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LIU Atlas - Aranea Serico
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There are billions of stars, millions of planets, but there is only one man, Terrance McDoogal. Welcome to LIU Atlas.
About this creation
LIU Atlas - Aranea Serico

The Ludgonian Industrial Union’s galaxy contains billions of stars and planets. Unfortunately, most residents of the LIU could only name a handful of these worlds. In order to improve astronomy grades across the LIU, TV2 has started a new program called LIU Atlas. Follow our host, Terrance McDoogal, as he takes you on a tour across the LIU and some of its more obscure worlds.

Note: This episode is presented in full screen. The corresponding dialogue is underneath each photo.

Doog: “Welcome to the final episode of Season Four of LIU Atlas. I’m your host, Terrance “Doog” McDoogal. Today we’re closing out the season on Aranea Serico, an irregular moon orbiting the gas giant Aranea Telam. The oddly shaped moon has no atmosphere or magnetic field, and its surface is uninhabitable. Instead, the residents of Aranea Serico live inside the cavernous moon.”

Doog: “My ship is approaching the only entrance to the moon’s caverns which is protected by a large force field. This electronic field contains the caverns’ artificial atmosphere, and more importantly, controls who can enter and exit the moon. Why would they want to limit access to the moon? I don‘t know, but I’m sure we’ll find out.”

Saepio: “Welcome Doog. I’m Saepio, Warden of the Aranea Serico Forced Labor Camp.”
Doog: “Uh! Not another prison. I haven’t had many good experiences with the LIU legal system.”
Saepio: “Not a prison, a forced labor camp. No one here has committed any actual crimes.”
Doog: “Then why are they being forced to do labor?”
Saepio: “It’s the LIU…do you need any more reason than that? But in all seriousness, most of our laborers here were either unproductive or uncooperative in their assigned industry, so they’ve been relocated here, where we can insure they are putting forth a full effort.”
Doog: “And what are these laborers doing?”
Saepio: “They are collecting one of the moon’s natural resources. I won’t go into much more detail than that. It’s something that must be seen to be believed.”

Saepio: “This is the camp’s receiving hangar. We receive supplies and new laborers here. It’s also home to our oxygen generators. This door here leads down to the labor camp.”
Doog: “There’s doesn’t appear to be much security here, just a guy with a gun. I mean, I know its not a prison, but I’m sure you have an occasional escape attempt.”
Saepio: “Yeah, many of the workers aren’t thrilled to be here. We do have a few protocols and security features in place further into the facility.”

Saepio: “The moon is littered with various tunnels and caverns. We utilize these spaces instead of building our own infrastructure. Experts believe these caverns were created by geological process early in the moon’s existence. Of course, a body this size doesn’t usually have these geological processes, which leads the experts to believe that the moon is a chunk of a planet that was broken up by the gas giant’s gravity. That, and the moon’s natural life.”
Doog: “Natural life?”
Saepio: “Yes, the moon is home to several species of complex life. Complex life doesn’t usually evolve on small bodies like this, especially in these conditions. These life forms are an important part of the resource we collect. Ah, we are almost here.”

Saepio: “Welcome to the Crosspoint.”
Doog: “What’s the Crosspoint?
Saepio: “Up until now, the cave has only had one possible route. After the Crosspoint, the cavern splits up into several different passages. We use the Crosspoint as a chokepoint. We control access to the camps from here. It is the largest chamber in the caverns and one of the largest structures on the moon. Magnetically sealed doors and shock chargers prevent anyone from accessing the exit, and it stops any of the native species from escaping.”

Doog: “Are those rock people? Are you guys mining rock people?”
Saepio: “Mining rock people? No, we’re not mining rock people. Rock people are notoriously lazy. We have found literally nothing that they are useful for. They are only one step above a Gungan. We’ve been forced to relocate their race to various labor camps. Fifty percent of Aranea Serico’s workforce consists of rock people.”
Doog: “Gross. So, what’s going on here?”
Saepio: “These rock people are new arrivals. We‘ll give them a brief orientation, then send them to work.”

Rock person: “Gah! Where are we?! We want crystals! Yummy crystals!”
Guard: “I swear to all that is holy, if you rock brained idiots don’t fall into formation, I’m going to melt you down and pave the floor with your molten bodies!”

Saepio: “Alright Doog. Here’s a shock gun. It will serve as your defense while you tour our operations. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to give the orientation speech.”
Doog: “The floor is yours.”
Saepio: “Welcome to the Aranea Serico Forced Labor Camp. You are here because your lazy, slovenly behavior has not profited the LIU. You have been given several opportunities to assimilate into the workforce, but alas, you have failed. Now, you have no option. There is no pity here. You work, or you die. Food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine are reserved for those who fulfill their duties. That’s right, these necessities are only earned through productive labor. You will find resources and trade them to the LIU in exchange for these materials. So, go ahead and be lazy and enjoy yourselves, it is now your life that is at stake.”
Doog: “Very moving Saepio. What’s next.”

