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Happy Birthday Zukon!
A birthday party for Chaos Master, I tried to make as many Self-MOCs as I could. It's 92 pictures, yeah. Don't worry, it's shorter than it seems. NOTE: The captions for each photo are below the picture. Enjoy!
About this creation
Let's get some music going!

Zukon: Hey Cossy, nice legs.
Cossy: I know right? Nothin' better than a chibi centaur eh?
Zukon: Yeah...sure.
Cossy: I notice you have some Bio-Techs.
Zukon: Yes, very classy.

Zukon: ...I'm bored. Where is everybody?
Cossy: They should be here any minute.

Zukon: Ah! There's the doorbell now.

Zukon and Cossy: Nitro!
Nitro: Hey bros! Legofreak's got a nice house man. Where is everybody?
Cossy: They'll be here soon.

Nitro: Happy Birthday Z.
Zukon: Brofist! Say, are those Bio-Techs, "Generation: Silver"? Did you get me some of those?

Nitro: Well, these were for you but I tried them on and I haven't been able to take them off since, both emotionally and physically.
Zukon: Gee...nice of you to think of me.
Nitro: It's okay, I got a much better present for you.
Cossy: There's the doorbell!

Cossy: It's Jurassica and Pure!
Zukon: Yayz!

Pure: Happy Bday bro.
Zukon: Brofist!
Jurassica: Gotta a light Nitro?
Nitro: Only if you got a cigar for me too.

Nitro: Oh yes, most tasty!
*Put put*
Zukon: N-Nitro! Jurassica! Why are you guys smoking?? Your just chibis!
Pure: Meh, they're just trying to copy Legobob's design.

Nitro: What? Come on, Legofreak used this cigar technique long before Legobob.
Jurassica: Yeaz, he da man.

Zukon: You still don't need to be smoking!
Jurassica: Oh chillax. They're just candy cigars.
Nitro: What?? They are? Dang.

Cossy: Here's...Callan? Destrin?
Callan: Don't say anything.

Cossy: Wha-what happened to you guys?
Destrin: I dunno. What's up with your donkey butt?

Cossy: *Grumble*
Callan: Wha's up Z?
Zukon: Uh...
Callan: It's me, Callan. And this strange growth on my shoulder is Destrin.
Zukon: Yeah, I know who you are, it's're a two headed troll.

Destrin: Is that the way you wanna put it? Okay, we're trolls, well, one troll. I guess Legofreak got bored of normal chibis.

Cossy: Here's Snipe and Turbine!
Snipe: The party's here!

Snipe: Happy Bday Zukon.
Zukon: Thanks bro.
Turbine: Uh...Callan?
Destrin: I'm in a nightmare.
Callan: I think it's more of a dream.

Cossy: Hey look! It's Archangel and uh...Larillia.
All: Hubba, hubba!
Callan: Now I KNOW I'm dreaming!

Cossy: Hey Larillia, where's Cheesy Q?
Larillia: He couldn't make it today so I came instead.
Destrin: Hey Archangel, you doing anything later?

Larillia: Cheesy also sends a gift for Zukon. Cheese...of course.
Zukon: Ooh!

Zukon: Thank you Larillia! Thank you so much! Tellcheesythankyouandthatiappreciatehis giftsayyoudoinganythingtomorrowimeanifyouarenotbusyoranythingomigoshyouaresohot.
Larillia: Pardon?
Zukon: Uh...brofist?
Larillia: I'm a girl.
Zukon: are...I mean, right. Uh, sissyfist?
Larillia: Why you little--
Cossy: Moving on!

Cossy: It's Oblivious and...*Psst, who is that?*

Larillia: *I'm not sure...*

Oblivious: It's Devan! Someone even less popular's Self-MOC!
Zukon: Oh...right! Devan! Now I remember!
Devan: Hi all!

Cossy: Look! It's Toa Cehk, Magmabane and
Magmabane: Sup?

Zukon: Thanks for coming? Hey Longstride.
Longstride: Hello.

*Blah blah blah blah*

Cossy: Attention all! Attention!

Cossy: We're here to celebrate two big events! One, it's Zukon's birthday!

