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passenger train 7938 conversion 6' to 8' [Super Andersol XL-5]
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step by step pics of the operation
About this creation
This post is important to me as it has to do with the end of my 'dark age'
it is in 2008, as I went to toys r us that I first reconsidered
coming back to lego modeling

as I saw the white super train.
the nxt gave me the final push,
but, the train almost did it by itself.

it was a great disapointment to realise,
once I got into the Cybercity project,
that the white model was off the shelves,
I decided on buying this model,
as it was the closest of what I needed,
it was not a bad thing, as this model is quite versatile.

ok, let s work!
as usual, the pics are below the text
you can see here how I like to work,
I bring what I need at the kitchen table,
I rarely go beyond double of what you see here!
the 'bold parts', set the difficulty level,
as I advance in the sculpting, I remove what becomes too tough.

although the previous pic suggest landings on the train,
it is not yet planned, but, don t rule it out yet,
as, it s cool enough for me to attempt it lol!
it is to demonstrate what I would have prefered to do.
I like this round shape, it would have looked awesome!

stage -1

strip bare up, and under, + add the new plates.
adjustments to the plate drive-train joints, so that they stay loose,
loco; important, carts; less

as I saw this, I knew I was on a great acomplishement scale wise.

just looking at it, you can see it s right.
but, the feel of the wagons, is something else.

I installed the connecting doors,
for wich I made a sliding system, unfortunately,

it is only 2' wide, wich makes it a bit tight,
I suppose 3' would have been more realistic,

as in trains like this, it must be smaller
than a house door frame.

I then did the wagons, as I intended no
serious modifications, except for the working doors.
you have to remember, that I m not out of this yet,
as I now have to mod the TRAIN STATION and CARGO FREIGHT buildings.

they where designed for 6' trains, the 'door frames'
don t work anymore, it will make contact.

you can see here how little I can work with,
for the door, I decided on not going below
the red color, as it broke the line.

when I bought the x2 atlantis models,
I bought them because of those big panel-specialised parts,
I saw what SKIDTRON once did with it, [ robot, check it out!]
and since it was reduced 40% off,
I figured I could use some of their 'pizzaz'!
to 'spice' a piece,
I never figured it would be the train.

for you who have seen my MEDIC-1 emergency helicopter,
there is a familiarity here,
I used those long [technics?] thin parts in it,
in the same fashion, also, on another piece,
yet unposted.
I find that they look much like air intakes,
in inspired fuselage.

if you wonder what the yellow-red arch is doing there,
it is a scale-height-witdh ruler,
I only went up 1'+2 plates highier than the original,
who had no working doors at all.

if you are one of the lucky few who ever
had the original model in his hands,
even that, does nt really prepare for the feel
of this 8' train s weight!
it s not a train s a boa snake! lol!
it s really heavy, for movies, it s perfect!
as it will carry well the feeling of a real train.

step -2
the loco sculpting;
here I am finished with the sculpting 'look'
I wanted to acheive, it is time to solidify,
polish, and refine.

it is a nice thing to have x2 models to mod,
as it enables you to go back to the frame,
without losing anything of the original concept,
as you always have a model.
of course, it s x2 the work,
but, sometimes, just copying accidents,
makes new concepts or ideas,
and further the advancements of the techniques.

here, they are almost perfect,
but, almost is nt cyber!
and as experience in trains has tougtht me,
that small cracks in trains, leads to dissassembly in motion,
wich is kind of disastrous,
I ll make my disasters on my own discretion,
thank you very much!
so I went back, adjusting the plate problem,
wich was caused by the big 'wing' panels on the sides,
they are not really designed to be used like this.
note the 'new' black strip, on the closer, refined model,
do you see the difference?

here, you can see the boa in his whole lenght.
note that I bought x2 of this model, [check my start kit in Cyber journal #1!]
because I needed more than one wagon,
I needed a trans continental super train,
I did nt want to build a train layout, with a town,
I wanted a city with a train,
the difference being the predominance of tracks in the whole layout.

the name;
because of my admiration of;
who made ; the thunderbirds, capitain scarlett, space 1999, ufo
who s excentric designs filled my imagination from a child until now,
I dedicate this piece to him!

