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The MOCpages Mafia: Conclusion
The wait is over... and so is the game.
About this creation

Stu: "Hey guys! Want to hear a joke? Once upon a time there was a guy named Stu, and he was innocent! Haha! That was a good one, right?"

King Kenney: "Enough with this nonsense! Off with your head, fool! Or in this case, shoot him!"

Stu has been executed, and is revealed to be guilty!

Stu -- Raviel Ze MOCist! -- Guilty

King Kenney: "We're so close... only one guilty member left..."

Back to the jail cell, it is very dark, and the killer in sunglasses walks around in the room holding a knife.

At the same time, the dark killer silently prowls the room, holding his gun loaded.

They bump into each other.

They both whip around, as they both expect to be the only person awake.

They pause for a minute, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly the killer in sunglasses attacks the dark killer. But the dark killer is ready and shoots the sunglasses killer at the same time that he is stabbed.

In the end both of them are dead.

The killer in sunglasses is revealed to be R. E. Tsa.

And the dark killer is revealed to be Shave Daddix.

R. E. Tsa was innocent, but Shave Daddix was guilty.

R. E. Tsa -- Original Channel of MOCpages (Caleb) --- Innocent
Shave Daddix - Legofreak2444 -- Guilty

In the morning, King Kenney comes to the jail cell. The remaining members come to listen to him.

King Kenney: "I would like to congratulate you all for succeeding in rooting out the guilty thieves, I am most indebted! I am most appreciative of your help and as a token of my great mercy, I will let you all escape from this prison with your lives. Good bye and I hope to never ever see you again."


Winning Team:

Flipson the Fireman -- Kirbster1717
Chuck Norris -- Popcorn
Brick Chick -- Ej Stan
Shorty Ninja -- The Timinater !
Georgie -- Owen S.
Ay-Ay the Nameless -- E.B.
Horrible Horace -- George G.
Fury Yassio -- Austin Durick -- Lynched on Day One. Innocent
Clone Kiddie -- Daniel Holland -- Killed on Night One. Innocent
Undead Canadian -- LWC Guy -- Killed on Night One. Innocent
Nark Smellso -- Annie Corder -- Lynched on Day Two. Innocent
Commander Mike -- CC-6375 "Zack" -- Mod-killed on Night Two. Innocent
Eralf -- LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist -- Killed on Night Two. Innocent
Larrington -- Space Gypsy -- Killed on Night Three. Innocent
R. E. Tsa -- Original Channel of MOCpages (Caleb) --- Killed on Night Four. Innocent

Losing Team:

Heath the Reformed Pirate -- Ru Corder -- Lynched on Day Three. Guilty
Troll -- Seth -- Killed on Night Three. Guilty
Young Shannon Ocean -- Patrick -L -- Killed on Night Three. Guilty
Stu -- Raviel Ze MOCist! -- Lynched on Day Four. Guilty
Shave Daddix - Legofreak2444 -- Guilty


Wow! That was an intriguing game of mafia and I'm really happy that it worked out so well! I'm also pretty suprised that it ended this early, but thats fine, now I'll have an opportunity to upload something else :P

ANYWAYS... the rest of this MOC is dedicated to me explaining everything that happened in the game. First off, we're going to have a list of the members and what their roles were. After that, I'm going to have a description of what exactly happened "behind the scenes", and why things happened how they happened. And last but not least I'm going to be giving feedback to all the players that participated. The players that received high marks in my feedback will be able to participate in a special, more-advanced mafia game that I'll be hosting later on this summer. Thank you everyone!


So as I said, first off I will be giving out the roles of the different members:
Shorty Ninja (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Flipson the Fireman (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Undead Canadian (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Chuck Norris (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Nark Smellso (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Fury Yassio (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Brick Chick (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Eralf (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Commander Mike (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Ay-Ay The Nameless (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Horrible Horace (TOWN) Vanilla Townie
Georgie (TOWN) Cop
Clone Kiddie (TOWN) Doctor
R. E. Tsa (TOWN) Vigilante
Larrington (TOWN) Vengeful Townie
Heath the Reformed Pirate (MAFIA) Mafia
Troll (MAFIA) Mafia
Young Shannon Ocean (MAFIA) Framer
Shave Daddix (MAFIA) Godfather
Stu (MAFIA) Roleblocker


