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the great force war mission 1:revealed
My entry to the great force war.
About this creation

Log 1 - Sith Empire"
-- This is an urgent call to all nearby Sith Lords. Alzoc III is under attack, repeat we are under attack by Jedi!
We need acolytes to help evacuate the planet whilst the Dark Masters engage the Jedi!
We must crush this rebellion now!
For the Empire! --
"End log"

Me and my freind jose were putting cameras sensors and booby-traps around the area to prepare it for the sith yonglings to go on a combat simulation test.We each covered a different area,when we heard the call,we ran back to a small training facility a few clicks west of the main one,where the younglings were preparing for their test.I fear the jedi have gotten there first...

I am sprinting in the snow.

When I arrive,I am horrified by what i see,a jedi master is muttering some wierd words to jose and putting him in some sort of trance,TO CONVERT HIM TO THE JEDI!!!!I cannot let this happen,not to a so young life,how can the jedi do this? While another acolyte the same age is watching! He is as passive as if he were watching his master peel Felucian mangoe fruit!

The jedi keeps chanting.

I get enraged and let Vaapad flow through me,with surprise on my side....

...I take down the young jedi.

The master snaps back from playing old song-singer to reality and pulls out his blade right before I make him suffer the same consequence as his padawan.

With the surprise factor lost,the jedi quickly overpowers me.

He is about to strike his final blow,I think of my freinds,my old master,my ship,fearing each thought will be my last. when suddenly...

A red blade pierces the jedi.

Me: Jose!
Jose:Your welcome,just to remind you,I just saved you from being reduced to salami by that jedi.
Me:And Who just saved you from being brainwashed into some jedi zombie?
Oooh,I remember: me.
Ok,OK,were equal one to one although I plan on evening that score.

While we talk,we hear footsteps.
Me:could be,I found out ambush works great against them,You hide there I hide behind the rock.

We both get ready.

I hear the sound of a lightsaber retracting and think something is wrong:No combat sounds.

So,I charge out and find...

The sith younglings!

They automatically stand at attention when we arrive.
jose: Now what,we've got the younglings how'd you plan on getting us out of here?
Me: How do I plan...(mocking confusion)
Jose:WHAT! You mean you don't have a plan!!!
Me:(explodes with laughter) 'Course I do,I just wanted to see how much you rely on me.
Jose: So...
Me:Well,That bridge there leads us to point Orrin,where a freighter will pick up as much sith as there are that want to be evacuated.

My comlink beeps,It's Gruth,an old freind of our master (yes,I don't wan't to addmit it but jose and I were trained together) who has seen more battles in his life than a Gdan has seen an angry farmer (thats alot).His scarred face appears on the holoscreen.

Brick,we have lost point orrin,the freighter has been destroyed,The sith are pulling back to the main facility and will try to defend it.I am sorry but you can't make it in time before the lockdown.I am contacting you to say good bye and good luck on finding your way of this planet.
Knowing your resourcefulness,that shouldn't be hard.
Me:Good bye?...

... Gruth:yes,I have volunteered to buy the sith as much time as possible.
I close the holo-comunicator.

Jose:So whats your brilliant strategy now huh?
Me theres an old saying that says:Never a plan without a plan B.
Jose:you just made that up right?
Me:yeah I did.
So lets imagine your following your "ancient sayings" and you have a plan B,what is it?
Well.......(i turn on my comunicator again)...

...Vombr(the guy piloting),you hear me?
Vombr:Loud and clear,What do you want?
Me:I need an evac
Vombr:OK,where are you?
Me:Two clicks west of point orrin. never really were good at giving coordinates....
Me:And you always needed to get the EXACT information you need,you should learn autonomy,It helps in life.
Vombr:Nah,I'll just look for the guy swinging lightsabERS around.
Me:Believe me,there are lots of guys swnging lightsabers around down here.
Vombr:yeah,but your the only guy with three of them I mean seriously,you're the only two-armed being with three lightsabers(Yes,as you'll soon find out,I have a blue,a red and a purple one,And I usally fight with two at the time).
Me:It's called style,something YOU wouldn't understand.
Vombr:To me,its just called being a Little princess.
Me:And do Little princesses normally slice your head of?'Cuz this one's certainly in the mood to do it.
Vombr:Princesses aren't an exception:All girls get aggressive around me.
Me:(I start howlering with laughter) don't think I'm That stupid Vombr even I don't wanna be seen in public with you.
Anyways,its really cold down here care to drop the jedi something to warm them up?
Some fireworks could cheer the mood down at point Orrin.

