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Xyrelt (Re-imagined)
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Xyrelt is a Nobody of unknown origin. He has little, if any, recollection of his life before his heart was lost to darkness. Xemnas took him under his wing during the early days of Organization XIII; Xyrelt was the Organization's original ninth member and was discovered by Xemnas in Hollow Bastion.
About this creation
Xyrelt's Theme: Above the Rising Falls ~ original themes by Yoko Shimomura/remix by sephfire

Early in his career, Xyrelt's lack of any particular abilities and elemental attributes rendered him relatively useless to the Organization. It was not until a quarrel with Demyx that his true capabilities were revealed.

Shedding his armor. His armor was obtained after discovering the Chamber of Sleep via a corrupt data file in The World. Coming into contact with Aqua's armor resulted in its replication.

Hollow Edge: Xyrelt's primary weapon. A longsword who's glimmering edge cuts swift and clean. This weapon is handled by its master with deadly precision; however, it does not posses any elemental attributes. The attribute of twilight was imbued into this weapon upon the first defeat of Dark Shroud/Lost Heart.

This instrument-like weapon was obtained by absorbing the essence of Demyx during a conflict between he and Xyrelt. Demyx, being a rookie member of the Organization and the only member higher in rank than Xyrelt, often ridiculed him due to his lack of elemental abilities. Despite his prowess with a sword, Xyrelt typically kept composure and refused to engage Demyx in such petty conflict. One day, however, Xyrelt finally snapped.

As Xyrelt drew his sword, Demyx took a nervous step back. He then grinned as his confidence grew.

“Haha. Why should I fear you? Well Xyrelt… it’s time to liberate your true disposition!”

Water began to flow out of his sleeves and assumed the shape of a large instrument in his hand. With the snap of his finger, the water dispersed to reveal a massive sitar.

“Now let me show you what I can do. Dance water dance!”

Strumming his sitar, water began to flow out from the instrument forming humanoid shapes which closely resembled Demyx. The water clones viscously attacked Xyrelt from all directions. Xyrelt felled felled the creatures but was soon overwhelmed as new ones continuously formed with each pluck of a string. Axel, Saїx, and various other members entered the room to investigate the commotion. As Axel prepared to step in, Xemnas placed his hand on Axel’s shoulder.

“Let them continue.”

Xyrelt staggered with exhaustion. Panting heavily he glared at Demyx, hatred seethed throughout his being.

Demyx laughed.

“What’s wrong? Can’t swim?”

Letting out a roar, darkness burst from Xyrelt’s body. Like an arrow, a black beam of energy erupted from his hand. Demyx hastily held his sitar in front of him in a desperate attempt to protect himself. He winced as his sitar was impacted with tremendous force. Opening his eyes, Demyx’s pupils dialated with complete shock. The darkness retracted to Xyrelt forming a black sitar in his hands. Grinning maniacally he began to strum his newfound weapon. His eyes lit up like lanterns as dark beings began to emerge and converged upon Demyx. Screaming for help, Demyx was quickly struck down by the horde. The dark beings mercilessly mauled him as Xyrelt continued to play as if he were in a trance.

“That will be enough.”

Xyrelt’s eyes ceased their glow as his fingers left the strings. The shadows dissipated leaving Demyx on all fours weeping. Steam began to rise off of his back, and he gazed at his hands in pure horror as he began to evaporate.

“No! NO! Th- this can’t! Why?! No no no NO! I DON’T WANT TO DISAPPEAR!”

Xemnas raised his hand towards Demyx, and the steam returned to Demyx’s being. He continued to wail curling up into a fetal position.

“Axel, take Demyx to his chamber. Xyrelt, follow me.”

Xyrelt was terrified. He understood Nobodies cannot feel, but he could not comprehend what he had just experienced… what he is experiencing now. For one without a heart, these emotions felt real. What will Xemnas do with him? Would he be cursed with a new life as a mindless Dusk? Was he to be eliminated for his actions… for nearly killing another member of the Organization?

Xemnas was incredibly impressed with Xyrelt's performance when battling Demyx. And he declared that he would personally train him in order to hone his abilities. Under Xemnas' supervision, Xyrelt's dark powers developed at an alarming rate.

Xemnas assigned Vexen to experiment and collect information regarding Xyrelt's ability to create shadow replications of weapons. During his initial experiment, Vexen has Xyrelt duplicate his ice shield. The resulting shield possessed the elemental attribute of ice imbued with darkness.

Frozen Fear: Xyrelt's variation of Vexen's shield: Frozen Pride. This shield provides an impenetrable defense. Striking the shield while it is encased in dark momentarily renders the enemy immobile sending a sense of pure dread throughout their being.

As the experiments continued, it was discovered that not only the weapon was replicated when Xyrelt absorbed someone's essence. He also gained most, if not all, of the abilities of the user. This was promising news to Xemnas, who desired to create a replication program in order to replicate a keyblade wielder.

Alongside Xyrelt's ability to replicate the abilities of others, there was another attribute of this strange Nobody Xemnas was fascinated about. Even though the other Organization members do not realize it, Xyrelt has the ability to feel true emotion. Xyrelt's emotion appeared to be linked to his memory, for he often regained parts of his lost memories when experiencing strong emotion. Xyrelt's past life shared a strong link with that of Xemnas'. When Xyrelt began to question the Organization due to the influence of his emotions, he severed ties with the Organization and set out in search of the truth behind who he is.

