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Barret 50 cal sniper rifle(jack Streat)(Instructions)
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NEW! LDD file for some stuff, but some cant be buildt in LDD. OLd. Done! The instuctions for Jacks barret 50 cal sniper rifle. Sorry if Im repetetive. I spread making this over weeks, so yeah.
About this creation

Ive finally made instuctions on how to build the barret 50 cal sniper rifle the Jack Streat made. With complete building instuctions (Not as good as my Lee enfeild, unfortunatley. I have better things to do, I will help on anything you dont get though if you comment) and a tutorial on the mech just in case you dont get it and need some clearing up.

Basic tutorial

If you know how it works or you just wanna build the gun, skip the part.

This gun is bolt action, meaning you pull the bolt back to load a new round into the chamber each shot. So you laod the magazine into the mag well and the mag release locks it into place. Doing so makes the magazine bolt push all the bricks down some. Puling the mag release causes the peices holding the mag up to no longer do so and it falls out of the mag well. So to loada round in you pull the bolt back. About half way through the bolts opening it catches the magazine bolt, pulling it back. once the bolt is fuly open the mag release is no longer on top of the bricks and they get pushed up. When the bolt closes the mag bolt comes foward and pushes the top brick out of the mag and up the ramp. Then the hammer( a wheel or gear) catches the brick pulling it foward untill it is caught on the tigger mech: an L beam with some other beams on it. pulling the tigger retracts it into the barrel and the round flies out of the barrel.If that made no sence comment what you dont get and ill update this discription.

There you have it the mechanism put into a medium sized block of words.

Instructions(this is basic-you must buit a biPod and elongate the barrel to a more reasonable size, and a scope)

Lets start with the base wall. Everything is built up from this.

Heres what it looks like

This is front. If you must leave part of the wall out out leave this out, NOT the stock as the mag bolt is partially in it.

The middle of the gun. That hole must be exact. Trigger mechgoes there. Make sure to get the pin there

The end and stock. Make sure all the pins, espiccially the one next to the blue one, although it is hard to see. It will be very helpful. Mark my words.

Starting the end bit, very optional. I love it though. I attatch it differently than in th origginal. This was the best way. I could do it. If any one know how Jack did it, please let me know.

Add the innedent part where you should fits(costomize it for yourself. I just slapped some left over flats in. This gun used almost ALL my parts.

Put it in there.

That random thing that the gun has.

Put that in here

get this wheel, the same part Jack used as his hammer.I can NOT be any larger except by about half a milimeter.

Put it here for now, It'll be moved later.

Heres where things start to make no sense if you havent looked at the mech closely before.

The mag bolt holder. Surprise this holts that mag bolt. The wheel also helps.

Heres what it looks like out of the gun.

Close ups

More close ups

Note that the pin is on this side...

... but not this side. The other sides ones are in that wall peice you just built.

Ok. Lets build the mag bolt next

Heres what it looks like

Take a 7 holed half width beam. MUST be half width

Add a 6 by one flat, and putt it in the last two holes

Another half width beam. May be 5, 6 or, preferably 7 holes.

Now build this. Very simple

Put ti here on the same side of the six. MAke sure theyre facing away from you and the half width beams are close to you

an eleven holed beam

Build these two things. Do NOT push the 3 m axel into that part its barley in

Put them here

Another eleven

The rubber band. It needs two be able to stretch decently, but cnat be two big or trigger wont become un pressed.(yes the rubber band does a lot of stuff.)

The barrel and trigger mech

Here is the begining of the barrerl. This is the base wall of the barrel. Advis building this almost exactly the same, because You can take the shape and build your own design if you need (or want) to.

The rest of it

A close up of the rubber band holder.

