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Tarshduk: Master of Air and Earth (7.0.2)
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This is basically Tarshduk V7, but with minor updates. I decided to post them on this page and then delete the old one. This is still my entry to the Alt. SM Contest. Small updates which help the flow of the moc better. Enjoy
About this creation

Name: Tarshduk
Gender: Male
Species: Agori of Air and Earth
Alignment: Toa, Leader of the Toa Magna, Council of Toa
Occupation: Defending Spherus Magna against threats, like the Blaholre (formerly) and the Makuta; Toa; Being on the Council of Toa
Elements: Air and Earth
Titles: Brother, Tarsh, Dude (by Veshtar only), Toa, Glatorian (fomerly), Leader, Master of Air and Earth, Master of the Contradicting Elements, The Collector, Council Leader
Mask: Kanohi Hau (Mask of Shielding), allows the wearer to block all projectile attacks (like lasers, bullets, ect. and excluding swords and other melee weapons)
Weapons: Air and Earth sword, Iron sword with toxic shooter, ancient Skrall blades (x2), Earth broadswords (x2), thornax launchers with guns (x2), Dual wrist guns (x2), Guitar/Sword, pistol, machine gun, ninja star, assault rifle, wrist blades (x2), Lightsaber, dagger

Equipment: Backpack, com, iPod, clarinet
Story: Tarshduk was a unique Agori growing up, as he was of dual elements (Earth and Air). He learned to accept this and to use it to his advantage. He enjoyed learning new things, hanging with friends, adventuring, and training with the Glatorian.

After one of the Glatorian of his village was killed in battle, Tarshduk was chosen to become the new Glatorian of the village. He loved the new experience. As he matured as a Glatorian, he studied different fighting styles and developed his own fighting style. In battle, he would study his opponent and use their weaknesses against them. As a result, he was very successful in the arena. He was also very honorable and fought with honor. While not in the arena, Tarshduk enjoyed exploring Bara Magna with others, collecting weapons that he thought were interesting and finding new and exciting things.

As with many Glatorian, Tarshduk fought in the Battle of Bara Magna to defend his village against the Rahkshi and Skakdi, and because of him and some other Glatorian, saved the village of Tesara from the invaders. After that fateful battle, he went back to being a Glatorian. One day, he was brought to a room after one of his arena battles. In the room, he met three Turaga, Firox, Whinado, and Watock. They said that Tarshduk was chosen for a very special task, gave him a stone, and left. A few weeks after this, a Matoran messenger came and told Tarshduk to follow him. Tarshduk followed the Matoran to an ancient temple where he met the other Glatorian who would also become Toa Magna (Kirax, Fikar, Strarix, Veshtar, Tarvank).

In the temple, they became the Toa Magna, and the Turaga Galaxy gave them the task of defending Spherus Magna from threats. Almost instantly, he became the leader of the Toa Magna with Kirax as his right-hand man. He and Kirax would usually come up with a plan before going into battle, but if he has to, will also improvise. He helped his teammates in battle and learned each of their personalities.

One key series in their history was hunting down the Kanohi Mask of the Dead to stop the resurrected Teridax and his armies. Him and his team spent weeks of searching, but eventually they tracked it to one place. They snuck into a Makuta camp during the night with a few other Toa and stole the Kanohi, but with the Makuta close behind. Tarshduk and his team quickly made their way to a volcano, where they were sent to destroy the mask to stop Teridax and his followers. Eventually they arrived, but the Makuta had somehow beaten them. A fierce battle ensued and in the chaos, Kirax was infected by a shadow leech. Tarshduk ran over to his aid, but was tackled into the volcano with the Kanohi by Teridax. Tarshduk quickly created a ledge for him to land on with his powers over Earth. Teridax also landed on this ledge, and the two began a battle. In the end, Tarshduk was defeated and Teridax reclaimed the mask. As he prepared to don it, Kirax fired a thornax with dead accuracy at the mask. The mask flew from the Makuta's hands and into the molten protodermis. The mask was destroyed and soon, the dead warriors returned to being dead. Teridax was the last to go down and was just about to kill Tarshduk. Luckily, Death claimed Teridax once again and the battle was over. The Toa Magna returned victorious and were celebrated.

