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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 12: Faces Old And New
This is Part 12 in Season 4 of my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series. Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation
WARNING:This episode contains a mild horror tale and suggestive themes.


On The Desolation’s bridge, Iadsgb stood staring into space, thinking about his disastrous ambush and also a little meeting he’d had afterwards.

“Sir.” Iadsgb turned as Clift walked in.
“Jamie.” Iadsgb greeted him.

“There’s someone to see you.” Jamie moved to the side and revealed another man standing behind him.
The man wasn’t very tall, had long black hair on the right side of his head, but the left side was completely covered in metal. The metal was shaped around his head and the bottom curved around and covered the whole of his mouth and neck. It had an eye socket that stuck out and had a bright yellow eye staring out of it. He had no left hand. Instead he had a jointed, metal hook.

“Greetings Supreme Commander.” He croaked in a deep, rasping, metal voice.
“Greetings. And whom might you be?” Iadsgb asked.
“My name is Captain Biosnake.”

“Biosnake?” Iadsgb asked in shock. “But aren’t you dead?”
“Nearly. You left me to die Iadsgb. In the base, on Racshaw; you left me. You ran away like the coward you are and left me to be blown to pieces along with the rest of your army.” Biosnake took a step towards Iadsgb and Jamie’s hand moved to rest on his holstered blaster.
“I thought you were dead. There was no point looking for a dead man.” Iadsgb replied.
“But I wasn’t dead.” Biosnake rasped in his new voice. “Just nearly.”
“How did you survive?”

“I remember lying on my back in the wreckage, smelling the gasses I was inhaling and then I blacked out. I woke up a few days later but I’ve been told that what happened was I was caught in an explosion and crushed under a wall. The rescue teams found me barely alive and took me away to hospital. That’s where I awoke. But I didn’t feel like me. I felt strong. I couldn’t concentrate on any thoughts either. It was maddening; all my thoughts zooming about in my head. Apparently then I entered a coma. Obviously, I don’t remember much but I do remember one word that a doctor used to describe me once while he examined me in my state: Insane. I liked the word.” A mad gleam entered Biosnake’s human eye and his yellow one expanded slightly giving him a truly terrifying look. Even Iadsgb was scared. Insane seemed a little bit of an understatement. “I awoke from my coma a few months ago and entered my treatment stage. The doctors healed me and gave me a new face and hand. They gave me my life back. Their technology was amazing. So I took their knowledge. I stole their files and equipment and then…” he paused remembering the moment and a smile crossed his face, even though you couldn’t see his mouth. “Then, I killed them. Killed them all. Every last one of them. Slaughtered them. I killed everyone I could find and blew it up. The whole hospital. Nobody survived.”

He breathed heavily remembering it all and enjoying it immensely. Iadsgb looked disgusted.

“You killed head F.I.S. medics and blew up our most important hospital.” Iadsgb said as though running through a list. “What… the hell, were you thinking?” he asked forcefully.
Biosnake focused on him again. He seemed to flicker in and out of madness. “I wasn’t!” he laughed in his metal voice and the menacing sound grated against Iadsgb and Jamie’s ears.

“So what are you doing here?” Iadsgb asked once he had stopped.
“I’ve come back to continue my job. Head F.I.S. scientist. I’ll continue to make weapons and formulas for you. Everything I used to do.”
Iadsgb thought about it; weighing everything up. Biosnake was after all, the most intelligent person he had ever come across. Nobody was smarter than him. He was a genius; Even if he was now totally insane.
“Very well. I grant you your old post back. Head F.I.S. scientist and my personal scientist. You can continue to make me new weapons and you can have your old lab back, here aboard The Desolation.

“Thank you sir. I shall not disappoint.” Biosnake bowed ever so slightly.

