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Zerk, Master of Earth V2
Possibly the quickest update of a self-moc on the pages! (I actually upgraded him the day after I posted him, but was on vacation the past week.) I decided to give him a more general story for the main story, and an individual story for each of his three weapons.
About this creation
NAME: Zerk
OCCUPATION: Toa, enforcer
TITLES: The great, Berzerk
MASK: Shockwave
WEAPONS: Bone staff, Large stick, Engine club, twin plasmasabres, elbow spikes, mask of shockwaves
MAIN STORY: Zerk was a (matoran of earth) in a small mining village on an island of Spherus Magma. He was not too popular with the other matoran, and was occasionally the butt of a joke. He was a miner, like all of the earth matoran of his village. The caves they mined were the richest in the world, possibly even the galaxy. They had hundreds of 'rooms' within the caverns, each boasting such gems as rubies, diamonds, and sapphires to quartz aquamarine and emeralds. Zerk usually ended up on missions mining iron though, which truth be told, wasn't even too profitable due to such density of gems as the caverns. one day, the miners opened up a new cavern, with a few chucks of a material nobody had ever seen before, nor able to get it out. Zerk volunteered to be part of a team to try to mine the strange substance, no matter the danger involved. Naturally, he got turned down. Late that night, Zerk snuck past the mine guards and spied on the team. The strongest were trying to pull the stones out of the walls, and others used massive drills and picks but to no avail. As Zerk was spying though, the floor gave way beneath him! He fell into a dark cave down below, hundreds of feet below the chamber. He was badly hurt, but some spongy organism helped to cushion the fall. He cried for help as loud as he could, but as far as he could tell, nobody heard him. For a while, he limped around, groping in the darkness trying to find a way out. After what seemed like hours, he finally gave up and decided to conserve his energy. He lay there as night turned into day, and back again, but he couldn't tell that. All he could see was the enveloping blackness that surrounded him.The days passed, and Zerk reminisced. Eventually, he couldn't last any longer without food. As his eyes closed probably for the last time, he saw the walls of the cave begin to glow! The cave was filled with the mysterious metal from before, and now it glowed silver! Zerk passed out, his last thought something about Mata Nui. He awoke to an exited crowd of matoran around him! When they saw his eyes open, they all started chatting and buzzing and trying to get their questions to him. Dazed, Zerk had no clue what was going on. He tried to think what happened last, but the villagers were drowning out his thoughts. He pounded his fist and bellowed, "SHUT UUUUUUUP!!", and to his alarm, the ground rippled and threw the villagers back several yards! He looked at his hand and it looked bigger! He knelt over a pond to see his reflection. He was now twice his original height, and he had new armor infused with the silver metal! He tried to ask the nearest villager what happened, but he only ran away in terror. Soon, all but his only friend had fled from the terror that was now Zerk. In a shaky voice, his friend told him what he knew; "When you were gone in the morning, we didn't know where you went. A few people searched, worried a Kane-Ra or something of the sort had come in the night, but no suck tracks led to the town. Satisfied, the workers returned to the mine to find a gaping hole in the floor! I eventually pieced it together, how you were jealous of the midnight team, but it seemed too late to save you. We all assumed you were dead. On the 12th morning after you disappeared, I was heading to work as usual, when the ground began to shake! I thought it must be an earthquake, but then you blasted out of the ground, glowing an eerie silver! You didn't look conscious though. I got the attention of the other villagers, and they all crowded around, when you awoke." So Zerk had gone from a lowly, unloved matoran to the most powerful Toa the island had seen! After packing up his things, Zerk left in a boat to find others like him. (and a better job)

Well, now on to the MOC!

Here he is in all his awesomeness.

The first change I made was the lower legs. Everyone decided on V1 that the old legs were not befitting of such an awesome rest of the body! (thanks guys!)

Detail shot of the new, awesome lower legs!

Here's the old legs for comparison. Better, eh?

Back of the new legs. They actually have decent flexibility!

Second, new back. The old one was lazy, and restricted leg movement. So, I used a custom back. He is now entirely custom! Booyah!

The new back. He has a hydraulic-thingy on the back of his neck.

The upper legs. No change here. I just love how the ball joint pieces look.

Foot credit goes to Legofreak, with my own touch.

His hand. I still can't believe I don't have that piece in black OR light grey.

My favorite part of Zerk, his tohunga elbow spikes, for jabbing people if he's in a stranglehold.