while this part on the roof suggests having to do with wires, to power this train,
I don t aknowlege that, as I won t go into ill conceived designs,
when I can go for a perfect technological future.

no lines should be exposed to wheather, ever.
it s much wiser to bury them,
and I won t go into building some on ALTA-5,
except if the scenario really requires it.

super solar cells, I accentuated the roofs with black studless plates,
added some grills for vents, also, recuperates power from operating,
like the smart and wise japanese train in tokyo!
that I m happy to mention, some of you will know what I m talkin about.

the first GERRY ANDERSON piece I saw was FIREBALL XL-5.
the serie was kind of funny, but, I was mostly
fascinated by the robot s design, and the xl-5 title.
it somehow remained in my memory for years!

the tv shows that influenced me most at this period where,
gerry anderson and walt disney, so it s no wonder,
that my lego creations where excentric.

this wagon reveals the true essence of its origins...stories.
as it needed extra scenario elements,
like a city needs a bank, a train needs a precious cargo to hold,
as the old west needed dilligences, for fargo attacks of money transfers.

it s a supertrain so; SUPER
the inspiration to make it excentric came from GERRY ANDERSON so; ANDER
the power is solar based so; SOL
to dedicate it more precisely; XL-5
wich goes well with alta-5!

I therefore name it;


WIDTH; 12'
LENGHT; 5 baseplates.
PASSENGERS; 20 +crew

the passenger wagon, just need to add tables, fire extinguishers, suggestions?

this wagon is supposed to carry mail gold, and money, I m still thinking about how.

[the strange 'tron-like' robot, is a GF WASH-BOT, it was originally designed to wash cars and trucks in motion on highways, it was a surprise that it also worked to wash the train]

Well, I have a supertrain scaled right, now,
but, it s still experimental,
I did nt go into extremes in lenght,
but, still added 2 or 3 studs more,
and since, the buildings involved, are just after a curve...
it still can reserve some bad surprises.
as anyone with train experience will tell you,
problems start in curves, and buildings.

and since I played with weight,
it could also be a source of problems,
I have invested in a rechargeable battery pack,
as I also needed it for my other cargo train, and control,
it all uses the same 'aaa' size to operate,
I made some space in my small appartment,
for a layout wich will test the limits of this monster,
expect a report here!


this is the remote control included with the cargo train [x2]
it allows for continual and gradual operating,
it also allows for multiple motor control [4-8?]
I use it for operating both trains at the same time,
but, even with twin motors, I would nt need another one.

I bought a rechargeble pack + batteries,
the train + control needs 'aaa' batteries.

forget the flexible tracks right now.
even the original model had it tough with those,
one can argue that my 'original' was x2 long, but,
they are made out off small sections, and it slows down
the train to a crawl, when the motorized wheels
spin in the cracks...

with the regular tracks, the train works fine,
the longest, the better, as it gains momentum,
but, it s not very fast.
it would compare to a cargo train in real life,
so, it s not bad,
I could add a 2nd motor in the other loco,
but, only in expos, to give it speed,
because, otherwise, the extra weight is nt worth it,
as I m sure it s about 20% of total weight.

no problems there as of now, but, I did nt do much there.

the bridge;
ok, the bridge always was a tough pass,
the trains needed fresh batteries to make it,
because, the layout is made in such manner,
that the trains had almost no momentum to take the hill,
I corrected this in my latest design,
but, it won t help this boa to roam there.
I will have to rethink the whole shebang!
probably lower, and put normal tracks on it.

it s not done yet, expect a report soon.

