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A Galaxy Divided 08: Rescue
About this creation
Korriban, one month after the evnts in A Galaxy Divided 7.

Jedi Master Eeth Koth ducked behind a large rock formation as a large explosion shook the round beside him. They'd been on Korriban for no more than a day and already defeat seemed inevitable.

Captain Jeng: "General Koth! Unit strength is down to 33%, what are your orders Sir?"

Eeth Koth: "Bring up the walkers Jeng! I'll carry on trying to contact some help."

The AT-RT walkers were a new design for the Republic. Offering high speed and fantastic visability the walkers were the best in terms of quick hit and run attacks.

But the walkers were lightly armored.

And one missile was all it took to destroy them.

Captain Jeng: "Blast! We've lost the last walker!"

Eeth Koth: "Remain calm Jeng! Help will come soon... I hope."

The Draxon, en-route to Coruscant following a successful mission on Balmorra.

John Vandarr: "We picked the transmission out after we dropped out of hyperspace. We were about to make the next jump when it came in."

Harash Soru: "Play the recording Admiral."

Eeth Koth: "This is General Eeth Koth on Korriban." "Battle gone." "Wrong. Need immediate assisstance to retreat from planet!" "Quickly."

Dax: "Master Koth needs help. Korriban isn't far from here."

Harash Soru: "Dax is right. Admiral ready a Gunship and plot a course for Korriban."

Harash Soru: "Master Ra, you will lead ou forces in space, keep the Seps from destroying our ships whilst we rescue Master Koth."

Junta Ra: "Understood Master."

Flic'ker Tarkin: "And me Master?"

Harash Soru: "You can accompany Dax and I Master Tarkin. We will need your help I'm sure."

Dax: "Ever been to Korriban before Generals?"

Flic'ker Tarkin: "Nope, first time for me Dax."

Harash Soru: "I've been here a few times. It is not a plesent place. Whatever happens Flic'ker, do not let the dead Sith intice your mind."

Flic'ker Tarkin: "I'll keep an eye out Master."

Junta Ra climbed carefully into his fighter.

Junta Ra: "Come on R3, lets show these Droids how the Jedi really fly."

Korriban, several hours after Master Koth's transmission.

Captain Jeng: "Sir, unit strength is down to 3%! Where are our reinforcements?"

Eeth looked down sadly, he had no idea if his transmission had been successful or not.

Eeth Koth: "I don't think they will get here in time Jeng."

Jeng nodded calmly.

Captain Jeng: "Then what are our orders Sir?"

Eeth Koth stood up, his lightsaber blazing in his hand.

Eeth Koth: "Die well, Captain."

With their last reserves of strength the Republic pushed forwars, smashing into the Droid lines. But the valiant efforts were not enough, and one by one the soldiers fell to the power of the Separatist Battle Droids.

Eeth Koth looked around as the Droids surrounded him. His attention was drawn by the sudden humming of two other lightsabers adding to his own.

Asajj Ventress: "A valiant fight Master Koth, but it was not enough. Not even a great Jedi Master can defeat the forces of Korriban."

Eeth Koth: "I may fall today Ventress. But the Republic shall live on. My death will change nothing."

Ventress: "Then you will not care when it happens. Kill him."

Before the Droids could open fire however they were suddenly struck by a volley of shots and lightsabers.

Ventress and Koth spun around to see Masters Harash Soru and Flic'ker Tarkin and one of Soru's famous Commandoes stood before them.

Harash Soru: "Master Koth! Terribly sorry that we are a bit late."

Eeth Koth: "Better late than never my friend. Although I doubt Ventress will agree."

Ventress hissed and pointed at the Jedi.

Ventress: "Kill them! Kill them all!"

Harash Soru: "Dax, get Master Koth to safety and check his injuries."

Dax: "I'm on it General!"

They rushed forwards with Flic'ker holding off Droids whilst Hara kept Ventress out of reach.

Dax: "General we're clear!"

Harash Soru: "Copy that Dax, get back to the ship. Master Tarkin let's go!"

Flic'ker Tarkin: "No Master Soru, we must fnish Ventress whilst we have the chance."

Harash Soru: "That is not our mission Flic'ker!"

Flic'ker scowled and lept at Ventress.

Flic'ker Tarkin: "Then I shall make it our mission!"

Asajj Ventress: "Foolish boy, you think you can really defeat me!"

Harash Soru: "Ventress is right Flic'ker! Korriban is strengthening her power!"

Flic'ker Tarkin: "Then help me destroy her Soru!"

Gritting his teeth Hara charged forward and angaged Ventress.

Asajj Ventress: "My Master Soru, a chance to kill you. General Grievous will be disappointed. You see, he has something of a vendetta against you after Serenno."

Harash Soru: "Well the General may still have achance Ventress. I am not dead yet."

Asajj Ventress: "Easily fixed!"