His awesome chest.
1) I hadn't seen Callan's self-moc before I built this, so I won't give credit for the chest gear. Sorry.
2) While I made a conscious effort to make the whole thing black and silver (It's really hard to find enough 2 axles in black in my collection.), I used blue on his chest, because Heartlights are for the win!

His head. Awesome.

His bone staff.
STORY: (adapted from V1)
Zerk was recruited by to join an elite group of Toa traveling planet to planet enforcing the law. After about five years with this occupation, Zerk was separated from his group when searching for Hatchet. He stumbled into a cave full of odd cultists who worshiped a large, flying spaghetti monster. (This religion is real. Look up pastafarian on google!) The cultists caught him by surprise, tied him up, and threw him in a room with only a crooked stick. They threw him in a room with a Kanohi dragon. They had taken away its young and eaten it with an Alfredo sauce, so by then the dragon was pretty pissed. Zerk armed himself. Only Zerk knows what happened in there, but when the cultists noticed it had gotten pretty quiet in there, they checked on him, surprised to find him alive, and the dragon slain. Zerk had mounted the Dragon's bare skull on his stall, imbued with the mighty power of the dragon. Enraged, (they wanted Zerk sacrificed to the FSM) over a hundred cultists began swarming toward Zerk. It is told by the sole survivor of the incident that Zerk bellowed, and slammed the staff on the ground, sending a shockwave of earth rippling through the ground all around him. The cultists were slammed far away, and Zerk later re-met with his group.

The dragon head. Fun fact: the mouth opens, but can stay closed as well!

Hefting his staff.

Preparing to SMAAAAAAASH!

The stick. You know the story.

Such an epic pose!!!

Preparing to throw it like a javelin.

An engine block club.
Zerk was sent to a run-down city, where informants had tracked down a smuggling operation. In order to stay unnoticed, Zerk went on foot. He walked for days, eventually reaching the town. Right as he entered though, the boss of the operation came in a huge truck trying to run him over. Zerk smashed the hood of the truck so hard the engine came out the bottom. After he caught the rest of the crooks, he kept the engine to smash more baddies with.


At ease, soldier.

Twin plasmasabres.
shortly after joining the toa, he was assigned a mission to track down a rogue toa. After an epic battle of flying rocks and scorching heat, he knocked the toa into the ocean, leaving behind only his plasmasabres. He brought them back as proof that he defeated the toa, then kept them as a keepsake, eventually training himself in the art of swordfight between missions.

Force grip!

Bye! Don't forget to rate, comment, and leave constructive feedback!
And noodles, if you haven't already made the poster for Zerk, can you make it with V2 please? Thanks!


