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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.29
Previousily: The Earth Alliance united their forces with the U.F.O.liens and a MAOX fleet to face the Mysterion canopion, a giant ship assumed to be their mothership and home of the Mysterion race. But the plan has gone wrong and it seems that the battle will be lost. Meanwhile, conspirators around the fanatic religious leader od the Mysterion church, L.Ron Brickhard, succeeded to hack into governmental computer systems. Cpt. Josh Carnway is confronted with curious hallucinations while his friend Calak has to save the L.S.S. Mewton and its crew from a deadly stealth ship using a never-seen dark matter cannon. In the moment of lost hope, a giant ship appears aside the fleet…
About this creation

Lt. Wu: “Not from us. It isn’t a Mysterion either. We receive an enscripted transmission. MAOX code. Galamoth class. It’s THE ORLOX, sir!!”
Cpt. Stan Whitfield: “Zordorian defence fleet,Carrier GCS03 "Orlox” here. My name is Cpt. Stan Whitfield. Seems like we end up in a battle the right time. Can we be of help for our earth brothers or should we return to our boring patrouil mission?”

Cpt. Calak: “Yes, you can be of help. Lt. Wu, transmit the mission briefing. Cpt. Whitfield, we were told, that MAOX wouldn’t send us a Galamoth…”
Cpt. Stan Whitfield: “If the emperor is asking, let us say it was an accident. Our perception drive seemed to have a misfunction. But privately, captain, my parents died in the Terra Firma complex caused by a Mysterion attack. We won’t let you alone and we brought some special friends…”

Battalions of flatships and other MAOX forces are leaving the hangars…

Cpt. Calak: “So let it be a good day to die. We have problems with the Mysterion battlestars but also needs a ship to face the canopion…”
Cpt. Stan Whitfield: “No problem. I’m just reading the mission protocol. Complicate plan you have but I think, the Orlox can do it.”

With the ships also two mysterious humanoid objects are leaving the Orlox heading to the battlestar…

Lt Cmdr Mbutu: “Compression level stabil. Shields holding. Oxygen level ok. The Daimajin will survive the ride. But do you already have an idea of how we stop the movement in space?”
Lt. Jose Walker: “Use the jump drives and bring the mech in rotation. Hell yeah, the improved Indra works well in space.”

Lt.Cmdr Mbutu: “Attention, a block right there!”
Lt. Jose Walker: “No problem. Redesign the bio-mechs for space usage was a genious idea. If this works we’ll be the first soldiers of a starmech space force. If we build a prototype, how should we call it? Hermes-class?”
Lt. Cmdr Mbutu: “Like the naked greek god? Sounds gay. Maybe Uranus. Yeah, let us call it the Uranus starmech! But before we have to defeat this ship.”

Lt. Jose Walker: “Fire with fire, Mysterions with a MALE gun (Mysterion arc light emitter). Take this!!”

Within moments, the battleship is breaking into pieces…

Lt. Wu: “Sir, a group of 30 objects are heading to the Orlox.”
Cpt. Stan Whitfield: “Don’t worry. Galamoths are equipped with Mysterion technology, too. This ship is indestructible.”
Cpt. Calak: “Why these ships? The Mysterions should send their most powerful objects to face the orlox, why they’re coming with fighters and drones? Lt. Wu, how long has it been since the last big energy blast?”
Lt. Wu “About 5 minutes I think…”

Cpt. Calak: “THE DARK MATTER WEAPON!!! They’re going to destroy the Orlox!!”

Object 714 is loading its powerful main weapon…

…and fires.
But in the same moment, the beam reaches the Orlox, the ship vanishes…

…to appear right before the canopion.
Cpt. Stan Whitfield: “Bridge at crew: Perception jump successful. Awake our guests, their day has come…”


Stacy-imagination: “Oh, mister Calak. Your arms are so strong and your mind is endless…”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Oh, come on. Why should i be jealous of Calak? He’s my best friend.”
Stacy: “Why do you ask me? I’m just an creation of your subconscious, right?”
Cmdr. Cole Walker: “We often fear that someone other get what we want most. Friends can become the most evil rivals. That’s why humans are hating each other more than many other races. They fear to be traited by what they call friends. But in the end, we know, everybody is alone. Not so with us. Give up, Carnway. Join a mind without fear, lies, envy, broken hearts and dissimulation. Here you could be one with all. Everyone a piece of everything…”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “NO! They’re coming and decide your end. The war ends today, I know it, you can see what i feel but i can also feel what you see. They have sent a giant fleet and won’t give up until every cube is smashed!”

