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Toa Mexx (self moc) upgraded
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yet ANOTHER upgrade of my self MOC. maybe the best yet
About this creation
Mexx was once a quiet type on metru nui mainly working in the knowlege towers. but one night, a toa of ice broke into his house! the toa gave him a toa stone which instanly transformed him into a toa.

the toa then brought him to daxia to be recruited. mexx said he would help only when the makuta gained the upper hand. the order tried to get him to change his mind but it wouldnt work. he soon met a toa (Skakdi) named kavoo. he began to hang with him alot and they eventuly became friends.

path of a toa episodes:
episode 1:
one day in metru nui 2 matoran named mexx and hun were pulling a prank on turaga dume.
get home before dume finds me. goes to bed. toa toxon breaks into housen and gives mexx a toa stone that transforms him into a toa. brings him to omega nui.

episode 2: arrives at omega nui. mexx is recruited into toa team but dosent accept invite. wanders around omega nui and meets kavoo.

episode 3:
mexx get a misson to go to marhi nui. (a round the toa mata's arrival) supose to capture escaped prisoners.

episode 4:
arrives at pit with kavoo. sees a prisoner outside of cell. mexx shoots him. a guard puts him back in cell. kavoo sees a nameless prisoner of pit swiming outside prison. they tried to follow him but fail. they see dome.

episode 5:
kavoo and mexx fight makuta dome. and his toa hagah team. kavoo kills frichi

episode 6:
kavoo and mexx beat dome but dome escapes. later on they go back to jail and kavoo sees the skakdi that fell of the boat when he and rastic were going to omega nui. the skakdi looks at kavoo and says: "hi" in a groal.

episode 7:
kavoo ask him: "who r u?" "how did u get here?" "wats rong with u?" a matoran named syker comes and gives the story.

episode 8:
3 days pass. kavoo goes on watch and gets hurled through wall. mexx looks and sees the toa hunter. mexx and kavoo get up and fight.

episode 9:
fight continues toa hunter transforms into version 2. syker saves them as a toa. syker gets killed.

episode 10:
get back to prison. goes back to omega nui. gets misson to go to visorak (island). kavoo cant come.

episode 11:
arrives at visorak. kills 2 visorak. looks around goes to find hidding spot. 2 hours later camp set up goes to sleep. 2 visorak come out of shadows. wakes up in webbed caccoon.

episode 12:
sees wepons on ground. visorak seels caccoon (fade out black). mexx screams in pain, and brakes out of web with new hordika blade and roduka spiner (absorbtion one). gets out and runs.

episode 13:
meets turaga jorg. tells him of keetongue and venom stone. venom stone sucks venom out of one person and puts it in an other mexx wants to get venom stone.

episode 14:
goes on quest for venom stone. encounters nyrah gohst, lots and lost of visorak, and more.

episode 15:
encounters nyrah gohst, lots and lost of visorak, and more. mexx leave jorg for awhile and gets ambushed by visorak. jorg saves him

episode 16:
finishes encountering nyrah gohst, lots and lost of visorak, and more. arrives at venom stone cave. encounters
rakshi matoran. RM (rakshi matoran) claims he wants to return to normal. mexx attacks him with hordika
rage, jorg stops him and throughs the venom stone. mexx returns to normal (fades out white).venom stone shoots jorg. jorg dies, RM escapes.

episode 17:
gets back to omega nui tells them what happend. give me 3 months of rest.

episode 18:
mexx gets assinment to go and protect matoran on the southern islands (around toa inika's arrival on voya nui). gets there and he tells them of his misson. they dont belive him. picks up from last episode they put him on rotisory stick. makuta tannggoon tells them to stop. mexx is shocked.

episode 19:
tannggoon brings mexx to the prison. ask him why he is here and other stuff. mexx only says to protect the matoran. tannggoon insist that the matoran are in good hands. he leaves mexx in the prison. with a matoran.

episode 20:
the matoran's name Fria (GA-matoran) she is in here for standing up against tannggoon. there were 2 others but there "missing". mexx offered his help in return for her freeing him. she accepded. they started to leave.

episode 21:
try to escape prison kill some guards and escape. looks for the matoran. fight Nitron.

episode 22:
find Tiang the other matoran (TA-matoran) he tells them about his plan and how he has recruited 1 more matoran (iorn) name Diad to there plan to take down makuta tannggoon.

episode 23:
the matoran assembel at a cave and train for a fight against the matoran that fallow tannggoon. mexx says that they dont need to fight, he will fight and deafeat tannggoon. the matoran fill mexx in on why the matoran
fallow tanngoon.

episode 24:
flash back of why the matoran fallow tanngoon (kills turaga tells them that the toa are the evil ones).

episode 25:
flash back ends. mexx under stands why they fight and he deciedes to help them repair and inform them about the rest of the matoran universe. they agree. taing and diad go looking for the other matoran (the one fria mentioned in the beeging).

episode 26:
mexx trains them more and tiang and diad return with Jiaga (PO-matoran) and new member named Varak (KO matoran) there group is growing varak joined when he herd tannggoon talking with teridax about how the matoran were fools and they dont sepect a thing and how a real toa is here

episode 27:
three days pass full of training and more. a (BA-matoran) name Harki has been watchin them for awhile and decided to join the team. the take him prisoner first because (flashback) he was the first to suport tannggoon (flashback over) they ask him why he join team. he found out tannggoon killed turaga and other matoran and he is going to unleash visorak on the island and he wants to help stop it. they let him join.

episode 28:
the tannggoon rebelion team: Fria (leader), Tiang (debuty leader), Harki, Jiaga, Varak, Diad, and Toa Mexx(honorary member). the matoran decide to attack tannggoon's lair. mexx says he will fight tannggoon while the matoran free the other matoran.

