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Xyrelt: Chaotic
Xyrelt consumed by the darkness which seeks to control his being. This form, known as his Chaotic Form, displays an incredibly erratic behavior. It may appear completely incoherent one moment and suddenly become violent the next. Its movements may sporadically swap between that of elegance and grace to that of frigidity and instability. Due to the nature of its release, it typically displays initial bouts of immense aggression.
About this creation
Theme: Forze Del Male (Nocturnis Remix) ~ original theme by Yoko Shimomura/remix by Nexhas Unleashed

Xemnas’ actions surprised Xyrelt. Instead of destroying him, he declared that he would personally train him in order to hone his abilities. When asked for his motives behind this decision, Xemnas revealed the importance of such dark powers in the Organization.

“We Nobodies are the remnants of those who have lost their hearts to darkness. The Heartless we so feverishly seek out to destroy consume tainted hearts, and these hearts are released upon the annihilation of the Heartless. These freed hearts gather to form the heart of all worlds: Kingdom Hearts! With the power of Kingdom Hearts, we can become whole again.”

Xemnas motioned towards the nearest window. The incomplete Kingdom Hearts shined magnificently in full view of the two Nobodies. Xemnas’ eyes gazed longingly at the massive heart-shaped moon.

“Of course, you already know this.”

Xyrelt looked curiously at Xemnas.

“Yes Superior, but how does this involve me?”

The corner or Xemnas’ closed mouth turned upwards.

“You are the only member of the Organization with the attribute of Darkness. Where the other members and I can only manipulate darkness to varying degrees, your being irradiates dark energy. This power of yours may allow us to accomplish our goal with haste. We may now have the upper hand in regards to our enemies.”

Xyrelt pondered this statement.

“Our enemies?”

Motioning towards Kingdom Hearts, Xemnas replied.

“Yes. We are not the only ones who seek Kingdom Heart’s power. Deep within the Hollow Bastion lurks a powerful witch. She has nearly mastered the ability to control the darkness which lusts to consume all hearts. Because of this, she has command over the Heartless. If your power could match hers, we may be able to relinquish her control.”

Xyrelt again turned his eyes to Kingdom Hearts.

“And what will we do with an army of Heartless?”

“Seek out the one chosen by the keyblade. Only he may free hearts from their black husks.”

An odd sense of familiarity arose within Xyrelt at the mention of that word.

“The… keyblade…”

Xemnas motioned to Xyrelt’s right hand.

“Yes, and with your power perhaps we will have no need to capture him.”

Xyrelt lifted his right hand and gazed at it.

“With control over both the Heartless and the keyblade… Kingdom Hearts will be completed… we will become whole again.”

Xemnas trained Xyrelt daily. Despite the pure brutality of his training, Xyrelt’s power grew exponentially. One day Saїx approached him with an order from the Superior. He was to infiltrate Hollow Bastion and obtain information regarding Maleficent’s objectives. Using his dark abilities, he should be able to cloak himself from the witch’s senses. He was to be accompanied by Xigbar (No. II), who would keep a watchful eye from afar.

Xigbar threw his arm around Xyrelt’s shoulders.

“Well well! Looks like you and I are finally going to have some fun!”

Xyrelt hesitated.

“Don’t worry! This may be your first major mission, but you’ll be fine. I got your back.”

Two large handguns appeared in his hands. He locked the two firearms together to form a large sniper rifle. Xyrelt’s eyes fixated on it with deep fascination. Xigbar grinned.

“Like them? I’ll be keeping an eye on you just in case something goes wrong.”

The room was quite large. Stairs arose from both sides of a circular platform and met at a balcony overlooking the chamber. A large crystal capsule was found atop the balcony along with a chest. The chest, however, was sealed shut. Another small set of stairs led from the far center of the platform to a massive portal of some sort. This portal was in the shape of the Heartless emblem, and darkness irradiated from it. The most peculiar feature of the room was the six crystal capsules in the hall leading into the circular platform. Three of the capsules contained what appeared to be princesses. As Xyrelt continued to observe the chamber, he heard voices coming from the hall, he quickly cloaked himself in darkness. A tall, lanky woman dressed in a black and dark violet gown entered the room. Her head was crowned with two large horns and her skin was an unsettling pale grey-green. Her piercing eyes were of a putrid yellow, and a large staff topped with a green orb was clutched in her right hand. At her side was a young boy. His eyes were cold but longing, and his hair was grey.

