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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.25
Ladies, gentlemen and transgenders, welcome to a new episode of the umrc project. I promise, the final episodes of this season will come faster.
About this creation
Its late evening in the UMR-Center…

Jennifer: “Hey guy. Still here? What are you doing? Watching porn again?”
Assistant #1 switches the website to a random IP quickly: “Ehm…no! Did your boyfriend tell such things about me? He’s an idiot.”

Jennifer: “Ah yes…So what’s so interesting then?”
Assistant #1: “I…I do researches. About, yes about…what is that?”

The random website shows articles about Mysterion encounters.
Jennifer: “A website of a holy church of mysterionology founded by L.Ron Brickard? Heaven’s arch discovered? But…That photo. Where did they get that photo? These sources are top secret. We never puplished them.”
Assistant #1: “Yes. I just discovered this. We should call miss Johnson.”

The next day: Suborbital-plane 239, Google Airlines…

LaGros is sleeping…
Olivia Johnson: “I wonder why we never heard about them before. The Mysterion church exists for many years. Their count of members is increasing exponentionally the last 3 years. They believe that the Mysterions are some kind of god-beeings and that they’ll bring us to heaven.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “Sah-Kae-Rhea. A mythical place, some think it’s the home of the mysterions, other compare it with legends like Avalon, Asgard, Eden, the paradise. It’s interesting, how fast a complex mythology can be developed in a modern civilisation like earth. The people call for religious facts more than logical analyses of evidences. It’s a sociological topic I find very interesting.”

Olivia Johnson: “Nevermind. We’re not here to discuss religious believes. Our question is how a private organisation is able to get secret governmental documents. The suspicion exists, that members of Brickard’s organisation is spying governmental departments like the E.D.D. LaGros and i will visit the main church, you can take research on L.Ron Brickard. Question the whole city if needed. I want to know with who we have to handle. Fanatics can be dangerous. In worst case, we just got more problems. Umpf, tell me, do you hate this job, too?”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “What do you mean?”

Olivia Johnson: “Nothing seems right. We lost trace of the Mysterion a long time ago. The research was taken by the military weapon production and our company has become political. When I started the UMRC it was a place of shared science for people who are interested in foreign cultures, not a department of earth defence. My teacher on university, professor Ocean talked about the Mysterions as peaceful fascinating culture and now I’m fighting them. All i do is working but with every day i doubt that i could change anything. I start to burn out. When this is over i’ll take holiday and visit the Caribbean with Antonio. Sometimes i think he’s the only one who cares what I need and not what the interstellar security wants…”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “I think, he’s more interested in presenting you to his business friends. Are you sure, that he really loves you?”
Olivia Johnson: “I thought it’s ok. He does me well.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “He’s an idiot. And you know that. You deserve something better…”

Olivier Johnson: “Morty, no! You’re just jealous. Accept it, or our friendship will be gone. Antonio is the only thing that goes right in my current life. Obamas politics, the awaited invasion, everything i build up, goes right to the toilet and since Mark he’s my first real foothold. I don’t want to loose you, too.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “You know me for so many years. You know that all i want is your best. And all i say is that you should keep your eyes open. I’m there for you, always.”
Pilot: “Ladies and gentlemen, our flight ends in 10 minutes. Please close your security belts…”

Utah, Salt Lake City; Holy Mysterion church

Priest: “…and so the lord will bless you, because the love of the lord is clean, the love of the lord is pure, the love of the lord is great! HE sent us his children, his sacred ambassadors from outer space. These who will bring us faith and luck. Hallelujah! All you have to do, my lost sheeps, is to listen to the foreign angels which powers are limitless. Praise the Mysterions! Halleluja!”
Choir: “PRAISE THE MYSTERIONS! Oh yeah, hallelujah!!”
Priest: “And they came to guide us the way to Sah-Kae-Rhea! A place where all hate and doubt is gone, and the species of the universe can live together in love. Do you search for love? Do you love the Mysterions?”
Choir: “The Mysterions…oh yeah, we love…hallelujajaaaa!!!”
Priest: “And so it’s written in the holy book, wich was told us directly from the prophet. It’s not a lie like all the other false religions, the prophet has seen it. He talked to the Mysterions, he believed in them and they answered. Great changes will come and those who believe will be gratificated with endless love. And those who doubt will fall in darkness. Let us sing: praise the lord, praise his prophet and praise the Mysterions! Halleluja!”
Choir: “Halleluja. Hallelujah. Praise the lord, praise the prophet, praise the Mysterions… They will bring us the love…hallelujajajajaaaaa! Oh yeah!”

