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Valkyrie BattleCruiser
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The Valkyrie Battlecruiser is the latest addition to my fleet, priding itself in it's ability to launch numerous strike craft and being almost entirely self sustaining.
About this creation
--possibility that the text will not match the images--

A brief description of the model:
After my latest project...Raptor destroyer...phoenix missile cruiser etc I decided to make something big...

..Granted I have seen a lot bigger moc's here and of better quality but I think you will enjoy this one.

The model is 114~ studs in length (91 cm~ or 3 ft) and from my best guess around 11 kg in weight.

The model has 3 floors, unlike my previous battlecruiser I made this with the ability to take each floor off easily so I have pictures of every little thing.

The model is more a 'playable' model than a decorative one, built in a lego mini figure scale.


18 x Dual barreled pin point anti-fighter batteries, also able to generate short range flak fields that can cover the entire ship.

2 x Dual barreled repeaters, additional anti-fighter cover, these can not be used as flak.

3 x Dual barreled heavy mass drivers (spinal guns) These also have the ability to fire high energy bolts or long range flak. Twin rocket pods are attached to these guns.

2 x Dual barreled heavy laser cannons (Adjacent to the mass drivers) These have additional rapid fire lasers attached to engage lighter targets.

4 x Inter ship missile launchers (Side mounted)

2 x Twin broadside beam cannons

2 x Frontal missile launchers

10 x Forward facing heavy lasers

Crew Capacity:

Unlike my old battle cruiser, which had basically every mini figure I could pack in, I decided to be a little more realistic on this model and only have a few crew members.

-20 (including pilots)

Escape pod capacity:

-21 (including mining vessels - Not including strike craft)

2 x 3 seater escape pods

2 x 2 seater escape pods

2 x 2 seater mining ships (doubled as escape pods)

5 x 1 seater dorsal escape pods

2 x 1 seater bridge escape pods

Now for you to view the model in all it's glory...


A nice view of the side of the ship, Includes some of the mounted weaponry and a view of the height of the model (6.5 minifig's high)

A view of the ships under side, 2 of the escape pods are visible and part of the bridge; as well as the sensor equipment.

Top view of the Valkyrie, You can see the spinal mounted guns and the dorsal escape pods quite well on this one.

Front view, the black cover is the 'roof' of the bridge view port, towards either side are the escape pods mentioned above.

This view looks at the pin point/flak batteries, as well as the shape of the top floor.

Another view of the side...Starting to think I uploaded a few too many images of it

Arr :D to make a change, the view from the rear of the ship, includes the engines, with every single on offset...I remember a comment on my previous battlecruiser (Andromeda) saying the engines looked boxy, and more like a building than a ship...I think this is an improvement.

View of the bridge view port and the frontal missile launchers...and yes these ones are the spring loaded ones that you can actually fire...muhahaha

View of the bridge view port from a different perpective, viewing the escape pods below as well.

Nice close up of the sensor equipment and...MULTICOLOURED bricks :D

These are side mounted drop pods, they contain mini fold up speeders, which you will see near the end of this page and equipment/people and are used for dropping supplies/people off on planetary bodies.

View with the doors of them open. The pods double just as well as equipment stores for when the ship lands as they are easy to access.

The little green tips are the broadside beam cannons, fixed weaponry aimed at removed the sheilds off large vessels. The small dome is a tracking beacon that can be ejected in cases of emergencies.

Image is incredibly dark but the ship's shadow caused this, this is one of the main cargo holds, the other side contains the ships water supply and the filtration systems for it.

View of the cargo bay door open...still very dark...sorry =/

Another dark image that you can not make out, but this is the main entrance ramp, these is one on either side of the ship and is the main entrance once the ship has landed.

Slightly blured image of the bottom and mid floor engines.

Ooo hiding inbetween the of the 3 seater escape pods.

And here is the final 3 seater escape pod almost exactly above on the top floor.

Another view of the engines, the yellow 'wings' are supposed to be air brakes, but I seriously doubt if this was coming in 'hot' those things would not slow things down.

Ahh, the outer shell, this is one of the hanger bay doors.

Additional outer shell armour, this armour also covers the middle floor, which is already heavily armoured making the middle floor a safe place to be.

Still looking at the sides, this bit I found a little tricky and I think I may change it some point in the future.

And another view of the side...this section covers the bridge

The side pods as mentioned earlier but with the top floors removed...

...And the doors opened...

...the pods ejected (who put that big toe in the way) ...

...and the fold out speeder

This is an ejectable power generator/shield dome for ground based operations.

And back to the entire ship...and my foot...and ignore the ship in the corner, I started removing odd parts from it for this one.