Stacy: “And can you feel their desperation? For what do you think are humans fight for? Is it love? Honour? The rightful thing or just power over a part of space? Or do you think they would really give their lives for you?”

Stacy: “Mankind is a crazy race. So ful of lust and passion. Civilisated until the day, a naughbour has more than you, until a guy gets the girl you wanted to love. Then, in the moment one is disagreeing with one other, there is only fear, hate, crime…”
Cpt. Michal Krotowski: “E.A.S. Waterloo has lost the life support systems. Only drive engines are active. We programm a course and…zumschk…zrrr…that damn thing!!”

Stacy: “This race doesn’t know anything else than chaos. Your mind is in chaos, your politics you’re calling an order is chaos and everything, mankind has brought into space since their first steps out of the jungle and into their so called civilisation of chaotic citties is one war after another. “
Cpt. Michal Krotowski: “KAMIKAZEEEEE!!!!!”
Stacy “They say, their passion is love and that love is something beautiful but all we see is death. You fear what you don’t know, hate what you want to love and kill what you know is one of your own. We never met a species so consequent in self-destruction and out of order. Even the Evdraph never fought themselves.”

Stacy: “See how easy it is to break one of your minds. If they realize how cruel their existence is and how senseless their lives are, they lost every order and go crazy…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “You know nothing about us. Aside, you started the war…”
Stacy: “We’re not angry, you are not our enemy. You are here because your mind is special. The chaos never broke you. They broke your heart, they said, that you’d never reach your goals but you didn’t listen to them. You became a captain and sacrified friends and love and desires to protect their world. You gave all for your dreams, Josh and got nothing. Finally, when the day of decision had come, you were forced to stay on a reserve bank. All you fought for is gone. Why are you still willing to stand up? Even if they could win the war, what could they offer you else than more pain, more chaos, more disappointment in life?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “What would you offer me? What will you want me to do for it?”
Cmdr. Cole Walker: “More than any other being in this universe could imagine. Beeing one. Beeing order between chaos. We’re pieces, pieces of everything. And all you have to do to be one of us is…”

Sluur imagination: “OPEN YOUR MIND!”

Meanwhile, hundreds of mysterious bionic ships are leaving the Orlox…

With the mainfleet out of range, the canopion is low protected.

And the Mysterions didn’t expect what kind of enemy has been risen…

Sluur forces are landing on the surface of the giant ship…

…facing the Mysterion mechs first…

…and starting to break the hull…

…to invade the world inside the ship.

U.F.O.lien pilot #1: “Zu’hark’lözP’tajs battalion reached destination. We’re attacking the canopion. The MAOX ship revealed a fleet of curious objects. Repeat, we attack with an unknown alien force.”

Smoke and fire entering a closed room…
U.F.O.lien commander: “Yellowskin, do you smell that, too? Something is burning us.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Leave me alone!!! Argh, where? That must be our fleet. They’re here to rescue us. Come here, we’re here! Come and break these walls!!!”

Ensign Walter: “Captain. I locate a beam of gamma radiation targeting us.”
Cpt. Calak: “Object 714! Prepare the weapons!”
Lt. Wu: “I can’t there’s nothing on our scanner. The object just doesn’t appear on our sensors. I’ll search it with the optical cams.”

The dark matter cannon creates a singularity and prepares to fire…

Ensign Walter: “Sir, I have an idea.”
Cpt. Calak: “Tell it, we won’t life long enough to listen it later…”
Ensign Walter. “If we recalibrate a deflector shield to receive and deflect the gamma radiation beam, we could repolarize it so it would fire a powerful energy blast back to where the beam has come. If the object tries to fire its weapon, the ship would fire the blast back like a mirror…”
Cpt. Calak: “Make it so!”
Lt. Wu: “That wouldn’t work, sir.”
Cpt. Calak. “Why not?”
Lt. Wu: “This ship doesn’t own a deflector shield.”

