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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.24
Previousily on The U.M.R.C.project: Captain Josh Carnway got lost on the planet of Death months ago. But what did really happen when the Mysterion canopy opens in front of Carnway and his opponent?
About this creation
2972, Earth, New Vancover

Josephine: “Josh, how many times do i have to repeat, that you shouldn’t leave your toys everywhere?”
Josh Carnway: “Yes, mommy. But i miss my Lego U.N.E. star destroyer. It must lay here somewhere.”
Josephine: “It’s late. You can search it tomorrow. Did you finish your homework? Do it and then go to bed. School is important my son.”
Josh Carnway: “But mum, school is boring. I won’t need it anyway.”

Josephine: “Ah, sweety. And why you won’t need it? Will you get a great job as banker or lawyer or as president without a good graduation?”
Josh Carnway: “I don’t want to be president! I will be space captain and rescue the universe!! YEAH like Captain Kirk!”
Josephine laughs: “AH. Sure, hihi. You’ll be. You’re a dreamer, Josh. But world is too hard for dreamers. One day you’ll be something respectable. I’m sure, but now, go to bed, captain. Hihihi…”

3001, Somewhere in the galaxy

He awakes. Contures appear. A wall. Something that seems to be made of stone or metal or something else…

He looks up. The roof is closed, too. Red. Calmness.

The corners of the cubic room are shaped symmetrical. No doors, no windows. He is trapped in a red-yellow cube. Memories are slowly coming back. The planet of death. Ancient ruins and a M-Tron starship debris. An enemy. An earthquake. A Mysterion, than a white light…

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Good morning, captain. Welcome in hell.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “What happened? Everything hurts…WHERE are we?”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “I can’t remember. The cave broke. Everything exploded. Then there was the Mysterion. And…and a light. The next moment I woke up here. Probably, this is inside the canopy.”
Josh Carnway: “Inside? Why should a canopy be bigger inside then outside? But you’re right. This remembers me of a Mysterion. We’re prisoned. No doors, no windows. There must be an exit. Seems that we’re in the same boat…or cube now. If we work together, there’s probably a way out.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “WE ARE enemies. WE WON’T work together. Nothing changed that.”

Cpt. Carnway: “You still want to kill me?”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “I WILL kill you.”
Cpt. Carnway: “For what are you waiting then? You could have killed me when i was sleeping.”
U.F.O.lien commander: “Killing you now is a waste. Human bodies are deceasing too fast. I will wait until the hunger reaches its limit. If i kill you then i can eat your flesh and survive as long as possible. Maybe later, when the Mysterions think we’re dead and open this cell, i’ll take my revenge on them.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Why do you think, they want us dieing? We’re alive. They could have left us on the planet. However, killing each other won’t bring us out.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “There’s no way out. THIS is where it ENDS. You and me. You killed my crew, you cut off my arm, you took my honour, my condition to live…”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I’m sorry for your crazy alien culture. But you ARE alive. There’s no reason to give up yourself. And i am not responsible for your way of life as pirate! Is hate really all that drives you?”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “HATE is ALL i have!!!! It will kill you, it will kill the Mysterions and finally it will kill me! The only reason I am is to take my revenge.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Then i have pity for you. Your race doesn’t seem to be that kind of honourable warriors i thought. I won’t give up. There must be a way out of here…”

2986, Earth, New Vancouver, John Moffat College

Stacy laughs: “WHAT? Y…you, you really asked me if I would go out with you? On a date? A date with you, Josh? HAHA! I‘m the most loved girl on school. I already have a boyfriend, idiot. Gulliver is a muscular man, much older than you and he visits the university. He will be lawyer and earn much money. Do you understand, freak?”

Josh Carnway: “Ehm…yeah. But…he’s an idiot. He just plays with you…”
Stacy: “Oh, we do great games, hihi. Listen. Even if i were single. I could find better guys than you. I mean, i need a man. Why should i go out for a date with an ugly sci-fi nerd like you? Go away, out of my eyes, looser!”

Stacy: “Come, Gulliver. I heard, Mark will start a great party tonight…”
Josh Carnway: “Stacy…but…
Gulliver: “Who was that guy you talked with?”
Stacy: “Oh, nobody. Don’t worry. Just another looser who dreams he could be something one day.”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Give up, human! There’s no door. These walls are the last thing you’ll see in your senseless life.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Then for what did the Mysterion prisoned us? There’s a plan for us. We didn’t die on the planet like you’ve foreseen. If we fight this conjoint enemy…”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “I won’t say it again: There’s no WE. We won’t be ever friends nor allies or anything else. So shut up and let me alone! I know the Mysterions longer than you. I hunt them for so many years. There’s no win in this war. But every object that is destructed is a part of life i’m gaining back. You think, there’s still hope. A chance to survive and to win the war. It’s not five before midnight anymore. The universe has reached midnight. Not the Earth nor the Coalition or MAOX will stop it. Destiny decided that we’re not part of this last chapter. It’s finally over and all you love will end…I’m not willing to share regrets with you.”