The next part is explaining what exactly happened each night, when most players were asleep. So it was like this:
Day/Night One: Fury Yassio (TOWN) is lynched, and executed. The town vigilante (R.E. Tsa) kills Clone Kiddie (TOWN Doctor), because he thinks that it is funny to kill players with funny implications. Stupid choice, you just killed the doctor! Agh! Youíll be seeing more of this in Night Two. The mafia kill Undead Canadian (TOWN) because he is too smart :p Horrible Horace (TOWN) is investigated by the cop (Georgie), but the investigation was unsuccessful, because Stu roleblocked Georgie by random choice (yeah, a pretty good random choice if you ask me). Also, Young Shannon Ocean frames Undead Canadian as guilty, but it didnít help much since he died and the cop didnít investigate him.
Day/Night Two: Nark Smellso (TOWN) is lynched, and executed, because Heath the Reformed Pirate (MAFIA) starts making accusations against him/her and backs out of it later, but in the end it convinced everyone. The mafia decided to kill Eralf (TOWN), because he was too smart (:D). But of course our genius town vigilante (R.E. Tsa) decides to kill the same person, but because he thinks itís funny to kill the hostís alter ego. Haha. Iím not laughing. OK now Georgie (cop) investigates R. E. Tsa and he was found to be the Town Vigilante. Larrington's role (Vengeful townie) is blocked, but his role didnít do anything that night, so it doesn't matter. Larrington was also framed as guilty, but it didnít really matter as well.
Day/Night Three: Heath the Reformed Pirate (MAFIA) is lynched, and executed. Hallelujah! The first of many lynched mafiosos. The town vigilante (R.E.Tsa) kills Seth (Guilty) and actually made a good choice! The mafia kill Larrington (TOWN, vengeful) because he was onto their plans. But because Larrington was a Vengful Townie that means when he is killed he is able to kill somebody of his choice. So Larrington lashed out and kills Young Shannon Ocean (MAFIA). That night, E.B. is investigated by the cop (Georgie), and he was found to be a vanilla townie. Horace is framed as guilty, but it doesnít matter. Horace's role is blocked but he doesn't have one, so it doesn't matter.
Day/Night Four: OK not as much to say here, pretty much just read the main text with pictures. Stu (MAFIA) is lynched. The town vigilante (R.E. Tsa) makes the right choice and goes after the last remaining Mafioso, Shave Daddix, and since he was the last mafia member he decided to kill R.E. Tsa. So there, the games over, and the town won 


I'll be giving all of you grades depending on how well you did, the grades go like so:
4/4 (Excellent)
3/4 (Very Good)
2/4 (Average)
1/4 (Below Average)
0/4 (Fail)

Heath the Reformed Pirate (Ru Corder) - 4/4 (Excellent) - Dude, for the first couple days you had the whole town eating out of your hand! Thats what I call a good player! Now if only you had survived another night I'm sure that you and the scum team could've won the game. Awesome work, man!!

Flipson the Fireman (Flipson Fireman/Kirbster1717)- 2/4 (Average) - You were a pretty good player, you were fairly active with a lot of your posts but a lot of them were distracting and didn't help with finding the scum. You were acting a bit scummy yourself, sometimes, and if another day had occured you might've been lynched. You didn't do terrible, but you definitely have some areas where you could improve.

Undead Canadian (LWC Guy) - 4/4 (Excellent) - Too bad you got knocked out so early, you had some real potential! You were pretty much the main mafia targets and unfortunately you were killed so early that we couldn't see much of you playing, but of what I saw I thought you were pro! Hope you will play again and survive longer this time! ;)

Chuck Norris (Popcorn) - 3/4 (Very Good) - You weren't a very active member until Day Three, and then you started with the blood on the floor in the pictures stuff, but overall you did a good job ;)

Nark Smellso (Annie Corder) - 2/4 (Average) - You did pretty well when you did post, but you didn't post very often. I wish I could give you a higher score but an important game requirement is to be active, which you were not. You getting lynched isn't against you, that was your brother's fault... :P

Troll (Seth) - 3/4 (Very Good) - Although you were quiet, you did suprisingly well hiding your role as mafia until Day Three, when the vigilante caught a sniff of you - oops! Anyways, you did pretty good mate ;)

Fury Yassio (Austin Durick) - 1/4 (Below Average) - You didn't do so well, and to be blunt your behavior was extremely scummy and you probably deserved to be lynched. Getting yourself lynched isn't so great, man. Hope next game you'll do better.

