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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.23
Finally, i'm back and welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second half of the third season "The U.M.R.C. project"!
About this creation
The menace of Microsterions seemed over after Dr. Koch developed a cure for the Alpha Centauri virus. But now the planet Darius III is infected by a new generation of Microsterions. Aside, the krill war is continuing and MAOX forces fight hard to stand against the reptile swarm race.

Somewhere in the GGW-zone…

Speaker: “RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Enemy contact.”
Cmdr. Spiker: “Camelot, ther’re you! Your team is needed!”

Lt. H.J. Camelot: “What happened? We haven’t reached our destination yet.”
Cmdr. Spiker: “Crocs…I mean krill. An assault dreadnaught ship suddently appeared on portside. The flatships are started to face the raptors.”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Ladies, the Krill succeeded to ignore our shields. That means we have dozens of airborne troopers out there trying to break the hull and invade the ship. Johnson, Camelot, Cracker. We’re trained especially for combat in space, we’re the MAOX space force soldiers…”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “For the honour of Zodor!! Let’s go and grill some krill!!!”

Earth, Iowa, U.M.R.Center

Chase: “Probe 169: identified objects 732, 733 and 734. We injected programmed nanobots to defeat the Microsterion intruders in the blood circulation. The Microsterions are still heightening and destroying blood cells. The resistence of the Darius-III virus tribe is stronger than expected.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Progress?”
Chase: “I fear this time, we’ll loose against the Mysterions.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “There must be a possibility to stop them or at least their effect while infection. The quarantine of the Darius system is closed but one of the most worthful reservates in E.A. space. is lost. If the virus mutates more, it could spread over colonized worlds and we can’t stop it. Time is running…”

Chase: “The ordinary nanobots are not strong enough, they’re also too slow and can’t react on new strategies. What we need are intelligent nano-battleships. We have nothing equal to Mysterion technology. It’s like fighting a high-tech army with stones and spears.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Maybe we try something different. Biotechnology could help. If we combine the nanobots with Archeogenis stem cell technology, the bots would be much more flexible, probably also able to upgrade their own systems. A mutated virus can only be beaten with a stronger anti-virus.”
Chase: “The question is: What if the Microsterions are still stronger and develop immunity or even adept the AG-tech?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “We’ll see but we have to take that risk. Call Gamah-4. I’m sure dr. lentz will sent us help.”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Johnson, Cracker, stay by me. Camelot, save backside. That won’t be easy.”
Lt. Johnson: “Man! That ship is giant. How many Krill would be in?”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “More than enough for all of use. Load your plasma rifles. They’re coming!!! We won’t let one of them in…”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Left! RIGHT! Johnson. Airborne troopers!! Damn, they use personal shields.”
Johnson: “I see blademaster crocs coming. Shoot them down before they can reach us…”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “In the name of Zordor, eat this, you ugly abormination of a krill!!!”

Earth, Iowa, U.M.R.Center

Olivia Johnson: “Oh Antonio!! You’re a sweety. Thanks for the flowers.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “HEY, Olivia! I have to talk with you.”
Olivia Johnson: “The work, you know. Let us meet tonight, honey. Morty. We…I have time. And yes I know, civilists are not allowed to be here but Antonio…”

Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “Doesn’t interest me. Olivia, I think I’ve found out something. After months of collected encounter reports we were able to complete the reconstruction of the course of the Mysterion fleet while the last 2 years. It seems that in some space sectors encounters were reported more often than in other ones, in some parts of the travel route, the Mysterions were never been seen. I believe it has to do with their way of travel. Ther’re objects using wormholes, singularities, others are travelling on lightspeed. But to one point, so I believe, their movement was regulary. If the fleet had a technology to move a bigger amount of ships at once, the chance of being discovered would be minimized. That’s logical for an invasion plan. The reports supported this theory first. But suddently, AFTER the attack of station 77 the fleet changed their regular way of movement. I can’t explain what, but something important happened in the fleet near Matter Fog X-259HJ. I propose to sent the Mewton in that sector searching for Mysterion traces.”

Olivia Johnson: “Good. I’ll open a subspace channel.”
Antonio DeRomantico: “Believe me, she’s not only so enthusiastic at work. Ehm, while my sweet honey is busy, could you put the flowers away? I have to cook for our dinner tonight. Thanks. Good bye.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “Grr…”

Lt. Johnson: “AHHRRR!!!”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “JOHNSON!!!”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “LEAVE HIM, CROC!”

Lt. Camelot: “They have Cracker!”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Come to me, Johnson. I won’t let you die.”

