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Brother Vanatus and the Chaos Marine Conversion Pack.
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Brother Vanatus of the Blood Ravens. Comes with the Chaos Conversion Pack. Please read the story, Fate Will Have its Way at the bottom of the page. Special thanks to, Commissar Wolf, Declan Muller and Chris Roach. Declan and the Commissar aided in the writing of the story and Chris for the design for brother Vanatus.
About this creation

Fate Will Have its Way

The sun rose once more over the Imperium, Brother Vanatus stared out across the arid landscape of Breta IV. An inhospitable world, Vanatus was here with one reason, the Psykers of the Blood Ravens had sensed a great presence here, Eldar, now Vanatus and his brothers where on Breta IV to eradicate the emperors enemies. He turned to look down upon his fifteen soldiers, all battle hardened veterans, "Soldiers of the Emperor, out there, somewhere the Eldar hide, and it is we who shall be their executioners, ready the bolter, prepare the chainsword, today the Emperor's finest fight to protect all that is good and true, and we shall not falter. We are the Blood Ravens, and we shall know no fear." A great cheer went up from his men and Vanatus knew they would be victorious. Vanatus and his squad left before dawn. Although stealth wasn't usually a part of space marine training, it was sometimes necessary. Using a special land raider of a new design, known as 'the tempest', they moved off to start their search. The land raider tempest was designed by the imperium's finest servitors, and it was built with a special stealth device, allowing them to slip through the Eldar's radars without being detected.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, the Eldar had also detected a space marine presence on the planet. However, the Eldar weren't concerned with the threat of the blood ravens, but an omen of something much more threatening. The farseer of this particular craftworld, who had recently migrated to the planet recently, was staring over the corpse of something that would herald a much greater threat...

...a genestealer...
With a jolt the land raider came to a halt. "This is our stop brothers; let us not keep our foes waiting." The space marines marched out in single file, setting up a defensive perimeter around the land raider. "Brother Septimus, report," Vanatus called out. A space marine, sporting two bolt pistols and a Mk6 helmet, turned and spoke, "The Xenos should be here brother, yet they do not make their presence known to us," "Be on your guard then, the Eldar a known for their trickery." Vanatus took off his helmet and breathed unfiltered air for the first time since planet fall, it was good. He rested his hand on the power sword, Daemons Bane, given to him by a dying member of the Ultramarines; Vanatus carried it with him everywhere he went. He looked at his men, all ready for a fight, little did they know they were about to have their hands full. Suddenly, the Stormraven 'Vengeance Of Boreale' flew overhead, engines aflame. It slowly descended, crashing to a halt atop a small hill. It appeared to be marked with blasts from SONIC weapons. As the Techmarine Varna approached the stricken Stormraven, Vanatus heard the pilot's voice creep into his vox-unit.....
All was coming together. Although all sides had no idea of what was about to happen, this conflict had been spoken of for thousands of years. According to legend, there would be a conflict between two mighty warriors, 'the Daemoncifier' and 'the Contempor'. In this cash, apparently, all he factions of the universe would be brought together and team up in the ultimate battle. It was said that the space marines, Eldar, Tau and Necrons would go up against the Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, dark Eldar and worst of all, Daemons. The only sides that knew about this were the regretted tau, unfortunately. They were also the only ones who were doing anything about it, making their way thousands of light years across the galaxy to meet their fate. No one knew what terrors would await them, not even the mighty Vanatus, who was supposed to solve this conflict, what the clash would do to thousands of beings worldwide...
Two armies that would not be participating in this colossal event were the imperial guard and the Orks. Speaking of the Orks, a large Ork mob just happened to be on a planet nearby. A couple of Ork nobz were sitting around, waiting for another 'waaaagh' to begin.
"Oi! Av' you been gettin' the feelin' that we Orky nobz are missin' out on a waaaagh?"
"Nah, there aint' no waaaagh around 'ere, so why are yeh still sittin' around. Let's get a waaaagh of our on goin'. Maybe I be the next warboss, with me big shoota"
Now, although the Orks wouldn't be participating in the battle, they were going to be a part of the events before it. In fact, there part was going to start right now. The ground began to shake. A huge crack suddenly appeared. Out of the ground rose a strange machine. It looked somewhat like a dreadnaught. In fact it was. The great prophecy spoke of the Daemoncifier and the Contempor. And, just as was foretold, in front of the rather surprised nobz, stood the massive hulk of a Contempor dreadnaught. It had been asleep since before the heresy, and it was ready for battle. It picked up one nob in its mighty powerfist, while pasting another with its plasma cannon. Then, after dropping the body of the suffocated nob to the ground, it started to glow. Within seconds, it was gone. As it travelled through the warp towards the planet where the conflict was about to occur, it only had one thing on its mind:

