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Toa Artraka Bio
The biography is now here!
About this creation
Toa Artraka is a brave, daring, adventurous, and noble Toa of Plasma, Sonics, and a mysterious element.

“Makuta, if you think that you can beat me go head and try, but as long as there are people who care about me, there is a reason to fight you and defeat you.”

As a matoran, he lived on the island of Metru Nui. He was a weapon’s crafter and salesman with his friends Tylrix, Matoran of Fire and Saydraza, Matoran of Psionics. He was then called to help a Toa named Hurrades. He made his twin plasma switchblades and his advanced Zamor Sphere launcher. A few months later, he had to make a journey to a neighboring village to deliver some much needed defensive weapons. Hurrades and Saydraza decided to come with him. As the group neared the village, it appeared empty. After Hurrades broke open the door, they made startling discovery. The matoran were either killed or wounded. They later found out that it was Makuta Foidlt. Artraka and Saydraza were battered aside very easily, but Foidlt had a more difficult time trying to kill Hurrades. Artraka woke up to see the last few parts of the battle. His hero then released all his energy in a Nova Blast to kill the Makuta. Artraka, who was immune to the plasma blast, threw himself over Saydraza so she wouldn’t die. After the light from the explosion died away, he and a slightly crispy Saydraza rushed to help their friend the Toa. As Saydraza went to get a doctor, Hurrades made a Toa Stone for six new Toa to be created. Artraka saw on each stone a face of a matoran he knew. Much to his surprise, his face was on the biggest. Much to his dismay, Saydraza’s face wasn’t on one. He was going to ask Hurrades what happened, but his hero was dead. He gave a moment of silence, and embraced his Toa Stone.

He, along with six others, Shaniza, Toa of Lightning, Thoyiluo, Toa of Iron, Guolik, Toa of Fire, Lumidef, Toa of Light and Shadow, Skynia, Toa of Sky and Teurisd, Toa of Plant Life. He made his two friends, Tylrix and Saydraza, the Chroniclers. He was then told by Shaniza that Skynia was in love with him after he had saved her from a Corrosion Dragon attack. Artraka knew that it wasn’t him who saved her, but it was actually a small, silver Dragon he decided to name “Gerverzy”. His new companion left as soon as Skynia regained her strength. She wasn’t that wounded, but she looked to Artraka as her hero. Soon he and the others were offered a position as elite Toa to serve Makuta Sharttak. He was hesitant to say yes at first, but Sharttak convinced him after telling him that his matoran friends Saydraza and Tylrix could be Toa alongside him. He was almost completely sure of his agreement. He served his Makuta faithfully until witnessed him slaughter his brother Guolik for insulting the Makuta. He instantly shot the Makuta with his high powered laser rifle. His Toa team ambushed the dreaded Makuta. All his team but Shaniza died. Skynia was dragged down a pit by a wild Rahi Sharttak created. He was nearly killed the Makuta if Tylrix hadn’t saved him. He retreated but not without making a vow to kill Sharttak. He would always hate and try to kill every evil Makuta, or evil being for that matter, that he would come across. He would prove this by brutal murdering Makuta Fireroch. He ripped his head off with his energy axe. His friends were turned into Toa. His loyal friend Saydraza decided to make it her personal task to relieve Artraka from his murderous rages. She mostly succeeds, but he will still kill Makuta at any cost, as long as it’s not risking his friends’ lives. He still has his personal vendetta against Sharttak though.

