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The U.M.R.C.project: S4 Ep.30
Previously in “The U.M.R.C. project”: In a bloody battle the earth alliance succeeded to defeat the Mysterion fleet with help of Maox, U.F.O.lien and Sluur forces. Admiral Noxton, Lt. Vega and many more died in that battle while the missing Cpt. Carnway ended on an unknown world…
About this creation
Iowa, Olivia Johnson’s apartment…

Voice whispering: “…livia…Olivia…”
Olivia Johnson: “I can’t sleep for weeks and now this. Who?”

Voice: “Olivia. Don’t you miss your young brother? I need your help.”
Olivia Johnson: “Timmy? You’re dead. You cannot…WHO ARE YOU? End these games! What do you want from me?”

Timmy: “The time for questions is over, Olivia. The time for answers has come…”

Somewhere in the galaxy…

U.F.O.lien commander: “Sah-Kae-Rhea. The legends were true. The praised world of the Mysterions. Where everything begins and all will end.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “But where is Sah-kae-Rhea? This is a planet, there must be a position, a possibility to call for help.”
U.F.O.lien commander: “Who should come? Your people believe us dead. And it doesn’t seem that anybody is around. Not even the Mysterion object could be helped.”

Cpt. Carnway: “Is that debris a part of the object which had kidnapped us?”
U.F.O.lien commander: “Something stronger than it was here. We were attacked. But by what? See, this was a battlefield…”

Cpt. Carnway: “Look! I think i’d seen this thing already.”
U.F.O.lien commander: “Mysterion garbage. Do you really believe that you’ve seen every single object yet, oh great warrior?”
Cpt. Carnway: “No, not as object. An artefact of that shape is lying in our storage hall. Dr. Lentz had found it in a debris field. We’ve never found a Mysterion fitting to it.”

Earth, capital city, crisis hall…

Ska’wah’tah: “I hope it’s important. A shan’ta-wakhian dislikes to leave the bed in darkest night…”
Connel McConnaghal: “We have new information from ‘The Stab’. As feared, Dark Augusto machines started a siege of the N.E.O.S. world Trelask. Meanwhile, our scouts detected a krill fleet not 5 lightyears next to the battlefield. About 10 motherships and hundreds of battleships. Untill now we assumed that the crocs didn’t leave Corpcer’s space but this fleet is another one. Their amount is much bigger than expected.”

Ska’wah’tah: “If we have luck, the Krill and D.A. will face each other and both fleets gain big losses. At least we would win time…”
Connel McConnaghal: “Or they’ll ignore the machines and continue their way. Between Trelask and us, there’s only matter fog X-459HJ . And while station 78 is still under construction our territory is nearly defenceless. Sir, we should concentrate all ships there and build a system-wide barricade as long as the enemy is fighting the Skaboors.”
President Michael Abdullah Obama: “And if we sent support? When DA and Krill are focussed on each other, we could unite our and Skaboor’s forces to start a two-side strike. The krill are a conjoint enemy.”

Connel McConnaghal: “Fighting for N.E.O.S. worlds? That would cost important resources and time we need for E.A. space defence lines. Also the N.E.O.S. would never join an alliance and allowing foreign military in their territory. All diplomatic discussions in the last months failed.”
President Michael Abdullah Obama: “Without support they’ll die, with or without Krill intervention on Trelask. It’s time to re-open the diplomatic tables. Call Skaboor. And, oh, open a subspace channel to C.O.P. networks. I want to speak with the emperor’s ambassadors.”
Ska’wah’tah: “For what?”
President Michael Abdullah Obama: “If we success to invite Skaboor into a military alliance with E.A. and MAOX against the krill, the emperor of Tarsis surely wants to know that he has only one chance not to be the small brother of the most powerful human force. He has no choice than joining, too, or isolating himself from the rest of the known galaxy. Aside, he’ll start to understand that the krill soon or later also enter coalition worlds.”

Connel McConnaghal “You want to FORCE the coalition to support our war against the krill?”
Ska’wah’tah: “A quad power war council. Mr. president, that’s an idealistic idea played out by some students of interstellar politics in Harvard. A theory, a game. That would never happen. N.E.O.S. and C.O.P. are bloody enemies. We all are enemies, for hundreds of years. We have no time for such liberal dreams!”

President Michael Abdullah Obama: “We haven’t found out yet how many fleets the Krill have but the first waves of their invasion destroyed half of MAOX colonies within months. The greatest galactic war of all time is rising. What if this is our last chance we’re able to have dreams? ”

Sunrise, somewhere in a stinking ghetto…

The chief: “ahho…gluckgluck…”

The chief pokes: “urghhh…I hate this day.”
Mark Devine: “Good day, old friend. How does it feeling down there?”
The chief: “Go away! I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone…”

Mark Devine: “Because everyone has let you down? The so called friends are more busy with their own goals. The business has to go on, the war needs it warriors following their great chiefs blind. In this system there’s no place for weak ones with broken hearts. It’s a shame that humanity got lost over the centuries more and more while profit means everything. But what happens when poverty lose all its worth? In the last court the judge can’t be corrupted with status or money.”