Franc LaGros: ”Look these paintings. Some would say blasphemy.”
Olivia Johnson: “Truth in religion is always just a fact of perspective.”
Priest: “And the prophet said: A storm will come, to devide the good and the evil, to clean the space of hate and mistrust. And so i, the prophet saw, the knight between the factions, a gentle man to clean the way to our salvation. And i saw this knight, riding the CANOPION, the heaven’s ark to recover our holy garden. Sah-Kae-Rhea. Come my children, forget our pains, forget our doubts and let us follow the holy boxes sent by our lord, let us follow them into a new world of glory and peace. Halleluja!”

Priest: “Welcome visitors! I see we have guests filled with doubt. Come near, children of the lord. I am here to answer all of your questions. You should know, the Mysterions love everybody, if good or evil. The choice of the right path is never too late…so the prophet said.”
Choir: “…so the prophet said! We love the prophet…”

Franc LaGros: “mh, what do you think, Johnson?”
Choir: “…and the prophet loves you…hallelujah!”
Olivia Johnson: “A bunch of low-minded, homeschooled dupable crazy fanatics? Well, this is Utah, honestly I didn’t expect anything else…”

Priest: “What can i do for you? Be welcome in L.Ron Brickard’s holy church of the Mysterions. An audition for newbies is free.”
Olivia Johnson: “Olivia Johnson from the U.M.R.C., this is Franc LaGros. ”
Priest: “The U.M.R.C.? Then we’re sharing the same passion. I want to say, that I never denied science. But aren’t you agree that the Mysterions have supernatural skills?”
Olivia Johnson: “We’re here to collect information about your church. It seems that ther’re information we should share…like our conjoint passion. I hope for your cooperation.”
Priest: “We don’t hide anything. Ther’re only facts from the holy ones people don’t listen to. But for a small spend we will translate the truth for everybody.”
Franc LaGros: “Who is that knight you talked about? He seems important in Mysterion relationship.”
Priest: “I don’t know exactly. I’m not almighty but the prophet mentions him often. Sometimes he also calls him the captain.”
Olivia Johnson: “What prophets always saying…”
Priest: “He also said that you would come today. And now I understand. You both have a relationship with him. The captain is always in your heart and you fear to never meet him again? But that’s a lie. He is travelling with the angels of space. Let us praise the captain.”

Choir: “Praise the CAPTAIN! Oh yeah, hallelujajaajaaaa!!”

Someone leaves the church…
Franc LaGros: “Curious. I have the feeling to have seen this man earlier.”
Olivia Johnson: “And this prophet. I assume he lived centuries ago and all that is left from his wisedom is written in a holy scripture nobody is allowed to read except Brickhard, right?”
Priest: “Oh no! The prophet is real. To be honest, he is the 3rd of 4 prophets that heard the wisdom of the mysterions.”

Olivia Johnson: “The 3rd?”
Priest: “Jesus was the first sent from the heaven’s arch. 2999 a Maox soldier had spoken with the angels and rescued our planet. The knight, who will be the 4th will return soon and the prophet of Utah has visited us only some months ago.”
Olivia Johnson: “Who is he? And where can we find him?”
Priest: “Nobody knows his origin. One day he felt from the sky in a rescue pod. On the fields of the Burnaghary family 3 kilometers from here. Our scientists assumed that the pod has driven through space for a while before reaching earth. You can see him though I doubt that you would understand anything of his visions.”
Olivia Johnson: “Let us try…”
Priest: “Follow me. And please, don’t try to wake him up.”

Old woman: “Welcome in the city hall of Salt Lake City, sir. How can i be of service for you?”
Mortimer M.Bishop: “Good day mylady. Oh, ehm… I’m not from here. I’m european and travel through America writing about interesting people for a magazine. Actually, I do research for a gentleman known as L.Ron Brickard. I heard he’s very popular in this town…”

Old woman giggles: “Oh, sure. Look that picture. He is one of our most honourable citizen. I don’t know where to start talking about. He was born in Ogden as son of a farmer, studied exoculture and several sciences and became our major until 5 years ago. About 2/3 of the city belongs to him after he bought the poor companies in the depression of 2980. He did much for us. Build schools, hospitals and last the mysterion church. A sex affair forced him to disclaim his charge. Though everyone here knows that he wasn’t guilty. The affair consisted of lies spreaded by some liberal communists false as our president now. Since then he concentrates on his holy mission of preventing a war between earth and the Mysterions. You should ask in the mysterion church, he founded. They have many information about him.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “By all these ambitions, he surely still has political relationships?”
Old woman: “He and ex-president John Gilbert Clarkson are close friends for many years. They do barbeque parties every year on Clarkson’s ranch in Iraq.”