Lt. Johnson: “I…I won’t do it. My suit is damaged..argh.”
Lt. Camelot: “Why it doesn’t die? Oh by Zordor, what is happening with it?”

Suddently, the creature transforms into something different…
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “What by Zodor's fate is this? KEEP FIRING! Argh…”

One moment later, the ship get hit by a plasma beam.
Lt. Camelot: “ARGH!!!!”
-Record broken-

Earth, Iowa, UMR-Center

Chase: “The experimental series rested for 20 hours now. Curious. Its mass seems bigger.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Take a probe. We have to see it clearly.”

Dr, Martin Koch: “This was our last idea. It has to work or all M-Tron worlds near Darius are doomed.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Let’s see…”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Oh my god. No traces of nanobots or bio-cells. The Darius-virus has defeated all of them. It seems, it has also adepted their technology and develop itself.”
Chase: “A new Microsterion generation? That Mysterions can transform into new objects was only reported once. Object 600 on station 77. It’s propable that the same technology is used by the Microsterions as well.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Then we created a deadlier virus. Our research makes them stronger, it’s like fighting a hydra.”

Chase: Maybe our approach to handle the problem like a virus is wrong. A virus can infect cells but never destroy nanobots. I mean, Microsterions are still some kind of Mysterion objects. Like their big brothers they need energy for their actions or become inactivated and useless.”
Dr. Koch: “A virus has no own metabolism. Even Microsterions are far too small to create an own energy source but you’re right. They aren’t passive, they drive through the blood circulation as well as they intrude technological devices. Also Mysterions can be infected by them. So, the Microsterions have to absorb energy. In blood they can use the metabolism of living cells but while developing their need of energy will increase. They can’t take more than an infected area has. Maybe we supported this mutation. The AG-stemm cells delivered much more energy temporarily than the Microsterions could absorb, so they used the additional resources to develop themselves.”

Chase: “That’s horrorble. It means as more we do to defend them, as bigger and stronger they’ll get. And if we do nothing, the new objects will destroy the infected metabolism much faster to fill their need of energy.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “What happens if you don’t feed your dog?”
Chase: “He gets, angry, hungry and at last he dies…but…but that doesn’t work with a virus-like threat. Microsterions live from the metabolism the affected area owns. The victim would die before all Microsterions are deactivated…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Yes but you said, we would handle the problem from the wrong side. What would happen if we feed the dog, 10 kilo meat every day?”
Chase: “He gets fat?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Fat, lazy, unmovable, at last weaker and suddently his metabolism collapse under its own pressure. If we pump the Darius-virus with AG-stem cells until it’s overfeeded, the Microsterion objects would grow and mutate in a way until their need of energy is to big to be filled in an ordinary metabolism. The nanobots will be gone and then the energy resource is empty. The Microsterions will deactivate many functions immediately to compensate the problem and wait for new resources to absorp. But then they’re weakened and we can attack them with the normal nanobots easily. A fat dog is no menace for a swarm of fast killer ants…”

-record files missing-
-continued timecode found-
Lt. Johnson: “Zrrr….Ca…Camelot? Camelot, is that you? I’m loosing oxygen. I’m dead within a few minutes…”
Lt. Camelot: “No. We’ll bring you out.”
Lt. Johnson: “How? The ship is destroyed. No trace of the rest of the fleet. Cracker?”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “He’s dead. And you’re right. We’re alone.”

Lt. Camelot: “But MAOX are searching for us. They’ll…”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “This is WARZONE! Nobody will search for survivors. Not even Archeogenis.”
Lt. Camelot: “We’re their main experiment. I mean, Mr. Fassio knows that we can survive where ordinary men would die immediately.”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Because of a few intelligent AG-cells in our metabolism? Ther’re enough volunteers for a new series. Instead of asking for never coming help I would like to know what that thing with the krill was…That wasn’t normal. It mutated immediately after it slaughtered Cracker.”
Lt. Johnson: “Who cares… Nobody will find out. As you said, we’ll die alone…”

Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “Not quite. WE’RE NOT ALONE…”

Faceless creatures are leaving the cocoon and without speaking, the MAOX soldiers begin to hear strange sound in their head…
Sluur: “HumAn ThrEE. ”

Sluur: “eXemplar TwoO inJurED. CallInG itSelf JohNSOn. ProbE is InFEcted. ”
Lt. Johnson: “What are you talking? Who are you? I…leave me!”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “hey, bluberthing, leave him alone. That’s my man.”