The same shot as before but with the absence of my foot yey


Now time to look at the inside...starting on the top floor, the Hanger deck

An overview of the top floor, yes it is multicoloured, if someone commented saying its a bit colour disorientated or looks like a bag of smarties I won't be best impressed ^_^

Refuelling operations of one of the strike craft the Valkyrie holds.

Astromech droid maintence on the multi-role bomber (has been altered since these photos were taken)

One of the deck hands pushing the the tools trolley around

One of the pilots getting ready to board his fighter...( mini fig is me :D )

This image may look a little confusing, it is a bomber drone with the bomb loading hatch open.

View of the hanger stores and the frontal launch bay.

Another view of the stores/launch bay

One of the strike craft being moved to the launch tube, the launch deck is mostly in a state of vacuum all the time during routine flights, all deck hands must make sure they resupply their life support systems frequently.

Strike clipping in place...

...Internal hanger bay door about to open...


External view of the front hanger bay/stores...

...Sliding door :D ...


...Strike craft coming into land...

...comes to a stop...

...Disappeared and the doors start to close, whilst that is happening some more information of this section of the ship.

To the left and to the right are the two mining ships that double as escape pods, these can not launch at the same time; and the sliding door once opened blocks the entrance to them. Avoiding collisions with landing strike craft.

My random idea was to make the fleet more self sustaining, so these mining ships scan asteroids/planetoids for minable minerals...water...metals...fuel...carbon etc to replenish the ship supplies and to do repairs etc.

Of course this ship does not have a refinery on board...can you remember the ship I told you to ignore earlier...well that one has had modifications (well, completely redone) and is now the refinery and sends the processes minerals in solid form to the valkyrie for storage.

Now for me to stop rambling, the frontal hanger bay door has an additional door which acts as an armour plate for the frontal hanger.

The strike craft that docked before is now in the frontal hanger, it is getting ready to be taken back to its store in the next section.

There we are, the strike moving to its resting place...and those smooth plates came in very handy here.

My character getting getting in and the canopy being put in place

Canopy on, ready to launch

View of my strike ready to launch in the frontal hanger bay.

Overview of the strikes and how they are stored and maintained.

Overview of the frontal hanger with all the supplies and fuel/oxygen tanks.

This is one of the access corridors to the mining ships, you can just see the track of the sliding door that blocks the access once the hanger door is open.

Launching mining ships...I think now you under stand why only one can launch at once.

This is the gantry of the top floor and the main access to the hanger bay. You can see the middle floor, the ladder down and the emergency escape pod access which folds down.

Close up on the access door.

The emergency escape pod access ramp folds down to allow personal across, though in times of non emergency the ramp is folded out of the way.

Here is the ramp folded down, the ramp can also be folded to the middle floor.

This is the view from the railings and the view of the escape pod area and the main communal area below.

An overview of the main floor, there are a lot of reinforcing pieces here for stability reasons.

View of part of the bridge and the main corridor

Moving the camera accross to view the two crew quarters and their own bathrooms

Moving further along to view the kitchen area and the medical center...and yes...I am evil these minifigures have to cook!! They do not have a canteen here.

More focused image on the medical center

View of the two ranked officer quarters, mid floor stores (will be converted to shuttle access) the central communal area and engineering.

A view of engineering...well part of it...looks a little cramped in there.

Bridge...Targeting computers and navigation

Blinking lights...computers...must be the bridge still.

Over head systems, monitoring guns status' primary and secondary energy levels.

The commanders chair...the yellow door is the blast door leading the the bridge view port, this closes in combat.

Some more views of the commander and the yellow door...

...the yellow door

The bridge view port, the perfect romantic view of hyperspace...too bad all the females on the ship are already married...

External view of the view port...yellow door open...

...Yellow door closed

More bridge controls, auxilary systems, hanger launch and landing controls

This was supposed to be a sequence of shots showing the escape pods of the bridge, unfortunately one refused to upload =/ ...

...leaving this image a bit pointless, but this door leads to the escape pod (there is one on either side.

The main corridor, and the stairwell leading to the bottom floor.

Stairwell, the stairs are retractable in cases of hull breaches on the bottom floor.

'Do not go into the dark!!'


'Err, thought it would scare you...But go a head'

'Noooo!!! i'm locked in the dark'


Access to one of the crew quarters

Continuing down the main corridor... your right, the kitchen...yes kitchen...

...err I don't know why this one is here...

...Wow the board game disappeared :O

The medical center...

Deck hand Warner: "DOCTOR!!"

Dr Brady: "What?...Oh My God!! Is that your arm?"

Deck hand Warner: "No, it's a banana!! Of course its my ^&?*% arm"

Dr Brady: "lay down on this stretcher, I can fix this"

Dr Brady: "I'm so glad we're made out of lego..."

Deck hand Warner: "your point?"

Dr Brady: "Amputations are never permanent"

Deck hand Warner: "WTF?..."


