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CYOA-Season I Finale
The final episode of CYOA Season I has arrived. This episode is long, I’m not sorry, please stay till the end. But one of the photos shows the safe-houses roof off, that I am sorry for.
About this creation
The dialogue that corresponds to each picture can be found underneath.


*The sun rose, lighting the scene. Two undead forms waited for prey near a pond, little did they know two figures were hunting them.*

*The Awaken stood next to the lily pads, waiting.*

*A figure behind the rock threw an apple.*

*The Awaken noticed it, and went after it. It thinks it is living.*

*The figure concealed by the rock fired, the bullet hit the undead in the head and it fell to the ground.*

*The second figure peered around and shot the Shambler across the pond.*

Christian Collins- So… why the distraction?
Creem Kili- It was lingering next to the water, I couldn’t let that thing contaminate the pool.
Christian Collins- It’s just one, small pond, why does it matter so much?

Creem Kili- I’m thirsty.
*Creem Kili loosens a glass mug from his bandolier.*

*He then dipped it into the pond, where it was clearest.*

*And drank the mugs contents.*
Christian Collins- Why are we here? I thought we were going to a safe-house.

Creem Kili- We are, but we had to find that nature trail first. Go and fetch that pack, I’ll double-tap the bodies.

*They finished their tasks and were on their way.*


*The remaining survivors geared up, and were about to head out.*

*They were ready, perhaps too ready.*

Milk Damea- Say your goodbyes to the dearly departed, because we won’t be coming back here.

Allison- Wait, we need to wait for my agent.
Tom- I’m not sure who this agent is, but I do now we could use the extra gun.
Bob Mason- The more the merrier, not to mention safer.

Milk Damea- *sigh* Fine, we’ll wait for him.

*Tom and Cade sat next to the tree line, either to watch for intruders or to make sure the corpses don’t try anything.*

*Milk Damea and Allison were talking on a private comms channel, Bob Mason watched so he’d have something to do.*

//12 minutes and 1 second later//

Creem Kili- There’s the safe-house and my contact. Let’s go.

*Creem Kili and Christian Collins walked over to the group chatting in the broken shed.*

Cade- Stop right there.

*Creem was taken aback and shot out of instinct. He didn’t miss, the round slammed right into Cade’s chest.*

*Cade fell to the ground, moaning in agony.*
Tom- What the heck…

*Tom stood up, and saw the man that attacked Cade. He grabbed the grenade from his bandolier, and threw it. It was only a flashbang, nothing lethal.*

Creem Kili- Hit the dirt!
*Creem dove to the ground, Christian fell over backwards.*

*The grenade went off, a flash of bright light and a booming sound exited the device. Everyone’s ears were ringing.*

*Tom walked over to Creem. He controlled his anger, and decided not to kill him.*

*In contrast, Creem let loose his anger and shot Tom’s leg.*

*Tom collapsed in pain, he cursed at Creem.*

*Creem pulled the trigger of his revolver. It is unclear whether it is out of anger or not.*

*Bob Mason, Milk Damea, and Allison came to the action.*
Bob Mason- Drop your weapon scumbag!

Milk Damea- Mason, go over to Cade. He may still be alive.

*Bob Mason went to Cade, muttering under his breath.*

*Milk Damea raised his weapon, Creem held his tightly.*


*Creem took the bullet in his chest.*

*He fell to the ground, defeated.*

*Allison grabbed the barrel of Milk’s pistol.*
Allison- What the hell did you do that for?!?!
Milk Damea- I know him, he has killed many before.
Allison- I’m sure he had a good reason.
Milk Damea- No, he didn’t. It’s about time someone took action against him.

Christian Collins- How do you know?
Creem Kili- We’ve worked together before.
Christian Collins- Where, when?

*Creem coughed up blood.*
Creem Kili- Ask him, I can’t talk any longer. Too painful.

*Milk Damea sighed, he had no choice but to reveal a secret he has kept for over thirty years.*
- It was years ago, on the expedition to find that damned meteorite crash in Siberia…

…Back then I was a leader, my squad and I were in the mainland of Russia.