Put together

The bottom

The rest of it

Put it together

More of it together

The hidden part of the tigger mech, I wasnt able figure this out with out the help of ommadawn1966 (on youtube) in his sniper riffle. Very simple once you know what it is. Jack uses this in all his guns with this mech: The HK 416(original), FAMAS G1, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, this one( the barret). However not the Lee enfeild, though. He uses a side ways one in the SPAS 12 most likel too. Just in case You coundnt get the triggr mech.

goes here

The ramp

goes here

Build this

Build this. The pins are 3 as well as the axel

goes here, with the stuff off to the side

To beams with 5 holes

goes here

Another one of those combos from a few steps back. I didnt have enough parts

Add one of these to each side, The hold the bipod in. Directions will not be available for the biPod.

Goes like this. The part thats closest to the ramp just needs to be that close

Put the nine holed beam there

Starting the other side

Add this part here

Put it in like that, so it is lined up with the other wall

The top of the barerrel. Yes its very small, but it will make sence

Put it here

Starting the trigger mech

The rest of it. The eleven holedbeams go around the magazine.

Goes here

And close it up....

And it looks like a mini SPAS 12 with the stock unfolded

The bolt

Heres what it looks like

The back. The part sticking down catches the mag bolt

The middle and front parts. The parts sticking up(or down when it gets flipped up right in the gun) hold the hammer in very important.

The bolt handle

goes on the pin sticking out of the one side

The hammer. This gear is the size of hammer. You can use a wheel, like jack, and that is advise. I have one and its already used

Put it through like this. The loops should be facing away from the bolt handle

Build the grip.

Build this

And this

Put them like this

Build this

The mag release

Put it through the middle of that beam

Build these other things

Put em together

Build these

Make it together like this

Click it together, to finish it up

The roof

Heres what it looks like

Close up of back. The farsest waway row is almost al 15 long

moving foward

CLoser to the front. See that black beam on the right? That one pin you see is 3 long. Have no other pins connecting it so it flips orund there, it opptional though I built it like that by accident and its really nice.

more stuff...

This is where it gets confusing-ish

Annd the front You need the L-beams at the front!

The magazine

Duplicate this as many times as you want for more mags.

Heres what it looks like

Starting the side

The top axel is 5m and the lower one is 6m. The rounded thing can just be a normal pin

Put it here

The brick stopper thingy

close up on the brick stopper

The pusher upper. You can substitue the gear brick with a flat brick and a plate

Put the rubber band like this

two fifteens

The rest of the giant mag.It is symetrical, so thats what the covered up stuff is

Add two brick holde things here

do the same to the other side

Put it together. You can stop here...

...or add these. You can fill the area that the flats make with extra ammo.

Thats the mag

The other wall

Heres what it looks like

The front

The middle. The hole thing where the bolt handle sticks out

The back

Putting it all together

Take the first wall

Add the mag bolt holder into the pins I told you about. (told you so :))

Add the mag bolt holder

Move the wheel back one hole. Add one to the other wall if you want

Start putting the grip in

Put the rest in

Add the barrel and stuff in. Start by putting the trigge in. Then put the beam in the hole in the wall

The rest of the barrel should fit nicley like this

and this.

Test to see if mag fits nicley like this. If not you have problems.

Take out the mag and put this part of the roof in. If you dont have the hinging roof ignore that part.

Take the gaurd out like this as well as the othe missing thing, and the black eleven beam on the mag bolt holder

This what is removed. As well as the eleven holed beam

Take the rubberband

wrap it around the mag release

make sure it pulls back like this.

Take this off the mag bolt

Put the rubberband in here and close it.

Put it back in the holder

Take the elven holed thing out of the mag bolt holder

wrap it around the trigger mech like this

Testing the RB

If you pull the mag bolt back it should snap foward

The trigger should unpress when pressed. Hold the axel in like the other wall would.

And the mag release

If everything worked fine, continue. If not, Try making sure you have the rubbber band in right, or making it tigher.

Put everything back.

Take these out of the barrel. (remember the half beams)

Take a pin out of the barrel or take a spare one.

Put it here on the bolt

Hok the rubberband around the pin.

hook it aroungd here. It might be hhard. Its harder with the roof on.