Cossy: And two, Nitro just got out of the juvenile prison center!

Nitro: What?

Cossy: Anyway, we were kind enough to invite ourselves to Legofreak's house to have a little shindig.

Cossy: Yes, Jurassica?
Jurassica: Where is Jordan?

Cossy: You kiddin'? This is a chibi parti! He wasn't invited. Anyway, time to party! Feel free to look around, I'm sure Jordan won't mind.

Nitro: Hmm..."Samick".
Jurassica: I perfer "Baldwin".
Turbine: What do you know about Pianos?
Jurassica: Enough.

Magmabane: Teehee!

Oblivious: These parties never have any good food.
Zukon: Yeah, I know.


Zukon: Hey! Come back here! Gimme!

Cehk: What are you doing Cossy?
Cossy: Just checking my MOCpage.

Archangel: Looks like Shadowgear put up another Self-MOC.
Cossy: "B"..."E"..."N"..."Space"..."C"

Magmabane: So then the Matoran said to the Rahi, "Where did you learn to talk?"
All: Hahaha!
Devan: That's the best crack I've heard this entire night!

Nitro: Well hello-- She's beautiful, She's gorgeous!

Larillia: Nitro, stop it. You're making me blush!

Nitro: It's the "Kane Chronicles"! My babies!

Nitro: Yes, yes, yes!
Larillia: Nitro...
Nitro: Yes Larillia?

Larillia: Look up.
Nitro: Huh.


Zukon: Saw that coming.
Cossy: Aye.

Jube: Look at all these filthy young-uns! Runnin' about in Gordan's house like wild animals.

Jube: If I had half a will of care I suppose I'd do something about it.

Cossy: Come on everyone! Present time!

Callan: Front row seats buddy.
Destrin: Yessire.
Cossy: Who's first?

Jurassica: Me me me!
Cossy: Okay.

Jurassica: Here's a little bracelet that says "Eat Better". It's supposed to remind you to watch your weight.
Zukon: Gee...thanks.

Cossy: Uh...who's next?

Callan: Us man!

Destrin: Yes sir! We forgot to pick up a present for Z before we got here so we just found some extra chunky PB in Jordan's cupboard.

Zukon: Hehe, yes! I guess I'll have to lose Jurassica's bracelet now.
All: Hahahaha!

Larillia: Here' a gift from me and Archangel. A model Fire Engine!

Larillia: You know, Cheesy already gave his gift.
Zukon: Oh yeah, my cheese--...Where's my cheese?
Nitro: *burp*

Zukon: Nitro...
Nitro: Oh, it's my turn? Cool.

Nitro: I got you an exact replica of that one ship from that one show Galaxy!

Zukon: Hey, this looks just like…the…real…one.
Nitro: Hehe, imagine that, eh Z?

Pure: Me and Snipe got you this.
Zukon: Silly Putty!

Zukon: Must…make…imprint!
Cossy: Uh, Zukon?

Zukon: Hehe! Guess who that is?

Cehk: I got you some old batteries, might still hav esome power in them.
Zukon: Uh…right. Thanks!

Jube: Why you little! Shuttitup!

Jube: Sheesh! It’s getting to where an old geezer can’t get any sleep around here!
Cossy: Uh, sorry Jube, we’ll try to be more quite.

Turbine: I got you a Clone Kiddie punching bag!
Zukon: Score!

Zukon: You always give the best gifts Turbine.
Turbine: I try.

Magmabane: Us three put our heads together and got something we know you’ll enjoy!

Zukon: A Clone Wars play set! PLAY TIME! NOW!

Zukon: Once there were 4, no 5 Clones.

Cossy: They had always wanted to be Jedi.

Nitro: So they got out their Lightsabers and capes and they became Jedi.

Snipe: But then one of them was Darth Maul! One of them ran away because he didn’t have a cape and he was scared.

Pure: The Jedi fought Darth Maul!

Destrin: But one Clone left because he felt left because didn’t have a Lightsaber or cape.

Nitro: So he went and got smoke inhalation…

Callan: And became “Golfball Vader”!

Zukon: So then Golfball went to get revenge on the other Clones.
Nitro: Omigosh! Omigosh! This is too epic!
Zukon: Nitro! You’re in the shot!