Mortimer M. Bishop: “So he’s a conservative?”
Old woman: “A gentleman with a sense of morality you don’t find anymore in our time. He loves his home, our constitution, the ranches, weapons, money and believes in peace with the Mysterions. He is against abortion, sexuality and hates sinful pay-tv. Without that affair Brickhard would be able to be the next president. The earth alliance would become a place of morality Obama’s allies at MAOX would never have.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “But…how can he be for Clarkson and for the Mysterions? Clarkson decided to fight their fleet 2 years ago.”
Old woman: “A bad mistake. Beeing president doesn’t mean you don’t make failures. Ron begged him to think about it but Clarkson wasn’t part of our church and didn’t care. You know, government and religion are strictly separated on earth. It’s one of the most important articles in the constitution of our glorious planet.”

Mortimer M. Bishop: “One last question: Can you say me who that person next to him is? He looks kind of familiar…”
Old woman: “Oh, ehm…that must be…yes. That’s professor Shannon Ocean. They knew each other from the university. He was professor for exoculture.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “Now I remember. The founder of the IOMD, the interstellar open Mysterion database. He was Olivia’s and mine’s professor, too. It has been a long time…”

Old woman: “I hope I was helpful. Now excuse me, I still have to organize a witchhunt against jews and muslims this weekend…”

Prophet: “Oh holy angels of space. We’re pieces, pieces of everything and you’re the ones that will bring faith. And I saw….storms of hate and mistrust…the captain…the heaven’s ark, protected by angels sailing through the sky. And the false prophets who will call it the canopion and which hate will burn their chance of salvation. The followers of the liar, the demon, the snake, coming in thousand winds… But the return of Sah-Kae-Rhea is decided and those who choose the angels will survive and those who follow the lies will burn in storms…”
Olivia Johnson: “I’ve never seen his race. But according to the uniform he’s part of Skaboor military.”

Prophet: “…and the knight standing between the lines. I saw him and I saw brave in his heart…”
Olivia Johnson: “Is he on drugs? Crazy or is it possible that he really holds contact with the Mysterions? Cmdr. Cole Walker succeeded, too. Maybe he was the second prophet like the priest said?”
Franc LaGros: “The scans shows curious data. Biologically, he is not alive.”
Olivia Johnson: “What?”
Franc LaGros: “His brain is missing…”

“But his body is filled with something that is very similar to AG-Stem cell technology. I detect artificial nanocells in every part of his body keeping his metabolism alive. This could have the same effect as MAOX Psi-force programm.”
Olivia Johnson: “Telepathic skills like Cole Walker. So his visions could come from Mysterions? From a distance so far away?”
Franc LaGros: “Walker was the first humanoid known to contact a Mysterion mind. What if someone improved this technology? I think his body was used to be some kind of translator. If so, everything these people believe could be partly true.”
Olivia Johnson: “But who did this? Where did he get such an injection?”

Prophet: “I was lost in death but the angels revived me. I was taken to the heaven’s ark choosen to spread the gospel over the universe…Given the gift of their wisdom…And I saw the knight…”

“A sky in fog, a life wasted in chaos, now an instrument of a choir…”

“And i saw birds of stone and fire. Forests and plains burning to dust…”

“…giants coming from the mountains fighting the demons…”

“…brave knights in shining amours…”

“…loosing hope…”

“…beaten by unholy flashes…”

“And the 3rd prophet was born. Looking in the demons eyes, still standing with brave and trust in his heart…”

“A life wasted in hate and fear…but the angels saw a pure heart…”

“And light was coming when the dust of battle disappeared and all what was bad become clear and bright…”

“…a new world will come and the angels will guide those who believe, to Sah-Kae-Rhea, where peace awaits…”

“…But those who follow the evil will join the storm and the storm will eat everything that’s good and clean and hopeful. And what stays is hate and death and war. And war will end only when everything’s dead. And then world lost its colour and all that rest is emptiness and darkness and dusty rocks with ruins on every former paradise, a galaxy of voices felt silent. And when chaos is spreading the false prophet is laughing while resting on Sah-Kae-Rhea as last being. The snake, the demon, the ten-headed-dragon, the satan…”

Olivia and Franc notice the painting over the prophet’s head…

“…the devil, Lucifer, the ZODOR!!!”