Normally a group of American soldiers in the Soviet Union would be a bad thing, but the Union was as scared as we were. That meteorite was dangerous, we all should know why by now.

We linked up with the Soviet team our first week in.

There were three of them, instead of five. The Commander explained to us that two died of the cold, I’m still not sure if he was lying.

We set out on our joint quest.

It took a few days to reach the meteorite crater. It was too dangerous to get close to the larger part, but we got a lucky break. A shard had broken off in the impact and settled in, half a kilometer from the main thing.

We started our work immediately. As per the US-Soviet agreement, one shadow trooper and one Soviet soldier would be assigned the same task.
Two would use pickaxes to extract samples from the shard.

The Soviet commander told his other soldier, and mine, to put up barbed wire. We didn’t want anyone to venture too close to the main crater.

I ordered two of my men to dig up other sample types. One would get the smaller shards, while the other would pick up a few extracts of that strange, green moss.

The work went smoothly for most of the following days.

The Commander and I discussed the miss-trust our troops might have. He told me that the one with the RPG launcher had a bad trigger finger.

I exchanged information about one of my own. He never liked the Russians, he callously referred to them as ‘Commy Bastards’. He is Creem Kili, a relative of mine.

Our work ended on the fourth day, we evenly distributed the samples and were saying our good-byes, the two teams would part from there.
But Creem Kili’s miss-trust reached the breaking point. He pulled out his sidearm…

…and shot every…single…


My troops were a bit shocked at this turn of events, but Creem Kili reassured them by telling a lie.
Creem Kili- They were starting to become infected, burn the bodies immediately.

Milk Damea- Our organization had no choice but to lie to the Soviets. They told them ‘since your soldiers were not wearing proper haz-mat suits we had no choice but to exterminate them, your cooperation is appreciated’. War was the last thing both countries wanted, so we got lucky again.
Christian Collins- So what happened next?
Milk Damea- I was demoted, the same thing didn’t happen to Creem, and the organization started to perform their experiments.
Christian Collins- So, why did you leave?
Milk Damea- Their experiments became more dangerous, and the results weren’t natural, or moral. I was lucky a third time, and escaped before things went to hell there.

*Bob Mason returned with grim news.*
Bob Mason- Cade’s dead, and from the looks of things Tom is too. What about him?

*Bob pointed to Creem Kili.*

*Allison went to Creem Kili’s side, the expression she gave signaled that he wouldn’t make it.*

Milk Damea- Good riddance, he was a terrible person, and a worse brother.
*Christian Collins mouthed a question, Milk did not answer.*

*Allison got up, and stared at Milk Damea.*
Allison- What now?
*Bob Mason and Christian Collins stared at Milk Damea.*

Milk Damea- If there is any cure for this infection there is only one place we can find it. We have to search... the facility.


From the creative minds of Eric and Adam Mickle

Interactive Participants
-Christian Collins
-Bob Mason
-Green Man
-Hank Hanson
-Old Neb
-Eric Tan
-Max Kester
-Tom Foolery
-Joe Fedora
-Glen Streeter
-Radioactive Rooster
-Mr. Detonator
-Joe P
-James Longhead
-Yours Truly
-Matthew Voss
-Matthew Novosad
-Emilio Vasquez
-Marty Ford
If I missed anyone, I’m sorry.

Other Characters
-Creem Kili = Eric Mickle
-Milk Damea = Adam Mickle
-SL_254 = Allison
-Assorted Shadow Troopers
-Mark as himself
-Zombies 1-576

All sets built by Eric ‘Hawk’ Mickle

Story thought out and Written by Eric and Adam Mickle

Special Thanks to Caleb Robinson for unleashing the CYOA horde, and to all of you viewers and characters (the active ones).

Choose Your Own Adventure!

If you are wondering, ‘well, what now?’ there WON’T be a continuation of this season. And season II will start in the late fall, no reservations.

Rate and Comment if the mood strikes you. Thank's for sticking with the series.