Saepio: “We are now officially in the labor camp. There are no bars here, just a magnetically sealed door preventing escape. The workers are free to interact with each other and work as they please. Of course, as you heard during my moving speech, they don‘t eat or drink unless they get their work done.”
Doog: “Heck, I don’t really get to eat, and I do my job.”

Saepio: “The laborers bring their collected resources here to trade for bread, water, and other necessities. As you can see, there are still those who refuse to work and spend their time begging. It doesn’t work of course, but they still try. Once the hunger sets in, they generally feel more inclined to start working.”

Doog: “What’s this?”
Saepio: “Now that we are beyond the Crosspoint, the cavern splits up into several different routes. Three of the major routes have been mapped out. It serves as a reference for the laborers. Of course, there are literally hundreds of smaller routes that haven’t been mapped yet. The workers sometimes risk these unknown tunnels and caverns when they are feeling adventurous, or very, very hungry.”

Saepio: “The average sentence here is ten years, but most workers never make it to release day. The average life span here is only six days. This is some pretty brutal work. Those that have been here longer tend to be a bit pale. They have gone many cycles without feeling the sun on their faces. They are battle hardened and know the caverns better than anyone. I figured we’d follow of few of these ‘hardened’ individuals into the caverns and see the operations.”

Doog: “Is it safe? A lot of these guys are staring at me with some very hungry eyes. I don‘t want to be eaten.”
Saepio: “Ha. You would make a pretty gristly, fatty meal. But don’t worry, we’re safe from the workers. Most are emaciated and have lost a lot of muscle mass. You should be able to fight off any attacks. Besides, they won’t waste the energy attacking you. The pay off would be too low.”
Doog: “Gee, thanks Saepio.”

Saepio: “This is Red Tunnel. This ‘main’ tunnel been mapped out about eight miles. Of course, if you factor in all its offshoots, it is probably over a hundred miles long and spreads over half the moon.”
Doog: “Is that a spider! I don’t like spiders!”

Saepio: “Ah, yes. This is one of the three species native to Aranea Serico. We call it the Fodder Spider. It’s not a true spider, but a closely related arthropod. It spins a web as a home and as a warning for approaching predators, not to catch food. The Fodder Spider does not eat insects, there aren’t any here. Instead, it feeds on one of the other native species, the Serico Mushroom.”

Saepio: “Look. Here’s a few here.”
Doog: “You can look. I’m keeping this vile creature over here at gunpoint!”
Saepio: “Will you relax? The Fodder Spider is harmless. It’s nothing more than a really large mite. It’s a vegetarian and non-venomous. If you’re afraid of these little guys, you’re in for a rough day. This place is crawling with them.”
Doog: “Whatever you say. Let‘s just move on.”

Saepio: “Sigh. Come on. Our laborer is moving on.”

Doog: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! They’re everywhere!”
Saepio: “Geez! That was the most womanly scream I ever heard! Just relax.”
Doog: “Hurry! Shoot me with you shock gun! They won’t be able to eat me if I’m electrified!”
Saepio: “These guys are the least of our problem. It appears they are running from something. If I had to guess, they’re running from Aranea Serico’s third and final native species, the Behemoth Death Spider!”
Doog: “What?!”

Saepio: “Yeah, I was right. A Behemoth Death Spider!”
Doog: “It’s official. I soiled myself…”

Saepio: “Just stay still. It’s occupied eating one of the workers right now. No sudden movements. The Behemoth Death Spider is the apex predator of the caverns. They usually feed on Fodder Spiders, but they won’t hesitate to take large prey, like our workers. It’s why this labor camp is so dangerous, and why we have to force workers down here.”
Doog: “It’s the size of an elephant!”
Saepio: “Yes, despite the danger it poses, it truly is an amazing organism. Like the Fodder Spider, it is not a true spider. It has ten legs and only four eyes. They do share several similar characteristics with spiders though. They’ve stalked these caverns for millions of years, evolving into perfect killing machines.”

Doog: “What resource could possibly make this carnage worthwhile?”
Saepio: “They creatures themselves make this worthwhile. Like the Fodder Spider, the Behemoth Death Spider spins a web. It’s not used to capture prey, but to protect its lair from other members of its species. This web is extremely valuable.”
Doog: “You collect spider webs?! Heck, there’s like forty of them in my ships cupboards. Its safer to grab them there!”
Saepio: “No, this is a very unique web. Come on, there must be one close.”

Saepio: “Fire up your shock gun, and let’s see if we can push this thing back. I’m sure its lair is nearby!”

Saepio: “Ah! Here it is. A Behemoth Death Spider web.”