A few years later, The Black Hole Threat emerged on Spherus Magna. Tarshduk led his team and other Toa to meet this threat. They battled the Blaholre and searched endlessly for where they were emerging. After weeks of being attacked and fighting the endless waves of Blaholre, Tarshduk discovered a portal linking Spherus Magna to the Black Hole realm. The Toa walked through the portal but were quickly driven out by its defenses. After weeks of preparation, Tarshduk and Tahu led a charge into the portal to stop the threat once and for all. Along the way through the portal, they encountered Blac-Matoran who wished to help the Toa. Eventually, they arrived at a throne room belonging to Bloninux. Bloninux engaged the Toa team and quickly incapacitated many of the Toa. Soon, only the Toa Nuva and Toa Magna remained. The Toa learned that Bloninux was leading the Blac-Matoran against their will to attack Spherus Magna. At the heat of the battle, Bloninux was pushed back by the combined efforts of Tahu and Tarshduk. Then Bloninux's personal guard shockingly backstabbed her leader and killed her former friend, now malevolent leader. The Toa then formed an alliance with the Blac-Matoran and helped them immigrate onto the planet when the Blackhole Realm was torn apart as a result to the death of Bloninux. Soon after the planet received a long time of peace and prosperity.

Tarshduk retuned to Tesara with his team. He spent the next weeks to relax and help the Matoran and Agori rebuild. He continued adventuring and learning during this time as well.

Tarshduk was rewarded a medal of honor for his bravery in battle and was chosen as a leader for the new Council of Toa. He helped establish the Council and helped to control it. He would assign missions, but also carry out missions with his team. Soon, a new threat appeared, the Kallon.

Tarshduk kept the Council together through the troubling destruction of Spherus Magna. He aided the Justicar faction with other Council Leader, Pakvle. He helped to stop an attack on Tajun and to lead an attack on the Kallon assembling ground on Knee Island. Through the combined efforts of the Council factions, the Kallon were defeated. The world returned to peace, but with the Makuta and Teridax plotting their revenge hidden in shadow...

Theme Song: "Ride" by Presence

Link to the Alt. SM Contest: Here.
Category: Titan

Tatshduk: Hi, welcome to T: MoAaE V7.0.2 (it's a minecraft thing). This is basically the same as V7, but with some minor updates. The old page will be deleted by the time you are reading this.

Now let's start with a quick 360 spin

Now for some close-ups

Shins; changed in V7

Shins (side)

Shins (back)


Thighs (side)

Thighs (back)

Torso;made custom in V7 (changed the placement of the golden piece by popular demand and my dislike of the old placement)

Torso (side)

Torso (back)


Head (without mask)

Individual head shots; changed in V7

Head (back)

Head (top)

T: I can still where my Hau.

Glow-in-the-dark pics follow

The Kanohi Hau

Normal mask

(sorry these are really dark, they looked fine when I took them)

Arms; changed in V7.0.2 (changed attachment of armor and slimmed down)

Arms (side)

Arms (back)

Arm (lower)

Arm (lower, back)

Poses and random stuff follow.

With his good 'ol Elemental Sword

With his heavy 'ol Iron Sword

T: This is heavy...

Earth Broadswords equipped

Firing chunks of Earth at the camera with the broadswords

Lighsaber ready to slice through anything

With the ancient Skrall swords

Teasing a Skrall with them

T: Ha ha. I have your ancient swords!

The Skrall attacking him

The result

T: Uh, huh.

Rocking out on the guitar

Still rocking

Firing his assault rifle

T: Hey Vesh! Check this out!

V: What?

T: *fires* This!

V: Ahhhh— *collapses*

Tarvank: Good shot.

Dagger equipped; added in V7

Aiming his handgun; modified in V7.0.2

T: Pew pew.

All wrist weapons equipped

Playing Clarinet

*Plays "Law and Order"* I played this yesterday at a band competition which we won 1st place in our division and 3rd out of everyone


Sending out a Psyduck

Psyduck: Psi?

Building with Legos (these are extra parts I had)

Using my iTouch

Standing next to his "sister"

This can be interpreted in two ways, the way how Toa call fellow Toa "brother" or "sister," or sister as in my sister's SM.

Comparison to Bulk 4.0

All of my SMs

(left to right) Tarshduk (Agori), Jordan Stone, Jordan, Jor'an, Tarshduk (Toa), Tarshduk (Turaga), Fikar, Jordan Cuben, and Pakvle

The Evolution of Tarshduk

Tarshduks: Bye!

Apostrophe Time!

