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Saviours 02: The Master Within
About this creation
The Jedi Temple, several days after the events in Bloodlines 08: Reunion .

Warik Fentten watched nervously as his team of Jedi Knights packed up their ship in preparation for their mission.

Warik Fentten: "Make sure the ship is fully prepared. We could be on Kuat for a long time."

Kelmun Swathe: "You know, I came back from exile to fight the SIth, not to take over from the loader droids."

Warik smiled at Kelmun. During the Galactic Civil War Kelmun had almost fallen to the temptation of the Dark Side. Ashamed of himself, the Jedi Master had retreated into self-imposed exile on Dxun. He had only recently returned to the Order after hearing of the new threat from the Sith.

Warik Fentten: "Just go with it Kelmun. If I am leading this mission I want it to be done properly."

Ulick Bentoa: "So its true then? They really have given you a command, I feel sorry for the others."

Warik grinned as he turned around to see his old friend Ulick. The two embraced each other before moving apart.

Ulick Bentoa: "How're you feeling?"

Warik Fentten: "Honestly? Nervous."

Ulick Bentoa: "Nervous? You've led missions before though."

Warik Fentten: "Yes, but this mission is important. If we don't succeed then it will mean the Sith getting their hands on Kuat's newest cruiser. And on top of that I hear I'm up for nomination to fill Master Tech's seat on the Council."

Ulick smiled at his friend.

Ulick Bentoa: "You worry too much my friend. The Council has faith in you, that is why you were selcted for this mission and why you have been nominated for the empty seat."

Warik mumbled something under his breath as Ulick walked towards the door. Before he left however the Miralukan glanced over his shoulder and grinned.

Ulick Bentoa: "May the Force be with you my friend."

Kuat Shipyards, two days later.

Warik Fentten: "So Director as you can see it is important that we have access to the entirety of the shipyard and are able to get on and off the new cruiser at all times."

The cruiser to which Warik refered to was a new prototype design from Kuat. The ship was long and sleak and boasted an impressive amount of firepower. If the intelligence that the Jedi spies had gathered was correct then the Sith were going to attempt to commandeer the ship.

Director: "I really don't see what the fuss is about! The ship has the highest level of security on the planet and no-one would dare to attempt to steal her from her birth, am I correct 4-U?"

4U-T8: "Correct Director. The statistical liklihood of a robbery is under 0.01%"

Jedi Master Briss Willuce exchanged a glance with Warik. The Director was both overconfident in his facilities abilities and was underestimating those of the SIth. A fatal combination.

Master Willuce, a former Stormtrooper of the Empire until he defected to the Jedi, rolled his one good eye and coughed loudly.

Briss Willuce: "Even so Director. The enemy are a very great threat. We are here only for your benefit."

Director: "Well I don't know why so many of you bothered to come."

Ara Kashyx, a Kaleesh slave to Rovaniss Empire who had been rescued during the early days of the war, shook his head and crossed his arms.

Ara Kashyx: "You may be thankful that we did in the end."

Warik Fentten sighed, he new that they were wasting time talking when they should be inspecting the shipyard. A quick plan formed in the Muun's head.

Warik Fentten: "Master Willuce, I am leaving you in command whilst I go and... Check the ship."

Kelmun Swathe: "Need some help?"

Warik smiled slyly at Kelmun and lowered his voice to a whisper.

Warik Fentten: "I don't think so Kelmun. Lets try not to make it too obvious."

Twenty minutes passed slowly by. Briss continued to debate with the Director over the safety of the facility whilst the other two Jedi stood talking quietly. Ara sighed as the Director went on on another speech of the strength of the shipyard.

Ara Kashyx: "As Jedi, we aren't allowed to call people idiots are we?"

Kelmun Swathe: "Well... Not if they can here us."

All of a sudden the director gasped as a purple lightsaber blade exploded from his stomach. As one, the three Jedi recoiled as they suddenly felt a strong force of the Dark Side.

Switching off their stealth field generators, four Sith appeared before them.

Darth Yulick: "Jedi, what a surprise."

Darth Jayzaa: "I hope we aren't interupting. We're just here to pick up our ship.

Warik looked out accross the shipyard to where the cruiser sat. It was unamed so far and he was wondering what he would call the massive hunk of metal when suddenly he felt the presence of the Dark Side.

There was a loud crashing sound as Warik suddenly saw Ara Kashyx fly out of the doorway and slam into a nearby pillar.

Ara scrambled to his feet, brushing off the dust from his robes. The Kaleesh frowned.

Ara Kashyx: "Well I didn't see that coming."

Warik ignited his blade and turned around as the other Jedi appeared through the doorway.

Warik: "Briss?"

Briss turned and his serious famous suddenly lit up with a smile.

Briss Willuce: "Oh, the Sith. Don't worry, its under control."

As soon as Briss finished speaking the Sith charged out of the door, their lightsabers blazing. Warik dropped into a defencive stance as Darth Yulik's blade slammed against his.

Darth Yulik: "Ah the leader, at last."

Warik Fentten: "You picked the wrong Jedi to mess with Yulik."

