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Sound of Madness CH2: A Thorn on the Side
Note: The following event is set in Toa Hydros’/Kardas’ storyline, as well as Chicken Bond2's.
About this creation
Disclaimer: I don’t own BIONICLE, but I do own “The Minotaur”. The Xevthian Empire belong to Scott Tyler (AKA Toa Hydros or Scotttjt). Thorrex belongs to CBW member Botiko999, and Daxanere belongs to ToaDaxanere1216.

Somewhere to the south, there was a slab of rock. The stone was merely six feet in height, eighteen feet in diameter. The Silver Sea washed upon it, reaching for the ledge. Every attempt, though, ended in it being pulled back down by gravity. That was how often any being of power lived like this in the first few years. They begin rising like the tide, only to fall back into the ocean. Atop of the waves’ sight were two beings. One was a Toa of Fire, clan in brick-red and silver armor, with small patches of jet-black. He bore a Kiril-like Kanohi, flaming orange eyes burning into the sight ahead.

Beside him was a massive entity, around the size of a Mersion. He had silver-and-black armor, with hints of ash-grey. His head was much like that of a Kane-Ra, yet vastly different. It was much more like the red-armored inhabitants of Stelt. Forest-green eyes sliced through the wind, watching his prey: a lone ship, operated by white-armored giants in its belly. They pushed and pulled their oars in the glittering water, unaware of their nearby predators.

Toa Thorrex turned to his current partner. “Just one ship, pal. Must’ve broken off from the others.”

The giant, “Kane-Ra” as his collages call him, shook his head. “No, they hunt in packs. Much like Iron Wolves in the Northern Frost.”

The Ta-Toa’s eyes shifted behind his mask, mimicking raised eyebrows. “Kane-Ra” remembered a certain detail.

“Oh, Daxanere was the one who set foot on Spherus Magna, not you. My apologies.”

The young Toa rolled his crystalline eyes. “Some dusty old legends can wait. Right now, we have bigger fish to roast.”

The red bulk of the vessel was covered in front-to-back armor. Both could make out what appeared to be shoulder-mounted cannons of some form. Tall, reptilian warriors of varying reds patrolled the decks, wielding weapons of most, if not all, forms.

This diffidently will NOT be easy. The giant thought to himself. He could take on one of them, but an entire shipload of them? No way in the Great Barren. At least, not alone. Still, even these “Toa” have their limits.

Which of course, is why the Matoran Universe is so varied. At that moment, a slick being of various greens leapt onto the stone. His deep ocean-blue eyes were hidden behind a domed helmet. Within it was water for the ell-like entity.

“Kane-Ra” turned to the creature. “Are your men ready, Ehlek?”

The sea-dweller laughed. “But of course.” He spoke in a cold, slick voice. He leaped back into the Silver Sea, disappearing from sight as he swam deeper.

“So what’s the plan?” inquired Thorrex.

His tall friend turned to him. “We need to buy time for Ehlek to complete his part of the plan.”

“And how do you propose we do that?” The Ta-Toa asked yet again.

The bull-like giant grinned. “Like this.” He whispered. He crouched on the ground, and then leaped into the air. He landed in the front deck of the ship, starling some of the guards. By the time they figured out what was going on, one Xevthian already lost his head: Literally. Many more swarmed around him, leaping with their daggers. The intruder rolled out of the crowd, following with a twist of his ax. One of the red ones lost a leg, screaming to the heavens above. Another swing put him out of his misery. One of the other men switched to using long barbed swords. He leaped at the intruder, clashing his blade again his.

Three more guards leaped onto his back, piling down on him. The swordsman backed up, in case something would go astray. Indeed something did, for he felt a fiery fist slam into his face. He turned to see a Toa of Fire, wielding a wing-shaped scythe. He knocked off the giant’s weapons from his hands, then the owner himself was thrown into the sea.

Thorrex ducked as two more brutes attacked, channeling Fire Elemental Energy into the floor. The world around him exploded into soot and spark. Lying on the floor were two dazed guards. A coughing fit emerged from somewhere in the cloud of ash. Thorrex could make out glowing green eyes.

“A little warning next time would've helped,” said their source.