Vanatus suddenly heard a strange buzzing sound and the very air around his brothers began to glow, "What heresy is this?" Varna and Septimus strode over to Vanatus, Septimus inquiring as he came, "Captain, sensors read that a warp teleport has commenced, what could it be?" And, as if to answer his question, nigh on two hundred Tau fire teams materialized in front of them. The Tau commander strode forward, one hand raised in a 'stop' gesture. "Space marine, the Greater Good has sent us, we know of what is to happen here," "What do you speak of alien?" Vanatus asked. "From the dawn of the Tau empire it has been prophesied that all who would fight against the Gods of Chaos would gather on Breta IV, and that the worst daemons and all of your 'heretics' would come to make war, a fight comparable only to the so called 'Horus Heresy', we Tau have arrived, the Eldar have been told, now we await the Imperium's response." "If what you speak is true then I shall fight, as will the garrison of Imperial Guard, if it is false, the Emperor shall smite you, as you still live, I suppose I must trust you," "Very well captain, but first, I see you have a question, yes?" "Yes, I do, when will this demonic host arrive, my men are eager for a fight."

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, just as it had done when the Contempor had arrived. Vanatus almost toppled over. And then, it just stopped. Both space marines and tau alike were very surprised. Suddenly, a Necrons went flying from over the horizon and crashed into the battlefield. Vanatus slowly walked over to it. "Dead" he said. "Almost" the Necron replied. Vanatus stumbled back, not expecting the Necron to talk. Not only was his head ripped from his body, leaving all but a tiny wire connecting it, but he'd never seen a Necron actually talk. "It seems as if I have surprised you. Perhaps you are not familiar with our reanimation protocols" the Necron spluttered out. Vanatus, who looked very surprised, finally asked "what happened?” The Necrons eyes started to dim. "I may not be able to repair myself this time, so I must tell you this. It has started". What has?" Vanatus asked. "The conflict" the Necron said, with his last dying, or should I say deactivating, breath. Suddenly, over the horizon, appeared the hulk of something more terrifying than ever. The great Daemoncifier daemon engine was standing there. It was one of the most horrifying dreadnaughts ever seen. And worst of all, it was going to slaughter everyone, Tau, Necron, Eldar and space marine alike, until its brother showed up...

