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Halo LDD Comic EPISODE 2: The New Plague
The 2nd installment to the epic Halo LDD Comic!
About this creation
Sorry if I did post it a bit late in the day, but I was working on it (LDD was incredibly slow, probably because of the 500+ grass pieces I used in the construction of this comic) and perfecting it. Although it doesnt compare at all with my debut episode, this one isn't bad, and I tried to put in character spotlights, and it is a great deal shorter because I had seen that the debut episode was a bit too long for some. As usual, text can be found at the bottom of the pictures that corresponds to it.

Like last time, certain characters will have to comment in order to "stay alive" so to speak. Those characters will be all of the characters from Episode 1, plus the following: Eric Mickle, Nindo Gildure, Quinn Humphreys, and Cookie. You guys MUST comment, thank you for your cooperation.


Christian Collins: Darn, there's a ton of plant life around here. Makes it hard to walk, don't you think?
Commando Fog: Nonsense! Just imagine you are the most powerful person around, and start smashing!


Christian Collins: Alright, seriously, that was way too overdramatic to be considered helpful.
Commando Fog: *Stomping on as much grass as possible* Smash smash smash! Oh, uh...what?
Christian Collins: Focus. Remember, we're trying to scout for any signs of Outpost Tango.

Commando Fog: It's hopeless. Shouldn't we be doing something more productive, like...uh...
Christian Collins: That base is the only chance we have of finding some kind of shelter, and, moreover, getting a link to the UNSC telling them about our whereabouts.

*An ear-shattering screeching is heard in the distance*
Christian Collins: Banshees. They must be over there, beyond those mountains.
Commando Fog: Aww man! Are you saying that in order to get there, we have to walk up through those mountains?!?
Christian Collins: Well, at least it's colder up there. I could use a nice gentle snowfall.
Commando Fog: And I could use a Mongoose, because there is no way I'm walking.

Christian Collins: Well, we still have one Hornet intact, and I'm sure our tech F916 can get the second one up and running, with the right parts.
Commando Fog: Fine. I think we should be going back, it'll be dark soon and we still haven't found a trace of anything leading us to that comms outpost.

*Meanwhile, at the camp*
Josh Cooper: Hey, F916, when are we gonna start eating something passable for dinner?
F916: I'm not sure if we have any food left...but there's a ton of grass, so start chewing.
Josh Cooper: MAYBE I WILL. Jerk.

F916: Besides, it's basically hopeless anyways unless Fog and Collins caught some rat or something while on their search. We're in a plain, in the middle of nowhere, with Tango nowhere in sight.
Josh Cooper: C'mon man, have some hope! We're only a click or two away.

*The camp has almost been set up, with sandbags placed around the area as defense against a possible Covenant attack. Everyone is hard at work trying to get the camp set up*

Bob Almighty: Hey, uh, Mark, I see two bogies coming in at 11:00, should we blast 'em?
Mark: Bob, I think that's Commando Fog and Collins. You have the binoculars, why is it that I know who they are and you don't?
Bob Almighty: Oh. Whoops. Don't judge.

Bluefett: And so then the woman says to the plumber, "How did THAT get in there?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Ash Mck: Erm...was I supposed to laugh at that?
Bob Almighty: (from a distance) Hey boss! We've found Fog and Collins!

*Bluefett continues to laugh hysterically*
Ash Mck: Alright guys, gather round! Fog and Collins are back!

Commando Fog: Hey guys, how's it going! We've been looking all over the plains, but there's too much darn grass around so we didn't find any evidence of Tango outpost.
Christian Collins: I see you got the camp set up...with the weapons. That fuel rod gun is pointed right at my face.

Ash Mck: Alright guys, listen up! Now that Fog and Collins are here, we can all discuss something important for the squad: weapons! Now that we're out in the wild and it's pretty much hopeless to find help, we have to finally put our skills to the test, and that means corresponding weapons.

Bluefett: Ash and myself are the leaders, as you guys already know. Each of you guys have already chosen weapons that go along with your occupation in the squad.

Oracle Ball: So, in other words, you're disposing of our weapons to get stuck with concrete skill-related ones.
Bluefett: Yes.
Oracle Ball: Jerks. Good thing that I'm still a sniper!
Bob Almighty: Aww man, does that mean I have to get rid of my transparent assault rifle! This is blasphemy! This is madness!

Commando Fog: THIS--IS--
Christian Collins: Not Sparta! Definitely not Sparta. We're on Reach.
Commando Fog: *Muttering* what a killjoy...
Ash Mck: Continuing on what me and Bluefett were saying, the only way that we're going to survive out here is to put our skills to the test. Collins, you're our demo expert, you know how to wire stuff?
Christian Collins: Like the back of my hand, boss!

Josh Cooper: Well, I'm the pilot, so I know how to get controls of vehicles in check...
F916: And I'm the squad's techie, so I know how things go together.
Bluefett: Crazy Awesome! So that means that you three will work together to get our Hornet back in check. The rest of you will stay here. Bob the Almighty, you know the drill.
Bob Almighty: (from a distance) Yes, yes, medics have to medic people...*sigh*

Oracle Ball: Because us snipers have nothing to kill, we can set up the campfire!
All: *Groaning* Awwwwwww......