Sluur: “iRrElevant. ObJeCt InFECted. Cells MuTAtinG. EXTIncTION!!!”
Cmdr. Van Heinrich: “NOO! NOOOO!!! I’ll kille you if you touch him…”

But suddently…

Sluur: “MYstERIoN…”

Earth, Iowa, UMR Center

Franc LaGros: “The technical department of nanotechnology was successful in filling AG-stem cells in nanobots. They’re programmed to act like bombers and to infect the Microsterion cells with AG-technology. But ther’re no simulations who can say what would happen in reality.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Let’s try. In worst case i create the most resistable virus of the galaxy. Then the head computer is ordered to close and clean the laboratory immediately. Microsterian infected probe is filled in the device. Chase, inject the AG-nanobots.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “DEAD MINI-MYSTERIONS. The Darius virus fully adepted the intruders and grew. Until that point where it wasn’t able to feed itself with energy. If this would happen to an infected body, the victim is dead, too. But it’s a success. We know, that our idea works and will be able to create an anti-serum with the nanobots and AG-stem cells.”

Mark Devine: “We’ll sent enough of it to clean Darius III but the mother serum has to be kept safe. In this little tube we may have a base for a mass-destruction weapon. If it goes into wrong hands, it could be programmed to attack a specific kind of cells. Kill a virus with a virus but what should kill the virus? Dr. Koch, my honour for your work but what we’re doing here is playing god.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “I know what you mean. The worst and most resistable illnesses were created by scientists who tried to help. I will guard the serum with my life. Put it into my personal security box.”
Mark Devine: “I trust you, doctor. You’re the guardian of pandora’s box now. Let’s hope, there won’t ever be a new creation of Mysterion evolution forcing us to open it. When creators are fighting each other, the creation itself will loose…”

Central bureau of Archeogenis, Gamah-4

Cpt. Hermes: “I’m sad to interrupt you, Mr. Yuri but I thought it’s important to show the records immediately. Aside the spacesuit of Lt. Camelot we didn’t find anything from the group in the debris. I’m not sure how to handle the…”
Mr. Yuri: “DELETE IT! The record shows nothing of interest for the war so MAOX wouldn’t have any advantages…”

Cpt. Hermes: “Well. We should tell the UMRC about one fact we can prove now.”
Mr. Yuri: “What you mean? A Mysterion in the warzone. What’s so special about?”
Cpt. Hermes: “Play the record to timecode 10201, the last part that was recorded. The theory of kidnap victims isn’t new but we know that they do it. We’ve never seen something like this…”

Cpt. Hermes: “Unfortunately, we have to assume that at least 2 probantes of our PROMETHEUS-project are still alive and taken by Mysterions…”

Mr. Yuri: “OK….Le….Let me think…You said, parts of the records are lost. Can you, can you delete the parts with the Krill and Sluur, just publish the rest and sent a copy of it to MAOX security and the E.D.D. . Tell them, we encountered Mysterion object 736 and that we assume, that the Mysterion fleet has human prisoners. Oh, and I want a safe channel to SPECIAL TASK FORCE ZERO. We have to find our men before the PROMETHEUS-project can be revealed.


 I like it 
  September 6, 2011
Very good effects! Wish I was able to do that for my series. P.S. I started up my Caching up with the storm series again. I'm up to pt 13 now.
  September 2, 2011
Yuo know I'm always amazed at how little comments you get on your outstanding work? You should try and be more active around... join some contests, chat in the groups and comment around.
 I like it 
  September 1, 2011
This is the absolute best digital work I have EVER seen in a MOC. To me, it proves that when done correctly, digital editing can really add to the mood. Great work.
 I like it 
  September 1, 2011
Looks like someone is up to no good in the neighborhood.
 I made it 
  August 28, 2011
All ok with you? or are you infected with Microsterions?
 I like it 
  August 27, 2011
 I like it 
  August 27, 2011
Haha, I bet Yuri likes that moustache.
 I like it 
  August 27, 2011
gelungene Umsetzung!!
  August 26, 2011
I have 3 problems with this 1- some pictures are still displayed as broken, so I can't see it all yet, maybe in a few days 2- my AG alter ego's name is Fig Yuri (Fig is for Figment, and it's his 1st name, so he's Mr Yuri, while I'd be Mr Fassio lol) 3- the MOST important problem I have with this... I still have some catching up to do! And I don't want to read this before I'm done with the other episodes. I assure you I'll come back to see all this juicy stuff in detail, meanwhile you can delete this comment if you wish. Later!
By Christian Schlichting
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