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"A journey into the unknown"- episode 18- part 4
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immediately after ep. 17, sorry for blurry pics, its hard to take pics behind high castle walls.
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the orc forces closed in on the human army, who was now pushed all the way back to the keep, Blood soaked the ground, and the scent of defeat was in the air, the human's were now fighting in what seemed to be a final stand.

Damian suddenly came to, he was exausted, and his chest ached where the arrow had pierced throgh him, he looked over, and saw the chaos ensuming the vandaarian army, he picked up a sword.

he charged into an orc warrior, and cut his neck.

He grabbed another sword, and ran through the orcs, slashing the warriors across the chests.

The orcs fell dead.

Forge: Good to have you back old man!
damian:good to be back.

ROOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! A huge dragon circled overhead, flames licked out of his massive jaws, and his deadly teeth shimmered in the morning light.

The dragon landed, and ran into the vandaarian lines, it tore humans apart with it's razor sharp teeth and claws, striking fear into the human's hearts.

Norkeo Walked through the gate, and held his hand up, The orc army stopped advancing, and the castle fell quiet.
Norkeo: Humans! You are outnumbered and defeated! you have two choices! Death, or enslavement! What will it be?

The vandaarians cheered there approval.

Norkeo: death it is!
The orcs roared, and screamed insults at the humans.

The orcs charged forward, there force only feet away from slamming into the vandaarians, which meant sure defeat for the humans.

Suddenly, the orcs stoped in there tracks.
Thud, thud, thud,
there was a sound in the distance, a faint sound at that,

The orcs turned around, suddenly, the orcs hearts sank,
Thud, thud, thud
The sound drew closer each second, by now both armies knew what it was, but both were shocked.

norkeo: Impossible... This is imposible! Rally my forces! Quickly!
Thud, thud thud
This only made the orcs more nervous.
There wasnt a sound except the constant thudding, but you could hear there heartbeats speeding up.

Suddenly, a storm of arrows rained down on the orc army.

Soldier: It's the riders of Zorom!

And he was right, Over the hill rode an eentire army of Riders, the riders of zorom.

At the head of the army was king izers, and kellon, the messengr who warned vandaar of the orc invaders.

the riders approached, picking up speed.

Accompanying them were a band of archers, and infantry.

A rider rode past a pale figure wearing a hood, and scooped him up onto his horse.

????:thanks, i want to be apart of this fight!
The soldier nodded.

King izers: For Zorom!
Kellon: For Vandaar!

hoof beats roared as the Riders broke through the breaches and into the heart of the orc army.

The army continued to press forward, hacking down opposing warriors.

before long, most of the orcs were swallowed up by the Tremendous cavalry foce.

Despite the elment of surprise, and being outnumbered, the orcs still fought back, altough the majority were to frightened to fight.

Kiton, knowing This battle was lost, ran through the lines, to his dragon.

He mounted it, and egan to fly away from this bloodbath.

He looked down, and saw him, his old enemy, Kellon

Suddenly. the dragon swooped dowm, and pickd up the kelloon and his horse
his horse whined, and kellon let out a scream as the dragon lifted him away.

the dragon let out a tremendous roar, and rose into the air.

meanwhile, tannin, Kellon's right hand man, looked over and saw kellon beeing carried away.

Tannin, lept off his horse and on to the dragon's tail. He hung on for dear life.

the dragon landed outside the castle, and dropped kellon.

Tannin let go of the dragon's tail and screamed a battle cry,

kellon pushed himself up, and looked up at the towering beast.

Kiton dismounted and stood in front of kellon.
kiton: ahhhhh, If it isnt my old apprentice kellon! i never thought i would see you again after you foiled my plan and stole my fire sword!
Kellon: you're evil! you planned to kill king izers! You had to be stopped!
Kiton: You could have been so much more, join me! I can teach you more of the dark arts! you wil be more powerful then you ever have been!
Kellon: No, I left you years ago, I swore to use my powers only for good! and not for your corrupt intentions!
Kiton: So be it, but if you wont join me, than you will die! And i will reclaim the fire sword!
Kellon: Then it looks like death is in my near future!

Kiton: Attack!
The dragon spit a powerful flame at kellon, who blocked tthe attack easily with his firesword.

He knew kellon knew help, and jumped on the dragon.

The dragon spun around, and took tannin in his claws.

he cut the beast across the chest, and fell.

the draagon, now enraged grabbed tannin again, and snaped at him with his huge jaws.

Tannin siezed the oppurtunity and drove his blade into the dragons mouth,

The dragon howled in pain, and tannin fell down.


kiton: You're next kellon.
Kellon: I should have done this years ago.