R. E. Tsa (Original Channel of MOCpages (Caleb)) - 2/4 (Average) - You did pretty well, but you weren't too helpful in the discussions and you almost got yourself lynched once. You also killed two townies at night because you thought that they were funny, one of those townies was the Town Doctor, which you killed on Night One. Smooth. Anyways, you did make up for it later on in the game, but the things I mentioned previously really made me have to lower your score. Sorry mate.

Brick Chick (Ej Stan) - 1/4 (Below Average) - You barely commented and when you did you didn't help. Your comments were really unhelpful and didn't contribute to helping the scum whatsoever, and that pact thing that you tried to make on Day One was pointless and distracting. Thats not the way to be playing a mafia game, mate.

Larrington (Space Gypsy) - 4/4 (Excellent) - You thought things out well and did a good job in the game! You were a major part in taking down the scum team, and being a Vengeful Townie helped because you were able to take another scum out after you had already parted your great knowledge. Great work buddy! :)

Shorty Ninja (The Timinater!) - 3/4 (Very Good) - When you weren't sick in the hospital you were a smart thinker, so good work mate! :)

Eralf (LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist) - 4/4 (Excellent) - You did a great job, and you proved it by getting killed by the mafia AND the town vigilante at the same time, you have to admit that that takes some skill dude :P Maybe it was because of your awesome buddy icon... too bad you changed it.

Young Shannon Ocean (Patrick ---L) - 3/4 (Very Good) - You did a good job as mafia, although at some times your performance was a little leading to the fact that you were mafia. But overall you did pretty good and made most of the right choices that should've been made.

Georgie (Owen S.) - 3/4 (Very Good) - When you were commenting you did great, although you didn't comment as often as I would've liked. Since you were the cop you should've been more active in trying to root out the mafia, which you did sometimes but not often enough. Also you didn't spread around the information about people who were found innocent/guilty, which I was slightly annoyed with. But overall you did good ;)

Commander Mike (CC-6375 "Zack") - 0/4 (Fail) - You quit, without even telling me, until I chased after you. Lame.

Ay-Ay the Nameless (E.B.) - 3/4 (Very Good) - You did pretty good man, trying to find the scum and help the town team. Nice work!

Horrible Horace (George G.) - 2/4 (Average) - I'd like to give you a better score but your annoying accents and goofing off really distracted the flow of thinking. You almost never really helped find any scum, you just popped in occasionally to burp or drink some whiskey. Next game try to be minimizing your acting and maximizing your scum-finding skills ;)

Shave Daddix (Legofreak2444) - 3/4 (Very Good) - As a mafia you did a good job, especially in the last day with your arguments against the rest of the town as for why you aren't a mafia. As the godfather you were sort of supposed to be the leader, and you did a pretty good job of that once Ru Corder was dead and gone :P

Stu (Raviel Ze MOCist!) - 2.5/4 (Averagely Good) - Yes, I know that 2.5/4 isn't technically on the scale. Anyways, hm, you were also a pretty decent mafia player, although sometimes I felt your performance lacking a bit, because you acted a bit scummy sometimes, and people saw that and thats why they lynched you out. Also at the beginning of the game you kept asking to block random functions that had nothing to do with your role :P I didn't want to give you 2, but I felt you didn't really deserve a 3, so you are the only player I'm giving a 2.5 to :P

Clone Kiddie (Daniel Holland) - 1/4 (Below Average) - Your "amazing strategy" didn't end up being so amazing, since you got killed the first night. Dude, you were an important role, and you could've helped things go smoother if you hadn't been lazy and try that strategy of "do nothing, act like a n00b, and claim to be mafia". Sorry mate, I hope if you try again you'll do better.

Please note that your scores will be going onto the Mafia Games Central and every game you participate in, the host will also give you a score, which will be averaged with the previous scores you've received. Players with high scores will be allowed to play in more advanced mafia games ;)


Thatís it! The gameís over. Thank you everyone SO MUCH for participating. It was a blast and I hope you guys had a good time too.
Feel free to change your icons back ;)
Thanks for reading!


