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A Galaxy Divided 13: Legacy
About this creation
Jabiim, roughly one month after the events in A Galaxy Divided 12.

Jedi Masters Harash Soru and Benn Anaron find themselves trapped by Separatist forces following a scouting mission.

Benn Anaron: "I'm not sure we can get out of this one Master Soru."

Harash Soru: "It had to happen one day Benn."

Benn Anaron: "Any final words of wisdom?"

Harash Soru: "May the Force be with you my old friend."

Suddenly a figured in battered armour jumped into the droids ranks, a silver bladed lightsaber whirling in his hands.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Start fighting if you want to live Jedi!"

Taking advantage of the Droid's surprise Hara and Benn rushed forwards, their blades hacking great holes in the Separatist lines.

With the Droids all dead, Hara and Benn approached their saviour.

Benn Anaron: "Thank you for your help."

Natt Lance Figueroa: "You looked like you needed it."

Harash Soru: "Forgive but, I feel like I know you."

Natt Lance Figueroa: "I am Natt Lance Figueroa, a former Jedi."

Benn Anaron: "Natt? We were younglings together!"

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Indeed Master Anaron. But now is not the time, their is a large group of Separatists heading this way. I can keep you safe until they have passed but then you must return to your forces."

Harash Soru: "We understand, and thank you Master Figueroa."

Natt led them across the rocky surface of Jabiim to a small collection of huts standing on a wide section of sand.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "This is my home. After I left the Order I crashed here, the people took me in after I killed a pirate who had been stealing from them. They are good people, and I do my best to shield them from the war."

Benn Anaron: "A noble cause Natt."

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Yes. There is another reason for my remaining here however."

Natt led the two Jedi over to a woman and a young man. As he aproached he turned to face the Jedi.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Master Soru, Master Anaron. This is my wife, Emilia. And this is my son. Gerald Figueroa."

Emilia Figueroa: "Natt, are they Jedi?"

Natt Lance Figueroa: "It is alright my love. We have an understanding."

Hara and Benn bowed low.

Benn Anaron: "It is a pleasure to meet you both."

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Why don't you come inside, we can have something to drink and tend to your wounds."

Harash Soru: "Yes, thank you, all of you."

That evening Natt stood staring up at the starless sky. His wife approached slowly and slipped her hand into his.

Emilia Figueroa: "Natt? I'm worried about the Jedi. What if they take Gerald from us?"

Natt Lance: "They wont my love. Gerald is destined for something big, but that destiny does not lie with the Jedi. Besides, Soru is not one to go back on his word."

Emilia Figueroa: "But..."

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Trust in the Force my love. You may not be able to feel it as I do, but it is there and it is watching over Gerald."

Emilia nodded slowly and kissed her husband on his cheek.

Emilia Figueroa: "Come to bed soon."

Natt continued to watch the stars until he felt the presence of another behind him.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "I know what you think Soru."

Harash Soru: "Then you will know what I have to say. Natt, Gerald is incredibly powerful. He is..."

NAtt spun around to face Hara.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Dangerous? Because he has not had training from the Jedi? Does that dangerous then, are you saying I am not qualified to train my own son?"

Harash Soru: "With respect Natt. You left the title of Jedi behind when you left the Order. You may still have the qualities of a Jedi, but I can feel the growing darkness in you. I will not take Gerald from you. But you must watch him and yourself carefully."

Natt looked down at his feet.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "I know. You're right of course. I am sorry that I yelled, I just love the boy so much."

Harash Soru: "I understand Natt."

Natt placed a hand on Hara's shoulder and led him back towards the huts.

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Come on, lets have a drink."

As the two men walked back into the house, neither of them noticed the small probe droid hover out from the bushes and disappear into the night.

Early the next morning, Hara was contacted by Jedi Master Or Karron, the other Jedi who had joined the second battle of Jabiim.

Or Karron: "Master Soru! The forward command centre is under attack! We're stretched to thin! Permission to retreat?"

Harash Soru: "Granted Master Kannon. Get your troops out of there, Benn and I will return shortly!"

Hara roused Benn and they bade a quick goodbye to the Figueroa family.

Gerald Figueroa: "Dad can I please go with them?"

Natt Lance Figueroa: "No Gerald. It is much to dangerous. Your place is here, as is mine."

Hara nodded slowly.

Harash Soru: "I understand, and thank you Natt. Take care."

Benn Anaron: "It was good to see you again my friend. May the Force be with you and your family."

The two Jedi hurried across the planet's surface, hurrying down into the small valley where the Republic outpost had been hidden. When they got there however, they found only death.

Benn Anaron: "Master Soru look!"

Hara followed Benn's gaze to where the body of Or Karron lay still on the floor.

Harash Soru: "What's that on his chest?"

Benn walked over and picked up the small disk. He pressed a button and an image of Or Karron speaking to Master Soru sprang to life before them both...

A few hours earlier.

Or Karron: "Master Soru! The forward command centre is under attack! We're stretched to thin! Permission to retreat?"

Harash Soru: "Granted Master Kannon. Get your troops out of there, Benn and I will return shortly!"

Tred Core: "Not soon enough I think for you Jedi!"

Or Karron: "You! You're Tred Core, the rogue!"