Many years ago somewhere in the U.F.O.lien starempire…

Skr’ahlik: “So, that’s the thing i’m working for all the months.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “A Mysterion. I…I remember it.”
Skr’ahlik: “A DarkNexx. One of the most aggressive objects. One of the few enemies that can threat a brave U.F.O.lien warrior.”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Now I remember clearly. We’ve fought it for hours before it broke down. An honourable enemy. Our people need more of these opponents. It will keep our culture alive.”
Skr’ahlik: “The point of view of a warrior. And you think, we need this culture? After the coalition controls so many worlds, there wasn’t any wars for us. Our empire deceased in decadence. Because most young men believe that it needs an enemy to defeat for a goal. That only conjoint opponents can create enough motivation to work and live and celebrate together instead of fighting each other. Let me show you something…”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “What’s this?”
Skr’ahlik:”An evidence of life. Though this object was created to fight and to destroy, it was usable enough to transport these mikrospobic lifeforms through a far distance of space. Its goal was to destroy but its destiny was to spread life. In everything of our universe this opportunity is given.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “’sigh’. I never ended in a situation without a chance. I’m sure, Calak is searching me. He will come…”
The different gentlemen have nothing to tell each other. Each of them is lost in memories…

E.A. Commander: “Mr. Carnway. We checked your application and tests for the earth alliance space force academy. I’m sorry to tell you, that we cannot give a position to you. You failed the conditions to be a student. You got 80% but for success at least 90% is necessary.”

Josh Carnway: “But…why? It was my dream to join the space fleet. I’m born to be an officer. I have the talents, the potential. Please, don’t break my dream…”
E.A. Commander: “Sorry. You have to find another job. For this career, you aren’t good enough, sir.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Do you sometimes think about your life? What way you went, what decisions you made? In some conclusions you find out, that you did many things wrong. What…what i mean, if i look back: What an idiot was i? I always fought for my dream to be a captain. Many stones were laying in my way but i never gave up. I became captain of a ship, went on a mission to improve the security of my world. The UMRC-project was the first thing i believed in. It was my home. But what did i really won? We’re in war and you’re right, we’re going to loose it. I am a captain without a ship and everybody thinks i’m dead. In Canada an empty house is waiting for me, i never had a wife, children or real friends. My crew and this ship was all i had. Like the hate you have now. Was it worth to face every hint saying me, that this wouldn’t be my way? Giving the ordinary life up for this? Is my life nothing else than a big lie? A wasted dream. We’re different but i know, that you feel the same pains. Tell me, who did you was before the Mysterions take your life? What directed your way to this point?”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “I wasn’t born as pirate. Once i was commander of our holy emperor’s space force. We fought against enemies in honour, face to face and always fair. The sense for an U.F.O.lien life is to find the enemy he can’t beat. Unfortunately i didn’t just found it, it cost the life of everything else important for me instead of mine. The emperor didn’t plan to hunt the Mysterions any further so i had to join the hunt alone. When, after many years of no results i heard that a brave man with a modern ship was able to destroy a Mysterion object as first known warrior. It was your encounter with the fleet in 2999. I knew I would have to do everything to get your ship, your technologies and to find that object what slaughtered my heart…”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Skr’ahlik, what are you doing here?”
Skr’ahlik: “I found a signal, the object is sending on subspace-ultrasequence-wave. My theory is, that every object is communicating on a special frequence. Maybe i’m able to communicate or even activate the object if I build something, it would identify as Mysterion. These Mysteriobots are my decoys. Maybe they’re able to get in connection with the probe.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “My lord asked why you don’t come back to the military. I will leave soon and join the forces. Come with me. The fleet lords would support your science experiments.”

Skr’ahlik: “Do that. I promise to watch after your family when you’re away. I’ll stay here to continue my researches without been misused by the military. The Mysterions can show us so much more than systems of destruction.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “May i ask, why you’re so focussed on these boxes? What does understanding them bring our people? They’re just another enemy to defeat while increasing our empire.”
Skr’ahlik: “Sah-Kae-Rhea, my friend.”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “A myth. What does have…”
Skr’ahlik: “The Mysterions are superior. They exist longer than anything we know. They’re more developed than the humans and stronger than we. If something can know the truth of origin it will be this race. I tell you, the object knows where Sah-Kae-Rhea can be found. What are our people doing? Fighting and fighting and over the centuries we lost our culture, our way. Since 3000 years we developed new weapon systems but we didn’t developed our mind. That’s why the youth is getting less and less motivated. Our wars don’t have a goal. The humans understood that, too. Though their wars are continuing for many centuries they never forget to search for higher answers. Their religions are still alive, all the pain and war has never became the core of their culture like in ours.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “The humans? They’re weak. They have no honour. They’re fighting their own nations and killing each other by lower interests.”