 I made it 
  July 3, 2012
Quoting Reynolds . Is it okay if I could be in the next one, also?
I'm not guaranteeing spots to anybody, but you can feel free to sign up for it.
 I like it 
  July 3, 2012
Is it okay if I could be in the next one, also?
 I made it 
  July 1, 2012
Quoting UpsidownTree Productions Flare, can you please send an invite to me as soon as the Mafia is made? P.S. My Entry for TFOMC is up!
Sure no prob
Flare .
 I like it 
UpsidownTree Productions
  June 30, 2012
Flare, can you please send an invite to me as soon as the Mafia is made? P.S. My Entry for TFOMC is up!
 I made it 
  June 29, 2012
Quoting Annie Corder Thanks for hosting this Ben, it was great fun! :)
I'm glad that you played and had fun! Hopefully you can play next time I do one... :)
Quoting Ian Spacek Man, Stu's joke was priceless!! That had me laughing good! I wasn't even aware this Mafia game was in existence. Very clever idea, wish I could have chipped in! Oh well.
Thanks man! But don't worry, I'm planning on doing another one in August :)
 I like it 
  June 29, 2012
Man, Stu's joke was priceless!! That had me laughing good! I wasn't even aware this Mafia game was in existence. Very clever idea, wish I could have chipped in! Oh well.
 I like it 
  June 22, 2012
Thanks for hosting this Ben, it was great fun! :)
 I made it 
  June 20, 2012
Quoting Dave Kaleta Ben, I applaud the way you've made this into a interactive and community building experience. Way to show leadership, innovation, and initiative. ~Dave
Thanks, Dave! :)
Quoting Parrington Levens Huge effort on this Flame, I'm still wondering just what on earth inspired this, hahahaha... Anyway, I'll be morbidly curious when you start up the next series...
Its Flare :P Haha, thanks :P
 I made it 
  June 20, 2012
Quoting Areetsa C Seems to me it would have been more interesting with a Secret Police faction going around dragging people off in the middle of the night.
Just wait for the more advanced game, it will have LOTS more interesting characters...
 I like it 
  June 20, 2012
4/4 pretty good on my part. Nice ending too. I had a great time.
 I like it 
  June 20, 2012
You gave Eralf the 4/4 just cause he was Eralf. :P Never mind. Great work Flare. This was a lot of fun! :D
Flare .
 I like it 
David K.
  June 19, 2012
Good ending
Flare .
 I like it 
Patrick ---L
  June 19, 2012
Thanks Flare, I had a great time. Are you thinking of making another Mafia game.
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Seems to me it would have been more interesting with a Secret Police faction going around dragging people off in the middle of the night.
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Thanks lots Flare! That was some real fun, I'll love to participate in more mafia games in the future :)
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Huge effort on this Flame, I'm still wondering just what on earth inspired this, hahahaha... Anyway, I'll be morbidly curious when you start up the next series...
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
HAHAHA! We win! WOOOOOT!!!!! Thanks for the feedback Flare and everyone lets give a HUGE round of applause to Flare for spending time making this! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! Do you know when the next mafia game is due to be released? One your hosting I mean (because your awesome :3).
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Thanks for hosting! Although I don't agree with that score :(
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
I knew it! wow, that was so much fun! thanks for hosting it, and for the rating :)
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Ben, I applaud the way you've made this into a interactive and community building experience. Way to show leadership, innovation, and initiative. ~Dave
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
4/4? Woohoo! ;) Interesting conclusion, and I enjoyed reading the overview. Hopefully I'll find time to participate in future games, you really did an excellent job on this one.
  June 19, 2012
Just wondering, how would Daddix fit that hat on? =]
  June 19, 2012
I would also like to point out that I was talking to 3 people in the game, trying to find out who was good and who was bad. This ended up saving the game, surprisingly.
  June 19, 2012
Yay! I was right about legofreak! And I was surprised to see that 2/4 from R.E. Tsa. I was expecting a one. Same with legofreak, he was the most obvious mafia. And Clone Kiddie and Flipson... I won't say anything,
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Oh, and my mafia WILL be on schedule. I built the set and took pictures for the sign-up. I will be gone for the next 3 days though. Although you MIGHT can expect that Werewolves Mafia will be ahead of Schedule.
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
2/4!? I saved the game! TWICE! haha, good game though! I knew it was Legofreak2444 =D
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
Great ending! This was an awesome little series! (do I see smellso's head in a jar in one of th pictures?)
 I like it 
  June 19, 2012
*burp* What ye be sayin'? I ain't got no pesterin' accent ye salty sea dog! Yar! I joke my friend, at the start you said to "talk in character" so I started talking like a pirate, but then no one else was in character, but I couldn't just stop - you have to keep consistency! And I would have liked to get involved a bit more and get in some good accusations but you know how busy life gets in exam season! LONG LIVE THE MOCPAGES MAFIA! *burp*
By Flare .
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