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Inferno (my GFW Sig Fig)
I finally got around to uploading this. This has been in the making for at least 3 years, specially modified for the Great Force War, and added onto heavily by Harry.
About this creation
"I am the conqueror of Gardocia! Who are you..."
"I am the destroyer of Gardocia"
- Darth Diagis's ghost, to his former apprentice.

Biographical information:
Homeworld: Gardocia
Born: Unknown, Approximately 3950 BBY
Died: Unknown

Physical description:
Species: Gardocian
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow (sith)
Skin color: Yellow

Chronological and political information:
Era(s):Old Republic era, Great Force War
Affiliation: Hidden War, New Sith Empire (as Darth Ignatious)
Known masters: Darth Diagis, Darth Bane
Known apprentices: None

Inferno – or Darth Ignatious – was a sith acolyte and later, Sith Emperor, during the Great Force War era. He was born to a Sha’a Na’ana (the Force-Sensitive leaders of Gardocia). He was born some time around 3950 years BBY (before battle of Yavin), and was in stasis for 23 930 years, due to the Force-Magic (yes, that’s canon) of a Sha’a Na’ana.


Early Life:
Born to a Sha’a Na’ana, Inferno spent his early life training to replace his father on the council of the Sha’a Na’ana.

Darth Diagis :
Darth Diagis, sent on a secret mission from the old Sith Emperor, found Inferno around 3930 BBY. Diagis slowly pushed Inferno towards the dark side, before taking Inferno as his apprentice. Together, Inferno and Diagis overtook the entire planet.

At some point, Diagis taught Inferno Force Drain, a ritual of Sith Magic, taught to him by the emperor, to absorb the midi-chlorians of his opponent.

Force Spell:

Diagis and Inferno ruled Gardocia for only a few months before one remaining Sha’a Na’ana cast a Force spell on Inferno and Diagis. Inferno would remain in stasis until his now biologically immortal, yet powerless, master died.


During the time of the Hidden War, Inferno was awoken by the powers of Darth Ircune , in order to use him in Rovaniss' Empire. Following the deaths of Darths Quetus and Ircune, Ignatious took over as the lead scientist of Rovaniss' Empire until the final battle of the Hidden War on Prakith where he was badly injured by Yurren Relm.

Believed to be dead, Ignatious managed to escape Prakith with the help of Darth Algren, and returned to Gardocia, intent on taking his revenge before he died. However, upon returning to the planet the ancient spell was awoken and Ignatious fell back into stasis.

Some time during 2000 ABY, the new prince of Gardocia, which was then ruled by a more traditional monarchy, killed Diagis, not knowing how important it was that Diagis stayed alive. Upon awakening, Inferno destroyed Gardocia in a force rage, leaving him floating through space in a force shield.

New Sith Empire:

Inferno was found by an unknown sith lord of the New Sith Empire. As the apprentice of the next Sith Emperor of the Old Sith Empire, Inferno was not particularly pleased by his position of acolyte in the New Empire, but was only trained for a matter of months before the death of his master.

Boarded :
“Log – Inferno”
I tracked the few remaining Jedi scum. The cowards intended to escape with a refugee in an escape pod, hoping to reach the forest moon of Endor. They stood no chance. Their bodies are in the pod, rigged to blow, while I stand at the viewport, ready to watch the fireworks --
“End Log”

During the Sith assault on the Jedi Cruiser “Interceptor”, Inferno was assigned to intercept any remaining Jedi Padawan trying to escape with refugees.

Inferno During "Boarded"

Resistance :
"Log 4 - Sith Empire" -- This is the new Emperor Algren, calling all Sith. My friends it is time we pushed the Jedi back into the hole that they crawled out of! We shall begin on Balmorra where war has plagued us for years. We must make an example of this pathetic planet. For the Empire! -- "End Log"

Upon hearing the message, Inferno knew immediately where to go. During his training, Inferno was told of the Mandalorian wars. Hoping that the Mandos survived 2300 years, Inferno sought the out. He found a large Mando encampment on a toxic, grey moon. Little did he know that a Jedi was there to, perhaps with the same intention.

Inferno hiring the Mandolorians

"Log 5 - Sith Empire"
-- The Jedi have discovered our hidden base on the lava planet of Mustafar. It is of the upmost importance that we stop them from getting their hands on the information that we have stored there. Hunt the Jedi attackers, do what ever you must to protect our interests on Mustafar! --
"End Log"

For his next assignment, Inferno was sent to protect a Penthurium testing facility on Mustafar. Here, he met the same Jedi he had met at the Mandolorian encampment. This battle ultimately ending in defeat, with the Jedi getting away.

Inferno, duelling the same Jedi who found him on the small, toxic moon.

"Log 6 - Sith Empire" -- Mustafar remains firmly in our grasp, the Emperor is most pleased by the results. The Jedi's attack has shown us who their leaders are. We have learned that the Jedi gather on Ilum to lick their wounds. Wipe out the leaders and the rest of the Order will crumble... -- "End Log"

During the Battle of Ilun, Inferno duelled Blake S., a padawan who wielded duel lightsabers. However, Inferno failed to kill the Jedi, as the coward ran away.

Inferno duelling Blake.

Rise to Power

Ignatious had long been plotting Vastantine's downfall with Darth Algren. However, when the two made their move, Vastantine convinced Algren that he was a pawn to Ignatious. Convinced, Algren turned on Ignatious, and claimed the thrown for himself.