Darth Yulik: "Hmm, we shall see."

With a snarl Yulik unleashed a flurry of attacks that Warik struggled to defend against. As they moved apart the Zabrack grinned, baring his fanged teeth.

Darth Yulik: "The Jedi destroyed the Sith once, now we shall return the favor."

Over on the other side of the balcony, Master Swathe launched a powerful kick into Darth Venom's chest, knocking the Sith backwards off of the balcony.

Kelmun Swathe: "Yes! This is more like it haha!"

Down below, Ara spun his twin bladed saber as Darth Meta advanced on him.

Darth Meta: "Pathetic slave! You think you can rival me? I am a servant of the Dark Lord! I have power of the Dark Side! I leave death in my wake!"

Ara Kashyx: "Ha! Sith are all the same. All my years of slavery have to count for something. At least I know how you think."

Ara went to attack Meta when suddenly Darth Venom landed on top of him, knocking the Jedi Knight to his feet.

Darth Meta placed a huge hand on Ara's head, pulling him up onto his knees.

Darth Meta: "You are scum. And you have no idea how I think."

Activating the second blade of his lightsaber, Meta swung his blade and quickly decapitated the young Jedi.

Kelmun Swathe: "Ara!"

Kelmun Swathe dropped like a tonne of bricks from the balcony above, his boot slamming into Darth Meta's head and sending the Zabrack flying.

The enraged Jedi spun around, the twin ends of his saber lashing out against the two Sith Lords.

Nimbly, Kelmun dropped to the floor, dodging an attack from Venom and ducking under Meta's Force leap.

Kelmun spun around as he stood up, slamming Meta into the wall with the Force and briefly dazing the Sith Lord.

Kemun spun around to face Venom. But the SIth had disappeared. Kelmun reache dout with the Force but his mind was too clouded with his own feelings of anger and hate.

Suddenly Kelmun felt a cold hand on his shoulder and a burning sensation in his stomach. Darth Venom's voice snaked into his ear.

Darth Venom: "The Dark Side is not a place for you Jedi. You have failed both paths of the Force."

Kelmun Swathe dropped to the floor, gasping for breath. In his final moments, the Jedi cleared his mind of hate and finally made his peace with the Light Side of the Force.

Kelmun Swathe: "I am a Jedi."

Warik and Briss stood side by side as the four Sith began to advance towards them.

Briss Willuce: "Suggestions?"

Warik Fentten: "Run, try separate them."

Briss Willuce: "Well I'm all up for the first part."

The two Jedi turned and sprinted away from the SIth only to end up in a dead end.

Warik Fentten: "No! It's a dead end!"

Briss Willuce: "Not quite. Climb, you go first."

Warik nodded and began to leap up the wall behind them.

Down below Darth Jayzaa smiled as she appeared silently behind Master Willuce.

But before the Assassin could strike the Jedi down, Briss turned and parried her attack.

Briss Willuce: "I see you Sith!"

Darth Jayzaa: "Hmm, impressive. But your skills are tiring old man. You cannot fight forever."

Briss Willuce: "And you cannot pretend to be Sith forever. I sense the good in you girl, you could be a great Jedi."

Dath Jayzaa: "Pah! Don't give me that garbage! I have made my choice Jedi!"

Briss reached out and used the Force to push Jayzaa over.

Briss Willuce: "Your choices aren't set in stone. The mind is always changing."

Briss Willuce: "As it is I sense the anger and hatred inside of you. You are in great pain girl, it is not fair for you too continue."

Briss raised his lightsaber to kill Jayzaa when a thin smile suddenly touched the Zabrack's lips.

With a flick of her thumb Jayzaa activated the second blade of her lightsaber. The beam shot forwards and plunged into Master Willuce's chest.

Warik Fentten: "Briss, no!"

Before the Muun could react properly he felt someone jump down behind him and a powerful force sent him flying from the platform where he stood.

Darth Meta: "Haha! Enjoy the fall Jedi scum!"

Meta was still cackling when Warik's blade came spinning through the air, slicing into the side of Meta's waist and slicing the Zabrack in half.

Meta's body and legs slid forward and fell to floor beside the body of Master Willuce.
Warik landed nearby, dodging out of Jayzaa's way he ran as fast as he could.

But when he reached the main office he found the remaining three Sith waiting for him.

Darth Venom: "It's over Jedi. Are you ready to die?"

Warik Fentten: "If death is my destiny, then death it will be."

Darth Jayzaa: "Pfft, how typically pathetic."

Darth Yulik: "Your conviction is strong Jedi. But you will not die today."

Yulik walked accross the table to satnd towering above the Muun.

Darth Yulik: "Return to your Masters. Tell them that if they wish to win this war then only Master's will have a chance of standing against us."

With that, the Sith parted, allowing Warik to walk cautiously towards his ship.

Jedi Master Warik Fentten stood humbled before the Jedi Council.

Warik Fentten: "The fault was mine and mine alone. I am responsible for the failure of this mission and also for the deaths of my fellow Jedi. I am deeply sorry Masters."

Quino Loskin: "You speak as if we are about to cast you from our ranks Warik."