The chief: “Next you’re telling me that i should join your crazy church to do the revolution. And that we should judge the non-believers and fight in a holy one’s name…”
Mark Devine: “It’s not our intention to destroy or to judge. We don’t want to split the society as your corrupt politics and beaurocrates are trying to. The brotherhood wants peace. Our mission is to heal the world. The Mysterions were never our enemies, we are our own ones. They didn’t start this war. It was mankind who declares the true followers of the lord and the Mysterions as criminal fanatics. My old friend, come with us and we’ll show you a way of salvation. In our world all people on earth will be the same again.”
The chief: “Take a holy cube and put it into your life-loving ass. I won’t fight for anyone anymore. These are not my wars…Nothing to fight for has left…”

Mark Devine: “So you’re lost. But don’t think you aren’t responsible for mankind’s sins. Judgement day is coming and everyone has to choose a side. My offer is still open. Our brotherhood is open to every lonely soul if she’s willing to regret. We can still leave this world behind and find Sah-Kae-Rhea, our paradise.”

Iowa, U.M.R.C medical lab 2…

Dr. Martin Koch: “I finished a complete check-up but you’re healthy. Ecept of a high level of stress hormones.”
Olivia Johnson: “But that wasn’t just a dream. It felt so…so unbelievable real. Like if he was really there and in my brain as well. What if…what if…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “If you’re a ghost whisperer? Miss Johnson, you were on the edge of a mental breakdown just a few weeks ago. To prevent a burn-out you should take some holidays. These nightmares and hallucinations probably are warnings of your subconscious to slow down and relax. We finished a hard time but for now your work is not needed. Calm is my professional advise as doctor.”

Olivia Johnson: “You’re right. I just think I am responsible for everybody in this department. Carnway and Vega, many lost friends. LeGonze gives himself the guilt for Vega’s death, Devine left us in anger and for a while the chief behave weird. I…I think this family we became the last 3 years, it begins to break. I know, even if you’d have information you can’t tell me, but could you promise to take an eye on my men? Chief and LeGonze should know that they can count on us if they have problems…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “I’ll do.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “urgh….another block behind us. Soon we’ll leave this giant pyramid. But where to go next? Isn’t it curious that the Mysterionsworld is totally empty? I mean what happened here?”
U.F.O.lien commander: “I have a bad feeling. My blood smells danger.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “By the way, are you still planning to kill me? I mean…after all we experienced…”
U.F.O.lien commander: “We’re not friends, pinky. You can be helpful as lure. The cubes seems to like humans.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Oh, ok. But after we take our revenge together, you won’t kill me? Or do you?”
U.F.O.lien commander smiles: “Sure.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I think, we’ll have to wait for a chance of fight. We’re alone…”

Are they?

Iowa, U.M.R.C.

Jennifer enters the office. As she’s hearing a loud quarrel she stops.
Olivia Johnson: "I said NO!"

Lawyer: “The parliament sent me to present an objective report of what your department is doing. It would easier my work to question the staff face to face.”
Olivia Johnson: “We’re all very busy. I have no time for endless questioning. Don't you think we were stressed enough? All you need you can read in the files my assistant gave you.”

Lawyer: “Ther’re things files can’t tell me. If the parliament decides to finance further work in development of Mysterion technology they have to be sure their investment is hold by professional people.”
Olivia Johnes: “You impute us to be …?”
Lawyer: “I don’t judge anybody. But it’s a fact that the last months brought many members of staff to their mental edge. Your tactical analyst for example is known as ex-alcoholic, Mr. Devine left the company to join a group of religious fanatics, I collected 40 examples of depressed workers. I know, the Mysterion invasion took you much, maybe we should continue with a fresh and healthy team. But maybe they just have missed a strong leadership.”
Olivia Johnson: “I have the best team of scientists. I am well respected…”
Lawyer reads an interview: “’…then she leaved the C.O.C. crying. I think, miss Johnson was mentally down, unable to do her duties…’ The medical diagnose says nervous collapse.”

Olivia Johnson: “How do you know that? Our private health files are closed for everyone else than the doctors and the patient. You injured personal rights. How can you break the law?”
Lawyer smiles: “Miss Johnson, i’m a lawyer. It’s my everyday’s job to bend the law. Especially if your private health status could influence the interstellar security.”
Olivia Johnson: “You want to close this department by any case. The conservatives under Clarkson already tried to dismiss me and my work before. But Obama saw how important our work really is. For who do you work?”

