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Demigod Adventures Season 1 Episode 5: Bloodbath
Here it is, Episode 5! I'm going to say one thing: I am very bad with procrastination. Well? What are you waiting for?
About this creation

Three Demigods are being led through the forest by a deadly huntsman!

Timotheus, son of Apollo,

Yusauf, son of Apollo,

And Zimphex, son of Posieden.

Around the rocky path lay many bones and skeletons of fallen warriors...

Soon they came upon a small outpost, made out of the ruins of a fallen tower.

Zimphex seized his chance, and lunged off his horse, intending to escape!

An archer tries to stop him, but he iis no match for the powers of Poseidon!

His head struck the rocks, and he fell to the ground, dead.

Zimphex's horse ran away out of fear!

Suddenly, a war horn sounded, and three more huntsman came out of the bushes!

One charged at Zimphex,axe ready!

Yet Zimphex cut him down!

Yusuf tried helping by shooting arrows,

But then the leader lunged forward, spear poised to stab! He quickly tried to dodge it,

Yet he was not quick enough.

Timotheus: "Yusuf! NOOOO!!!"

He threw down his bow, and drew his sword, intending to fight to the death, to avenge his fallen companion!

Meanwhile, Zimphex is being pushed back by two other huntsman!

He knew he could not win this fight, so he fled into the trees.

Timotheus is fighting a valiant battle,

And pushes his enemy back!

Only to be joined by his two warriors!

Timotheus relaxes, and closes his eyes, accepting his death.

A blinding flash of light!

And his enemies are naught but ashes!

Timotheus: "Thank you father." And set off after Zimphex...

(Sorry, no choices)

Meanwhile, at the Satyr village, a terrible sight meets the Demigod's eyes!

A giant boar is crashing through the village, fire coming from it's nostrils, and crushing houses like tinder!


Satyr: "Dionysus, please, save us!"


The boar turned it's head, staring straight at the Demigods.

What will you do???

The Demigods on Riptide are leaving the ship, heading towards Camp Demigod, which is in flames!

Bearing their chests of gold, they began to disembark,

And travelled towards the pillar of smoke, rising in the sky.

Karbol: "Dardanos? Is it you?"

Dardanos: "Yes brother, we were separated at birth, you stayed with our mother, while I was sent away to Sparta. I have been studying the art of summoning the dead, as have you, I can see!"

Karbol: "It is good to see you, brother."

Suddenly the gates opened with a crash, and in came the Demigods from the rescue mission!

Nearly all of them were sporting large, wooden chest, filled with gold!

They all streamed in, and crowed around the entrance area.
Euaristos: "Finally, we have returned. Our rescue was successful, and on top of that, we have discovered the lost gold of Posieden!"

Karbol: "Good. We have decided that this location is no longer safe. We MUST move camp, or be destroyed by the forces of Kronos!"

Patroclus: "I think you're right about moving camp Karbol. Now might be a good time!"

"Dark devilry of Kronos! RUN!"


A massive red light,

Then all was black.

Kringos extricated himself from the rubble.


He saw Galbatorix, stuck beneath a portion of the wall!

He helped him up,

And they gazed at the rubble:

Nothing was left of the camp, but a mound of rubble and bodies!

Soon people began to regain consciousness: Dardanos,


Karbol and Quimera,

Euaristos and Arigarn.

Zeono had thrown himself on top of Aeson, to shield him from any rubble.

They too, rose up, unharmed.

Arigarn: "Quick! Bane is trapped!"

They ran to rescue him.

He crawled out from underneath the rubble, not seriously injured.

Quimera: "Semperi."

Semperi lay on the ground, with blood on his back.

Bane: "Semperi! NOOO!"

He ran towards him, praying that he wasn't dead.

He rolled him over.
Bane: "He's breathing!"

Semperi: "F-f-farewell, my friend, I now go to the halls of my mother, Hecate.

Bane: "Farewell Semperi. Be at peace."

Semperi's eye's saw no more.

Euaristos: "We must find any more survivors, and leave this place at once!"

As the Demigods were shifting the rubble a gruesome sight met their eyes!

Laying in a pool of blood, were the remains of Patroclus, decapitated, with limbs separated from his body.

Galbatorix: "He must have gotten the full force of the blast. Goodbye, Patroclus."

Euaristos climbed up on top of one of the bigger pieces of the camp, to address the Demigods.
"This location for our Camp is no longer safe. We must move to a more stronger, and fortified position. We also must-


*grunt, wheeze*

"As I was saying: Kringos, Arigarn, and Thesticles, you three will take Riptide down river, to scout out any safe positions."

"The rest of us, we will take the remains of the Camp, and transport it to a safer spot, to rebuild our Camp."

"Kronos' war, has begun."

The Demigods loaded all the bricks and stone onto horse-drawn wagons.

While Kringos, Galbatorix, and Ariagarn,


To sail...


Kringos: "Keep on the lookout for any good locations. I don't like the feel of this water..."

Thesticles: "Yes sir!"

But he did not notice, a snaky tentacle, rising out of the water...

It slipped on board, and Thesticles raised the alarm!

It snaked across the ship,

While two more climbed up the helm!

More began to come, when-


They began to tear apart the ship!

They grasped the middle of the ship,

And all was still.

With an ear-splitting crack, the ship broke in two!

Debris flew everywhere, while the Demigods held on for their lives!

Thesticles: "What is it?!?!"

Kringos: "It's the KRAKEN!"