*Later that night*
Bluefett: Damn Mark, I would have never thought you could have made such a giant campfire!
Mark: Well, I'm a hazmat guy, and I liked fire as a child. I think you can all guess how great my childhood was. Plus, it serves as a good signal for any passing aircraft we may see while we're here.
Oracle Ball: SSHHHHHH!!! Let Fog continue the story!

Commando Fog: And so, on the third night, the boy saw the man again, and this time the man was walking straight toward him through the window.

*The fire dims as the spectators become tense*
Commando Fog: The ghastly man comes to the window, and the boy is curious about him--
Bob Almighty: NOOO!!! Don't let the kid die! He was so young! *Sobbing*
Commando Fog: And so, when the boy comes to the window, the man leans over him and says:


*The screams echo throughout the open plains of the night*

Bluefett: I don't get it.
Ash Mck: Are you serious, man?!?! That was HELLUVA scary!

*Friendly laughs are exchanged as everyone congratulates Fog on his scary story*
Ash Mck: Wow Fog, that was pretty scary! Unfortunately, we have to switch to a more seriously scary topic as of now. Mark, tune down the fire a bit.

*Everybody looks in a mixture of shock and awe at the strange syringe Ash Mck. holds in his hand*
Ash Mck: This, my friends, is the new plague. I'm not actually sure what it really is yet, but it has to be pretty dangerous. I was able to scavenge it from the forest we were at yesterday, before I radioed to Tango to ask for medical help. Apparently, when Mark was shot and immobilized, the Elite that felled him advanced with the syringe in his claw. It must be some kind of poison, and this is why we NEED to get to the Tango outpost. This substance must be analyzed.

Christian Collins: I agree, we should analyze this substance. It could very well be a new development in Covenant chemical warfare, and we must try to at least find an antidote in case it is used by the Covenant in bombings. Cooper, F916, and I will repair that Hornet and get both aircraft flying towards the base by early afternoon tomorrow.

Mark: No, no, I object! Something as dangerous as that must surely be destroyed. The substance may be dangerous even to touch and smell, so it may have already started to affect us.

Commando Fog: Wait...I heard something. Cooper and F916, get to your weapons.

*All eyes look into the black sky as distant rustling can be heard. Suddenly, figures start to come into view*

Eric Mickle: Don't shoot! We're friendlies, don't shoot! Everybody...we found other UNSC soldiers!

*5 Minutes Later*
Eric Mickle: Man, are we glad to have found you. We thought that we would never be able to get back to a base when stuck in a barren plain like this.
Ash Mck: Wait...isn't Tango outpost a good base to be? It's only a click away.
Eric Mickle: That's where we were, we were fighting there. Did you hear the Banshees?
Ash Mck: Yes, Collins and Fog told me about the Banshees. I guess you guys have just escaped from certain death at the fall of Tango then.
Eric Mickle: Unfortunately, that is so. I can assume that all of you guys were trying to find the outpost after being stranded here.

Ash Mck: That's exactly where we needed to go. So this is all of the survivors of the attack?
Eric Mickle: Basically, yes, but it was really a full-scale assault and we were told to just run. There may be other squads still around different parts of this area who also escaped from the base. The men I bring before you here are Team Foxtrot, which is the team I command, and another ODST squad under Gunnery Sergeant Buck.
Ash Mck: It's good we could have some extra hands. There's a lot of stuff to do here.

Ash Mck: Oh, and by the way captain, we scavenged this substance from a dead Elite we fought in a nearby forest before we were detoured here. You've seen anything like it before?
Eric Mickle: I'll let Soul Catcher analyze it...nope, it's not an Earth substance. I haven't seen it before.
Ash Mck: Yeah, we were hoping to get it analyzed. It seems like a dangerous substance.

Walker (black visor): Hey, Creston, what are you looking at? You've been standing in that position for about 5 minutes now and it has creeped me out a bit.
Creston (red visor): Something in the horizon, I tried to look with my goggles but it was too far away. Now I think I can vaguely make out what's going on back there. Get your weapons ready, Walker.
Walker: Uh, well, okay...what do you think's going on? Is someone calling for help?

*Meanwhile, on the other side of the horizon*
Nindo Gildure (hand waving): HELP!! HELP!!! Darn, those people over there must be deaf or something! HELP!!!
Cookie (red arm): This Elite is going to bust my goose anytime soon, Nindo! Just KEEP DRIVING!
*The Elite ghost behind the two mongooses speeds up his rate of fire, with Cookie narrowly avoiding two plasma bursts*

Creston: Two mongooses with three passengers, they all look like ODSTs. A ghost follows them. Walker, alert everyone. This may get ugly.

Ash Mck: What is that! It sounds like a bunch of plants on fire!
Eric Mickle: Creston said we have another three soldiers that survived, and a ghost is right on their tale. Get your squad mobilized, it's time to roll. Oh, and don't lose that syringe.