“You will be going to Agrabah. There you will find the next Princess of Heart.”

The boy looked up at the portal.

“So… once we have all of the princesses, we can save Kairi.”

Maleficent grinned as she motioned towards the dark opening.

“Yes. What lies beyond this gate is Kingdom Hearts. With it we can restore her heart; we can restore your island.”

With the wave of her staff, a dark portal opened in front of them. The boy entered, and it shut immediately afterward. Maleficent left the chamber, and Xyrelt followed carefully. His feet never touched the ground as he silently crawled along the walls.

Xyrelt hung from the ceiling of a large, circular room. At the center was a round table with the image of a boy and two animal-like creatures accompanying him. The boy held a large key. As he laid eyes on the mysterious weapon, his head began to pound ferociously, and his chest filled with despair. Images of a beautiful garden and its inhabitants filled his mind. A man with a large gunblade, a young boy with fire-red hair, and elderly man in a lab coat. He was eating ice cream with a young man. That man… he looks like…


With his hand to his forehead, Xyrelt plunged to the floor. The witch, who had been observing the boy with the keyblade stumbled back in astonishment. She grinned menacingly.

“Ah, and what’s this? The Organization has finally sent their dogs to infiltrate my domain. You must be searching for the boy too. Well, I’ll see to it you fade into the nothingness from which you came!”

Raising her staff, she prepared to annihilate Xyrelt. A gunshot echoed throughout the chamber. Maleficent’s face lit up with surprise as her staff flew from her hand. Xigbar appeared at Xyrelt’s side.

“No time to be sleeping on the job. C’mon we gotta go.”

In an instant, the room was crawling with Heartless. Maleficent picked up her staff and held it in the air victoriously.

“You two will find your end here! Welcome the darkness! AH HAHAHA!”

As her high-pitched laugh reached his ears, Xyrelt’s mind filled with images of the beautiful garden burning in a green flame. People fled as Hearltess tore the hearts out of men, women, and children. A young man stood before the silhouette of the dark witch, the green flames erupting around him. His features were obscured by shadow, but in his hands he wielded a key. He charged the witch as her laughter rang in his ears.

Summoning his blade, Xyrelt slowly stood up. Xigbar helped support him.

“Looks like we’ve made a mess of things. Can you create a portal? I’ll guard you while-”

Xyrelt limped forward, dragging his sword alongside him. Xigbar looked on in confusion. Maleficent appeared to be amused.

“You dare challenge me?”

Images of the young man limping towards the witch appeared in Xyrelt’s consciousness. His chest tightened as hatred welled up from within.

“You will fall to the darkness which has conquered so many worlds… My darkness!”

Fury erupted inside Xyrelt. Throwing his head to the heavens, he let out a tremendous roar. Darkness burst from every pore and swirled about his being. The Heartless within the room dispersed as the darkness poured out in all directions. The darkness consumed him, and Maleficent grinned.

“So, he couldn’t even handle his own darkness.”

The black swirling smoke dissipated, revealing a black creature. Darkness rose off of the being as it slowly got off of its knees. Its lanky figure resembled a charred Xyrelt. Xigbar watched with concern and slight amusement. Maleficent stepped back in shock.

“What, what is th-”

Her staff dropped to the floor as she bent over and grasped her stomach. Her eyes widened with confusion and terror. Behind her stood the creature with its back towards her and long claws outward as if it just ripped through her… It did. Maleficent stumbled away desperately trying to distance herself from the black being. Heartless poured into the room as she fled.

The black chipped from his flesh as he fell to the floor. Like ash the darkness flaked away and turned to dust. Xigbar slung Xyrelt over his shoulder as a portal was summoned for their retreat.

Xemnas was informed of Xyrelt’s failure.

Chaotic Edge: Xyrelt's Hollow Edge encased in darkness. This ultrasword is incredibly heavy to the densely-packed darkness encompassing it.

A valiant knight challenges the dark being.

He comes for you...

Thank you for viewing my creation. Please rate and let me know what you think. :)


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  December 19, 2012
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  November 5, 2012
What no comments this is great!
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