The dark matter singularity is ready to collapse and fire the deadly blast…

Cpt. Calak: “It was an honour to work with you…”
Ensign Walter: “We have the object on screen. Sir, there’s a second ship reaching the enemy’s position quickly…”

Lt. Vega: “Computer, target object 714 and all weapons fire!!!”
Computer: “FAILURE: weapon systems are inactive. Please check system status or damage reports.”
Lt. Vega: “-sighs- Then sent a transmission to the Mewton: Lt. Vega here. My friends, tell…please tell LeGonze that i whish him to be always a great father…I love you guys. Transmission end. Computer. Full energy in the drive engines. NOW!”

The shuttle and the dark matter weapon explode…

Lt. Cmdr Mbutu: “Keep your backside! Unbelievable that we succeeded to reach the canopion from that range.”
Lt. Jose Walker: “Don’t speak. Fire. For Zordor!!”

Lt. Jose Walker: “We’re surrounded! Ther’re way too much…”

Commodore Skro’wohr’ahlik: “All motherships following my commando. We reached the enemy’s mothership. Deactivate your stealth engines. Status report every 2 minutes. We want REVENGE! LET THE BLOCKS FEEL PAIN!!!”

U.F.O.lien ships appear in masses joining the Sluur and the Orlox in battle. Aside smaller amounts of Mysterions, the canopion doesn’t give resistance…

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Yes! Come and free us!!”
U.F.O.lien commander: “And what if there’s no corridor behind this wall? If we’re just next to space?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Can YOU HEAR US? DON’T keep firing!!! You could kill us! DON’T KEEP FIRING, PLEASE!!!!”

Lt. Wu: “Optical sensors down. We are blind. I loose control over the drive engines. Something is pulling us away!!! Hull breaks on deck 5&6!”
Cpt. Calak: “What’s happening out there?”
Ensign Walter: “Gamma radiation reaches dangerous level. We get transmissions from all over the fleet. Same problems…”

Lt. Wu: “Gamma radiation? I have a theory. What if the dark matter weapon is using a subspace singularity to transform the dark matter into an energy blast? If the collision of Lt. Vega’s shuttle interrupted the process, we could have created an instabil dark matter singularity.”
Cpt. Calak: “Impossible. That’s something that only exist in multidimensional subspace theories. No human scientist has ever even thought about it. Hypothetical, what would happen if a dark matter singularity exists in normal space?”
Lt. Wu: “I…i don’t know. A rift between subspace and normal space consisting of anti-dark matter. It would transform every kind of matter into dark matter and feed itself with energy growing exponentially. Sir, if we don’t stop it, the whole milky way would be a giant transdimensional wormhole within 24 hours.”

Cpt. Calak. “Lt. Wu, i need your unusual human mind. If you rescue us, I’ll nominate you for a nobel prize. I need ideas…NOW!”
Ensign Walter. “The whole fleet is pulled into the singularity-thing. The ship will break long before we’ll reach its center.”
Lt. Wu: “An idea,…an idea… Maybe…what is with our fusion reactor, that blaktron thing, the M.F.Z.P.E.S.S.S.C.A.P.S. (Mega Fusion Zero Point Energy Subspace Singularity supported Collector for Anti-Positron Substance.) !? It works with a subspace singularity, not?”

Cpt. Calak: “A second singularity. That could work. Sometimes logic is just the begin of wisdom. It would be like throwing a hole into a hole… Shoot out the reactor core!! NOW!!!!”
Ensign Walter: “The radiation field reaches us. Gamma level dangerous.”

As the reactor collapses, the impossible phenomenom begins to vanish…

Ensign Walter: “Congratulations, Lt.Wu, the nobel prize for proving the existence of dark-matter singularities, anti-dark matter, subspace theory and rescueing the universe is saved for you.”
Cpt. Calak: “Wrong, Lt. Walter, congratulations Lt.cmdr. Wu.”