He was then approached by an Order of Mata Nui member named Thoulyi and was recruited as an elite warrior for the organization of Mata Nui. He was a little hesitant at first, but Thoulyi used his Mask of Foresight to show him a possible future if he joined the organization. He saw a future without evil in it. He still thinks that he was tricked but despite this he joined the OoMN. His partner was a Toa of Fire named Herito. They didn’t get along the best at first, to make matters worse, a new “Teammate” named Sylong, a Toa of Ice who was strangely female. She admitted to have romantic feelings for both Artraka and Herito. This sparked a deadly rivalry between the newly-formed friends. This led to a fight over Sylong. Then Artraka came to a startling discovery; Sylong couldn’t be a Toa of Ice. He was then confronted by his former friend and they had a brief fight, during which Artraka displayed a new, curious ability: A new, mysterious elemental power, which Herito described as “catastrophic and destructive in the wrong hands, but not his”. This exposes Sylong as the Makuta she really is. So Artraka throws his energy axe through her. He then apologizes for his arrogance to Herito. A month later, he created his own twin Plasma Blasters. The Order then sent his on a recon mission and he ran into Tylrix and Saydraza, who were guarding the island that Artraka was sent to watch. Instinctively he hugged Saydraza and then turned away, embarrassed. The first thing Tylrix was curious why Artraka was here now and why here. He says that he is here to find a matoran who is a Dark Hunter protégé. He begins to take watch and had no luck finding him. Tylrix decides to challenge Artraka to get him to tell him why he was really there. So Tylrix and Artraka fought and it was a nearly a kill for Tylrix but Artraka accidentally used some odd ability which he called “Laser Wave”. Tylrix nearly lost his arm, but actually it only sliced a little bit of flesh off, but mostly his entire shoulder armor. He then found the matoran who was standing in the crowd that was starting to disperse. He grabbed him by his shoulder and discovered that he was a she. So he took her to the Order’s base to question her, but Saydraza and Tylrix followed him and where found by Gruhtyik, who were being tortured when Artraka finished his interrogation. He begged Helryx not to kill his friends, so she grudgingly agreed with him, under the condition that they where his responsibility. This basically says that if they screw up too badly, all three of them will die.
One day the Order decided to create a DNA sequence which mixes an appropriate element to add to the current users and amplify the users other element (or elements) and create a protosteel alloy over the skeleton of the user. Artraka was the first one to try out Project “Amplification”. He was exposed and it did exactly what it was predicted to do. But it had done some catastrophic damage to Artraka’s personality. It made him much more aggressive in battle. He also has seemed to completely forget what Saydraza had tried to do to help him get over his anger towards Makuta. He also did something odd and unexpected, he created a split personality which channels his anger and new sonic powers and uses shadow to attack any person. His new, dark personality was known by the name Akartra at one point, but decides to go by “Shadtraka”. This soon stopped when a blast of light, courtesy of Toa Defer. He then woke up with a little bit of amnesia about the previous events. The Order then placed mental barriers in order to keep him from losing control again. The experiment was scraped and he was left on his own.
He was told to participate in the stop of the invasion of Karda Nui. He was given adaptive armor to fly and fight in the half desolate place. He was assigned a team of Toa to lead. He picked Saydraza, Tylrix, Jeryito, a Toa of Ice, Herito, and Tayllicott, Toa of Lightning. He then set of for Karda Nui with his team. He soon learned that his mortal enemy, Sharttak was the head of some sort of doomsday plan. The minute they entered Karda Nui, his friends were attacked. He saw they were horrible fighters so he used his “Laser Wave” to cut the Makuta and their minions down. He yelled at his team and accidentally brutally slapped Tayllicott across her face. The mental barrier was nearly broken by this violent outbreak. He then managed to calm down thanks to Saydraza. They continued the assault, but Artraka fell victim to a painful attack by Sharttak using his fragmentation power. This caused the mental barrier to break completely. He then became Shadtraka.