Cossy: When Golfball got there the Clones were still fighting Darth Maul.

Nitro: But then Phipson pwns all!

Zukon: Hey, what’s that noise?

Jordan: So I was like, whatever, not everyone needs a heartlight you know?
Shadow: I hear you man.

Jordan: What? Cossy? N-Nitro? What are you guys doing in my house?!
Cossy: Just having a little…party.
Jordan: But I…

Zukon: …It’s my birthday.
Jordan Sigh…okay, Happy Birthday Zukon.

Picture of chibi Zukon.

Okay! That was...a lot of pictures. :P
Anyway, if I didn't build your Self-MOC, don't get angry, it's just because I don't have the right mask and a lack of pieces, or I don't really know you. :P So yeah. :)
I hope you liked it Zukon. :)


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Okay, that's it. I'll post all of the chibis later.
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 I like it 
  October 25, 2014
Cool! Awesome Party! Happy Very Very Very Very Very lllllaaaaattttteeeee Birthday! Zukon/Chaos master! :D
Legofreak2444 ~
NoWhereMan .
  February 12, 2012
Wait, if Cossy has a donkey butt, does that mean has an, actually I won't finish that sentence.
 I like it 
  October 21, 2011
lol its epic! i loved it so much. my fav. chibi was cossy. i made my own version of him that is built the same way but with dif. collors and a dif. mask. thnx for the epic comic! :3
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
This reminds me of "The superhero squad show" lol
 I like it 
  July 12, 2011
Aw thanks, thanks so much for making devan, It's great, Im getting all emotional here! which Is strange seeing as it's Z's birthday. :P LOL! Happy birthday!
 I made it 
  July 12, 2011
Quoting MR. LEGO
Sorry, didn't have the pieces to rebuild him.
 I made it 
  July 12, 2011
Quoting Zam Himmaq
Sorry buddy, nice buddy icon BTW.
 I made it 
  July 12, 2011
Quoting Mechmadicus Prime .(A.K.A S.T.S)
Sure we can. :)
 I like it 
  July 12, 2011
Aw, how cute! Strangely, actually. 0_o Funny, also. Does it need to be so long? Happy bithday, Chaos Mastahzor :)
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Mechmadicus Prime .(A.K.A S.T.S)
  July 11, 2011
Sweet! BTW can we get past our previous argument,ok? Anyways TOO MUCH OF TEH CHIBEH-NESS XD BTW Destrin was "GASP" asking Archangel out? O_O Didn't see that from MY Self MOC XP MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have a joke comin' in the next post >:3
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  July 11, 2011
I got u the best gift eva! XD
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Haha, well done. I love all the crazy looking chibis!
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Funny story and cool chibis!
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Again, great story! I just want to say to reply to my older comment on this. Never mind on the whole funny video or story because my brother took apart his Cossy and yeah. So just screw the comment. Ignore all but how I commented on the story.
  July 11, 2011
Two b-day shout-outs next to each other in the Promote Your MOCs thread? Strange. >Eric
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Awww, I wasn't invited? Bummer, and I had the perfect black-hole-in-a-box. Maybe next time,...
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
LOL, That was one of the best comics that I've read! But where was Dapok :(
 I made it 
  July 11, 2011
Quoting Overlord Galaxus ( Instant Noodles)
Sorry I couldn't make you Noodles. :( I wanted to.
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
hahahahahahaha!!!!! great job dude!!!!! love the clones..... :P
  July 11, 2011
Oh and by the way, I love that you made me a chibi centaur :D Excellent idea :D Thanks bro ;)
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Awesome party! Happy Birthday Chaos Master! BTW thanks for making Longstride in the party! Great stuff! =D
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Awesome , too bad i coulndt do one of these for him...
 I like it 
  July 11, 2011
Awesome chibi party! Happy birthday Chaos Master!
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
lone wolf
  July 10, 2011
ha ha, funny :) wolf would not look right in chibi, his head would out way his body...
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
elijah clewis
  July 10, 2011
hey it's elijah again sorry if i made you mad by the way this was an awesome comic
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
elijah clewis
  July 10, 2011
hey it's elijah again sorry if i made you mad by the way this was an awesome comic
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Peter Crasher the Powerlord
  July 10, 2011