Sha’rzO-raz: “Our task force has surrounded the canopion. The main weapons are loaded and prepared.”
Commodore Skro’wohr’ahlik: “And the Sluur?”
Sha’rzO-raz: “They’re still trying to enter the ship. The Orlox goes in a save range to the Mysterion ships…”

Commodore Skro’wohr’ahlik: “Start the attack!”
Sha’rzO-raz: “But, master, the plan we got from the earthlings orders us to enter the ship rescueing possible prisoners…”
Commodore Skro’wohr’ahlik: “I DID NOT gave my LIFE to earth. We’re here in the name of the U.F.O.lien starempire. The blocks have to be extincted. The day for our glorious revenge has come! Start the Armaggeddon-weapons!!!!”

The U.F.O.lien ships fire their main weapon system on tactical targets…

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “AHHHH!!!!”

The canopion’s structure begins to collapse…

…and caused by unknown damages a giant explosion is filling space…

Olivia Johnson: “What just happened there?! NOO! They…”
Assistant #1: “We receive transmissions that the U.F.O.liens attacked the mothership. The canopion is destructed. We…we won…but…”
Olivia Johnson cries: “That means that Carnway…and the other kidnapped persons…they’re, they’re all dead….they’re… many dead…”

Lt. Walter: “Radiation level decreases. Emergency plans activated. Environment is stabil. We’re drifting. Manouvering impossible.”
Lt.Cmdr. Wu: “Sir, we won’t need that. I receive messages…The Mysterions…they disappear…”

Lt. Cmdr. Wu: “The Orlox is calling us. The canopion is destroyed. We…we WON! WE HAVE WON! The rest of the Mysterion fleet is escaping…”

A while later…

President Michael Abdullah Obama: “Professor Bishop, the impossible happened. We’ve beaten the Mysterions. The press conference will start in one hour. But Miss Johnson disappeared. I have to speak to her before. Do you know where she has gone?”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “You can’t speak her now. I congratulate to your success but you should know, nobody here is a military. We lost many of our friends today…”

President Michael Abdullah Obama: “I NEED to speak her. She has duties in this mission. I respect your losses but now…”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “I said no. I won’t allow you to stress her anymore today…”
Olivia Johnson cries: “Everything has failed. That was not our plan!...nooo….huhuhi…Vega, Carnway, Admiral Noxton…they should not have died….”

4 hours later…

Cpt. Michal Krotowski: “…we’re getting slaughtered and all just for your ego!...”
Anchorwoman: “These were the last recorded statements form E.A. captain Michal Krotowski before his ship went in a kamikaze action on a Mysterion battleship. The transmission was given by an anonymous group who hacked in the governmental subspace network. Meanwhile the president declared 5306 members of E.A. space force for dead in the official press conference. Compared to the information from these unknown observers we can assume that the battle was much more brutal and the losses bigger than the government are ready to puplish. What did Obama cover from us, too? Are his plans for a Quad Power war council with Zordor, Tarsis and Skaboor really a logical consequence in the Krill war or do economical reasons influence our security politics? We don’t know, what we know is that the Mysterion menace is gone and we payed a high prize for it. If Obama’s prize was fair or if he failed in the whole operation, the citizen have to decide…”

Paris, John Moffat memorial gardens…

Shaded man: “You’re quick. I didn’t await you before dawn.”
Agent: “Master, the events come thick and fast. In this chaos we all should be informed immediately if we want to control the things.”

Shaded man: “And how it’s going?”
Agent: “Our information are flooding the media and the statements of Obama are well-critizised. The people are lucky to defeat the Mysterions but they’re tired of war and the proceedings with Skaboor and Tarsis unwished. The president looses trust. If our plan is running it will be hard to enflame the people’s hearts again.”
Shaded man: “I heard the military has found our hacking links.”

Agent give the man a pocket pc: “They found a wrong trojan. The real virus is still alive and expanding in their network. We can see everything the government can see, too. Our helpers in the parties had done their work. We’re ready.”
Shaded man: “And Brickhard? Does he know his place?”

Agent: “No master, he still plays his role and suspects nothing. I think we can keep that for a while. He and his fanatic followers are the perfect muppets…”
Shaded man: “And so the times of talking are over. The time for decisions has come…”

The gentlemen disappear…

Meanwhile, somewhere in the galaxy…

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Holy Buddah, we’re still alive!”
U.F.O.lien Commander: “We’re not in space. Breathable atmosphere, low on oxygen but still air.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “But if this isn’t a ship, what attacked us?”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “And the most important question…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “…where the hell…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “ all god’s names…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “..ARE WE?”