Shadtraka starts his reign of destruction by trying to pick off his former allies matoran. He only captures one of them and corrupts him. His name was Kerdio. He soon corrupted more matoran and if he couldn’t, he’d kill them. He sent a false message to Order for reinforcements. They sent Kotew, a Furrith, Verig, a Toa of Air, and Wasprota, the OoMN’s high ranking general. He met them with a legion of 500 Rahkshi to only be met by 600 Toa and other beings. His group attacked the enemy and he came face to face with his former friends. Tylrix tried to tell Saydraza that he was gone and Shadtraka was there instead. So he attacked him. Shadtraka actually almost had a hard time beating Tylrix but then Saydraza joined her friend to kill Shadtraka. So he used some new power called “Life Self-Amplification”. He drained Saydraza, Tylrix, and about 50 other Toa of their life energy. He grew into a titan version of his dark self and easily slaughtered a dozen weaken Toa. He could have killed Saydraza but a little bit of his former self stopped him for a few seconds which Tylrix used to shock Shadtraka in to submission. He was unconscious for most of the fighting and his dark personality was beaten into submission for now.
Artraka soon was back in the battles but some disturbing news about what had happened when he went “rouge”. He had easily slain over 250 Toa without any help from his dark teammates. He had cut off Wasprota‘s arm in a blind attack. He had given Sharttak a piece of his organic material so he could create clones of Artraka. He immediately insisted on going to end this mission, but was talked out of it by Wasprota. He apologized for cutting his arm off but Wasprota said it was okay because a Rahkshi had poisoned it so he saved him. Artraka then handed over command to Wasprota and said if he died, tell Helryx he resigns and used his power to disappear and teleport a short distance up a hill. He used his unnaturally heightened senses to hear what was happening down with his confused teammates. He heard Tylrix curse him and called him “a small-hearted coward who throws tantrums when things don’t go his way”. At that Saydraza slaps him so hard; Artraka can hear it from 50 feet up the hill. She says that it is not his fault that he can’t control his emotions. This was breaking to Artraka who thought that Saydraza was in love with him. So this pushed his to his breaking point and he remembered his entire personal vendetta for killing any Makuta immediately. So he found Sharttak’s base and attacked all of his allies alone. He attacked Sharttak immediately. He used his laser axe to cut off his arm and his sword to carve his face in a little. He was then attacked by 23 Makuta and 34 Rahkshi and used his “Life Self-Amplification” to become a titan version. But Sharttak told him his worst nightmare, that he had a brother and sister who were Makuta. This broke Artraka’s will and he nearly swore himself to the Dark Swordsman. But his friends stopped him from doing that. Artraka finally gave in to his mysterious powers and unleashed it in a massive, nuke-like, blast. His mortal enemy disappeared for some unknown reason. The group leaves the minute the energy storm starts.
Artraka and his friends participated in the Battle of Bara Magna. He met a Toa of Fire who was female during the last part. He thought that it was a trick but he soon found out it wasn’t a Makuta trap. She saved him from a Rahkshi of Psionics. She introduced herself as Allayra. He was present when Mata Nui gave Tahu and the other beings their new life goals. He began to experience mixed feelings for Allayra. He met the Glatorian Frinier and Zeruhlo and the Agori Axriy. He found a small region at the northwestern hemisphere of the planet. He soon found out why it was abandoned, there were 50 weird Makuta like things it that area. The group of Toa, Glatorian, Agori, and Matoran Artraka lead to the area was too weak to fight, but the Makuta didn’t care and nearly destroyed them all. Artraka found out that Sharttak was the leader. He found some old jet armor and refitted it to himself and helped his allies. After he had broken through the fortress’s wall, Saydraza proclaimed that she was madly in love with Artraka. This gave him new hope for his future and everyone else’. He literally smashed through the fortress wall. He went spinning through the place blasting, stabbing and slashing his way to the “throne room”. He latter saw his former mentor, Sientian and Sharttak and fought his mentor, one on one, gladiator style. He had a disadvantage, due to him using his sword and his laser axe, while his mentor used his classical fighting style of his dual edged sword and his rock-solid shield. He manages to severely wound his friend before his mentor catches him by surprise and uses his blade to rip Artraka’s left arm of and disarmed him of his axe. He nearly was killed him if Sharttak hadn’t intervened. He later was offered a truce with Sharttak. He says that Artraka’s life wouldn’t be the same without him. So Artraka singlehandedly slew him with his axe, then he fought a wounded Sientian with his sword and cut both of his arms off. He ignores his master’s pleas for forgiveness and almost shots him when a blade emerges from his chest and it was Saydraza’s. She had betrayed him but his Mask power was revealed. It was the Mask of Rebirth.

Toa Artraka was inspired by Toa Kylord, Toa Hydros and Toa Ganon.
His tools are a sword, laser axe, multi barreled heavy repeater, and a energy rifle.
Upgrade coming soon!

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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Toa Artraka BioBionicle

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