Vombr:I'll be right there.

Jose helps the younglings up to the bridge where the gunship will extract us...


We hear and see explosions in the distance:
Jose to the younglings:Kids,we're eating fried jedi tonight.
Me: Hilairious(sarcastically)
I guess thats our rescue party. cuz the jedi are approaching!

A gunship arrives and fires a series of heavy ion bolts into the jedi ranks.

...Ion bolts..thats wierd,with ammo rare(most battles have now been fought with lightsabers for over 10 000 years,and space battles are really rare as modern ships can now zoom you from 1 end of the galaxy to another in very little time) My ship is one of the rare ones in the galaxy to have high quality weaponry (read darth brickgener's BIOs to know why)...

Vombr jumps out of the ship...

And lands just as the jedi approach.
Vombr:first I have to rescue your losy butt then,I have to get my hands dirty in a fight.
Me: Don't worry,you're always dirty Vombr.

The battle rages on.

I take on two in the air.

Vombr does too.

So does jose.

While two jedi are still picking their targets.

I force push two away.

And help jose.
Me:2-1 i saved you again.

The battle rages on beetween Vombr and the two other knights.

Jose stops a lightsaber thrown at my head:
Jose: 2-2

I the throw the lighsaber at a jedi about to take jose down.
Me:3-2 I always come up on top.

We take on two others.
Me:I've got an Idea,every one push the jedis to the right.
Jose:trust him,his ideas are usually good.


Jose force lifts the jedi.While i cut the bottom of the anttenae pole thinggy.(Everyone was putting sattelite dishes in so I thought I would too)...

I force lift it.


Jose and Vombr push everyone (including some crates and a gass barrel where I asked them to.

The gass barrel explodes...

And I throw the antennae over the jedi.

Jose:We did it we actually did it.

An old,battered and scarred(even more than usual) figure staggers on the bridge
:now kids,if you're done playing around,I'd like to get my old back of this frozen rock.
(we all board the ship,mine in case you were asking,I'll give Vombr some kind of punishement when we get back on our flagship,the vigilance)

We fly towards the sith flagship vigilance.

Some shots of the ship.

Now to the judges,I'd like to say that I took the pics in real bad lighting and My main aims were on the story and the two props (bridge and sattelite antennae thinggy) So those along with the minifigs( a bit) and the ships (a little bit) was where I tried to get points,not so much on the landscaping...
Anyways,hope you liked this!!!


 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
awsome to bad we lost that planet
  May 17, 2012
You've got some great ideas here. The terrain was good as were the mechanical details. But no more comics please.
 I like it 
  May 4, 2012
Pretty cool build my sith friend. Your variety of characters was great and some of those custom figs looked very legit. From the new guidelines, it would seem like the judges didn't enjoy yours and others comic approach but thats not my business. If there is anything to improve here, you might attempt to actually build the the rock cliff where you used the large lego fill in. I think it would make your detail a bit better. Also, you may want to think about containing your scenes to a stricter area. Just some thoughts. But I liked what you have going on here.
'...' .
 I like it 
Admiral Varkov
  April 30, 2012
Nice job! Excellent story!
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
Nice models, wasn't able to read whole thing cause of the length.
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
Sweet first mission my Sith brother! Take a look at mine if you have the chance...I can't upload it to the group so just look at it under my name- anyway good job 5/5
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
5/10 Not to shabby keep up the good work
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
This is actually one of the best mission 1's I've seen! But i hate to tell you that the missions deadline ended yesterday. D:
 I made it 
  April 30, 2012
Quoting General Grayfox5 WOW. that looks like it took you a while to build
A nice comment....Already!!!! woo-hooo thanks,and anyways,the landscaping was built real quickly but the antennae took a while to get the right look and the bridge also did although a bit less. Some of the custom figs also took a while,esspecially me,Vombr and the bearded jedi.Finding the parts also took a bit of time.
 I like it 
  April 30, 2012
WOW. that looks like it took you a while to build
By '...' .
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