Pu the half beam back on

Repeating on the other side

half beam back in

Stretch it back and get the hammer in the barrel.

make sure the rb is on oppisite sides of this pin.

Now its like this. Its fragile, so...

... Take this off and...

...put the roof down on that pin on top of the barrel.

put the L beam back

Put the other side in

NEW: the BiPod


Wathc Jack Streats video on how to load the magazine. Let me know if you cant find it, ill show you.

Pull the bolt back like this. this helps fix a stability problem for people who havent mastered mag insertion.The things that the rb goes through provide stability to an ish I never fixed. Its probably very simp, as it never caused Jack a problem. When pushing the mag in Somethimes it pos the brrel up, the gun dosent function. After you get used to loding this no longer a problem.That was really confusng. I know.

Push the mag in. The brik pusher upper thing should move down when properly loaded. Ignore the step above when you get the feel for it.

Then cock it and shook. The bolt must be pushed foward.

Some trouble shooting

The hammer band breaks a lot-this gun has a realistic mech, but dosent use rbs to their max potential. There is no fix, than looser, less far shooting rbs.
The mag bot dosent work-you need a ttighter rubber band.
My guns to weak- tighter hammer rb, it will break mor often, though
The mag wont get in- have a looser band in the mag, It needs to be just ight enough to geth the top brick out, but not any more tighter.

Comming Next: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum. (consturction completed)

Thanks for using my directions, as I put in a lot of time, I could have done other things with, not trying to be a jerk right there :) hope you liked it, Plese comment any questions, comments, improvments or really anything.

Building instructions
Download building instructions (LEGO Digital Designer)


 I like it 
  June 22, 2012
thanks alot! I posted alot of new stuff today! go check it out if you have the time! (the posts include my colt m1911, my shotgun, my TABR(that one is just EPIC)and my .357 magnum revolver)
 I like it 
  January 11, 2012
Thank you very very much!!!! Now I can upload my Barrett (I'll do that this weekend).
 I made it 
  December 28, 2011
Quoting Timo The Dutchman Can you please make instructions for this Bipod?? I already made the gun (not from your instructions), but I can't make the bipod.
Ill see what i can do about that. Im currrently making AR-15 instructions so, the BiPod can be after that.
 I like it 
  December 28, 2011
Can you please make instructions for this Bipod?? I already made the gun (not from your instructions), but I can't make the bipod.
 I like it 
  September 9, 2011
thanks for looking to my barret to and i really appriciate that you found that error i have fixed it, is it good now? and the hammer isn't a problem right?
 I like it 
  September 9, 2011
I'VE MADE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BARRET M82A1, PLZZ LOOK AND SUBSCRIBE :) Those instructions are full LDD and it's cooler than jack streat's one, I dont made them with your instructions so the credits are mine if you thought something else, i would appriciete if you look mine instructions to :)
 I like it 
  September 5, 2011
how many pics did ya want! great gun
 I like it 
  August 29, 2011
wow looks awesome
 I like it 
  August 22, 2011
thx a lot!!! :D it's been my fave gun for years by jack streat and thx to you, i have instructions!!!! :DDDD
 I made it 
  August 19, 2011
Quoting Paperweight . Just make a slideshow, brick by brick.
I dont know how to get on mocpages though, but if you could tell me that would be awesome!
captin pasquale
 I like it 
Paperweight .
  August 18, 2011
Hail the king! And nice job! It would be better if you could make a step by step video for instructions.
captin pasquale
Paperweight .
  August 18, 2011
Just make a slideshow, brick by brick.
 I made it 
  August 18, 2011
Quoting Paperweight . Hail the king! And nice job! It would be better if you could make a step by step video for instructions.
Thanks! That would be a good idea, so I dont have 10 mile long pages, I just need to figure out how, I just did it like this after JS.
 I like it 
  July 25, 2011
Nice! I likey JS's guns!
By captin pasquale
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