Saepio: “The web is constructed from some very unique polymers. They are extremely strong, yet very flexible. They can be woven into some of the best fabric in the galaxy.”
Doog: “All this to make some shirts!”
Saepio: “No, there’s more. The threads are coated in a protein-based gel that mark the spider’s territory, and keep out other spiders. The gel is a powerful antiseptic. It’s removed from the webbing prior to it being woven. The gel serves as a very valuable medicine.”
Doog: “Killing lazy people to make medicines and shirts for other people. I guess I could get behind that.”

Saepio: “The laborers trade any web material they find for food, water, and other necessities. Once enough has been collected, it’s shipped off world to be processed.”
Doog: “Well Saepio, I’d like to thank you for one of the most terrifying shows I’ve ever done. But, in all honesty, I hope we never meet again.”
Saepio: “Just stay productive Doog, or we will be seeing each other again.”

Doog: “Well folks, Aranea Serico is a brutal place, but an important part of the LIU. One of the moon’s natural species produces some very valuable materials, but more importantly, the moon serves as a fearful reminder that LIU does not tolerate those who do not work. With punishments for laziness this severe, we can all rest easy that everyone in the LIU is always giving 100%. Or something like that. See ya next season!”


Doog: “Hey Saepio, do you think I could keep this shock gun? I think it would be pretty hilarious to use it to wake up the crew tomorrow.”
Saepio: “Uh…no.”

The fourth season of LIU Atlas is now available on DVD.

Episode 1: LIU Atlas - Panarium
Episode 2: LIU Atlas - Niflheim
Episode 3: LIU Atlas - Ignea Avis
Episode 4: LIU Atlas - Saxa Asteroid Belt
Episode 5: LIU Atlas - Naves Caelum
Episode 6: LIU Atlas - Novum Finium
Episode 7: LIU Atlas - Nuntius Station
Episode 8: LIU Atlas - Udo Messis
Episode 9: LIU Atlas - Foetida
Episode 10: LIU Atlas - Tenebrae
Episode 11: LIU Atlas - Flumen A‘ris
Episode 12: LIU Atlas - Pumilio
Episode 13: LIU Atlas - Crinita-Gelum Belt
Episode 14: LIU Atlas - Excan
Episode 15: LIU Atlas - Aranea Serico

The DVD also includes several special features, including:

Episode 3.5: LIU Atlas - Popina’s Diner


 I like it 
  November 7, 2013
El Barto recommended you and if it weren't for him I wouldn't have met you, great job.
 I like it 
  October 12, 2013
lol Arena Serico is a libertarian's wet dream.
 I like it 
  May 6, 2013
We need a place like that in Chicago... ~ Chris.
 I like it 
  January 26, 2013
LIU has some great ideas in place.~H
 I like it 
  January 5, 2013
WOAW - One of the funniest episode ever, but it gives very special kind of laughs, if you see what I mean - Anyway I love this kind of humour when it's so well done ! Great job on the caverns and the huge "spider", the trans-neon green web is gorgeous too... In a word it's another masterpiece !
 I like it 
  December 31, 2012
That's some nice tunnel work there. I think, that will keep me from being lazy for at least one day. ;)
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Oh, what a glorious evil empire this is! Nice episode!
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
AWESOME! Elephant sized spiders! I love how effective the LIU is!
 I like it 
  December 19, 2012
With all of the fun of the other planets in this series, it's easy to forget what a harsh place the LIU is. A gritty and thought-provoking dystopia to finish this series of the Atlas, that really shows that Lego is so much more than a toy. Great building and writing as ever.
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Excellent season finale! 6 days, not the best odds. But really, if we had some thing like that here in the US, we'd solve all sorts of problems. Looking forward to next season, Dude!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
hahaha, another awesome episode!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Imaginative yet believable... and of course funny! The tunnels, the web, the big arachnid species thingy... all great builds! Love the bit about the protein from the web strands. Hey, but wouldn't it just be easier/safer to do a bit of DNA splicing into a bacterial genome? Oh, I forgot... got to have something for the lazy ones to do! Okay, all you TFOL's if this doen't scare you into studying, what will?! :)
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Great episode!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Fantastic way to end the series, can't wait for the next premiere! Awesome work on the sets, and I was a tad worried when Doog was given a gun...
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Neat tunnels. I still can't believe you gave Doog a stun gun.
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Another great episode and a good one to finish the season on. Great work as always. --Blast--
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Great (1,000th time)! I like the spider design, BTW :)
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
pretty funny! as usual, the scenes are beautiful, atmospheric, the spider well done, I like the refference to it s web s characteristics, as I ve heared before, that spiders s webs are a wonder, and full of attributes, good episode lugdo!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Haha, nice episode. Maybe you should do a Christmas episode for season 5?
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Great episode I really like how the workers had to trade their gathered material for food and stuff,thought that was pretty unique.
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
nice season climax!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Very cool behemoth death spider web!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2012
Bravo, Ludgonious! These are thoroughly entertaining; can't wait to see what you do in the future!
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