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12Lego's Pokémon CYOA Ep 1
Here's episode 1 of my Pokémon CYOA!!! Sorry for the wait... We start off in New Gole Town...
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LOCATION: New Gole Town Warehouse
TIME: 12:56 AM

Guard: Ugh. This job is so boring...


Guard: What the?
???: Oh, be quiet!

*The intruder shoots*
Guard: Urgh-

???: Come on in Ash!
Ash: Ok, Commander Magma!

Magma: Ash! Carry out these boxes! These are the ones the boss wants!
Ash: Yes, sir!

*Ash and Magma Carry out the boxes filled with valuable goods*

LOCATION: New Gole Town; Jordan's house
TIME: 7:30 AM

Jordan: Ah, time to help Professor Felix hand out the Pokémon.

*Jordan grabs his backpack and heads to Professor Felix's lab*

LOCATION: New Gole Town, Professor Felix's Lab
TIME: 8:00 AM

Professor Felix: Ah, there you are Jordan. Thanks for agreeing to helping me this fine morning.
Jordan: Hey, it's all I can do! You were the one who started my journey in the first place.
Felix: Ah yes. It sounds like they are here.

*The Mayor of New Gole Town steps in*
Felix: Ah, greetings Mayor Kai.
Kai: Hello, Professor Felix. And Jordan.
Jordan: Hello Mayor Felix.

*Ben steps in*
Felix: Ah, you must be Ben.
Ben: Yes I am.
Kai: Here you go Ben. Your own Charmander!
Ben: Awesome!

*Ben leaves the lab*

*Raviel steps in*
Kai: Here you go, Raviel. Your very own Snivy!
Raviel: Can't wait to start my journey!

*Raviel leaves*

*Chris enters*
Chris: I'm here for my Pokémon!
Felix: Yes you are, my dear boy.
Kai: Here's your own Shinx!
Chris: I'm gonna shock the competition!

*He leaves*

*Jed arrives*
Kai: You must be that Jed kid Jordan's been talking of.
Jed: That's me!
Kai: Well in that case, here's your starter. It's a Diglet!
Jed: Great!
*He leaves*

*Josh arrives*
Jordan: Josh!!!!!
Josh: Hey Jordan!
Felix: So you know each other?
Josh: Yeah, we were friends in school!
Kai: Ah, friendship... Anyways, here's your starter. A Tepig!
Josh: I'm all fired up now!

*Josh Leaves*

Felix: Hey Jordan. How about you help them out on their journey through the Poké Region.
Jordan: Sounds like a great idea!
Felix: your knowledge and experience should help them greatly!
Jordan: Ok Professor!
Felix: THey should be in the plaza...

*Jordan rushes out the door*

*Jordan arrives at the plaza*
Jed: I'm so excited!
Ben: Yeah!
Josh: I need to learn everything there is about Pokémon!
Chris: Look at me shread!

Jordan: Hey!!!!!!

*The crowd of eager trainers turns toward Jordan*

Jordan: Professor Felix told me to help you guys on your journey through the Poké Region. I am an experienced trainer with 7 gym badges. I can help you guys!
Ben: Sounds great!
Josh: I need the help...

Jordan: Follow me! This way leads to Lego City and the First of 8 Gyms!
Crowd: LET'S GO!!!!!

*Back at Felix's lab*
Kai: Ah, that was interesting... So many eager Trainers... I bet they will be great Trainers...
Felix: That's what I hope... Ah, that sounds like another Trainer.

*Raquel enters the lab*
Raquel: I'm here for my Oshawott!!!!
Kai: Here it is.
Raquel: Thanks!

*Raquel rushes out*

*HN walks in*
HN: I am the Trainer who requested the Aron.
Felix: Ah, yes. You are HN, are you not?
HN: That's me!
Kai: Here's your Aron.
HN: Thanks Mr. Mayor!

*HN rushes out*

*Mike enters*
Mike: I will be the greatest trainer ever! With my new Chikorita!
Kai: And here's that Chikorita, Mike.
Mike: Thanks!

*He run out of the lab*

*Max walks in*
Max: Hey Professor and Mayor!
Felix: Hello.
Kai: You are the one who requested the Oddish?
Max: That's me!

*He runs out*

*Jacob walks into the lab*
Jacob: I'm here for my Turtwig.
Kai: Here ya go.
Jacob: Thanks! Bye!

*He runs out*

*Caleb runs in*
Caleb: Hey.
Kai: Here's your very own Foongus!
Caleb: Thanks!

Kai: Well, I have a meeting to attend to. Bye Professor.
Felix: Good to see you again.

*Mayor Kai walks out*
Felix: Bye mayor!

*The Group of trainers runs into the lab*
Felix: What is this?
Raquel: They are going to steal our Pokémon!
Caleb: Hide them!
Max: Me scared!
Rest: AHHHHH!!!

