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The Tale of Gaia Fist! 2011 Bio Cup Entry Round
Woe to those that face me.
About this creation
Here we go!

If you just want to look over the (amazingly stunning) creation, scroll down a long ways past all the story pics, to the end and there will be some profile shots. (I understand that since these story pics are being added after I officially submitted my creation to the entry round that they will likely be dismissed when it comes to voting, I simply wanted to try some action storytelling to entertain those that check this creation out.)

Ok onto Gaia Fist!
During the early years of when the Bioniclin had left Mata Nui behind and the planet they came to call Ono Nui, and began exploring the galaxy. Matoran's built for themselves Golems that were a mixture of technology and magic. Since Toa's were few and in the beginning only 6 compared to thousands of Matorans, these Golem's helped families pioneering worlds and moons fend of vicious Rahi, help with labour, and when the time came. Defend them against early attack from Rakshi and the occasional Borhok swarm ship before they formed into massive hives.
By the time the Tech had become known and an become a strong enemy, Golems had become nearly forgotten, destroyed from age or ect. As Toa training academies were a common thing on many heavily populated worlds.

Gaia Fist is a jet turbine powered fist punching brawler. Durable and fearless, this old style of golem where one of the toughest and strongest. This particular golem had become the families shrine in an old estate on a small moon in the far reaches of the galaxy. Covered in calcified dust it slept, until one day...

On the fertile moon Otagra Zeta, orbiting the gas giant Otagra, in the boarder systems of Bioniclin territory lived the household of Oin. Gasren is the elder son of the current generation. A highly skilled and experienced mechanic he maintains the farm equipment as well as makes repairs on Rahi harnesses and anything else that needs a skilled set of hands.
One fateful day he happened to be looking up at the clear sky and witness a horrifying sight. A Tech Invasion Flagship decelerated from FTL (Faster Then Light) in high orbit. Most likely they were setting up a safe arrival area for more ships for a large invasion. Their arrival didn't set off any alarms he guessed because of a possible jamming field being sent out ahead of them.
The rest of the household was out across the plains on a yearly hunt to gather livestock and work Rahi and an proto storm was lashing across the land, no possible way to send a message for help.

Scarred out of his CPU he ran to the families guardian symbol praying for help or that his family saw the ship arrive.

Remembering tales of old her reached up and brought down the old totem.

"I.. I hope you can save us.. I don't know how though."

Gasren ran through the halls and stropped in front of the families shrine. Incrusted with dust, rarely touched and never moved for over hundreds of years. The shrine was named Gaia Fist, to their knowledge an idol to bless the land with fertile soil. It showed 3 fists that they believed represented the 3 virtues, Unity, Duty and Destiny.

"Oh great Gaia Fist, please... help protect this land!" He could hear a drop ship descending to the farm.
Gasren was no fighter so he continued to plead. "I've heard stories of miracles! Please make one today!"

The fist associated with Unity shot forth suddenly breaking off dust and making a quick loud grinding noise as it did so.
"Wah!? Ok.. Wait maybe this fit's-"

"Like so."

He didn't know how he thought of placing the totem onto the shrine but it connected properly and the fist opened up as if to receive something. Baffled he ran out of ideas and apparently time.

A Tech had entered the large hallway; Gasren uploaded a basic sword he keep stored in his CPU for emergencies. "I.. I don't know if I can but I will protect this household with all my might! I won't back down even if I die!"

As if on command in his hand appeared from what seemed like a collection of Protodermis in the air a sphere emitting a powerful sense of energy.

Without a word Gasren spun around and tossed the sphere into the shrines grasp without much thought and it clamped down.

With more and louder grinding dust and grime fell away as the shrine folded out and lurched forward.

Standing up a low roar shook the floorboards.

It's arms and shoulder connecting into place the Golem Gaia Fist didn't even have to reboot as it saw the threat in a split second and reacted.

Pushing its master out of the way it took hold of the Tech in mid air just as it leapt for Gasren.

Taking hold it brought its right fist down with a burst from its turbine arms and smashed the small Tech with one blow.

More Tech had entered the house and had sensed the commotion, as they entered the hallway they opened fire. Gaia Fist easily deflecting the attack charged forward.

Lifting up the light artillery cannon it smashed the tech with another simple punch to the 'face' as the other rushed in.

Tossing the dead tech aside like a doll pinned the vicious Tech to the wall.

As it pushed it's comrade off of itself, it got ready for another attack but Gaia Fist was ready with a drawn back fist.

Getting only one round off from the arm canon the mighty golem smashed the Tech's gun sending it reeling.

Knowing it could still strike back Gaia Fist brought it's right arm in and pinded the Tech tot he wall obliterating it.

A stronger melee specific Tech ran in charging with an axe and shield. Ignoring the fallen bodies littering the floor.

It went in for a powerful swipe but Gaia Fist deflected with its left arm and came around with a good right hook to the arm busting it off.

The Tech succeeded in pushing Gaia Fists, arm back but only received a pile driver that bashed it's armour off, for its efforts.

Blasting through a side wall a Tech Elite came in gun fire first. It's weapon hitting Gaia Fist hard so the golem stepped forward with such agility that was surprising for its bulk and age.

Gaia Fist took hold of the gun ripping it from one of the Tech Elite's hand causing it to do a double take.

Tearing it away Gaia fist casually tore it in two as the Tech Elite generated a simple blade and charged an arm shield.

Gaia fist came in with a strong left but was blocked by the arm shield as the Tech Elite jabbed with it's knife in a way it poorly under estimated the durability of this foe.