Lawyer: “Only for the free and democratic people of earth alliance. It’s a democracy, Miss Johnson and my political opinions have nothing to do with my decision. My job is to write an advice for the parliament. And with the Mysterions defeated all i’ve seen here today are mental burned out crazy scientists and a giant waste of official taxes. I need a new hover-car and the justice ministry could use a bigger budget, too.”
Olivia Johnson: “Do what you want but we started this project long before the government was even interested in the Mysterions. We will be an independent science organisation again, with or without your support.”

Lawyer: “Good luck. But be sure that according to the contracts you signed, all information the department gained and that includes the whole U.M.R.C. database is property of the United nations of earth. You can start from begin but everything you did the last years will belong to the government only. Good day, Miss Johnson…”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “Everything’s ok? Who was that unsympathic guy?”

Olivia Johnson: “An advisor sent by the parliament. He observes us. The fights never end. First the mysterions, then the krill and now we’re facing the worst species in the galaxy. Lawyers.”

U.F.O.lien commander: “An open space. Keep attention, the place is perfect for an ambush.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Ambush? What should attack us? Here’s nothing.”

U.F.O.lien commander: “Down with your head! The thing that destroyed our prison is still here…”

Within seconds the whole landscape is burning…
Cpt. Josh Carnway: "Why does always everything have to explode??"

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Keep there! Unarmed we have no chance. And thanks that you just rescued me. What the hell is that? A Mysterion?”
U.F.O.lien commander: “Idiot. Why should a Mysterion destroy everything around that belongs to its own people?!”

Dr. Martin Koch: “You had a fight in a bar? I was able to repair the bone but may i ask how that has happened?”
The chief: “A quarrel. The Thyrendi provoked the Blacktron, I tried to helped, everything escalated. Honestly I have no memories about last night. ”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Does that happen more often in your freetime? Your personnel file is filled with notes telling me you were missing at work…”
The chief: “I’m ok.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “You can trust me. As doctor i am forced to keep still. Nothing will leave this room. If you need help…”
The chief: “I don’t need help…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Nonsense. I know the aspects of an addiction. Did you drink? Are you relapsed?”

The chief: “I don’t want your pity! If I want to destroy myself i will do it.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “But that is not necessary. You’re not alone…”
The chief: “Leave me. I won’t come back. This…all is a lie. We worked for nothing… i…”

The chief runs away…
Dr. Martin Koch: “But…”

Chase: “What’s going up?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Everyone here is going crazy. The last week I signed 24 applications for holidays. The Mysterion war has burned us out. Who will give up next?”

Chase: “Should we hire a psychologist? The medical team is too small to help everybody’s private problems. We should be happy. Our most dangerous enemy is defeated. Why not celebrating the end of the war?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “I fear war always leaves wounds that hurt worse than all injuries can…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “The dust was too thick. I wasn’t able to see anything. Whatever that was it’s going the opposite direction. We’re save for now.”

U.F.O.lien commander: “Going inside is our death. For the moment we should search a shelter.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Look! Smoke. Something just happened there. Maybe we find functionable technology, in best case weapons.”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Think about it again. Leaving the U.M.R.C. won’t bring vega back alive.”
Lt. LeGonze: “I know, but i cannot continue. He was my best friend and i was supposed to die in that shuttle. Whatever i’ll do with my life, i cannot rejoin the battle. Thanks for the medicaments. I hope it will help me to sleep.”

Lt.LeGonze: “And thanks for being such a trustable friend.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “You know where to find me…”

Lawyer: “Another unhappy employee… Dr. Martin Koch, I am…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “…not welcome. I heard what are you doing here. I won’t help you to create a view of an unprofessional company.”

Lawyer: “My question is not directed to you as employee but as doctor. You know what a post-war trauma is. Can you tell me from your professional knowledge, that this department is not a ticking bomb? Is Miss Johnson mentally strong enough to keep the staff together when possible or will she look away when things go worse? Imagine a depressive maybe even suicidal scientist playing with dangerous alien technology. He had a bad day, didn’t sleep enough because of nightmares dealing about his dead friends, one moment of missing attention and the laboratory explodes in a subspace-singularity. CAN YOU account for this case?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Maybe we all have problems but what keeps us together is our work. The Mysterion files is for what we fought for, some of us their whole life long. Nobody could be more responsible than this family. Olivia Johnson is the only and the best boss to lead the U.M.R.C. project. Her mental health is no term to worry. And now leave my lab, sir.”

Jennifer: “LeGonze, nice to see you. How’s your daughter? What can I do for you?”
Lt. LeGonze: “I want to resign. I decided to leave the U.M.R.C. . ”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “A pod. It must crashed here recently.”