 I like it 
  October 10, 2012
This is a great self-MOC! I love his staff! Hey, would you be so kind as to check out some of my stuff?
 I made it 
  June 26, 2012
Quoting Clever Crowe So much interlocking has filled in the gaps to the point of true closure, makes for such a well-planned look.
Thanks, V2 was mostly to fill in those gaps, and you hit the nail on the head on the look I went for with Zerk! Thanks for noticing! :)
  June 25, 2012
Mmmm. Now I just feel bad - I could've SWORN this was Commented upon by me LONG ago. /facepalm. At any rate, very impressed by the excellent greebling on the Custom back. So much interlocking has filled in the gaps to the point of true closure, makes for such a well-planned look. Like the curvature those blades have made for the lower legs, but agree that perhaps just a little thickening on the upper thighs might re-balance proportion a little. LOVE that Staff (cheers on the functional mouth, too). Nice work!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Wow, I can't believe I haven't commented on Zerk yet...Well better late then never, great job!
 I like it 
  April 16, 2012
 I made it 
  March 13, 2012
Quoting Chronos Omega Well you were one of my favorite builders even before I joined MOCpages. And what, a dark age?! You're not an AFOL, right? Anyway, even if you don't post BioniMOCs, I'll still always take a look at your creations.
Thanks, it's great to know that, I've loved what you've made ever since I found you before everyone else did :) What I meant by dark age was moving away from non-customness, my dark age was really mostly before mocpages, but you can still see some crap from my first few posts :/ And no, I'm close to 16. Although AFOLhood isn't very far away!
  March 13, 2012
Well you were one of my favorite builders even before I joined MOCpages. And what, a dark age?! You're not an AFOL, right? Anyway, even if you don't post BioniMOCs, I'll still always take a look at your creations.
 I made it 
  March 11, 2012
Quoting Chronos Omega Fantastic work on that WIP ship! But will it be a real SHIP (100+ stud long spacecraft, stands for Super Huge Investment in Parts)? Anyway, how's your progress on the Squid?
Thanks, it's entirely made out of my millennium falcon, but it's only 53 studs long. About Squid, I'm' not sure how committed I am to that project, it may just be another idea I got and never finished. The other thing is that I don't really have the lime parts right now.. I've been looking into system as I've said, and honestly I haven't really seen any progress in myself as a bio-builder since I left my dark ages, yet my growth as a system builder has grown enormously over the past year, and I want to exploit that with a bunch of cool projects. It may be a while till my next posts though.
  March 10, 2012
Fantastic work on that WIP ship! But will it be a real SHIP (100+ stud long spacecraft, stands for Super Huge Investment in Parts)? Anyway, how's your progress on the Squid?
 I like it 
  February 12, 2012
Great job man! and the kraata I found just with the rest of them. I guess i got it in one of the packs where they came individually :)
  February 10, 2012
Dude, there is an easier way of removing Mata eyes... there is a tutorial on BZP, but I don't have a link. BTW Steve, your poster is done, come check it out! :D
 I like it 
  February 1, 2012
Neat looking moc! My fave parts have to be the staff and the awesome head! Great Job.
 I like it 
  January 16, 2012
Great work! I made him.
 I like it 
  January 15, 2012
how did you make that head!
  January 8, 2012
Quoting Steve The Squid (back from vacation!) Okay, how DO you switch the eyes on the mata heads? That has me stumped.
Okay it may sound bad. But. . . Take a mata head, and a knife :( see that little gap between the head stalk and axle hole? Stick the tip of the blade in that gap. Pry up, gently. Then slide the blade side ways, (With it still between the stalk and head piece) And if you want to, you can face the dull side of the blade to the top. Easily, turn the facing up and the other side down, until you hear a click. That's not damage being done that just the sound it should make after being in one piece for 11 years. remember: You should feel tension while popping it out. Stuck while doing the last part, just twist the blade in the other detection. Do this again with another head/stalk color and just pop them in!
 I like it 
  November 27, 2011
Cool moc! Very nice head and body, and the staff is really cool!
  October 27, 2011
I made him! Here is the link:
 I made it 
  September 29, 2011
Quoting Overlord Galaxus (Instant Noodles) Hey you go! Apologies :)
Thanks so much! It looks so cool!
 I like it 
  September 18, 2011
Nice job on your self-MOC!!!
 I like it 
  September 17, 2011
Cool! I like the body and the weapons. Good job!
 I like it 
  September 16, 2011
I love this guy. He's just so tough and awesome. He has a good design, and he has awesome weapons, He's a toa, but his awesomeness means I can see past that. Awesome job.
 I like it 
  September 8, 2011
Fantastic self-MoC! The lower leg design has improved much! And these arms and hands are great, too! But I like the body and head most: Gali Mistika piece on his chest, and those claws beneath it give him an amazing and very unique look! And the use of the foot at a custom head is very good! 5/5, Excellent!
 I made it 
  August 3, 2011
Quoting Zupharo King of Rock AMAZING. And although the upper legs are quite good, its a waist of well, waists! Could I make him? It would be an honor.
Sure! that would be awesome!
  August 2, 2011
AMAZING. And although the upper legs are quite good, its a waist of well, waists! Could I make him? It would be an honor.
 I like it 
  August 1, 2011
I gotta say, this is one pretty awesome MOC with some interesting backstory. Great job! :)
Steve The Squid
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  July 14, 2011
Yayz epicness!
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
Awesome again. :D
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
This is one of the coolest bionicles I've seen! I love his staff, and the head especially is cool! Great job!
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
This is pretty good! The only problems I have with him, is the silver Kalmah armor on the waist. To me it makes him look a bit chunky, and the head to me looks a tiny bit awkward. But still, the MOC, to me gets a 4/5!
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
Very awesome! Can't wait to see more updates. :D
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
I'm not really into bionicle, but that guy is totally, amazingly, great!
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
Awesome! The lower legs are much better now and the back is great too.
 I like it 
  July 14, 2011
Yes, awesome, I'l' have to change the head a bit when I build him, dues to unavailablity of that foot piece.
By Steve The Squid
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