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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Prologue
Well here it is! The long awaited PROLOGUE to my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series. This comes BEFORE Season 1. It explains everything people had questions about like how Blast and Iadsgb have their force powers even though it's the Clone Wars and such. Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

The F.I.S., fully named The Federation of Independent Systems; The greatest ruling force since the Galactic Empire.
It’s leader Elite Commander R.K. Blast. His second in command, Supreme Commander Iadsgb. The two were best friends as well as comrades and had been together since the fall of the Empire.

Working together on numerous missions the pair had accomplished many feats, first for the Republic way back during the Clone Wars, as Stormtroopers for the Galactic Republic and now, after changing sides to the rebels and discovering they were two out of only five force sensitive clones, Jedi for the New Republic.

The Federation Of Independent Systems traveled through the galaxy, keeping the peace and order during the time following the fall of The Emperor and his Empire. They traveled around in their fleet, helping the various worlds adjust to the new times and sorting out any who were troublesome.

Their capital ship, The Desolation, was designed jointly by Blast and Iadsgb and was built by Kaut Engineering Drives along with it’s sister ship The Calm Before The Storm.

The F.I.S., as the Federation was always shortened to, consisted of thousands of rebel troops who had volunteered to be a part of the operation. Some were fellow clones who had been through both the Clone Wars and the Empire but who had transferred sides and were now members of the New Republic like Blast and Iadsgb. Others had been rebels right from the start of the Empire.

All was well, but Iadsgb was not happy with the way Blast was head of the Federation. He wanted more and was wiling to do anything to get it. But he held back, until one day, something happened that would change everything. Something that would be the cause of a legendary war…

The day started off as normal as any other. The F.I.S. fleet was cruising through space; Blast and Iadsgb were on the bridge of The Desolation.
“Something’s not right.” R.K., short for Robert Kit, his full name, said with a frown as the pair stood side-by-side looking out of the huge front viewing window into the deep space they were flying through.
“I sense it too.” Iadsgb replied with his hands on his hips.

“Captain!” he called over his shoulder down into the crew area of the bridge.

The bridge of The Desolation was on two levels. The upper level was the entrance to the bridge and contained the bridge’s holo-projector, used for receiving and sending holograms of the user to another projector elsewhere, a few computers with various purposes and the main viewing window that spanned the whole of the front wall of the room. A walkway ran from the entrance door to the front of the room, over the top of the crew area that was the lower level.
That was were all the crewmembers needed for flight, the pilots and the captains, stood and sat at computers and desks, actually doing the piloting of the ship and controlling everything to do with flight.

“Sir!” a captain came up to the commanders and saluted smartly.
“Are you picking up anything unusual on your scanners?” Iadsgb asked.
“Not that I am aware of sir.” The captain answered.
“Hmm…” he mused and looked momentarily at his comrade. “Very well, thank you but keep a close eye on them.” He dismissed the captain who saluted again and walked off back down into the crew quarters.

“I don’t like this.” Iadsgb said, shaking his head and turning back to the window.
And that’s when it happened.

“BRACE!” Blast yelled and hid his face as a blinding white light lit up the bridge from somewhere outside and a sound, louder than anything he’d heard before, louder than the sound of Alderaan being destroyed, boomed out.

The light quickly faded and the F.I.S. heads turned back to the window and saw to their horror and a huge bright white, swirling rip shape ahead of them, a rip in space itself.
The Desolation braked hard and put all thrusters into reverse; it’s pilots frantically trying to avoid the stretching, morphing hole.

“What is that?” Iadsgb asked in shock as their cruiser continued to fly towards it, nearing closer and closer, unable to stop in time.
“I have no idea.” Blast replied and ran to another, side window and looked out at the other ships in the fleet, who were also clearly trying to stop without success.

“Sirs!” the same captain ran up to them as the ship juddered and everyone grabbed hold of something sturdy, bracing themselves. “We can’t stop! It’s pulling us in!”
The ship shook violently again and they could see out the front window The Calm Before The Storm attempting to turn away from the rip, only to be pulled closer towards it sideways.

“Look!” Iadsgb pointed to the hole as a few of the smaller ships and jets in the fleet, the ones with less power suddenly zoomed straight into it and disappeared.
“Incoming!” a pilot shouted from the crew area and another slightly larger ship narrowly missed the bridge, tumbling through space with no power, and flashed through the hole in an arc that wasn’t natural for a ship that size to do.

The hole was now only a few hundred meters away and they were still unable to get away.
The captain’s comlink, a small device that could be clipped to a belt and was used to communicate with other people around the galaxy, either producing a hologram or just an audio, bleeped and he pulled it out and activated it.
“We’re going in…!” the voice of a captain over on The Calm Before The Storm came through but then turned to a crackle of static as the ship’s wing tip entered the space hole and the rest of the cruiser was pulled in sideways, disappearing from view.