“Obviously there have been some changes in the line up of F.I.S. leaders since you left. I think we should go round so you can meet everyone.” Iadsgb made for the door and Biosnake followed but just then Iadsgb’s comlink bleeped and he answered it.
“Sir,” Callum’s voice came through. “There is someone here to see you.”
“Someone else?”
“Yes sir.”
“Are you okay General? You sound… shaky.” Iadsgb frowned.
There was a short pause and Iadsgb listened closely and could have sworn he heard whispering.
“I’m fine sir. But I think you should come and see.”
Iadsgb frowned again. “Where are you?”
“On The Calm’s bridge, sir.”

“Okay Callum. I’m on my way.” Iadsgb terminated the link and looked from Jamie to Biosnake. “What the blazes has he gotten himself into this time?” he stormed from the room and the Captain and Clift followed.

The trio walked through The Desolation and got into a shuttle and darted across the short distance between the two ships, and got out into The Calm Before the Storm’s hanger bay.
“I’m afraid your guided tour of the new leaders will have to wait Captain.” Iadsgb said to Biosnake as they walked.
“That doesn’t bother me.”
“Good. Good.”

They walked through the corridors and went up one of the elevators and arrived at the bridge corridor.
“Callum? What are you doing?” Iadsgb asked as they walked towards the doors to the bridge. Callum was just stood there, staring at them as they walked towards him.

“They… they’re in here sir.” He said and moved aside.

Iadsgb opened the door and walked in.

He looked around then turned back to the three men standing in the doorway.
“There’s no one here.” He stated in annoyance.

WHAM! Suddenly Iadsgb flew across the room, smashed into the wall then fell to the floor. He looked up to where he had been standing.

There was still no one there but Callum and Jamie both looked terrified and even Biosnake looked a little confused.

“What…” Iadsgb started to say but then screamed as he felt himself flying through the air in a front flip and slamming onto the ground on his front.

He sputtered and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees.

“SHOW YOURSELF!” He bellowed to the empty room as he stood.. But then it was no longer quite as empty.
A woman in tight black leather shorts, a matching cropped top and a black cape dropped down in front of him. Her arms and legs were bare and she had long black, wavy hair and fierce brown eyes. Her black leather gloved hands were on her hips and one of them rested on the hilt of what appeared to be a viroblade in its sheath.
“Of course.” She said with a playful smile.

“Who the he…” Iadsgb started to ask but suddenly she kicked out at him with lightning-fast speed in her black leather high-heeled boots and sent him sprawling across the floor on his back. Iadsgb wiped a smear of blood from his lips and looked back to where she had been. She’d gone. He looked up to the ceiling and scanned around but could see nothing.

“Where the hell is she?” he cursed as he got up.
“Right here!” her voice came from behind and he spun to face the wall. She’d gone again.

“Now I’m here.” He spun back the way he’d been facing but once again she’d moved. Iadsgb snarled in annoyance.

“C’mon.” He muttered and walked over to Jamie who still stood with Biosnake and Callum in the doorway, watching on. He pulled Jamie’s viroblade from its sheath and walked back into the middle of the room.

“C’mon.” Iadsgb said again swirling Jamie’s viroblade around himself in sweeping arcs.
“COME ON!” he shouted and suddenly she was there.

Her viroblade was drawn and she slashed gracefully but with great speed at the F.I.S. leader who just about managed to block the attack. The pair stood pushing against each other for a moment and Iadsgb realized how beautiful this mysterious woman actually was.

“Don’t get distracted.” She teased in a playful, light voice and spun away letting him stumble forwards then lunged at his back. He turned and parried the blow and swiped back.

And so the duel began in full. The two duelists slashing and dancing in a ferocious yet beautiful fight. Blade to blade they were identical.

Exchanges flashed. Leaps were sideslipped or met with flying kicks, ankles skipped over and punches parried.

Jamie, Callum and Biosnake stood in the doorway watching as the pair fought their dance of death.
The mysterious woman spun and swiped and apparently effortlessly deflected all of Iadsgb’s attacks and sent her own attacks back.

Then just as suddenly as it started, it ended. Just like that, the woman disappeared. Nobody saw her go; she just vanished in a blur causing Iadsgb to stumble forwards.