Warik Fentten: "I will accept whatever punishment you decide upon."

Rashak Flo: "Punishment. The Sith would have taken a ship eventually, one way or another people would have died in the process. Now we know exactly what kind of ship they have, its weaknesses and strengths and how it will be deployed. But good Jedi died in the fight."

The Council was silent for a momnt in memory of their fallen friends.

Rashak Flo: "There is only one punishment fitting for you Warik. Master Dovallia?"

Ben Dovallia stood up slowly, his lightsaber in hand.

Ben Dovallia: "Kneel, Master Fentten."

Slowly, Ben moved his blade from one of Warik's shoulders to another.

Ben Dovallia: "Master Fentten, by the right of the Jedi Council, by the will of the Force. I dub you Master, member of the Jedi Council."

Warik Fentten: "But... Masters. I failed today. I lost three good Jedi. How, how can you think I am ready."

Nayam Burl-Soru: "It is only you who thinks you aren't ready Warik. And that is exactly why you are ready."

Ben Dovallia: "Everyone makes mistakes Warik, even Jedi Masters. You have shown that you not only accept responsibility for your mistakes but you are prepared to do what is necessary to make them right again."

A panel opened up in the floor to reveal the chair of former Council member Gregor Tech.

Quino Loskin: "You are more capable than you think Warik. Please, take your seat by our side."

-- Author's Note --

Hi everyone!

Well I hope you're all enjoying the new series, I know I'm having a lot of fun making it.
I just want to say and clarify a few things...

Firstly there have been a few questions about Hara's age. At this time Hara is in his mid 60's as is Nay. The reason they and many of the other Masters still look young is because of the connection that Hara has to the Force. The Force can extend the life of those who have control of it (up to 800 years in some human cases) and the effects can be seen in those closer to the person. This is why Hara and Nay both look around 40.
If I could I would show some signs of age but as I can't do a decent in-between and I don't want to make them both suddenly look really old you're just going to have to use your imaginations :P That and I'll work some explainations into the story at some point.

Finally I have a request for all of you who read my comics. Admiral Varkov is a good friend of mine on the site and he makes a really impressive series of comics, and if you like my series you'll certainly enjoy his.
I really would appreciate it if those of you who read my series could check out Varkov's series as they really deserve far more publicity than they get.

Thanks everyone! There's an epic duel coming up between two unknowns next episode so I will see you then!

- Harry 863 -


Harry 863
 I like it 
Admiral Varkov
  September 2, 2012
Another excellent episode! Very nice plot development! And thanks for the kind words for my series I'm humbled and grateful! Again, thanks a million!
 I like it 
  September 2, 2012
Cool to see a mission fail, you never really see that! Nice work man ;)
 I like it 
  August 31, 2012
Great episode! Thanks for putting me in it! I was getting afraid I was not going to show up again!
Harry 863
 I like it 
Griffin .
  August 30, 2012
Oh, can I have a fig also? If so, thanks! Name: Arex Core Lightsaber: Red protosaber Species: Human Story: Arex had once been a Jedi Master, and was son of Tred Core. Though Arex was born more later, during the time of Rovaniss' Empire, so he wasn't that old. Arex never knew the truth about Tred, Harash never told him. He eventually finds out, thanks to Rovaniss. He became a Sith, and wanted to avenge his father, and achieve what his father had to do and kill all the Jedi because of his death.
 I like it 
  August 30, 2012
Great Episode!
 I like it 
  August 30, 2012
Sweet i got to dub someone. really good episode Harry keep it up.
 I like it 
  August 30, 2012
Wow, once again an excellent story! I love the battle as well as it turned out and the Muun is great for a new council member. He reminds me of a good version of Darth Plagueis.
 I like it 
  August 30, 2012
Another great episode.
Harry 863
 I like it 
Billy Bob
  August 29, 2012
I see what you did with Meta's death! A Zabrak being sliced in half and falling down from a high place. Also, to other people, just imagine Soru with slightly-greyed hair.
Harry 863
 I like it 
Griffin .
  August 29, 2012
No!!! Ara! Great episode Harry!
Harry 863
 I like it 
John Smith
  August 29, 2012
Hey Harry, do you mind if I use your design for the kaleesh head for future creations, it's very cool.
Harry 863
John Smith
  August 29, 2012
Nice comic Harry, and I agree, Varkov's comics are very good and deserve more credit than he is getting.
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
this episode had more pictures than normal so i couldn't view all of them (stupid crappy 3ds browser) but i COULD read the story which is what im interested in (the pics are more of a visual aid anyway) but im still happy to pronounce this episode a maze zing. MOARZ PLZ
  August 29, 2012
Its like weird to have more than 2 sith and 2 Jedi at one time
 I made it 
  August 29, 2012
Quoting 'Essence of Randomness 3 Jedi in one episode? Really?
Erm, yes.... Why not?
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
3 Jedi in one episode? Really?
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
Great episode Harry!
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
Nice story and the minifigs are awesome!
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
Sweet episode!
 I like it 
  August 29, 2012
Wow that was an awesome episode Harry!
By Harry 863
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