Kiton swung his scythe downon kellon's fire sword.

The magical weapons crackeled with energy, and huge spark exploded between the weapons.

Kellon broke away from the sword lock, and swung at kiton.

It hit the middle part of his staff, and broke it into two.

Kiton returned to offence, sending a beam of acidic poison at kellon.

Who dove under the attack,
(sorry about the terrible pic, not to mention you can see my finger :P)

Kiton: Gah!
He slammed the blade of his scythe on the ground,

and Skeletons popped out of the ground, groaning, and angry.

Kellon Pointed his word at the skeletons, and concentrated on his sword.
Huge flames flew out of his sword torching the skeletons.

Kiton grunted, this was harder than he thought, He shot a beam of acid from his hands, and kellon shot a huge flame from his sword.

suddenly, a huge explosion rippled through the air, pushing both of the wizards back.

tannin: NOOOOO!!!!!
he jumed on the back of the beast, knowing that kellon needed some help.

The fall had been worse for kiton,his back was throbbing and he couldnt get back up. Kellon walked over to the crippled wizard.

kellon pressed the blade on his neck.
Kellon: It's over now.
Kiton: That's were youre wrong, This is only the begining.


Kellon crouched dwon next to the body of tannin
Kellon: Thank you.
He then looked both ways, no one had seen this fight, his powers were still a secret, and he intended on keeping it like that.

meanwhile in the castle, The orcs had been defeated, most of there forces were dead, and the others were retreating.

Norkeo Growled His plans were crumbling.
norkeo: Retreat!

Norkeo, and the remaining Orcs ran out of the castle, and into the plains towards gorgon.

The humans Cheered and screamed, vandaar was safe.

Everyone celebrated, that is except for the elves, For them this was a defeat, All of the elven warriors had been killed, and it appeared the elves where an endangered species again.

suddenly, a hooded warrior walked up to them
thondor: who are you?
nihl: The name's nihl, Leader of the elf refugees of Zorom.

Nihl: I hear you are the only elves left in vandaar?
Thondir nodded, this was not a matter to discuss, His entire force of elves were dead, and he certainly didnt want to talk to this stranger, elf or not.

nihl: Not anymore.

Taylor: So, This is an elven victory after all.

Meanwhile, timmy was talking to King Izers.
Timmy: I cant thank you enough milord.
King izers: Timmy, I know you would have done the same.
timmy: Yes, but How could you come? Werent the orcs sieging Zorom to?
King izers: Yes. We defeated them, They had poor leadership, and there army was smaller, they were easily defeated, and we rod here to help you.

king Izers: There is one condition,
Timmy: Yes? we can do anything!
King izers: Timmy, We need to press our attack into Gorgon, we can not enjoy the peace yet, We must capture gorgon, and then launch the recapture of bormor.
timmy nodded. he knew this had to be done.
King Izers: I dont want to do it, nor do you, But it must be done if we want this world to be safe for our kingdoms to prosper.
Timmy: yes, we must, You have vandaar at your command.
king izers nodded.
King izers: Good.

The bodys were laid down on the field outside.

Timmy's words echoed through the minds of the soldiers
Blood will be spilled, freinds will be lost
his words were holding true, many were dead.

The vandaarian and zorom dead were laid to rest down the river.

While the orc dead were piled,

and burned.

Timmy: Enjoy the peace while it lasts. for it wont last long.


 I like it 
  August 27, 2012
Very cool episode Luke! I will be sure to note the name of the King for my later episodes.
Luke smith
 I like it 
Bluethorns55- The Lego Builder
  August 26, 2012
 I like it 
  August 25, 2012
Great episode!
  August 25, 2012
i can chat now
 I like it 
  August 25, 2012
Nice episode!
 I made it 
  August 25, 2012
Quoting Joseph Shaw My favourite episode so far! Will Aelo be in the episodes soon?
Yes,in 3-4 episodes
 I like it 
  August 25, 2012
My favourite episode so far! Will Aelo be in the episodes soon?
 I made it 
  August 25, 2012
Quoting Ian, the LEGO King (Active Only On Weekends) three things, 1 NICE EPISODE! 2 I SAW ME 3 WANNA CHAT AT YOUR PLACE!!!!!
Sorry I can't today I'm on vacation Maybe Later though.
 I like it 
  August 25, 2012
Nice Ep Luke!
Luke smith
 I like it 
Griffin .
  August 24, 2012
AWESOME LUKE! It was awesome to see King Izers ride into battle! Thanks for adding me in, Luke. :)
 I like it 
  August 24, 2012
By Luke smith
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop "A journey into the unknown"- episode 18- part 4

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