Tred Core: "And you, Or Karron, are nothing but a historian. You are not meant for war and today it shall finally claim you!"

Or Karron: "Not if I can help it!"

Tred reached out and blasted Or away with a Force push.

Tred Core: "I was stranded on Raxus Prime for many years. I fashioned a lightsaber out of the remains of my old blade and the ruins of my ship. I have killed hundreds! I am Tred Core, and Iw ill not lose to a fool like you!"

Or jumped backwards onto the roof of the storage building.

Or Karron: "I am Or Karron, I am a Jedi and the Force fights with me. That is all I need."

They danced across the roof, trading blow after blow without result.

Suddenly Tred planted his boot in Or's chest, knocking the Jedi backwards offf of the building.

Tred then jumped and drove his blade into Or's body.

Tred Core: "It seems the Force has abandoned you today Jedi."

Or Karron: "That... May be so... But at least it... Has not... Abandoned me... For life."

Tred stood as Or Karron's eyes slid shut and the Jedi lay still. The rogue turned to face the recording device.

Tred Core: "Sometimes Soru, the fight which seems the most important is but a distraction. I would go and check on your friends, Master Figueroa if I were you."

Present time.

Hara stared wide eyed as the recording ended.

Harash Soru: "Benn, we have to get back to the village!"

The Jedi ran across the rocky terrain, only slowing when they reached the village itself.

Benn Anaron: "We're to late."

Harash Soru: "Look, there's Natt."

Hara ran over to the former Jedi's side.

Harash Soru: "Natt, what happened?"

Natt Lance Figueroa: "Someone called... Tred Core. To strong for me. Killed the entire village. Killed Emilia."

Hara looked into Natt's eyes.

Harash Soru: "Where is Gerald?"

Natt Lance Figueroa: "I don't know. Dead to I think. Hara!... Promise me... Promise you'll find him... Train him... He must stay true... to the... light..."

Natt's body went limp and his eyes closed. Hara stood up and turned to Benn.

Harash Soru: "Benn, we have to find Gerald. We have a promise to keep."

On top of a rocky peak not far from the village, Gerald Figueroa sat crying softly to himself.
Benn approached slowly.

Benn Anaron: "Gerald? It's Master Anaron."

Gerald Figueroa: "Leave me alone."

Benn Anaron: "I'm here to help Gerald, to take you away from this place."

Benn reached out and placed a comforting hand on Gerald's shoulder.

However the young boy pulled away, producing his father's silver lightsaber he lashed out at Benn.

Gerald Figueroa: "I said leave me alone!"

In a fit of grief Gerald began to charge Benn, his blade crashing down upon Master Anaron's.

Benn Anaron: "Gerald don't do this! You are allowing your anger to take over you! Is this what your father would want?"

Gerald Figueroa: "Don't you dare speak of my father! I have lost everything!"

With a roar of anger, Gerald deliverded an uppercut that broke Master Anaron's defences.

With a quick follow through slash, Gerald broght his lightsaber down across Benn's chest.

Gerald Figueroa stood over Benn Anaron's body.

Gerald Figueroa: "Nothing matters anymore. I will train and grow stronger. And then I will avenge you father!"

-- Author's Note --

For those of you who either have not read my Legend of Harash Soru series and the two sub-series that go with it, Gerald Figueroa eventually goes on to become Darth Levid and then for a short time, Sith Emperor.


Harry 863
 I like it 
Griffin .
  June 3, 2012
Amazing storyline and story Harry! Thanks for putting in my sig fig! :D
Harry 863
 I like it 
~~Patrick~~ .
  June 3, 2012
Another great episode Harry!
  June 3, 2012
are you gonna make a seprate story for how gerald trains
 I like it 
  June 3, 2012
Thanks for sharing such a greak backgroundstory! Now everything makes sense and I understand Darth Levid much better than before!
 I like it 
  June 3, 2012
Uh oh Soru! :) Awesome comic harry!
Harry 863
 I like it 
Admiral Varkov
  June 2, 2012
Great episode! Nice tie in with the backstory for Darth Livid!
Harry 863
August .
  June 2, 2012
Please join the group I invited you to. I got to talk with you.
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Btw I am currently supporting a friend of mine with his contest called "50 or less" and I was wondering if I could give an anouncement on your GFW group due to the fact that both contests feature vigs.I will also tell him to invite you since ur good with vigs if ud like.Thx for the feedback! -Gerald
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Aaaaaah!!!!!This is too awesome!My heart is pounding over such excitement to see me again!!!!Plus the family!!Thank so much man!!!Wait,Sith Emperor?!!!! XD!!!!
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Woah? Nice that he's Levid.
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Great Job Harry! I like how you tied in the kid with your other Harash Soru series.
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Awsome! I love the base they fight on! The part with Levid is also cool! :D By the way I can't enter the great force war this week (Biocup). :(
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
wow you are really connect the stories
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
So that's why he looked like Levid!
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
This is an awesome episode! Great vigs along the way and great storyline!
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
Amazing, I knew he would turn into Darth Levid
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
I knew he looked familiar! Great work Harry! I like how you include all of the characters into one big story line!
 I like it 
  June 2, 2012
I had a feeling he'd later turn into Levid :P Anyway nice chapter, thanks for including me ;)
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