U.F.O.lien commander: “The design is unknown to me. It doesn’t belong to any known factions.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “I’m sure it belongs to a blue-skinned alien race like that person there. A survivor.”

U.F.O.lien commander: “The damages are easy. I may could repair this thing.”

Meanwhile Johnson has called her staff to an inofficial meeting…
Carl Meyer: “This lawyer questioned all workers in every department. But he didn#t want to see just one result we gained in our research projects. He’s only interested in collecting private information about us.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “The parliament should be convinced that further support of the U.M.R.C. is not necessary and that the project itself with every involved man could be a risk.”

Olivia Johnson: “The only goal of this research is to find facts they can use against us. It seems ther’re people in the parliament who want to close the U.M.R.C. and immediately stop all projects we’re working on. But why? This doesn’t fit to Clarkson’s faction, which always tried to gain military weapon development from Mysterion technology.”
Professor Mortimer M. Bishop: “The question is, why now? The Mysterion affair is over and now we should disappear. It would be easy to reopen the group as independent organisation without costs for the government. I think there’s more behind that. It’s like it’s feared that we could come to conclusions of the reason for the Mysterion invasion which should never be coming out. I cannot say who our enemy is but he definitely knows a few things more than we. And he has powerful friends in the government.”

Olivia Johnson: "Ok, you can leave. And to no one a word about our meeting. Keep your eyes open. As long as we don’t know our enemy we’ve only ourselves."

A man enters Olivia’s office: “Olivia…”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Wait, come here! I think she’s still alive and needs our help.”

Suddently, the pod leaves the surface.
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “What? Hey, stay here! COME BACK! YOU CAN’T just…!!!”

U.F.O.lien commander: “I’m sorry. The pod has only one seat. Everybody has to fight for himself. An U.F.O.lien and a human could never be friends…”

Mark: “Olivia, we didn’t see for a while. I have to speak with you. It’s important.”
Olivia Johnson: “Mark! What do you want to tell me?”

Mark: “Your world is in danger. And i need to explain some things to you. I beg you, open your mind for me.”
Olivia Johnson: “What do you mean? Talk.”
Mark: “We’Re piEces, pieces of EveryThing….Olivia…..listen…..”
Olivias phone rings…
Olivia Johnson: “Wait a moment. Mh? It’s your mother?!”

Mrs. Goldfield: “Olivia, i….something cruel has happened. I know, you and Mark aren’t together anymore but since you were like my own daughter, you deserve to know it. I have nobody to share this anymore. Olivia, my son, he had a car crash. Mark died yesterday…”

Olivia Johnson: “No, no, that can’t be. You’re wrong. He’s here. I’ve just spoke to him. Mark…”

Olivia Johnson: “Mark?”

Finally, I could surprise you and be able to puplish the first 2 episodes of the new season (the rest of the season may will follow in a few weeks, also a trailer will appear.)


  February 17, 2012
It means, Delta, that everyone perceives them differently. I might see them as one thing, you'd see them as another, but behind the mask, they're the same being.
  February 16, 2012
Say what? For the sake of simplicity, please tell me I'm right, just this once... but seriously, uhh, what did you mean?
 I made it 
  February 16, 2012
Quoting Delta Kevin 22 WEEE! I smell Operation Sidewinder and QPWC coming up!Yay, he listened to me and did it(Do I seem like a 6 year old right now?) It looks like a Sluur is visiting Olivia just like one visited Cpt. Carnaway too.
Not quite. The Sluur in season 2 (Was it?) was an image created for Cole Walker. He was the first humanoid entering this "hive" so it showed him the next thing it knows close to a humanoid race. Everyone has his own kind of vision (like the wormhole prophets in ST:Deep Space Nine).
 I like it 
  February 16, 2012
Beautiful plot as always, and that was an interesting twist at the ending. O.o Can't wait for more.
 I like it 
  February 16, 2012
This SO reminds me of the 80's sci-fi style mate, love how you do that...
 I like it 
  February 15, 2012
WEEE! I smell Operation Sidewinder and QPWC coming up!Yay, he listened to me and did it(Do I seem like a 6 year old right now?) It looks like a Sluur is visiting Olivia just like one visited Cpt. Carnaway too.
 I like it 
  February 14, 2012
Nice, but you need to work on your pictures
 I like it 
  February 14, 2012
Another great episode! I like the transition from heavy action to psychological conflict.
 I like it 
  February 14, 2012
Great job. Good story. :)
 I like it 
  February 14, 2012
Oh man, things are gonna get even more real. Nice betrayal-five from the UFOlien. And it looks like Olivia lost it... You've probably got everything written by now, but if you ever need additional information on the Coalition, you know who to come to. Can't wait till the next one!
By Christian Schlichting
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