So this is basically a tiny revamp of V7. I just decided to do this because, 1: I wanted to show the tiny changes, and 2: see if I can get this to be my most popular moc (since it didn't happen with V7 :P)

So V7 brought along the custom torso, new shin armor, modified head, and a dagger. This is kinda refining on those. The torso is probably my best (but not my first). I will continue to fix things on Tarshduk until I feel he is perfect.

I decided on fixing the placement of the golden piece on the torso because of suggestions and me deciding it didn't look good where it was. I decided on changing the upper arm armor because when I was messing around with him, it looked horrible. It took a while to connect it without changing the skeleton. I think it improves the moc though.

PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO IMPROVE HIM! I really want some CC from you guys.

I also really want this to be my MOST POPULAR MOC

As stated in V7, I won't be that active because of high school and marching band. Speaking of which, yesterday my high school's marching band (which I am in) marched at a competition in which we won 1st place of out division and 3rd overall. We were pretty happy, but sweaty as our uniforms are all wool and hot!

I also like to play minecraft in my free time. I play on Vorred's and Marko's servers with some other bio-mocists. If you wish to invite me to a server, say below and I will look into it (I need to know who you are though...).

I post WIPs, small stuff, and random stuff on my Flickr, so check that out.

Later on today, I get to help out in my local-ish Lego Store's "Creation Nation" event. I will be helping pretty much all day. I hope I get some cool stuff. Maybe another "make-your-own-grab-bag-from-the-back-of-the-store" like last time XD

Thanks for viewing!

Comment, Rate, Fave me, make this my most popular moc, all that good stuff XD


Peace out!


 I like it 
  September 28, 2013
Wow, that looks great! Please tell me what you think of this: : in the coments.
 I like it 
  March 13, 2013
This looks great, Tarshduk's become much less cluttered compared to earlier versions. Very solid Self MOC, well done.
 I like it 
  November 5, 2012
Your self-moc is so amazing!!!
 I like it 
  October 23, 2012
This thing is FANTASTIC! Would you mind checking this out?: I would appreciate it. If you're interested, I might be putting up a HF guy with a custom torso and posable fingers.
Jaetaro the Wise
Tivo Scabs
  October 13, 2012
This version blows the others out of the water! I love, love, LOVE that torso, it looks so much cleaner, while keeping a greebled and armed-to-the-teeth look that the older Tarshduks have. The placement of the Hau is much better, his limbs continue to have a fairly simple build, but look beefy and complicated, especially the legs. This is one the best revamps that I've ever seen, being right up there with the newest version of Jordan 2444 and the Aurem Inferno version of Callan! Bravo!
 I like it 
  October 13, 2012
good job, much better than the older versions, still room for improvement but that is only because there is always room for improvement. :)
 I like it 
  October 10, 2012
Awsome. Good to see less greebles than before and that torso is so awsome. Great job
 I like it 
  October 5, 2012
excellent MOC.I really like the massive greebling.It was this MOC that inspired me to greeble Jaton back in it's version 2.
 I like it 
  October 3, 2012
That guy looks sweet!
Jaetaro the Wise
 I like it 
Blackout .
  October 1, 2012
I see alot of interesting ideas here! But, he needs a lot of refining. From the pics, he looks too much like a massive, way too overgreebled moc. Take away say... 85% of the greebling, there isn't much left. Things are stacked on stacks, and that isn't a good look. The head is great, gotta give you props for that though. But he needs a lot of cleaning up. Maybe use dark green more dominintly, black as a back-up, and some of the gold, just because it looks good. The weapons are good though. But like I said, kill maybe 50-75% of the greebling. Not your best version, but refined, I think you have something good going. 3.5/5. [but I'll round up. ;) ]
 I like it 
  October 1, 2012
He looks cool and not very messy like the previous version
 I like it 
  September 30, 2012
i think this moc is good, and i like the ideas, but i feel that the moc looks very cluttered, and not very posable. other than that, i think this moc is very cool, and i like the glow in the dark eyes
 I like it 
  September 30, 2012
Nice! The armor is much better now! I love band! :D
 I like it 
  September 30, 2012
nice updates :)
 I like it 
  September 30, 2012
nice updates :)
  September 30, 2012
Nice updates (already rated). Hey, we've been working on reviving the COT, so if you wouldn't mind doing something over there, well... XD
By Jaetaro the Wise
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