The Daemoncifier spoke, “Ha, you have come in arms, a feeble attempt to stop the inevitable, soon chaos shall rule all,” “Stop this talk, heretic machine, we shall show you the meaning of fear,” Vanatus yelled back. “Yet you are few space marine, while my allies are many,” “I see these allies are yet to join you,” “Yes, this is true,” suddenly a great warp gate opened behind the Daemoncifier, “The Tyranids, or what is left of Hive Fleet Leviathan anyway, under my control, I am their synapse now,” as the machine spoke his foul minion poured from the warp, “Dark Eldar, thirsty for the souls of the kin, The Black Legion, filled with a bloodlust beyond your imagining and finally, my greatest ally, a Bloodthirster of Khorne.” From within the warp the great daemon arose, roaring with fury. “So space marine, what do you bring against me, Tau and Eldar, frail and easily broken and the Necrons, how did you get them out from within their tombs? Never mind, you shall die,” “NOT WITH ME AT THEIR SIDE,” the Contempor, “Brother, long have I waited for this time, when I could have my revenge for your heresy, for turning me from a great warrior to a steel encased war machine,” “So, the space marine has a new ally, attack, strike them down.” The hordes of the warp rushed forward, the Tau and Eldar lay down heavy fire. Septimus ran over to Vanatus and asked, “What orders sir?” “Send our sniper to the rear of our force, have them clear the way to the Daemon, and keep it clear, take the rest and assault the enemies left flank but protect our dreadnought at all costs, do not let it fall, I shall slay the Daemon.” Drawing Daemons Bane, Vanatus ran at the enemy, yet they fell before he reached them, his snipers did their job well. He reached the Daemon without incident and sliced it across the knee. The Daemon roared in pain and swung its great axe, Vanatus swung his own weapon and cut the axe head clean in two, roaring with fury the Daemon picked up Vanatus in it great claws, Vanatus simply hacked its hand off at the wrist. When he hit the ground he rolled to avoid the hooved foot which tried to crush him. Standing he slashed his sword across the back of the Daemons knees, forcing it to the ground, then, running up its tail and across its back he yelled, “You would serve the enemies of the emperor, for you there can be no retribution.” Daemons Bane felled the Bloodthirster, piercing its brain and killing it instantly. Issuing his war cry Vanatus charged once more, straight at the Dark Eldar. Daemons Bane whistled through the air, ending the lives of his enemies without hesitation. Having cleared an area around himself, Vanatus surveyed the battle, Septimus had driven deep into the enemies flank and was now surrounded, desperately fighting off heretics, the Tau and Eldar had kept their opponents at distance and where taking few losses and in the centre of it all the two dreadnoughts fought, attacking with all ferocity their blows echoing across the battle field. Looking back to Septimus, Vanatus radioed him on the vox, “Septimus, hold fast, I am on my way, Vanatus out.” The captain slew his enemies left and right, letting none stand in his way. A marine of the Black Legion came out of nowhere, yelling some obscene chant, swinging a chainaxe wildly. Vanatus dodged and impaled the heretic through it eye slit, upon arriving at Septimus’ position he could see the situation was dire indeed. “Everyone, get down,” Vanatus yelled. His marines dropped to the ground as he hefted his grenades into the enemy ranks, thinning them greatly, “Fight on brother, show them your steel.” The Blood Ravens drew their chainswords in unison and fought to the centre of the fight, Vanatus at their head. “Blood Ravens, fire on the Daemoncifier.” And fire they did, bolter rounds struck the dreadnought all over, hitting its exposed joints and allowing the Contempor to deliver a final, killing blow. The Daemoncifier toppled, the warp horde was routed and the day was won. Vanatus walked over to where the Tau commander and Farseer were waiting, “where are the Necrons?” “They have returned to their tombs, as was prophesised,” replied the Tau commander, “and now we go our separate ways.” With that the Tau and Eldar forces teleported away, turning to the Contempor, Vanatus asked, “Holy machine, would you grace the ranks of the Blood Ravens?” “No space marine, I shall wait till I am needed once more, also, it is good to see you have used my blade well,” and it to left the Blood Ravens. Septimus trudged over to Vanatus and asked, “What did it say captain?” “Daemons Bane, my blade, that dreadnought was once a great Ultramarine.” Vanatus turned and walked to the waiting thuderhawk, one thousand thoughts on his mind.



 I like it 
  July 19, 2012
Yay! Thanks for showing the entire story, and thanks for the reference. You should really join the second one, I (kind of) commissioned it.
 I like it 
  July 19, 2012
Yay! Thanks for showing the entire story, and thanks for the reference. You should really join the second one, I (kind of) commissioned it.
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Brother Vanatus and the Chaos Marine Conversion Pack.Space and science fiction

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