Nice party for Zukon. Also, give me Shadow's mask! JK, I have a version of Shadow that's not yet ready due to not having his mask. :P Anyways, happy birthday Chaos Master! I need to make mine soon!
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Chaos Master
  July 10, 2011
EPICNESS my friend! thank you so much! this was really funny, I enjoyed reading every bit of it! thanks again!
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  July 10, 2011
That was the best special that I've ever read. Though I did not expect to see Larillia there. Then again, If she wasn't there, It wouldn't have been as epic as it was. One of favorite scenes was the Callan/destrin guy rolling away with the PB. I also liked when everyone said, Hubba hubba.
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  July 10, 2011
That is proof that you should never get Larillia angry. Also, knowing her character, she probably would blush, but she never admit it to anyone's face. Also, @Nick Nitro Brick. She probably did that against her own will.
Legofreak2444 ~
 I like it 
JPfan65 Studios
  July 10, 2011
Awesome Birthday! Thanks For Rebuilding Jurassica! And...The Weird Thing is That I have My Own Makeshift Bionicle Cigar In My Mouth Right Now!
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
BAHAHA ok that was hilarious! What an excellent party! Happy Birthday Zukon!
 I made it 
  July 10, 2011
Quoting elijah clewis
You didn't make me mad. :) It's all good bro. ;)
 I made it 
  July 10, 2011
Quoting Chaos Master
Sure thing bro! :)
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
XDXDXDXDXD!!!!! real funny, man! i laffed wen Larillia smacked Nick into a Wall (lol, Nick). and me and Larilia just do that to people:P
  July 10, 2011
this is hillarious haha wheres my self-Moc? hahaha jk i read the final thing..and.. ya you probably dont know me hahaha
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
Omg i'm dangerous.... Happy BDay to Chaos Master! :3
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
Awesome comic, it was long and funny! I laughed almost every 10 seconds. Great job, Chaos master will love this (and mine's not made yet :( oh well...) Great job, and cool but weird chibis! I liked Ben-Centaur.
 I made it 
  July 10, 2011
Quoting Clockwork Tempest
Thanks for that bro. :)
 I made it 
  July 10, 2011
Quoting Nick Nitro Brick
It was Jube saying it. I know my own name thank you, I spelled it like that on purpose. ;)
 I made it 
  July 10, 2011
Quoting Callan Lord of Fire
Just a change of pace. XD
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
I so want a stryker chibi now, BUT I DON`T HAVE 2 ORANGE PAKARAI (pakeri, pakrei, pakrai? forget it) anyway very cool little comic, I loled hard at the Destrin and Cllan Combo
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
This is just hysterial!!! LOL!!! There were about 4 to 5 parts I liked and thought were funny. *Laughing* using the missiles as ciggarettes! So funny man. Maybe I should make a funny thing on my page. I predict it to be Gratus making a video when Cossy and others try to tick him off, and then Gratus gets ticked off. You'know, maybe I should do that! Yeah, and my brother already made a Cossy. I should think everyone I know will like it! I'll tell you when it's ready. Oh and I also loved the part where you used chibis. Great work on this!!
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
hahah funny...wish i was in it
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
I hear ya man...Lol. Anyway, I thought this was rather funny! BTW, sorry for not adding you to favorites. Blasted memory -_-.
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
love all the parts with me in them! it is soooo funny! sorry I have not been around lately but I have been super busy, BTW you spelled your name Gordan, geez, can't even spell your own name :P BTW how did you know about the juvie thing :P BTW me and larilla made up and we spent most of the party kissing in your bathroom :P love it so much again, now I don't fell so small (just so you know I helped myself to your LEGO collection while I was there, hope you don't mind)
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
skippy....? lol bio-techs are awesome i wish i had some....anyway that was great perfect job!
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
I AM dreaming, right? :P Happy Birthday, Zukon, I got a special for you coming up soon! :D And I'm combined with Destrin?!? Zoiks!
 I like it 
  July 10, 2011
Wow great job! And thanks for making Snipe. :P That was the best special ever! ,Shadow
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