 I like it 
  May 31, 2012
Hey I have not and probably wont read the rest of the 1st season as I am VERY busy these days but.. what happened to me?
 I like it 
  May 31, 2012
Hey I have not and probably wont read the rest of the 1st season as I am VERY busy these days but.. what happened to me?
 I like it 
  May 31, 2012
Hey I have not and probably wont read the rest of the 1st season as I am VERY busy these days but.. what happened to me?
 I like it 
  February 16, 2012
Hello Eric! I was wondering if i can clam a spot in your CYOA Season 2, if i can do that. I'v been reading lots of Lego stories and i have to say that yours is the best! As soon as i can get my Mocpage back up and running (i haven't touch my page in two years, no joke). Any way THANKS FOR THE FRIGGIN' EPIC STORY!!!!
 I like it 
  September 25, 2011
since i was left in total suspense im just going to imgine this being like the ending to fallout 3 since you used FEV for the virus what type of FEV was it though airborne like vault 72 (i think) or vats like at mariopsa base
Eric 'Hawk' Mickle
Paperweight .
  August 16, 2011
Oh , Eric, do the survivors of season 1 get spots in season 2?
 I made it 
  August 16, 2011
Quoting Paperweight . Oh , Eric, do the survivors of season 1 get spots in season 2?
Season 2 is something completely different, it has nothing in common with season 1. But sign-ups will likely be in the fall; no one gets reservations, and no one will be forced out of trying.
 I like it 
  July 9, 2011
This is turning out to be a very good series, despite my initial response to it. Well done. I didn't even notice that there was no roof until you told me (lol). Congrats, and looking forward to the next series. If you need an idea for a character, post a reply to this. Thanks, ~Nfar
  July 6, 2011
Hey, sign up for my CYOA>
 I like it 
  July 3, 2011
Quite a story you've got here, Chief! Congrats on the Mocie nomination, too!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2011
Nice, kind of a shame I had to die so close to the end... Hey, I didn't get a chance to choose never mind... ~~~$tryke
 I like it 
  July 3, 2011
This is a wonderful landscape!
Eric 'Hawk' Mickle
 I like it 
Inactive Pie
  July 2, 2011
Great ending.
 I like it 
  July 2, 2011
Sweetness! Great series.
 I like it 
  July 2, 2011
Wow, good series. I would've loved to go through with a MOC series. I have so many going but not officially ended. I might just pick up on some of them... Great job on completing the entire series. I love the fact tat you let me live. I assume it was kind of unfair to the zombies. ; P 5/5! ~Stay green
 I like it 
  July 2, 2011
To capture this in one word: suspense.
Eric 'Hawk' Mickle
General Asher S.
  July 1, 2011
It left me in complete suspense.
Eric 'Hawk' Mickle
 I like it 
Paperweight .
  July 1, 2011
It's kinda sad that it's over. It was the best series on mocpages. But i'm happy that I'm one of the very few survivors out of like 30. I can only imagine what season 2 will be like.
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
YUS! I died! Its about time....
  July 1, 2011
i want to be in season II. it is my dream to be in some thing now
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Well, that's a cliffhanger. I can't wait for season 2!
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
That was a pretty good ending, and some parts caught me off my guard (if I was right about one thing, I knew Creem would shoot first). I'm anxiously waiting for second season, and I know I'll be there!
 I made it 
  July 1, 2011
Quoting Decimator the NukeMaster Really good finish, I'm glad that guy is dead. No offense, of course. ;)
Non taken, I made my character out to be the bad guy so the story would have some (living) conflict.
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Really good finish, I'm glad that guy is dead. No offense, of course. ;)
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Very nice. Not happy its over, but I'm exited for the next season!
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
did the meteorite have element 115 in it? Uunenpentium?
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
I almost cried.
  July 1, 2011
Quoting Caleb Robinson, the MC @ LWC gee thanks, i feel great now...
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Excellent! Thanks for the credit too.
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
A lot of CYOAs are great all the way, until the end, when they ruin it. This is different, you nailed it.
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Very nice series! I lived? I didn't expect that. Great job with the whole thing and I look forward to seeing the next season!
 I like it 
  July 1, 2011
Wow. This is why i added you as a favorite builder. This story surpassed anything i imagined. Absolutly stunning. Incredible job!
By Eric 'Hawk' Mickle
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