*The doors fly open and a group of people enter*
???: Give us your Pokémon!
HN: Never!
???: Don't make us hurt you!
???: We will also make our robot hurt you too...

Jacob: Don't hurt us!
???: Give us your Pokémon!
HN: Just don't hurt us!
???: It's a deal...

*HN, Jacob, and Max give up their Starters*

Good doing business with you...

*The group of people leave*

*Officer Jenny and Deputy James enter*
Jenny: What happened here?
HN: Some villainous team stole our Pokémon!
James: That must have been Team Inferno...
Raquel: They didn't take all of our Pokémon, and who is Team Inferno?
James: A villainous team who steals Pokémon to sell on the Black Market.
Jacob: Can we help you stop Team Inferno?
Jenny: That would be very helpful.

Jenny: We saw the Team head off toward route 2
James: Pokémon at the ready kids.
Raquel: My first adventure!
Jacob: We will get them back.

The group follows the Police on route 2

HN, Jacob, and Mike: HEY LOOK!
HN: A Lillipup!
Jacob: A Pidgey!
Max: A Cubone!
All: Let's catch them!

Jenny: Here's some spare Pokéballs for you.

All: Thanks!

*Max and HN throw their Pokeballs*

*They successfully catch the Pokémon*

*Jacob throws his at the Pidgey*

*And it successfully catches it*

*They Pick up their new Pokémon*

Jenny: Great! Now you have your own Pokémon!

HN: Should we follow the group or go to the first gym?

TIME: 3:00 PM

???: You did well on today's heist agents.

All: Thank you, Boss Vulcan.
Boss Vulcan: Flare, Magma. You will lead a heist on the gym of Lego City.
Flare and Magma: Yes Boss.

Boss Vulcan: Soon, all the rare Pokémon of the Poké Region will be ours! And later, the whole region will be under our control!


Group 1: (The group with me) NO CHOICES...

Group 2: NO CHOICES...

HN, Max, Jacob:
a) Abandon your group and go to Lego City to take the Gym Challenge
b) Continue with the group to get your Starters back


So that was episode one of my CYOA.
Comment and rate.


 I like it 
  February 3, 2012
I know.
 I like it 
  January 25, 2012
Fail on my part, I'm sorry I forgot to comment. So I'll continue with the group. Great episode!
 I made it 
  January 24, 2012
Quoting Jacob Junek My name is Jacob, and all I got was a Pidgey. :(
You aren't the Jacob that's in my CYOA...
 I like it 
  January 24, 2012
My name is Jacob, and all I got was a Pidgey. :(
 I made it 
  January 24, 2012
Quoting Nathaniel Ely Awesome and choice 2! I feel bad that I collected the entire first generation and yet I didn't recognize like half of those pokemon.
You aren't in the Cyoa let along group 2... You can't make a choice... You can continue following the Cyoa though
 I like it 
  January 23, 2012
Awesome and choice 2! I feel bad that I collected the entire first generation and yet I didn't recognize like half of those pokemon.
 I like it 
  January 20, 2012
Hey, for episode 2, please wait until I post it first, k?
 I like it 
  January 18, 2012
Dude! What happened to sending me the HTML!?
 I like it 
  January 18, 2012
Nice job! I cannot wait to see some more pokemon though.
 I like it 
  January 15, 2012
NNooooo, Turtiwg!! I choose B. And great episode, I can't wait for part 2!
 I like it 
  January 15, 2012
Loved it! awesome storyline! Cool thing that i have a lillipup now because i have 2 dogs in real life, anyways i choose B, the gym can wait.
 I like it 
  January 15, 2012
Nicely done! The settings were great and so was the storyline so far :D Looking forward to more :D I would suggest less text in future episodes though, that way you don't bore people, not that you bored me, just I'd imagine it would to others. Anyway good luck and great work so far :D
Jaetaro the Wise
 I like it 
JPfan65 Studios
  January 14, 2012
Epic Man =D !
 I like it 
  January 14, 2012
Not bad, although in a way your CYOA seems a lot like others I've seen on MOCpages. Perhaps you should have a little bit less of an organized criminal presence in your story, or go all-out to where they are more than just an underground operation, but a legitimately recognized society or something. They key to having a successful series is doing something nobody's ever done before.
 I made it 
  January 14, 2012
Quoting vulcan the volcano lord first of all ash is the anime characters name. and secondly I'm the leader of the evil guys!?!
I know both of those things. I thought Ash fit well though. And yes, you have the same name as the boss of Team Inferno, but you don't control him...
  January 14, 2012
first of all ash is the anime characters name. and secondly I'm the leader of the evil guys!?!
 I like it 
  January 14, 2012
No choices eh.... It's still a great episode! Can't wait to see more =D
 I like it 
  January 14, 2012
Looks good! I like the plaza :D
By Jaetaro the Wise
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