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21st Elite -Droid Factory- part 4
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The last episode of the 21st Elite -Droid Factory- series is here! Enjoy.
About this creation

The final story in the 21st Elite Droid factory series starts with a Venator Class Star destroyer orbiting a small forest covered moon.

Corporal Nulla: Admiral there is no sign of any separatist activity in orbit.
Admiral Draxon: Excellent Corporal, I will see if I can contact Commander Sierra.

Admiral Draxon: Prepare a squad and head to the surface, youíd better pack some artillery too.
Corporal Nulla: Yes sir.

Trooper: Sir we have managed to lock onto the Commanders signal, we are now able to contact him.
Admiral Draxon: Alright trooper, patch me through to him.
Trooper: Right away Sir.

Admiral Draxon: Commander Sierra come in, Commander can you hear me?
Commander Sierra: Admiral this is Commander Sierra, Itís good to hear from you.
Admiral Draxon: What is your current location Commander?

Commander Sierra: Sir we are very close to the central power converter, near the south side of the factory.
Admiral Draxon: Commander there has been a change of plans, place the rest of your explosives at the power converter and get out of the factory at the closest exit you can find.
Commander Sierra: Yes Sir, but I must inform you that we have picked up another mission too.
Admiral Draxon: what is that commander?
Commander Sierra: Sir we have locater Osiris, the leader of Gamma squad.
Admiral Draxon: Gamma squad? They were presumed dead.

Commander Sierra: Yes sir, but they are certainly not; Osiris insists that he must locate the rest of his squad.
Admiral Draxon: Tell him he canít, you all must get out of there before the artillery arrives, or you all will be destroyed with the rest of the factory.
Commander Sierra: Sir yes Sir! Planting explosives and banging out now, Sierra out.

Sergeant Jek: What was that all about?
Commander Sierra: looks like thereís a change of plans, thereís a cruiser in orbit and itís sending an AT-AP to blow up this factory, we are to dump the rest of the explosive in the power converter and get out of here.
Sergeant Jek: Yes sir.
Commander Sierra: Alright troops, letís get moving!

Lieutenant Clint: Well thatís the power converter, beautiful isnít it?
Commander Sierra: It will look much better when it blows up, Alright letís place the explosives.

Trooper Edge: Sir we are done here, should I turn off the power to help us get away?
Commander Sierra: Good idea trooper, get to it

Trooper Edge: This should do it

The lights turn off and all that is left is the red glow of the emergency lighting system.

Commander Sierra: Alright letís get out of here.

Commander Sierra: Osiris where are you? Osiris come in we are leaving, they are going to destroy the factory, Osiris come in.
Lieutenant Clint: Anything?
Commander Sierra: Nothing, heís not answering.

Osiris: Alright droids your turn to freeze, commandoís we are getting out of here.

Security droid: I donít think so, hold it right there.

The lights come back on revealing a dwarf spider droid, super battle droids and commando droids.
Osiris: oh no

Security droid: Drop your weapon.
Commando Trojan: Better do as it says Osiris, we will have another chance.
Osiris: Alright.
He slowly lowers his gun.

An AT-AP comes to a halt a few clicks from the factory, which is visible down in the valley below.

Corporal Nulla: Halt. This will be a good place to watch the fireworks. Establish defensive perimeter and ready the speeders.

Commander Sierra and the rest of the 21st make it out of the factory. They move quickly around the walls to a loading dock.

Commander droid: The clones have been detected moving outside the factory. Mobilise all forces to engage.
Security droid: Rodger Rodger.

All the droids move off to engage the 21st and only the security droid is left.
Osiris: Hereís our chance.
Trojan: Heíll shoot before we can get to him.
Psyco: I can make it
Osiris: no wait!

Psyco dives for the security droid.

The droids blaster goes off, the rest of Gamma squad jumps to their feet to see what happened.

Marauder: Psyco can you hear me?
Psyco: Get out of here, live to fight another dayÖ another day.
Osiris: No, Psyco hang in there.
Trojan: Itís too late.

Osiris: Commander, Iím getting out now, donít worry about me.
Commander Sierra: Alright Osiris make it fast.

Trojan: The droids left our helmets in a room not far from here, lets grab our stuff and go.
Osiris: Ok, but we canít just leave Psyco here.
Trojan: We will have to, letís honour his last words and get moving.

Marauder: come on, time to move.

Shock trooper: Corporal, we are ready to fire on the factory.
Corporal Nulla: Hold your fire, Sierra isnít out of there yet.