“THERE!” he shouted just as the woman flashed down from the ceiling towards Iadsgb, and so this time he was ready.
He span round, Jamie’s viroblade outstretched and knocked the woman’s blade clean from her grasp.

It clattered across the floor and Iadsgb’s other hand whipped out and grabbed the surprised woman by the throat and rammed her to the floor, pinning her down.

“Who are you?” Iadsgb snarled in her face as she struggled to remove his hand from her neck.
“My name is Eve Nazarenko.” She gasped for breath.
“Why are you here? Who sent you to kill me?” growled the F.I.S. head.

“Nobody. I came here of my own accord. I wish to join the grand F.I.S..” Iadsgb’s hand loosened slightly and she gasped in air.
“If you wanted to join us then you wouldn’t have tried to kill me.”
“I wasn’t trying to kill you. I was merely showing you my skill in order to impress you, my lord.” The woman named Eve said. “Why would I want to kill the man I so desperately want to serve? The greatest leader in the galaxy.”
“Carry on.” Iadsgb said slowly, frowning at her.
“I’ve been trained in every form of martial art including my own, my father was force-sensitive and I’m the highest rank in professional dueling. I so desperately want to join you and the F.I.S.. It has always been my dream; to serve under that might of Iadsgb. I came here to ask for your permission to join and I thought, that being a woman and all, you would be less likely to accept me.” She continued.
“True.” Iadsgb nodded slightly.

“So I decided to try and impress you as soon as we first met, so I decided that the best way to show you my talent would be to duel you directly.”

“Well there is no questioning your abilities.” Iadsgb said. He stood up and moved back from her, allowing her to push herself up, but not helping. “But it is down to a question of loyalty.”

“I would rather die than betray you my master.” Eve said with a longing look in her eyes. Iadsgb stared deep into them and saw a burning desire; there was no trace of any sort of betrayer there. She was true, right to her very core. She lived to serve the might of the F.I.S. and Iadsgb. She gazed back at Iadsgb with that same longing and it was blatantly obvious to everyone in the room that she longed for more than to just serve him.

“Very well. I grant you permission to join the F.I.S.. You will have the post of my personal guard and assassin.” Iadsgb decided and turned away back to Biosnake, Jamie and Callum. Eve sighed blissfully and with her incredible speed, kicked her viroblade up into her hand and lunged at Iadsgb.

She brought her blade round his front and held it in front of his neck so that her chin rested on his shoulder and he was unable to move.
She giggled and said, “You won’t regret it my lord.” She giggled again and playfully bit his ear. Iadsgb stiffened, clenched his jaw and glared at the wall opposite, his top lip twitching in annoyance.

Eve removed the blade from his neck and stepped back letting him storm from the room, shoving the others leaders out of his way as he went.

The three F.I.S. leaders all looked back to Nazarenko, who cheekily put her tongue out and bit it playfully with an enormous grin, before sheathing her viroblade and gliding silently from the room, her black cloak billowing out behind her and swooshing across the three men.

Wide-eyed they all watched her go then instantaneously realized that somebody might be watching them and all looked around at each other. Jamie faked a cough and walked guiltily away onto the bridge, Biosnake claimed he needed to go and meet some of the other leaders and darted out of the door, leaving Callum looking around rather bemused, wondering what to do.


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 I like it 
  March 30, 2012
 I made it 
  March 30, 2012
Quoting Droid Commander Battler WOW! Biosnake's scary! awesome though!!! HAHA! =D + I like Eve! ;P haha Love the picture of eve with her blade around Iad'!
Haha. I'm glad you like them both. Yes, Biosnake is supposed to be scary, yet awesome. --Blast--
 I like it 
  March 30, 2012
WOW! Biosnake's scary! awesome though!!! HAHA! =D + I like Eve! ;P haha Love the picture of eve with her blade around Iad'!
By --R.K. Blast--
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