earth. Activate FTL.”

Earth, 50 years later...

Old Carnway: “Old friend, a drink? On my old days I get a little bit sentimental. And you? Do you think sometimes about our adventures?”
Calak: “I have no emotions, captain. To what we drink?”
Old Carnway: “To all forgotten, to beloved, the hated and the lost.”

Old Carnway: “Calak. Do you think things should have gone better? I mean, if I, if we had known what we do know today. So many victims. If we knew the facts, maybe we would have done other decisions. Things could have happened better…”
Calak: “Self-pity is an ordinary phenomenom for human in your age. But we didn’t know better. We are bound to the logic of a linear time. Things can’t be undone and they shouldn’t, otherwise the adventure of the future wouldn’t be important. We did our best and THEY know it. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific way to change history.”

Children’s noises…
Emma Johnson: “Uncle, uncle Carnway! Come and tell us a story.”

Old Carnway: “Hey kids... Did i already tell you the story of how i escaped the Mysterions? Please, sit down and listen...”


  August 21, 2011
Oh. Thanks for clearing that up. Good story, just dumb reader. And the comics not over either so that's good.
 I made it 
  July 17, 2011
Quoting Delta Kevin 22 I like all the bullcrap about multiverses and stuff, but from here on in the comic(wait is the comic over?if so ignore everything after this sentence, but i hope its not.) (prime timeline 3001) can we just follow the standard timeline used for the backstory section of the wiki? it would make things a lot simpler because i barely understood half of what you were doing. Personally i'd rather just go back to the krill and da and everything else. Also, when is the NEOS going to appear?
The GGWU wiki still is on GGWU prime 3001, krill and DA war is running etc. The destruction of object zero negate everything that happened in the last 3 episodes. It's like the object has never existed because its presence in all timeperiods never happened. So, ther're still only 2 official timelines. The 23rd century on their own wiki and ggwu with krill, DA and that stuff. Everything else was created and destroyed by object zero. This was a trick to close the crossover-storyarc before returning to the rest.
 I like it 
  July 17, 2011
I like all the bullcrap about multiverses and stuff, but from here on in the comic(wait is the comic over?if so ignore everything after this sentence, but i hope its not.) (prime timeline 3001) can we just follow the standard timeline used for the backstory section of the wiki? it would make things a lot simpler because i barely understood half of what you were doing. Personally i'd rather just go back to the krill and da and everything else. Also, when is the NEOS going to appear?
 I like it 
  July 5, 2011
Great ep and great fx as always. Yet I couldn't load the embedded video. I'll try again later if I remember.
 I like it 
  June 26, 2011
Excellent job! As always!
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
Spaztastic the Diabolical
  June 25, 2011
Um. My head hurts.
 I like it 
  June 25, 2011
Mind-boggling! It makes a bit more sense than the last episode, but it is still very complex. I hope I can keep up! :)
 I like it 
  June 25, 2011
Fantastic work on everything here!
 I like it 
  June 25, 2011
Oh man, what a story... But there's got to be more! The Mysterions are far from done...
By Christian Schlichting
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