Shock trooper: Yes sir, but I must inform you that a very large amount of droids are in pursuit of the Commander. It will not be long until they reach us too.
Corporal Nulla: We must hold as long as we can.

Commander Sierra: move it, come on!
Lieutenant Clint: The amount of our friends has increased by the looks of it.
Commander Sierra: Well they just didnít want to say good-bye did they.

Security Droid: Alright now lift, donít drop it.

Commander droid: Open fire!

Commander Sierra: Alright Neon hang back, well cover the rest of the group.
Trooper Neon: Yes Sir.

Trooper: Sir they are within visual range, and are not going to make it.
Corporal Nulla: Send the speeder to cover for Sierra as he escapes, make it fast.
Trooper: Sir yes Sir.

The two speeders race down to the loading dock just as Jek is making it to the edge of the grass.

A laser blast hits Neon, and he drops to the ground wounded.
Trooper Neon: AAGGH!
Commander Sierra: Neon!

Sierra looks across at Neon.
Commander Sierra: Neon can you hear me?
Trooper Neon: Iím hit sir.
Commander Sierra: Hang in there Neon.

Sierra fights his way to Neon amidst the rain of laser blasts.

The speeders get closer and closer to Commander Sierraís position.

Osiris: Alright Gamma squad, Itís time to join the party.
Marauder: Eat this clanker!

Commander Sierra: Come on soldier, on your feet.
Trooper Neon: Weíll never make it.
Commander Sierra: Weíll make it, come on.

Commander Sierra: Can you walk?
Trooper Neon: I think so, just a bit shook up, thatís all.

The speeders make it to the lines of droids and knock a few down as they speed around.

Biker Trooper: Commander letís get out of here.
Commander Sierra: Alright cover for us.

Biker Shock Trooper: Weíve got a Hailfire inbound! Full speed!

Corporal Nulla: Theyíre clear, Fire at will!

AT-AP Driver: Firing!
The walker opens fire with its main cannon.

The droid factory explodes from the direct hit, sending bits of metal and flame flying.

A ship has landed near the cloneís position. With most of the 21st aboard Sierra and Nulla watch as Neon is loaded onto the shuttle.
Commander Sierra: You did great back there Neon, the medicís on board the star destroyer should patch you up as good as new.
Trooper Neon: Hope Iím not out of the action for too long Sir; I wouldnít want to miss any of the fun.
Commander Sierra: (laughs) Iím sure there will be plenty more.

Corporal Nulla: So Commander does most of your missions involve running for your life?
Commander Sierra: Not all of them, only the fun ones.
Corporal Nulla: Oh great.
Commander Sierra: Why do you ask?
Corporal Nulla: Just got transferred to your Battalion.
Commander Sierra: Well then, at least you wonít get bored.

Aboard the Star DestroyerĒ TriumphĒ the 21st unloads from the shuttle.
Admiral Draxon: Well done on your mission commander, I also see that you have met your new Corporal.
Commander Sierra: Yes Sir.
Admiral Draxton: You will have some time before your next mission to prepare.

Commander Sierra: A little close between missions isnít it Sir?
Admiral Draxton: Not to worry Commander, you are to go to Aries 5 and perform crowd control.
Commander Sierra: Crowd control?
Admiral Draxton: Yes intelligence seems to think that there is a separatist spy eavesdropping on the republic base down there.
Corporal Nulla: And we have to find him?
Admiral Draxton: Yes I will give you more information when we get there.

Osiris: Hey thanks for the help down there.
Punch: No problem, itís a shame about Psyco.
Osiris: Yes itís going to take some time to rebuild the squad after we lost him. I never wanted to lead a three man squad.
Punch: Guess youíll have to cut your losses and move on.
Osiris: yea, thatís how itís going to have to be.

Commander Sierra: Welcome to the 21st Elite Battalion Nulla.
Corporal Nulla: Thanks Commander, I guess the fun is just beginning.
The End!


 I like it 
  September 30, 2013
your series is awesome!! you should make a lot of'em
 I made it 
  November 21, 2012
Quoting Jared Schefe I notice you have used Marauder and Psycho (or some form close to it), the names are similar to those of bandits from Borderlands 2...
A good observation but the names are actually the ones that Eamon gave his commandos. He wanted them in one of my stop motions (which I have not yet completed)So I put them into my comics.
  November 21, 2012
I notice you have used Marauder and Psycho (or some form close to it), the names are similar to those of bandits from Borderlands 2...
luke shadbolt
 I like it 
Admiral Varkov
  November 18, 2012
Very nice story! Excellent lighting effects with the power converter as well! Nicely done!
By luke shadbolt
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