Xyrelt lightly armored and armed with both his Hollow Edge and Frozen Fear.

Sunsplitter: Xyrelt's variation of Laxeaus's Skysplitter. This large dual-edged clever is one of Xyrelt's weapons of choice. Its unique weight distribution allows elegant yet brutal swordplay. As Xyrelt developed his dark abilities, he discovered he could modify his replications to better suit his fighting styles. He modified his replica of Laxeaus' tomahawk into a brutish clever.

Frozen Edge: Hollow Edge imbued with the elemental attribute of ice. During one of his experiments, Vexen desired to test his hypothesis that the elemental ability of each of Xyrelt's replica weapons was not limited to the weapon. To his dismay, it appeared his hypothesis was incorrect. This, however, did not apply to Xyrelt's original weapon. Xyrelt's Hollow Edge can utilize any combination of elemental attributes in which he has absorbed.

Buster Darksword: a massive greatsword obtained in an encounter with Cloud Strife. After leaving the Organization, Xyrelt traveled to Hollow Bastion in search of more information regarding his past life and Xemnas' true motives. Still brandishing the black cloak, Xyrelt was mistaken by Cloud as a member of Organization XIII. Their battle was cut short when the Organization attacked Hollow Bastion's outer wall.

Goliath Darkshield: a greatshield created by reinforcing Frozen Fear with dark energy. This massive shield possesses profound stability, thus providing a near perfect defense no matter how strong the incoming attack. This shield was created after Xyrelt left Organization XIII.

Lumičre Noire (Blacklight): variation of Larxene's Foudre (Lightning). Obtained from Larxene during their battle after returning to the Castle that Never Was. These knives carve through even the thickest armor with immeasurable swiftness and hyper-lethal precision. The black lightning trails left as the blades trace through the air are of a mesmerizing nature.

Judgement Dahlia: a variation of Marluxia's Graceful Dahlia. Obtained during his battle with Marluxia and Larxene after returning to the Castle that Never Was. This scythe possesses a lethal life-drain effect. Once damage is inflicted upon the opponent, they have one minute to live (effect dissipates once the weapon is no longer drawn). With each hit, five seconds are removed from the timer. Five seconds are gained for every hit dealt to Xyrelt.

Wyvern: a variation of Xaldin's Lindworm. Obtained from Xaldin during an encounter in The World. Xyrelt is able to conjure multiple duplications of these lethal halberds. Each halberd may be controlled directly by Xyrelt or may act according to their own "will."

Psychopath: a variation of Saїx's Lunatic. This instrument is infused with Saїx's rage, and thus its use makes Xyrelt far more prone to enter his Chaotic Form. It was obtained during Xyrelt's showdown with the Organization at the Castle that Never Was.

Ethereal Blades: beams made of the same Nothingness used by Xemnas himself. Because of the nature of these weapons, being composed of true Nothingness, Xyrelt could not replicate them during his training with Xemnas, for he was not strong enough to absorb the essence of Nothing. It was not until he obtained the power of the keyblade that he was able to strike down Xemnas and obtain his power. Though defeated, Xemnas did not perish. Xyrelt left him with a warning: "Do not pursue me. If you do, I will not grant the same mercy I have tonight." The Ethereal Blades are able to pass through any defense other than that of the keyblade. Xyrelt has yet to master these unimaginably powerful weapons, and thus cannot use them to their full extent.

Fragment of Light: the keyblade bestowed upon Xyrelt by Lost Heart. Xyrelt defeated Lost Heart in the Cavern of Remembrance after discovering his part in the fall of Radiant Garden. Fragment of Light is imbued with a powerful light, and wielding it prevents Xyrelt from entering his Chaotic Form. This keyblade is what Xyrelt used to defeat Xemnas at the Castle that Never Was.

Souls Devoured: blades obtained from the essence of a strange hooded figure in Simulated Twilight Town (STT). These blades of pure darkness posses immense power which is amplified exponentially by Xyrelt's darkness. These blades destructive capabilities are terrifying to say the least, but wielding them almost always results in Xyrelt falling into his Chaotic Form. The power and influence of his darkness while in his Chaotic Form is also greatly multiplied, and he often finds it difficult to break out once the blades trigger it.

Eternal Hellfire: a variation of Axel's Eternal Flames. These chakrams are imbued with a powerful mixture of darkness and fire and provide a great balance between attack and defense. They are also incredibly effective at parrying incoming attacks. They were obtained from Axel in STT.

Various weapon and armor combinations.

Battle-weary Xyrelt.

Thank you for viewing; I certainly hope you enjoyed this lego creation. Feel free to comment and please rate. :)


 I like it 
  July 18, 2014
Looks cool
 I like it 
  November 3, 2012
Amazing work, continue with the upgrade!
 I like it 
  November 2, 2012
nice! do a how to?
 I like it 
  October 28, 2012
A refreshing sight, this old-school character. And what a bounty of accessories! I could play with this all day, if I was 12. Well done!
By Toa Kiora, the Biomancer
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