Deck hand Warner: "OOUCH!!!"

Deck hand Warner: "Is it done?"

Dr Brady: "Yes, and indeed that was a sweet click, i'm prescribing you some pain killers and muscle remember not to operate heavy machinery..."

Dr Brady: "Or my beds...if you damage that I will remove both your arms as payment"

Deck hand Warner: "Heheh, I may go lay down...seeya doc"

Continuing our tour down the main corridor...

This door leads to one of the commanding officer's room, these are small but atleast they do not have to share the room with anyone.

View with the door open...

...And the immensly appealing bed...

This is the end of the main corridor as it opens to the gantry and the communal area.

Odd seats, usually after a long day flight the pilots rest here to discuss their day.

Entrance to engineering...and ohh dear, lots of cables, pipes and miscellaneous objects dangling...

View from the top of engineering...I'm guessing your probably getting board by now with the number of images here...don't worry...3/4 of the way there.

Astromech droid on maintanence

Engine ignitior, one of the reactors in the background.

Twin reactor cores...Ejectable cores

Shield mainframe, power capaciters, relays and projectors.

One of the control terminals...if you can get to it

Some form of device, I haven't quite figured out what it should be yet...

Secondary reactor casing...

...With the casing removed

To the unknown object, this is what it looks like on the inside, the contents are supposed to spin, so here are the options it could be:

-Cloaking generator
-inter dimensional jumper
-Artificial gravity stabiliser

Just to make you feel involved I will let anyone viewing decide what it is...if you got this far down before thinking 'too many pictures...bye bye'

Core ejection sequence...

...Cores eject...

...never to be seen again

The hyperdrive is not located in engineering, but is a dual cored component protected by heavy armour, radiation shielding and emp protection. The core rarely needs maintanence, which is good...because it is near impossible to get to.

Crew quarters...Each one has 6 a total of 12 beds which is more than half the crew, in any realistic military vessel the crew are put on shifts so the entire crew do NOT sleep at the same time

Those bunks really do not look comfy

Small stores...the red thing is the dirty clothes basket...that self empties to the floor below for washing...yes, I have thought of everything

The bathrooms are a little crude, but a toilet, sink and shower...

...With the shower being remarkably more realistic then in the previous attemped
Now to the bottom floor...

The overview of the bottom floor, this is the smallest of all the floors.

As mentioned all the way near the top with the dark images, this is the access ramp, which is the main point of entry on to the ship...and you can see it this time.

Airlock from the access ramp.

The bottom floor mainly revolves around cargo, stores and generaly hygene. This view is of the main cargo section, this holds cargo moved from the cargo hold on the side ready for processing, e.g. dehydrated food packages.

This is the back up generator for the entire ship, not to be mistaken for a reactor, this runs much like modern day generators, very noisy and a pain to be near but maintains life support and medical power in emergencies.

Opposite to the generator is the water pump and filtration system, filtering unwanted know what I mean and sending it to a collection tank for reprocessing on the refinery ship.

Water tank

Side cargo hold...small doorway leading out of it.

Main passage way on the bottom floor.

Has 4 side rooms running from it, 1 of which is a septic tank, 2 are mineral stores and the final is the laundry room...which is yet to be furnished...

...Looking down on each of the 4 rooms...

...These two are the mineral stores...

...This is the septic tank...

...Unfurnished laundry room =/

The staircase from the floor above is located here.

Access doors to the frontal escape pods...

...Doors opened...

...Pods ejected

You have been very patient if you have got this far and have been reading everything I have put down. The final section is additional ships and components, some close ups on the stikes etc.

Strike in launch/landing config

Strike in combat config

Mining ship in flight...rather ugly model I know

Two frontal escape pods

Deployed folding speeder

Ejectable generator/shield projector

Tanker drone, collects minerals from the miners to be sent to the refineray ship, has a much greater capacity.

Multi-role bomber in launch/land configuration.

2nd strike fighter in launch/landing config

Bomber drone

Multi-role in combat config

2nd strike fighter in combat config

Strike in slide config


Any way, I hope you like the model, if you want additional details of it, ask me


 I made it 
  August 2, 2011
Quoting Maximilian Bennett Amazing but btw if you want the color coordinated bricks go to lego pick a brick ( Super cheap) and Cincinnati bricks (also cheap)im using it to build my own ship
Thank you for the comment :D but due to money shortages i have the Valkyrie will remain multi coloured for the foreseeable future, good luck with your ship ;D looking forward to seeing it.
Daniel Hornsby
 I like it 
Maximilian Bennett
  July 30, 2011
Amazing but btw if you want the color coordinated bricks go to lego pick a brick ( Super cheap) and Cincinnati bricks (also cheap)im using it to build my own ship
By Daniel Hornsby
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Added July 26, 2011
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