episode 29:
at sun rise they attack the base. matoran attack the guards and mexx confronts tannggoon. mexx fights tannggoon.

episode 30:
mexx pinned down by tannggoon. the matoran summing all there power to create "matoran-nui". matoran-nui punches tannggoon he helps up mexx and they fight tannggoon. tannggoon escapes. matoran-nui ask mexx about the rest of the universe. mexx does (fades out). mexx leaves on a boat and back to omega nui.

episode 31:
mexx is sent on a misson with other toa to go attack destral (toa marhi at pit). battle makuta and rakshi.

episode 32:
toa to go attack destral. battle makuta and rakshi. kavoo nerly die by jakar. airose save him.

episode 33:
gets sent on misson with deka to find order of mata nui memeber ragcar.

episode 34:
mexx and deka camp out on north-western side of the southern contenent.

episode 35:
fight jetter and ragcar joins. jetter kills ragcar. mexx and deka escapes.

episode 36:
mexx returns and thats when the rise of savage (karda nui adventure) begins. then ends at 37's begining

episode 37:
mexx (along with the rest of the matoran universe) celebrate the makuta's defeat. teridax says the stuff (i am every where....) mexx along with other toa held off the rahkshi long euogh for the matoran to escape.

episode 38:
the elite toa formed a second makutaverse rebellion force with the dark hunters on wika nui. mexx and his team (Toa Imagi) went there to join. on the way see toxon and 2 rahkshi. toxon prepares to kill the toa, but the rahkshi stab toxon repetaly. toxon blast a toa stone with waste and it shot mexx and made him titan. mexx steps on rahkshi and toxon dies. toxon blast toa stone and gives mexx tiny upgrade.

episode 39:
mexx sent to wika nui's beach and finds the rahkshi core. he quickly defeats them and heads back to base when get there inferna, taker, hanible (cured), and all other of my good guys who died in karda nui return. kavoo happy to see inferna and taker tells the story.

episode 40 (flash back):
taker had survived by killing hanible. he soon found inferna. when the cave started to flood with energy inferna came back to life along with all the makuta they all tried to leave the cave but none of the makuta made it. but the toa hunter made it out alive. they all escaped and cured hanible then they found them selves on an island west of wika nui.

episode 41:
all r shocked by the story and taker takes mexx to his home. there they see an illousion of ragcar. mexx goes near it and finds out it was caused by some rahkshi. mexx kills the rahksi but then sees taker get captured by the rahskshi mexx follows them. finds them and sees kavoo up there fighting rahkshi nitron. mexx kicks nitron and tells kavoo he needs help getting taker. he agreeies. they follow the rahkshi to another abandone village
with losts of place to hide. they look and find turaga zang with hanible. they contunie to serch until mexx steps on a rahkshi head. they then find taker near by with some blood on him. bring him back to base to heal him.

episode 42:
next few days just training and other stuff. soon mexx fight a dark hunter who hates the order of mata nui and knows that mexx is a toa. he (he the one mexx and kavoo fight under water not toa hunter) hates mexx. mexx steps on him and then mexx see other "dark hunters". the leader talks with hun and revels that they are a secret orgenzation that has hidden from both the order and brotherhood. they decide to help mata nui regain control of the matoran universe.

episode 43:
the confederacy of death members help the toa with more training and mexx apologises for killing the pit prisoner. the leader forgave him and then he showed mexx & kavoo the remaining members of tannggoon & dome's toa hagah teams (3 from dome and 1 from tannggoon). turaga zang warns the CoD and toa of a rahkshi army coming. taker helps the matoran hide while the CoD and toa prepare for the fight.

episode 44:
the rahkshi army comes and attacks. the toa hunter leads them and kills one of dome's hagah toa and then another. MacKai tries to interfear but other rahkshi stop him. kavoo and the other dome hagah try to avenge there fallen friend. but the other 2 quickly fall. kavoo runs but mexx comes to help. toa hunter falls back other rakshi dog pile mexx. kavoo gets them off. rakshi army retreats. makuta begins the battle of bara magna. mexx follow them and all in the great spirit robot here makuta release the skakdi and rahkshi. mexx goes too.

episode 45 (battle of mata nui vs makuta teridax):
mexx returns to normal size and escaped makuta out of his right foot while tahu and takanuva escaped through the left. mexx battled some nektann robots and the rakshi jakar. he got rid of the robots no problem but jakar was a problem. he pinned him down but a glatorian save mexx the glatorian helped mexx up and told him he needed some new armor. mexx got new armor and when the glatorian and mexx went outside the glatorian was pulled back and killed by the toa hunter (version 3). mexx ran from the toa hunter and when he turned at a coner nitron was there with jakar. mexx looked up and saw nyrax (another rakshi) was surounded by the entire rakshi core. when hope seems lost makuta nearly steps on us. mexx and the rakshi core get out of the way. mexx runs before rakshi core notices hes gone. mexx then gets captured by an agori and takes mexx to "dunes of treason". nexx then escapes with the glatorian rinar. he brings mexx back to battle. everyone stops when a giant bang sounds, all look up and see makuta get crushed by bota magna. a skakdi jumps on the rinar and kills him then mexx kills the skakdi and joins the celebration.

mask and tools:
he wears kanohi iden mask of spirit. he carries an Energized Ice Sword, and a Zamor Launcher.

as you can see no change to his over all design...

but i did give him lewa phantoka's blade :)

mexx: it dosent matter how many of you there are............ill take you all on!

1st self MOC vs. 3rd self MOC?

tannggoon: my swords!
mexx: nnnoooooooooooooooo :(

1st self MOC and 2nd self MOC team-up

the Toa Imagi mexx's team....

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