The two Jedi powered into Ventress, throwing blow after blow at the Dark jedi. All the while Hara could feel Flic'ker slipping ever closer to the Dark Side.

Harash Soru: "Flicker! Calm your emotions, they will betray you!"

Flic'ker Tarkin: "I know what I am doing Master Soru!"

Asajj Ventress: "Quite. Lets put it to the test."

Ventress spun around and used the Force to throw Hara back against a rock.

Asajj Ventress: "Just you and me boy."

Flic'ker Tarkin: "Then die!"

Flic'ker slashed at Ventress but the Dark Jedi swung backwards, dodging under the Jedi's lightsaber.

With his guard left open, Ventress slashed upwards and sliced through Flic'ker's arm.

Flic'ker Tarkin: "Argh!!!"

Before the Jedi could finish screaming Ventress swung both her blades and sliced neatly through Flic'ker's neck.

Harash Soru: "No!"

Asajj Ventress: "Another Jedi to add to my score. I hope..."

Ventress was suddenly cut off by the hum of the Republic Gunship.

Dax: "General, your ride's here!"

Hara looked sadly at Tarkin's body.

Harash Soru: "Farewell Master Tarkin, may the Force be with you."

As the Jedi Master jumped backwards Ventress leapt to meet him. Summoning the Force however, Master SOru quickly threw her back to the ground.

Hara landed softly on the Gunship and turned to Dax.

Harash Soru: "Lets get home before anyone else dies."

Dax: "Some rescue mission, eh General?"

-- Author's Note --

Hey guy's!

Hope you're all enjoying the series, I'm certainly finding it more exciting than the last one.
Just to let you know that from now on any Sig-Figs that I make will not be included in the Clone Wars series as I have to many to get through at the moment. So if you want Sig-Figs I will still make them but they wont be included until the next series.

Also I have decided to skip the Galactic Civil War era and go straight to the time after defeat of Vader and Palpatine with my own story. I will give a brief overview of what happens but I have lots of new ideas for my own story so I'll be saving the Galactic Civil War for later.

Finally if you do request a Minifigure and I don't make it for a while that is because I have simply run out of stock! I hav no lightsabers and no capes so I'm just waiting on an order from Amazon and for MMCB to come back online, so until then I may not be posting many figures. But the comics will of course continue to run!

As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to rate and comment!

-- Harry863 --


  May 24, 2012
Awesome episode as always.I hooe u still remember my request for the father of darth levid,hopefully.I know i posted a comment on on one of your minifig recents i think.That's if it's available or possible.I know it can't be easy to run a little fun business like customizing minifigs for everyone.Anyways thx alot. If u need me to give u details remember to let me know :) -GH
Harry 863
Admiral Varkov
  May 21, 2012
Nice job and great duel! And fantastic rockwork on Korriban too!
 I like it 
  May 21, 2012
Great series. I don't know what it was, probably his face, but I hated Flick'Er from the moment I saw him. I was rooting for Ventress once Hara went down.
 I like it 
  May 21, 2012
I agree that this is one of your best series! (perhaps because the Clone Wars is the time where the most things happen in SW) I like your custom clones!
 I made it 
  May 20, 2012
Quoting Grand Admiral Ian of the 222nd good job but lightsabe wounds do not bleed because of cauterization
Actually cauterization does not always happens. If the lightsaber is operating at low power then the wound will not cauterize resulting in bleeding as seen in episode 4 when Obi-Wan cuts the arm off the cantina thug. Even when operating at high power there is a temporary gap in which the wound has a chance to bleed, when cutting the head off you expose several key arteries that are filled with a high pressure of blood so a small amount will spurt out. Further,ore in several books the lightsaber is also described to cause the wound to bleed.
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
great job!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Another great episode, Harry!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
good job but lightsabe wounds do not bleed because of cauterization
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Lovely chapter :D Great fight scene and a nice get away for Soru :) Good stuff ;)
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Great job Harry!
 I made it 
  May 20, 2012
Quoting Scrapper. (formerly flicker) Uh Oh I died! I thought he died in order 66 though?
No I said on his bio Order 66. Sorry Scrapper but I've got so many people to get through that everyone only really gets 1 major appearance
 I made it 
  May 20, 2012
Quoting Scrapper. (formerly flicker) Uh Oh I died! I thought he died in order 66 though?
No I said on his bio Order 66. Sorry Scrapper but I've got so many people to get through that everyone only really gets 1 major appearance
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Uh Oh I died! I thought he died in order 66 though?
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Really nice chapter! I like it!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
nice comic i love all your series!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Cool! A nice and elaborate story - it must have taken some time to set up each photo just right :-) Oh,the exploding walker is nicely done too!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
Superb episode Harry! :D
 I like it 
  May 20, 2012
YAY!!! Great Job once again!
By Harry 863
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