“This is it!!!” Blast shouted to the bridge in general over his shoulder as the nose of the F.I.S. flagship entered the hole. “HOLD ON!!!!!”

Suddenly the ship picked up speed dramatically and they were pulled into the rip in space.
Everything was bathed in the blinding white light and an enormous jolt rocked the ship, knocking everyone over as they passed out.....

Blast knew he wasn’t dead because he was conscious of the ground he was laying on. Cold and hard. Metal. Durasteel probably, he thought to himself as he lay there, unmoving. The more he thought about it, the more he reached out with the force to his surrounding, the more he knew he couldn’t be dead. After a few minutes he opened his eyes but immediately shut them again, unused to the light
After a few more attempts he managed to keep them open and look around, still without moving the rest of his body. He was still on the bridge of The Desolation; that he was sure about. And from where he lay he could see the top of the viewing window and the black space outside.

Slowly he pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, then upright and looked about. Everyone else was still lying around, unconscious on the floor. He looked out of the main window and saw that the rip in space was no longer there; instead all he could see was the deep dark reaches of space.

He frowned and tried to activate one of the computers, with surprise success. He sat in the seat and after a few moments was viewing a rear camera on the cruiser, looking back at where they had come from.

There was the rip, the hole in space, but now the flip side of it. They appeared to have flown straight through it. It was at this point he realized that they were simply drifting, they had no power and also that the rip was slowly shrinking.

Iadsgb awoke from his unconscious state and pushed himself up, sat on the floor. He looked around and saw Blast sitting at the computer. After a moment of looking about himself he got up and stood behind Blast, watching the computer monitor as the hole, with a sudden swoosh, sucked in on itself and disappeared, re-sealing the rip.

“What the hell just happened?” Iadsgb asked. It was around this time that the other crewmembers started to wake and get up.
“I have no idea.” replied Blast as the captain’s comlink bleeped again and he answered it, walking over to the leaders.
“Unidentified cruiser; this is Admiral Yularen. Your fleet has entered our destination quadrant and we are about to exit hyperspace next to you.” The voice came from the comlink.
Blast’s eyes widened and he stood, looking at Iadsgb.

“Why do I recognize that name so well?” The second in command asked but R.K. didn’t reply as the pair strode towards the viewing window.

Just a moment later three huge cruisers burst out of hyperspace nearby and Blast’s jaw dropped and there were several gasps from others who were watching.
They were three Venator-class Republic Attack Cruisers, used back in the Clone Wars and later developed into Galactic Star Destroyers.

“Repeat. Unidentified cruiser, your fleet has just entered our destination quadrant and we have just exited hyperspace next to you.” Admiral Yularen’s voice came from the captain’s comlink again.

“You recognize the name so well because Yularen was the Admiral of the Republic fleet…. In The Clone Wars.” Blast said with a tinge of sorrow and realization in his voice.
“But how is that possible?” Iadsgb asked.

It was possible, because, not that they knew it at the time, but they had just flown through a wormhole in both time and space and were now back in The Clone Wars era, in an identical, parallel dimension.
Nobody knew where it had come from, how it came to be or even just why, but it seem to be the general consensus that it was just pure bad luck that they had been there at that point in time. A few hours or maybe even seconds here or there and they would have missed it. It was a totally natural occurrence. Nobody could have predicted it; nobody could have prevented it. It just happened and on this occasion, it happened to be right in front of the F.I.S. fleet.
Wormholes were very rare and hard to find and were usually only tiny pinpricks in the very atoms of space, why this one was so big and why it should be a dimension rip as well as a hole in time was anyone’s guess. It just, was.

So the F.I.S. were stuck in a time zone they had already lived through once and also in a new dimension that was totally identical to their own, just a few eras behind, with no way of getting back and not even a way of knowing how they got there.

In the days following, tensions ran high as they tried to work out what to do next. Their first decision was that they should try to blend in, so they raided several Republic storehouses on different planets to get Clone armour for all of the troops while the F.I.S. headship snuck into their own old barracks and stole their spare sets of armour.
Iadsgb’s was basic clone commander armour but with an all black right arm and he never wore the helmet. Blast’s was more detailed. His had red markings around the eyes and along the fin on his helmet as well as on his body and left leg. His right arm and leg were, like Iadsgb’s, pure black. His commander neck armour and his pauldron were also in his own personal shade of dark red.

There were many arguments in the weeks that came. The whole wormhole incident was wrongly blamed on Blast; Iadsgb placing the blame on him so as to gain support among the troops.
The F.I.S. head knew what his comrade was after but pretended not to worry or care. But soon after the support against him became too strong and he was given a final warning which, with some blame pointing from Iadsgb, he blew.