passenger train conversion


 I made it 
  August 4, 2015
Quoting Humanoid Typhoon great suggestion! if I don t do it on this one, I will do it in the next one, thanks HT!
 I like it 
  July 31, 2015
I will eventually catch-up to seeing all your creations. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing the steps and indicating the problems you ran into creating the renovation/remodeling of an original Lego set. Your craftiness and cleverness definitely gave it a modernized look and functionality that fits with Cybercity. I have a suggestion for the compartments (if its not too late) make one have a bar and bartender to mix some drinks for the passengers. If they can spend 400 for a ride on the train, 20 for a mojito or martini is nothing. Hahaha. Cheers!
 I made it 
  October 4, 2014
Quoting Taylor Garrett thank you very much Taylor!
 I like it 
  October 3, 2014
I love this train! The design looks very cool and futuristic, and I really like the idea of converting the train to 8-wide. I thought about converting my Horizon Express to 8-wide, but I'm not sure how. Overall, your train is simply impressive! I never thought I would see a train like yours!
 I made it 
  August 15, 2014
Quoting J D thanks J D!
 I like it 
  December 15, 2013
 I made it 
  January 5, 2013
Quoting Builder Allan it bothers me as well, I m sure to retouch it someday.
 I made it 
  January 5, 2013
Quoting TF Twitch all infos are in this post, I can count it, but, you can t get any better than the pic here, it s the pic with an empty space, I ll count the height.
 I like it 
  January 5, 2013
Very cool idea! I think 6-wide is too narrow for a train too. That lone train-cart visible in one of the photos in my 'complete collection'-post is also an 8-wide. I like your changes to the locomotives, too bad it was not possible to make a 'pointed' front end. It would really have given the train a TGV-like look :-) Overall great work on this, now all you need is more carts :-D
 I like it 
  January 4, 2013
If I could be provided with the interior dimensions of the mail-cargo wagon, I would be able to come up with some security measures for the extremely valuable cargo that would be transported aboard. How many studs long by studs wide and bricks high is all that I need, along with where any access doors would be.
 I like it 
  December 25, 2012
Very impressive work!
 I made it 
  December 23, 2012
Quoting TF Twitch thank you very much tf! I checked your links, and those are real feat trains, I m not in a rush to cover the wheels, I had to do tests, before adding more challenge, now, I did my track-motor test, check my future reports, when all is solved, then, I might go further, lol! @ tris b; thanks, so true, train guys are serious, almost always true reproductions, well, this one s for cartoon adventures! lol!
 I like it 
  December 22, 2012
It's very different, which is no surprise. There aren't many acts of lunacy in the train fraternity and I've not seen any as complete and well conceived as this. At your mention of Gerry Anderson it suddenly made sense. A true original.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Forgot to add that if the single motor is not enough to pull this train around, definitely add a second motor. Since you are using the Power Functions motor, make sure that you include a control switch to ensure that both motors run in the same direction.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
For covering up the wheels, I would suggest looking at Anthony Sava's Pennsylvania Railroad T1 ( The tender has the wheels covered up. For an LDD file, jd davis built one ( from instructions that are provided from Anthony Sava. Those are probably the best examples that I can think of to assist with a covered wheel design for your XL-5.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Wow, very cool modifications!
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Excellent work!
 I made it 
  December 20, 2012
Quoting Andy L
thanks a lot guys! I should have guest you where a fan too andy! lol! I looked at the wheels arches a long time before deciding leaving them like that, since I have no experience, I decided to play safe, making the wagons longer did nt fit with the station, since I only have 2x grey baseplates long, I m limited on lenght, the passengers won t be able to reach the debarquing plate, I have yet to find a sliding door that pleases me there, it can be changed, like I wrote before, I still have nt tried it in motion, but, the weight, + the bridge, are an ugly combination, it s bound to do problems. so the old motors where stonger? ok, I seen many articles from train guys, sometimes they install x2 motors, my design allows that if it ever gets down to it.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Cool look! The technic pieces in there are quite well done.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Quite the well refined and well built train! I really like the final product, looks great! And the washbot, lol!
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Nice, I like the futuristic feel to it. And the "air intakes" on the locomotives add a nice touch to it, as well.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
Very thoughtfully designed and pretty cool. Good luck shifting the weight! :-)
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
This is a very original design. I'm a massive Gerry Anderson fan and this definitely has his feel to it. I think for a total Gerry Anderson look the wheels should be obscured from view by skirting but this I guess may cause problems on curves. The lead cars look great. On an 8 scale I would make each carriage longer but the the squat stubby look does make it look very futuristic. It would be nice for sliding doors on the passenger cars which would definitely have more of a futuristic feel than conventional hinged doors. How does this handle when powered up? I bet the extra weight takes it's toll on the motor which I think is a bit of flaw with the battery powered system. The old 9v and 12v systems were much more meaty and could handle extra weight. Good experimental work, there is definitely no train like this on mocpages.
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