Skr’ahlik:“Sure, they do. Most people are blind for things they cannot understand. Are we different? It’s your decision. You can stay in your small world, being an ordinary man,…wasting your lifetime in search for honour, loyality, friendship, love and all the other human lies… But what if is say, that there’s more… a sense. In every race they exist. A few people choosen to understand more, to know the truth, choosen to have a destiny. And I say, destiny is coming. It’s COMING NOW!!”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Sah-Kae-Rhea.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “What?”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “There the Mysterions will bring us to. An old friend of me, my mentor, believed that the Mysterions are something special. In old myths of our race there were some kind of higher lifeforms who are the origin of all other life in the universe. They believed that U.F.O.lien and human and many more species are connected by the destiny of these old gods. Sah-Kae-Rhea is the place where everything began and everything will end. A place where unity ends all differences and from where a new age should start. I never believed him. These thoughts are old and long forgotten in my culture. Only a few are believing in it.”

“But he believed in a change of our history. A peaceful, a unique man. I never understood him and it seemed that he was wrong…”

“One day, the bots he created succeeded in communicate with the Mysterion object, but he lost the control over them…”

Skr’ahlik: “RUN! It escapes! It will kill us all!!!”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “Skr’ahlik! NOOO!”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “My love, my son! NOOO! Don’t take my family!!! NOOOO!”

U.F.O.lien Commander: “He thought, they would direct us in a peaceful future. But then, they killed everybody i loved. They’re not the gods of the old myths. They will be our all end. Sah-Kae-Rhea is not a paradise, it’s hell. From there, the doom of all humanoid races will start. And this enemy can’t be defeated by technology. For so many years i tried to defeat the mysterions but now i know, they are my destiny. The enemy I cannot beat.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “NO! Nothing will break my mind! I WILL fight like i always fought. Everybody said me, i cannot do this or that but i succeeded. ”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I AM Captain Josh Carnway and I’ll never let somebody decide where it ends and where not. OPEN this DOOR! YOU CANNOT hold me in! Let US OUT, you stupid boxes! NOTHING can STOP ME! NEVER!”

Carnway kicks the wall…

Suddently a box with food opens…
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “At least, something. We won’t die by hunger so fast.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “Do you really think, they give us something to eat just because you’re shouting? You are a dreamer, human.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Maybe you’re right. I AM a dreamer. But what would be the world without dreamers? Would there be planes and spaceships if DaVinci didn’t dream about humans flying with wings like Icarus to the sun? It was a dreamer who said, the earth could be a globe. It were dreamers who left the old world to find their luck in a foreign land, that later became the most powerful force on earth. It was someone in this country who was killed for having a dream and a half century later a black man became president in a world of racism and intolerance. Weren’t it dreamers who wrote sci-fi stories about spacecrews consisting of all races and nations in a time, nobody believed in an united planet? Didn’t a dreamer said, that Lord of the rings CAN be made into a movie? Aren’t the dreamers, who changed the world? Not politicans, nor lawyers, nor economists, soldiers or all the other zynical people enjoying their own piece of world’s cake ignoring the pain of billions. I am proud to be a dreamer.”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “Nevermind. We WILL die here. Keep your way, human but for me, it’s decided. I cannot dream. I won’t ever dream.”

But maybe he once did…
U.F.O.lien Commander: “You know why i have to go. It’s my mission…”
Wife of U.F.O.lien Commander: “Don’t explain me the U.F.O.lien culture. Don’t tell me why they want you to be a warrior. Just for one moment i want to hear what YOU want, my love…”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “You know what i really want but it would never be accepted in our society. I want peace. I want to end all the wars that spreaded our culture hopeless to far stars. I want to stay at you, watching my son grow up, hugging you every morning. You showed a lonely warrior a sense. Without you I would never hav found out for what my heart really is. I love you and i swear to come back but my birthduty forces me to give my life for the U.F.O.lien starempire. Wherever you are, how far the star of battle will be, where i am, my soul will always be here. I’ll come back, my love, my brightest star, my conscience…my sense of life is you…forever.”


 I like it 
  October 3, 2011
Freaky effects, Dude! Awesome!
 I like it 
  September 25, 2011
I think my favorite part of this episode was the alien ostriches. ;) Excellent story too!
 I like it 
  September 25, 2011
Great episode, and a brilliant flashback effect :)
 I like it 
  September 24, 2011
Like the being a dreamer part (it needs some slight grammar mistakes fixed but overall it's very good). I was browsing my email and when i refreshed my inbox i found out there was a new chapter just about 10 minutes ago.
 I like it 
  September 24, 2011
Wow. That wasn't what I was expecting at all... Which is good. Proud to be a dreamer.
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