The young Toa laughed. As he rose, he noticed something odd. A bulky shadow was moving towards him, baring orange-red lights. Before he could move, it knocked him into the silver sea. As the ashes cleared, its true form was before the remainder. It was another Xevthain, though not the common ones they saw earlier. He bore the same brick-red as his people, but with the addition of silver. In place of the ash-black was a dirt-gray. While the figure bore no helm, he didn't try to hide his scared face. In his clawed hand was a simple spear.

“I sorry, I was supposed to say ‘Walk the plank’?” Said the newcomer.

Before “Kane-Ra” could reply, he was smacked by the side of the blade. He saw another strike coming, and rolled to the side. He noticed a broken blade not far from his foot. He thought about reaching for it, but his opponent reduced it to molten slag before he could do so. The crimson lancer strode forth in a prideful manner, glaring down at his prey. Just as he was one step away, though, he suddenly burst into flames. In the water was a certain Toa, grinning as the captain was rolling around the deck. When the giant stopped, he found himself at the feet of an angry bull.

“Kane-Ra” stomped on the Xevthian’s throat, the latter emitting a gagging sound of sorts. He clawed at the beings legs, but it was no good. The black-and-silver being laughed at the sight. Too bad his joy ended so soon, as something pierced the armor of his backside.
He looked to see a bladed tail attached to him, only to fall backward. The tail (painfully) removed itself, slithering back behind the red equal. The captain brought his weapon down on the fallen, only to find (in shock) that something had caught it. He was even more surprised to see one of the grey one’s hands holding it in place. The downed one didn't waste time, leaping toward the Xevthian. Like his namesake, he plowed through the crimson lancer, pushing him to the very front of the ship.

The captain had other plans, though. When they reached the edge, he reached for a rail on his left. He grabbed it, used the charge’s momentum to flip himself around, and slam his feet into the bull’s back. He felt his clawed toes scrape through the armor, brush the organic tissue a little bit. The beast fell into the glittering ocean, humiliation painted on his face. The captain strode in a prideful manner, having defeated the intruders. He was about to call out to one of his men, but he never got the chance. A great explosion tore through the wooden vessel, followed by its brethren. “Kane-Ra” grinned in a fiendish manner as the warship sank into the nothingness below.

He would've made a witty remark, had the rest of the pack not been spotted several bio way. One scout was already hard to bring down, but an entire fleet? That was another story, if anyone who dared could survive to tell it. So alas, they were forced to retreat into the wave, guided by their slick-armored allies. The duo found their way to yet another slap of stone, though twice the size as their last one. The titan’s emerald eyes narrowed at the sight of the seadogs, as close as leaves on a branch.

“Well, carve one up for us,” Thorrex said, breaking the silence.

“And a thousand more for Alxor,” replied his companion grimly.

This power, this empire, this… Alxor… It reviled even that of the Element Lords themselves. Even if they were combined, one may dare say. Had the Great Beings repeated the same mistake? Is Alxor yet another Element Lord? What would happen if he succeeded in his conquest? Would he stop here, or would he expand it to Spherus Magna? Could even Mata-Nui, in his incomplete state, withstand the wrath of a beggar prince?

Before he could ponder further, the world around him changed. Gone was the barren rock and endless sea. In its place was a metropolis, one of impossible geometry. Towers spiraled to the heavens above, almost touching the twin suns. Throughout this island, one could sense the power behind it. It didn't take long for the duo to deduce where they were and who brought them here. It was also apparent as to why they were brought here.

A Fe-Matoran courier came to them, bearing gold-and-grey armor.

“I've got a message from Xakon.” He said simply.
He ran his left hand through a leather bag, knocking around what they would’ve presumed to be tablets. It found the correct one, and the worker tossed it to them in a careless manner. It was by luck that the Ta-Toa caught it before it could hit the ground.

“A friend of his want’s to meet ya. Never said why, though,” The forger said as the giant examined the stone.” Well, that’s it. I have deliveries to attend to. Good luck with your contact.”

By that time, the duo would've finished reading the letter.

~To whom this concerns,
I have news regarding the war with the Xevthian Empire, as well as the Core War. If you are interested in this information, please meet me at the forge down the street.
Your comrade, Daxanere~

Thorrex’s “eyebrows” narrowed, and then he followed his ally to their destination. In a short distance, everything changed. Where their point-of-entry was a small park, this was an industrial distract. Smog rose from rusted chimneys, slithering into the air like serpents. Yet the plants from the park remain unaffected. In fact, one would even smell the fumes until they entered the district. Somehow, in some unexplainable way, one artistic vision never affected the other. Then again, such was the mysterious works of the island’s ruler.