After Darth Algren assassinated Emperor Vastantine, he blamed it on Ignatious, and said that it was the fallen emperor's last wish that Algren take his place. Ignatious was arrested for treason, and stripped of force power by Darth Mercu, who he vowed vengence against. He was soon freed by Darth Korviss. Ignatious fled Dromund Kass to regain his strength.


After being freed by Korviss, Ignatious fled Dromund Kaas to uncharted space, to seek his master's tomb.

Ignatious during his exile

Around the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Ignatious found Diagis's tomb. There, he met with the ghost of his master, who deemed Ignatious unworthy. A duel broke out between the two, and it seened Ignatious had no hope of winning. Utilising the ambient Dark-side energies, Ignatious was able to force-drain the ghost, and regain his power.

Igantious draining his former master's ghost

As Ignatious was leaving the tomb, Darth Bane's force-ghost appeared before Ignatious. Here it taught Ignatious of the "Rule of Two," and that it was his destiny to re-instate it, and forever change the Sith for the better.

Ignatious meeting Darth Bane

Ignatious took back his old identity, as well as robes and saberstaff, and left for Corellia, to exact his revenge on Darth Mercu.

Ignatiou in his Sha'a Na'ana robes

The following area may be subject to change in the neer future

Becoming Emperor
After Algren stepped down as Emperor, Inferno knew it was his destiny, as rightful heir to Emperor Vitiate's thrown, to take his place. Inferno returned to Gardocia, or rather, the asteroid field that it became. On one particularly large asteroid, he found a temple, built by his master, that contained the key to Inferno's new destiny. Upon retrieving his new saber-staff, Inferno took back his old identity of Darth Ignatious, and reclaimed his master's Empire.

Inferno as Emperor.

"Log 8 - Sith Empire" -- With out victory on Honoghr the Jedi seek to counter our new found allies by joining with the Wookies of Kashyyyk. They are fierce warriors and we must not allow this union to take place. -- "End Log"

During the Battle of Kashyyyk, Inferno was to search the beaches for any sign of Jedi. While he found none, he did find evidence of hostile plant life and one less-than-intelligent Wookiee.

Here we see Inferno attacking one such "hostile plant life"
"Log 12 - Sith Empire" -- In the Deep Core there is a planet called Prakith, the former home of an ancient Sith Lord. The planet would make an excellent staging ground should we ever decide to attack Tython. -- "End Log"

Spirits in the Empire had risen since Inferno's rise to power, so Inferno decided it was time to take part once more. Inferno returned to Prakith, where he was forced to assist the Jedi he had so often tried to defeat for his own survival.

"Log 14 - Sith Empire" -- Victory on Mon Calamari has shown our enemy that we will not be pushed back! The time has come for us to push back into the core worlds! We will meet the Jedi on Jabiim, a small insignificant world that sits beyond the core. Once we have crushed the defenders there we will assault the core worlds! -- "End Log"

After a short and Unsuccessful Battle on Mon Calamari, Inferno sent the Sith armies to Jabiim, where they engaged in trench warfare against the Jedi.

Inferno, cheering on his army.

"Log 16 - Sith Empire" -- After our humiliation on Tython it is time we pushed back against the Jedi! We have learnt from our spies that the Jedi are attempting to restart the cloning factories of Kamino, this cannot be allowed to happen! -- "End Log"

Spies told that the Jedi were once again trying to build a clone army. Inferno sent a small strike force, lead by himself, to take out the cloning tanks in Kamino. During the attack, Inferno recovered information on how Galen Marek was successfully cloned.

Inferno, once again fighting the same Jedi.

Inferno was also known to own a Flagship of unknown design call the "Event Horizon."


Powers and Abilities

Through his master, Inferno learned the ability to absorb the midi-chlorians of others. Like all descendents of Sha’a Na’ana, Inferno had great Force strength, to the point of which he could destroy a small planet (although awakening from the Force spell had the side effect of greatly enhancing force ability). Inferno preferred the use of Force-Magic, rather than traditional Force, because it gave more spectacular results, and gives much more unique abilities.

Inferno was known to use more powerful force abilities during important battles, such as a force shock wave, or ball lightning. Inferno also possessed the ability to shoot plasma bolts through molecular manipulation.

Inferno wastrained to use a saberstaff by Diagis. However, after being re-awakened during the Great Force War, Ignatious trained in the Jar’Kai style, utilising twin orange bladed weapons. Both of these used Penthurium crystals, not known to form on any planet other than Gardocia, as heart crystals, giving unique, pure orange blades.

Inferno's Lightsabers

During his exile, Ignatious used a generic red blade given to him by Darth Corviss.

Ignatious's generic red lightsaber

After retaking his old Identity, Ignatious went back to using a saberstaff.

Ignatious's saberstaff


 I like it 
  September 1, 2012
really awsome and truly evil
 I like it 
  September 1, 2012
Here Inferno, I made my version to put in my comics and also my Great Force War MOCs
 I like it 
  May 19, 2012
I always knew 13 was unlucky!
 I like it 
  May 19, 2012
Very nice.
 I made it 
  May 18, 2012
Quoting Jared . Woah, very nice sigfig! Looks like someone is going to be ruling the galaxy soon!
If only... Thanks
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Woah, very nice sigfig! Looks like someone is going to be ruling the galaxy soon!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Nice! I love that first picture :)
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Nice. I like how you're going to update the profile constantly.
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Wow nice!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2012
Nice fig!
By Nicholas Dreadman
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