Arigarn: "I-I-I can't hold on much longer!"



"AHHHH!!!" He fell right into the gaping mouth!


The tentacles grasped the ship, and then-


The ship sank under the waves, never to be seen again.


There are only choices for the camp group, (which includes the rescue mission people, and the ones who stayed at the camp), and the Satyr group:

~Rescue Mission~
a) Help construct the Camp
b) Scout out the area
c) Investigate more areas
d) Go looking for Riptide

a) Fight it head on
b) Attack it from the sides
c) Help the Satyrs
d) Flee for your life!


There's no limit to choosing, as Demigod Adventures is on hold for a while, as I am immersed in other, larger projects, and occupied with school.

Oh, and by the way, a lot of people died in this episode, mostly ones who didn't choose for some of the episodes, so here is the list of who is dead, and who is alive.


Bailey Joseph (Zeono)

Michael Kringe (Kringos)

Alexander Garcia (Galbatorix)

Armon Russ (Noramus)

Matthew Murphy (Quinlan)

Ethan Anju (Nuada)

Griffin . (Bane)

Rory Simpson (Karbol)

William . (Glorfilion)

Pedro Resendes (Quimera)

Hannah Laertides (Mnemosyne)

Sir Builds A Lot (Aetos)

David . (Zimphex)

The Timinater ! (Timotheus)


Liam Link (Link)

Vohfur Serterun (Yusuf)

Samuel Hepple (Arigarn)

~~Patrick~~ . (Patroclus)

Semperi Afendel (Semperi)


Michael Kringe (Kringos)

Josh.O Shadeslayer (Thesticles)


Thanks for viewing, remember to rate and comment!


 I like it 
  April 8, 2013
will there be another sign-up?
  December 8, 2012
I think C, scout out the more areas.
 I made it 
  November 22, 2012
Everybody PLEASE look at the list showing who's character is alive, as there is some confusion. Thanks! ~Caleb
 I like it 
  November 9, 2012
i'll choose c and b
  October 28, 2012
I think...b,Attack it from the sides.
 I like it 
  October 28, 2012
happy B-day!
 I like it 
  October 27, 2012
Cool moc. I haven't been on in a while but I'll be on more often now. Hopefully you hold more tryouts.
~ Caleb ~
 I like it 
BioniClone 55
  October 24, 2012
Cool! I LOVE the satyr idea! That was brilliant! (LOL Thesticles! Ha! I see what you did there!)
 I like it 
  October 24, 2012
Hey Caleb sorry I'm so late. First, happy birthday and second, outstanding episode! I vote for b) «scout the area», since we don't know what dangers lie ahead and we currently have no base, we should inspect out circumstances and then move on to think about building it. Besides, we sent a party out to search for new areas for the camp and we don't really know they were attacked. Side note: inspiring sequence with the kraken and the tentacles sneaking in, loved it!
 I made it 
  October 20, 2012
You both have great ideas!
 I like it 
  October 20, 2012
sorry it took me so long. am I dead? if not I will wait for Hannah's plan to see if it works. and if it dosen't I will beat the huzzah's out of him with my stick. HUZZAH!
 I like it 
  October 14, 2012
Wonderful episode! I choose to use my affinity for animals to calm down the beast.
 I made it 
  October 13, 2012
Great choices everyone!
 I like it 
  October 13, 2012
Interesting turn of events! Can't wait to see what happened to Kringos. (I hope I did all my choices...)
 I like it 
  October 12, 2012
This is awesome!
~ Caleb ~
 I like it 
Griffin .
  October 11, 2012
P.S, I love that you used The Dead Man's Chest Kracken idea, btw. ;D
~ Caleb ~
 I like it 
Griffin .
  October 11, 2012
Nice episode! To bad that more have been deceased. Well, I think I'll try to look for The Riptide. I could bring some Greek soldiers along just in case The Kracken will attack us.
  October 11, 2012
Ok well I don't know what to choose. I know this is not in the options but could my character perhaps leave the group to be a lone wolf? Or he could gather some followers and lead his own reblelion if not then I will pick option c.
 I made it 
  October 11, 2012
Quoting David . YYYYYyeeeeehhhhhaaaaa! Yeehaw! I made it out alive! Those were some epic scenes! (I think you got some inspiration from Dead Mans Chest, no?) Glad you finally got time to make this. :D
Heh heh, yes you did! I did get some ideas from Dead Mans Chest, as a matter of fact! (Glad you noticed! XD) Finally it's up! *Phew...*
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
Great episode, Caleb! As a son of Apollo, I might not be much help in rebuilding the camp, so I choose B. Scout out the area.
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
YYYYYyeeeeehhhhhaaaaa! Yeehaw! I made it out alive! Those were some epic scenes! (I think you got some inspiration from Dead Mans Chest, no?) Glad you finally got time to make this. :D
 I made it 
  October 11, 2012
Quoting Alexander Garcia Awesome episode! I wonder where my character was on the ship? I hope I am not in the belly of the beast!
You weren't on the ship, you were at the camp. You forgot to choose in your comment! Can you please choose?
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
i feel that theres not much i can do for those who were on the ship so im going to help look for a good location and help start building a new camp.
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
Awesome episode! I wonder where my character was on the ship? I hope I am not in the belly of the beast!
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
exellant I want to go looking for a new location
 I made it 
  October 11, 2012
Quoting The Timinater ! excellent!
Thanks Tim!
 I like it 
  October 11, 2012
By ~ Caleb ~
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