Finding their destination, they entered the factory. Large vats of molten steel and chemicals unknown to them hung above the ceiling. All of them were being transported by some form of crane, no doubt controlled from some other area. Here and there, Matoran roamed across the rusting grounds, rushing to their stations. One saw the visitors, and pointed to one of the storage houses. The duo nodded, heading toward the place.

When they entered the room, they found it to be quite bar. All that was really there were some crates and a lightstone. But something- or rather someone-else caught their attention. Sitting on one of the crates was a black-armored Toa, with tiny hints of silver. Large, metallic wings sprouted from his back. He had clawed feet, much like that of a Skakdi. His blood-red eyes glimmered like the twin suns above.

“Aw, you’re here,” Said the strange Toa.

“Kane-Ra” let off a small smile. “Daxanere,” He said. “How fair has your training been?”

Said Toa chuckled. “Smoothly, so fair. I’ve managed to infiltrate the Fire and Ice Tribes. Water will be the next one.”

“Kane-Ra” nodded. One of Daxanere’s main tasks was spying on the Element Lords. All he had to do was to pose as a Glatorian and join their ranks. Once he was able to train with them, he would feign death and repeat the process. He would also report his findings to his creator, hopping to use it to their advantage. It was repetitive, but necessary. He also acted as a messenger between Artahka and the Hand whenever he could spare the time. But deep down, he was disgusted by the Element Lords. He hated how they’ve been abusing their powers to fuel their ambitions. Even if it would cost them their whole world.

Thorrex stepped forward, arms crossed. “You heard about the Empire?”

Daxanere nodded grimly. “Artakha’s been on the edge, lately. With that Alxor dude swallowing up the universe island by island, it might not be long before he comes here. If Artakha falls, then Metru-Nui’s next.”

Thorrex’s hand immediately made its way to his sheathed blade. It was obvious that the mention of Metru-Nui caused the reaction. Both had worked with the countless beings here to forge this new world. He especially helped Helryx in founding Metru-Nui. To stand idle and watch as that Xethian destroyed everything they worked so hard to create… it was something beyond agony. Worst of all, this war could bring… unforeseen consequences.

“Kane-Ra” Broke the silence. “Was there anything else to say?”

Daxanere eyes practically beamed. “Yes, as a matter of fact. Xakon’s pals at the forges have been creating weapons for the Hand. So far, only prototypes exist,” He soon flashed a wolfish grin. “And guess who gets to try them out?”

The Kra-Toa leapt off of the crate he sat on. The duo could now make up the words on it.


Despite the warning, the agent tore off the over. He reached into the container, grasping at the prizes within. He tossed one to the titan, whom caught it in his hand. It was an axe, bearing a spider-like crescent behind the blade. Thorrex was next, receiving a small…. Firearm of some form. Daxanere himself had a hidden blade attached to his forearm. The giant grinned fiendishly.

“When do we get started?” He said with a predatory tone.

The Toa of Shadow could see the bloodlust in his eyes. “We’ll strike soon, but for now, need rest and information.”
“Kane-Ra” frowned in disappointment, but nodded. The next thing he knew, the world blurred again. Thing time, he found himself at an inn of some sort. Thorrex was nowhere to be seen.

He must’ve been sent to Metru-Nui. He thought, wondering where he himself was. Judging from the nearby arena, it must’ve been Stelt. He looked around, seeing that he was in a corner of sorts. As far as he could tell, nobody saw him appear. If anyone did, they might have fled. He made his way to the innkeeper, a tall crimson being.

“Room for one, please,” He said, handing him some widgets.

“Room 12, down the left hall,” said the being bluntly.

The warrior thanked him, and headed towards his chamber. As he did so, he could have sworn he saw something speed by. When he turned to spot it, there was nothing. It must have been his imagination. Right now, he needed rest. He sat on the stone bed, and rolled over. As darkness swallowed his vision, he felt himself leaving the real world. And when he returns, there’ll be a bloodbath.

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