Blast knew his time in the Federation was up. He collected his things and hid among them the blueprints for The Desolation, and was thrown out. Banished by Iadsgb, supposedly ‘For the good of the Federation’ as it was put in an announcement by the now head of the F.I.S., Supreme Commander Iadsgb, to the troops and crew.

So Blast was left on a remote planet with only his belongings, a shuttle and his anger and fury at his lying comrade. He would get him back. He would show Iadsgb. Blast knew now that Iadsgb had corrupted the F.I.S.. Turned it into a force of power and strength, rather than a force for good, for peacekeeping.
And he started planning…

Blast planned for months, always keeping an eye on the news for any information about Iadsgb and the F.I.S. and whenever there was any, it was always bad. Of terror brought to peaceful planets and of recruitment and enrolment. It had to be stopped and Blast knew he had to be the one to do it. He planned for months on end. Planning how to get back at his old friend and destroy the F.I.S.. He designed blueprints for his own cruiser, copying the bridge of the Federation’s flagship identically as he loved it so much, and delivered them to Kaut Engineering Drives, the same company that had built the ships for the F.I.S.’s fleet and they agreed to build his flagship for him, free of charge (with a little help from the force and some persuasive techniques) as he had no money.

He then set about recruiting. Recruiting for his own army and one of the first things he realized was that he couldn’t do it all on his own. He would need some fellow leaders to help him run the proposed counter-army and his first recruit was of one RC-1140 Fixer. He instantly became good friends with Blast as well as being his Second in command.

They recruited troops from all around the galaxy, gathering together people who were opposed to the F.I.S.’s schemes and who wanted back at them, who wanted to rebel. And this was when Blast got his inspiration for the name of their organization; The United Rebelling Systems or the U.R.S. for short.

And that was how the U.R.S. was formed. Word soon spread of the army that was going to oppose Iadsgb and people flocked to Blast to join. Some were clone troops from the republic that the Supreme Chancellor had lent to him, others were ordinary people from around the galaxy who had to be trained and wear clone armour.
As the U.R.S. grew in force, Blast appointed more leaders to help him manage it.
RC-1140 Fixer, who was always just referred to as Fixer, was Blast’s second in command.
Then there was Commander Padfoot, the next in command, who joined shortly after Fixer. Then came Commander Nightblaze, picked up on Malastare, Vasilious Nikolaou from Felucia, Flight Captain Falcon from Coruscant, Elite Captain Jelli from Tatooine and Commander Hess who was also from Coruscant.

It was not long after Blast had finished appointing all those people as fellow leaders of the U.R.S. that he was contacted by Kaut, saying his cruiser was ready. He, along with Fixer, Padfoot and the necessary pilots, went to pick it up. When asked what he’d named it, Blast replied “The Manipulator.”
And the U.R.S. fleet grew from there. Lots of the recruits brought their own ships with them; the other ships were either donated or borrowed…on a permanent basis.

In this time that Blast had spent forming the U.R.S., Iadsgb had also been recruiting and promoting troops to be his commanders.
Jamie Clift became his second in command. Commander Stallion was next in line, recruited on Alderaan, then Null 9 ‘Denser’ and Elite General Callum followed, fresh from Kamino.
But Iadsgb also suffered a setback during this time. One day several hundred men from the F.I.S., left and joined the U.R.S., fed up with his rule and missing Blast.

The two organizations were now fairly evenly matched; roughly the same number of troops and about an equal amount of skill and firepower and this fact had not passed Iadsgb by.....

Well there you have it. That's how it all started. This then leads directly into the first episode of Season 1.


A trailer will be out soon!

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 I made it 
  January 10, 2015
Quoting Kermunklin the Giant Evil House Head Woah! This is cool! Love the timeflip/ parallel dimension thing. I'm going to have to check out the rest of this series for sure.
Thanks! Yeah, be sure to check it out! It started a long time ago so the quality gets better as it goes along. Haha --Blast--
 I like it 
  January 5, 2015
Woah! This is cool! Love the timeflip/ parallel dimension thing. I'm going to have to check out the rest of this series for sure.
 I made it 
  September 17, 2013
Quoting clayton Marchetti I'm glad I decided to start at the beginning . Why did blasts hair turn from black to brown? Awesome beginning !
Thanks. As for the hair... um... Haha! That pretty much answers it. --Blast--
 I like it 
  September 16, 2013
I'm glad I decided to start at the beginning . Why did blasts hair turn from black to brown? Awesome beginning !
 I like it 
  November 27, 2012
Cool... I love the beginning. But I would like to see my Stormtroopers still inserted somewhere.
 I like it 
  October 7, 2011
 I like it 
  October 2, 2011
Ahhhhh!!!!! okay then! that explains it! great stuff. ive been looking forwards to this and i can't wait for season 4! it's going to be SOOOgood!
By --R.K. Blast--
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