Charging it's right fist with Protodermis, Gaia Fist activated its turbine arm's afterburner sending it so fast through he air it heated up with friction and it's fist glowed hot.

The punch sent a sonic boom through the hallway shattering paintings and some wood work. The strike passed through the Tech Elite's personal shield and crushed it's head.

Made to withstand a lot of punishment the Tech Elite counter attacked with a high kick sending a surprised Gaia Fist falling backwards.

With Gaia Fist on the ground the Tech Elite leapt up brandishing the dagger aiming for the central power source.

((Sorry this image got corrupted or something and I wasn't really able to retake the picture (due to what happens in like oh 3 pictures, just imagine Gaia Fist upper cutting with a wrecking ball now apart of his right arm, sending the tech Elite into the air. Ps: The picture was pretty epic ;-;))

With the Fist of Gaia brandished the Tech Elite takes a moment to re-evaluate it's enemy.
((Sorry about the picture quality, I thought it had turned out better for this one.))

That's all that Gaia Fist needed when it leapt up into the air and raised its massive arm into the air taking out part of the ceiling and coming back down like a meteor.

There didn't seem to be any resistance as Gaia Fist crashed down shattering it's enemy under it's unstoppable strength.

With the nearby enemies gone Gasren walked up shakily as he had been watching the entire time. All he could do was BEHOLD THE POWER in front of him with awe.
Gaia Fist turned and walked out of the house after looking at him for a few seconds.

Gaia Fist took to the sky with its turbine arms leaving Gasren calling on ground below.
Gasren could only watch with amazement as he saw explosions happening all over the ship after Gaia Fist disappeared into the sky.
He nearly took shelter as the horizon blocking ship crashed in the rocky mountainous terrain to the west in a pile of scrap and continues exploding bits.

Gaia Fist landed back down in front of him barely still functioning the beaten it had received.

The drained power core fell from its chest just as Dasren ran to the battered Golem.

Gaia Fist fell down powered down motionless and Gasren knelt beside his imposing immobile body. "Thank you, thank you so much. I'll fix you up just as new."

Soon after the family arrived after braving the Proto storms and was astonished with what they found. Tales of this heroic battle began to drift amongst the settlers in the region.

Here's some straight forward pictures of the creation showing it off.

Flooding it's fist with protodermis and punching so fast with an overcharge from the jet turbine, ignites it's fist from the air friction. It's usefull for knocking out sheilds, causing over all massive damage..

and making toast.

And here's is it's most powerful attack. Fist of Gaia, hence the Golem's name. Essentially an over sized wrecking ball to destroy its enemies. (At the time of when it was built someone asked it's crafts worker. "Why a wrecking ball and not say a drill?" "Bah anyone can get through another's defences with a drill! It takes a true warrior to smash them to pieces with even greater force by using their fists!!")

(Here's a link to the contest )


 I like it 
  August 23, 2011
Epic awesome!
 I like it 
  August 23, 2011
Epic awesome!
Porcratus Finch
 I like it 
Kai Heffernan
  July 20, 2011
He certainly fits the theme. The colours were pretty distracting but in some pictures I was able to see details and a great build. I like the idea of a golem as an entry (I think it was a golem), anyways, 7/10.
 I like it 
  July 20, 2011
The fist is BEAST! Good luck to you!
 I like it 
  July 20, 2011
The Power is all there, but for the reat I agree with Harvey. 6/10.
 I made it 
  July 20, 2011
Alrighty thanks alot judges =D Comments about the coloring confuse me slightly as it's an earthly golem so I used various greens and browns O-o Also heh yeah I don't think the story line helped me out much, but like always I simply try and experiment by trying new things to build or express the story which is why I do this in the first place. I'll continue to experiment with this sort of story telling on my own time though, away from the contest, as I feel it could turn out to be quite effective. I look forward to trully testing my abilities and techniques =D
  July 20, 2011
If I were to just view the moc itself I think I would have given you a one score higher but unfortunately the presentation(poor background, too much pictures, unclear storyline) distracted me so much. Better next time learn to make it more simple(simple plain and clean background showing a full body pose of the moc in different angles). 6/10
 I like it 
  July 20, 2011
Should have less colors(try to avoid red axels in most of your builds if it doesn't fit the color scheme,and also the blue pins too,but those are a bit more difficult to avoid),but still,very well built and I can certainly feel his power!Very good entry!Your score:7/10
Porcratus Finch
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  July 19, 2011
Epic Supper Buff!
 I made it 
  July 19, 2011
Quoting Johann Dakitsch Nice. A bit colorful, but well built and fits the theme. 7/10
Thanks, I don't have much experince with blending colors together over all, but I had fun trying to get green and brown peices to work well visually.
 I like it 
  July 19, 2011
Nice. A bit colorful, but well built and fits the theme. 7/10
 I made it 
  July 19, 2011
Quoting Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
Yeah I don't normally try and attempt a creation that is a true brawler, it usually ends up looking gangly. This time how ever I feel it came out just right. The 'hip' joints I couldn't settle on though.
Quoting StoveTop Creator
Thanks alot =D No I'm not actually. I looked him up and his novels do seem interesting, I may try looking for one of them and check out his style.
Quoting MR. LEGO
Yeah his arms are an idea I've had in my head for a long time now and just never tried before now, I'm very with the result. Also I like the modifications to the design of the classic Slave-One with your militarized version.
 I like it 
  July 19, 2011
SUBERB! I love the golem and pugilist themes. Are you by any chance a fan of David Liss's books? Very Best of Luck!!! :)
 I like it 
  July 19, 2011
WOW! I love his arms! Check this out if you have some time...
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