Guest appearances:
-Several MAOX flatships, Archeogenis mechs and “Orlox” by Yuri Fassio
-MAOX battleships Avenger DSD; AMS Black Wind by Bernardo Blitz Silva
-some smaller Mysterions are not from me.
-Thanks for the support of the GGW universe members that made it possible to bring the factions together in this series. And to everyone else not mentioned who inspired me in any way. Originally i planned to use some music tracks for the final episode but nothing seemed to fit with the text and pics so again my ful respect for Nufalak of Mythada who combines music with his comic projects in perfection.

That’s it. The End of Season 3!! But what will happen next? Discuss on
Mysterion Lovers or in
GGW Universe

And don’t forget to support this series in the Tall Tale Awards 2011:


  January 8, 2012
I understand your reasons, but its 1 of only 2 story arcs left to play out (Retaking of Ifrith is the other), so...yeah. Also I may have posted this in the ggw group before I saw this comment, but its a more direct question that you still didn't really answer here. Also I'm kind of hurt because the neos is my group lol. I still don't see how it complicates the story that much, or how little bakround there is...Heck, i see that story arc combining nicely with your conspiracy plotline. As the mixed reactions about allying with them could add nicely to wherever your going with that. Eeven better, the Krill show up (they hate DA too) during the battle and provide a nice plot twist. That could work with Mysterions too. But oh well, I guess it's your comic :(
 I made it 
  January 8, 2012
Did i mentioned that the TTA-voting is still running? Support the series on
 I made it 
  January 8, 2012
Quoting Delta Kevin 22 Now this is what I call EPIC! Also I just realized why the NEOS doesn't appear that much yet. If your following ggwu timeline all this is taking place in september 11, 3001, so the november 11th trelask battle hasn't happened yet. Just writing this i realized you made this battle take place on the 1000th anniversary of 9/11. Was that on purpose?
Originally it should have played later but i'm running out of time to fit the finale with the begin of the Quad power war council. Best thing would be to extend all later events about 6 months later but it's ok so, too. The next season will have to play in a short time period though because of the space travel it would need to be longer. The date is just a nice touch to make the story more emotional. I always try to make similarities with real world history e.g. Obama, coffee party etc. To the NEOS, i just don't have much need or use for them (except Ep. 25), my focus is on Mysterions, Sluur and the unique AG tech. Also ther're isn't much background for NEOS and including DA in the comic would overload the whole project so i'm just lucky to finish all story-arcs i still have.
 I like it 
  January 7, 2012
Now this is what I call EPIC! Also I just realized why the NEOS doesn't appear that much yet. If your following ggwu timeline all this is taking place in september 11, 3001, so the november 11th trelask battle hasn't happened yet. Just writing this i realized you made this battle take place on the 1000th anniversary of 9/11. Was that on purpose?
 I like it 
  December 26, 2011
You got a sweet looking project here! I really like your effects with the space battle scenes. From the engine flares to the lazer FX work. Well done. Reminds me of the mazzive battles on Babylon 5. Keep it up Bro. If you need any pointers just let me know. Later...
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
White Knight
  December 19, 2011
Superb !>.....well done
 I like it 
  December 19, 2011
Most impressive! I can't stress out enough the beauty of those pics, now that's a proper talent
 I like it 
  December 18, 2011
Impressive! Keep it up, Christian!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
Intense! Amazing finale!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
Some serious action here, Dude! Looks awesome!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
The best episode yet IMO. Spectacular work on the space battle effects and scenes. Keep them coming Chris!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
those... photo... editing... effects... are... COMPLETEANDTOTALAWESOMENESSSS!!!!! wow. those pictures are unbelievable. how many years did it take to do those?!?! I'd tell you how many stars I'd like to give this, but I can't count that high.
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
So colorful! Dude seriously, you must love photo editing more than I do!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2011
WOH! Pretty intense stuff. But I thought there'd only be three seasons... Well, I'm not complaining about a fourth. In fact, that may make my life easier for an upcoming project...
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