Eric Mickle: *Comlink* Team Foxtrot, Buck's squad, mobilize into positions. Try to move the sandbags over towards the advancing bogies, Charlie squad will provide cover fire as you do so. Vorstoc, get behind a safe spot and continue giving medical aid to Jackson with Bob Almighty.

Ash Mck: I can't lose this thing now, it's too important. With Foxtrot and Buck's team and their equipment, we can find a base and actually find out what this stuff is. Now, it's time to kick some real sorry Covenant @$$.

Sergeant Cortez (with backpack): So, uh, Nindo, could you speed up a bit? I can feel the plasma frying my boots!
Nindo Gildure: Well, if you haven't noticed, I'M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN!!!
Sergeant Cortez: But I'm too young to die! I have a whole life of smashing those goddam sons of b!+<#es ahead of me! And I'm too handsome to die anyways!


Credit to Eric Mickle for using his Team Foxtrot squad for this comic, and also for his building technique for sandbags. All other creations were built by me and me ONLY.

Sorry for all of you who may have been disappointed that no one died and there was no considerable violence in this comic compared to the last one. Violence is not the answer, naughty children. We must learn to use the beauty of prose and good speech to promote a good comic story. Okay, ignore what I said, there will be many battles in the next comic.

So, all of you who appeared in the previous comic, as well as new cameo appearances Eric Mickle, Nindo Gildure, Quinn Humphreys, and Cookie, MUST comment on this creation, or expect death. Brian Carncross (aka Oracle Ball) you have been spared one more week, as you were the only one who didnt comment last week for the first episode. Or else you die. *Insert evil laughing here*

Thank you, all of you, for helping my first Halo LDD Comic episode get 32 likes (smashing the previous record of 18) and get on the Most Discussed for the last 5 days! You guys are the best and I couldn't have done it without you guys!


Crazy Awesome #1
 I like it 
Specialist Ash "Boom" McK.
  July 14, 2011
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
That was so awesome! If it's not to much trouble could I team up with CT-327 and Drako Rouge. I'm their friend! Don't kill me! Also I did like my role! I was awesome!
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
I love this. Keep up the great work.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
I just noticed that I said "Crazy Awesome" while doing the weapons scene. Cool reference! HAHAHAHAHAHA! How did that get in there:)
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
great comic! hope ill be in the 3rd, 5/5
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
great comic! hope ill be in the 3rd, 5/5
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
great comic! hope ill be in the 3rd, 5/5
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
great comic! hope ill be in the 3rd, 5/5
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Great storytelling and use of LDD as a comic generator! 5/5
 I made it 
  July 13, 2011
Quoting Decimator the NukeMaster Great job! Hey, i'm sorry if someone has already asked this, but how did you get some of the equipment on the figs in LDD? (e.g: two neck items, waist pauldrons). My version won't let me. :(
LDD won't let you do the waist pauldrons/two neck items at first, but go check out my instructions on how to do so here: and sorry in advance if it is too complicated to follow, it is a bit complicated to get used to.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Sweet can't wait to see more. Am I in the next one?
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Awesome! This is incredible. I love how the story is coming along. Great field of grass. Nice humor, and vehicles. Oh and I feel bad for myself. Im such an idiot! Which I guess is okay as long as it doesn't lead to my death. Can't wait for #3.
  July 13, 2011
I won't lie. I liked the first one better by a considerable amount. Sorry, but this one just didn't do it for me. Good luck with making the 3rd comic. I hope it turns out better than this one was, for me anyways... 3/5 Still good, by MOCpages standards.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Extremely EPIC and some nice humor and I just realized that I'm like the only one in the team that has hair LOL! Except Christian Collins though.When F9 says that no one in sights what if there were a bunch of Elites using cloak? When I Said PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH,you should've added MAKE ME A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH OUT OF BABIES! Can I Comment For My Brother If He Shows Up In The Comic?
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Great job! Hey, i'm sorry if someone has already asked this, but how did you get some of the equipment on the figs in LDD? (e.g: two neck items, waist pauldrons). My version won't let me. :(
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Nice episode!
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Another EPIC adventure!! Who knows how it will end? (rhetorical) So um, are we gonna have a couple of pelicans swoop in and drop off fireteam gamma and the rest of Buck's squad wipe out the enemies and evac the team to CASTLE base... Sound good?
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Another great episode. But the sandbag design isn't mine, I'm not sure who's it is, but I've seen it a few times. >Eric
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
Very nice! Actually in real life I am a very fun person to be around with. Excellent!
 I made it 
  July 13, 2011
Quoting Warehouse Reach (the Arbiter) That must have required a lot of patience to make that giant grass field. Do you write a script for your comics or do you just have the general idea and write it down as you go along? Thanks *W.R.*
General idea, and I write it as I go along, sometimes even having to change around my LDD scenery in order to match new ideas that come up. It basically writes itself, the way I like it.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2011
That must have required a lot of patience to make that giant grass field. Do you write a script for your comics or do you just have the general idea and write it down as you go along? Thanks *W.R.*
 I like it 
  July 12, 2011
Great work here. Looking forward to some fighting!
 I like it 
  July 12, 2011
Uhhhhh... Blown away, again! Great job! As always.
By Crazy Awesome #1
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