Olivia Johnson: “Ok. We have seen enough of your show. But now I order you to reveal the complete files of your official members and everybody who works for the church.”
Priest: “What? Why? You can’t do that!”
Olivia Johnson: “I have the presidential agreement to do that. Some of your organisation is hiding important knowledge dealing with the interstellar security and we have evidences that you use unofficial material which was stolen from a governmental department. We will research that and find the responsible.”
Priest: “There’s a freedom of religious organisations. Opening our intern files to you is a break to our citizen rights.”
Franc LaGros: “Not after the interplanetary patriot act of ex-president Clarkson certified 2997. Share your complete member list or we’ll call the E.D.D. to force you to…”

A few days later in Iowa…

Assistant #2: “We linked into the organisation’s network and found some private subspace relais stations which connect several space telescopes. This project was only known to the mysterion church and its knowledge wasn’t shared with us. Probably they feared the government could act in a wrong way. These are the latest records of project J.O.H.N.”
Jennifer: “Oh my god… Is this what the Nagasaki wanted us to tell? The same object that destroyed Gaiarius III?”
Franc LaGros: “We could have own this information months before. At least we found the fleet again.”

Carl Meyer: “Do you think the same as me? If this fleet will attack the earth alliance, we’ll be all dead…”

Jennifer: “I’ve never seen something that big. Is it possible to build such structure? And what should we do know? What’s the current destination of the Mysterions?”

Olivia Johnson: “Status.”
Assistant #1 “The database helped us to localize the Mysterion main fleet. They observed them for at least 2 years. I doubt that the mysterion church alone could own enough resources to hold such a complex science network. Unfortunately, we can’t backtrack the money to the investors. Mr. Brickhard’s lawyers stopped our investigation because we can’t prove anything illegal.”
Olivia Johnson: “So we won’t get further access in their organisation to find the mole.”

Carl Meyer: “Well, maybe we can get a hint. I checked the official member’s list of the church. In their community here in Iowa only 135 people are listed…”

Carl Meyer: “One of them is familiar…”
Olivia watches the screen surprised: “That cannot be…”


Mark Devine: “Miss Johnson. You called me for a meeting that late?”
Olivia Johnson: “Sit down, mister Devine.”

Mark Devine: “I don’t understand. Trouble? I know, my department wasn’t that successful the last months but we’re on something…”
Olivia Johnson: “You want me to tell you needed the time for copying x-classified files. Why, Mark, why? I trusted all of you but you are one of our oldest staff members…”

Mark Devine: “They traited me. Yes, Johnson, it's right. But let me ask you: When did we lose our right path? The U.M.R.C. project was started for knowledge, for science and truth. An open society. And our only loyality was directed the free citizens of earth alliance space. Watch what we became. Under command of the military we develop weapons and make plans of how to extinct a holy race. You’ve seen their wonders like me, the Mysterions are higher than us, they came to bring the galaxy to a new level of existence. And we trait everything we believed in for a president who is a non-believer. Obama promised us not to be like Clarkson, to look for a peaceful contact with the Mysterions and that we would be a free organisation again. He promised us a change but NOTHING has changed. This is a war machine and I WILL not support a science department that doesn’t follow its own basic rules. We should share information instead of hide them from the citizens. Johnson, you see it like me. This is not what you or Professor ocean wanted to do. This is all wrong.”

Olivia Johnson: “You’re fired. You have stolen top-secret documents and shared them illegally with a foreign organisation. These news could start a mass panic or mobilize governmental-adversarial forces. What you did has brought the interstellar security in danger. You can be lucky that i don’t call you to court.”

Mark Devine: “No need for firing. I will go. I decided to work for the U.M.R.C. for understanding the Mysterions. I never subscribed to work for a lying government. I don’t want to work for this system and its laws anymore. Because this is not the government i voted for. The Mysterions will punish those who won’t believe when the day will come. The storm is coming, Miss Johnson and it’s time to choose your position.”

Olivia sighs


Olivia Johnson “Antonio, are you home? You can’t imagine what day i had. I am burning out. It’s a luck to have you, honey. Give me a hug…”

Antonio De Romantico: “Ehm…hey, Liv. This…ehm…this isn’t like it seems…”

NOTE: The NEOS Mech diorama was build by FRIZZ!
NEOS ships build by Cody G.
Zodor originally build by Yuri Fassio

NOTE: Only 4 episodes left before the great season finale!!!!
Best time to vote for this or other comic projects on “Tall Tales Award 2011”!!!


 I like it 
  October 23, 2011
Where the bleep has my comment gone?!
 I like it 
  October 21, 2011
Don't believe I missed this. Good stuff, as always. I'm finally picking up on all the parallels between this and America's modern political situation...
 I like it 
  October 14, 2011
Ahh porn...Ahem! Really excellent effects and very natural buildings. I too like the mention of the NEOS.
  October 12, 2011
Good episode! Although...uh...the last image...kinda...yeah... Anyway i liked the dream about the NEOS lol.
 I like it 
  October 12, 2011
Another awesome episode! I need to build a new NEOS ship soon, any ideas?
 I like it 
  October 12, 2011
Cool, nice episode! BTW, can you name my village so I can change it and so you can put it in Logonia?
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