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Toa Samura
Note: This is a repost because I felt not enough people saw the original and I wanted more likes :P Sorry for the great lack of activity... I started doing other things (COD BO2, minecraft, etc), had a mocing block, a piece shortage, and a bunch of other excuses... I am back with 4.5 new mocs which are all featured here :) I think they are some of my best works :) One of these is even my first fully custom moc! (Tarshduk isn't fully custom! :P) Enjoy
About this creation
The Toa Samura are a group of Toa who have embraced a lifestyle similar to those of the Samurai of feudal Japan. They follow a strict code of honor that governs their lives. There were 4 Matoran who became the Toa Samura, only for 3 to remain today. These Toa all control the element of Magnetism, but at a variety of skill levels. The 3 who remain are Bushido, Shinto, and Onna; the fallen Toa is Nellaf.

Name: Bushido
Gender: Male
Species: Fa-Matoran
Alignment: Toa Samura, CoT
Element: Magnetism
Example of Powers: Repelling metal/bionicle objects, attracting metal/bionicle objects, powered jumps by repelling himself away from the planet's metals
Titles: Leader of the Toa Samura
Mask: Kaukau-shaped Pakari
Weapons: Dual Katana, Yumi (longbow), looted Shadow Sword
Status: Alive
Story: Before creating the Toa Samura, not much is known about his past life. What is known is that he was a natural leader and had a strong sense of honor and what was right. He would help to defend his village against threats, which soon became more and more frequent. The village Turaga then came to Bushido, who he thought was well suited to become leader of the Toa Team to help defend the village, and asked him to gather 3 others who he thought were to become the other Toa. Bushido chose some of his closest friends, being Onna, Shinto, and Nellaf. The 4 Matoran were then led to a hidden shrine behind the village and were presented with a Toa Stone. They then spent the following years repelling attacks from Makuta and other scum. After many years of fending off the same attackers, Bushido decided to lead his team to the base of the attackers. After an attack, he and his team pursued the Makuta to a cave. They then went in and wiped out the attackers, seeming to them that they had ended the attacks for good. However, during their absence, another group of Makuta, sent by the now-dead group, to wipe out the village. Upon return of the village, Bushido found his village in flames, with his friends' bodies strewn across the ground like Kanohi. He was mortified and knew that he had failed at his job. Through the help of his teammates, he was able to pull through. They then spent the next days cleaning up the wreckage and burying the dead. Through the clean up, Bushido found a dropped Shadow Sword and vowed to take revenge on its owner; he then placed it on his back.

The nest months were used by the Samura to train so that they would be prepared for the next time they were needed. Bushido honed his skills with his weapons and over the element of Magnetism, learning how to repel metal objects, pull metal objects, and even learning how to push other Bionicle beings away. The days in the destroyed village were lonely and depressing, and so Bushido led his team from the village and towards the mainland. They eventually settled in Onu-Koro where they felt welcome. They helped in the guarding of the village. Eventually, they went to settle back on Metru Nui.

One day, they were sent to investigate a Makuta sighting on the border. At the border, they were greeted by swords by a group of Makuta all wielding the sword that was on Bushido's back. Bushido entered a state of rage, wiping out the Makuta in minutes single-handed. With his Shadow Sword pointed at the leader's neck, he asked if the Makuta remembered a Fa-Matoran village that he was told to destroy before dispatching him. His teammates stared at him in disbelief. They then split up and searched the nearby area for any others. They all regrouped a couple hours later, only to find Nellaf was missing. After hours of searching, they could not find him and returned to Metru Nui depressed about losing a teammate, not knowing of a set of red eyes staring at them from a cave Nellaf had just went into.

The Samura did a variety of missions over the next years, until they were imprisoned by Teridax during his takeover of the Matoran Universe. They tried to use their Magnetism powers against the robot, to no avail. After the Battle of Spherus Magna had ended, they stepped onto the new planet. They were greeted by the Nuva and Glatorian who had fought in the battle. The Samura helped in the clean up. They then enjoyed a time of peace.

One day however, they heard of a Makuta of Magnetism terrorizing a nearby Agori settlement. They were sent over to investigate and were shocked at what they saw. They had found their lost teammate! But upon a closer look, they found the Toa to be wearing an infected Kanohi! Nellaf attacked the Toa, nearly overwhelming them. In a voice more menacing that his own, Nellaf said to Bushido "I have risen yet again Toa. Get ready for my revenge." Nellaf then knocked them all unconscious and was nowhere to be seen when they came to.

The Samura were involved with the actions of Teridax's resurrection, fighting alongside Tarshduk and Pakvle. They helped defend the villages and push towards the destruction of the Mask of Death. After it was destroyed, they were praised by the Matoran, Agori, and Glatorian. Afterwards, they were asked by Tarshduk to join the CoT.

During the next resurrection of Teridax by Zemocis, they clashed against Nellaf's army and found Nellaf now possessed more powers and mental capabilities, becoming an even more fearsome enemy. Nellaf could use the powers of the other 3 Samura; he could fly, repel enemies, and other powers! They could never capture him.

Let's start how I used to do them when I was active, with a 360 spin :P

Legs (front)

Legs (side)

Legs (back)

Chest and Head (front)

Chest and Head (back)

Head (unmasked); credit for head design goes to Chronos Omega :)

Head (masked)


Arm (side)

Dual Katanas

Readying his yumi (it actually fires a couple feet!)

His looted Shadow Sword

Sitting atop the Lego Minecraft set my dad bought me :) Thanks dad!

Standing next to the set and crossing his arms

Bushido: Like a boss!

Bushido: These are too big for my sushi...

Crossing his arms

Here is Dokusei struggling to pick up the weight...

Yet here is Bushido picking it up with ease using his Pakari and powers over Magnetism to repel the weights away from the ground!

Dokusei: How!?!




Polishing his blade

Bushido: Hey guys! You know this guy? Yeah, well...

Bushido: Screw him!

Bushido: You know who's taking his place? This guy!

Onto the next one!

Name: Shinto
Gender: Male
Species: Fa-Matoran
Alignment: Toa Samura
Element: Magnetism
Example of Powers: Levitation by repelling himself above the ground
Titles: Aerial Scout of the Toa Samura
Mask: Ruru
Weapons: Dual Wakizashi (short sword), yumi (when wakizashi are combined), katana, razor-sharp wings
Status: Alive
Story: Will be posted later (similar to Bushido's)

Here's his 360:

Legs (front)

Legs (back)

Legs (side)

Upper body

Upper body (back)


Arm (side)


Head unmasked (thanks Chro again)

Dual Wakizashi

Combined to become a yumi

yumi and Katana

Flying (ironically accomplished by dropping him while taking the pic)

Crossing his arms

Shinto: Like a boss!

Bushido: Not as much as me!


Doing Pushups or praying?

One foot/handed pushups!


Shinto: Don't disturb me Callan... (joke from CallanLoF's birthday vid for Gringat)


Wielding an assault rifle I built (features drop out mag for reload)

Wielding a combat shotgun I built (features folding stock and pump-action handle)

Onto the female of the team!

Name: Onna
Gender: Female
Species: Fa-Matoran
Alignment: Toa Samura
Element: Magnetism
Example of Powers: Usage in building new technology for the team, for example their yumi; Usage in repair to teammates or buildings
Title: Technician/Medic of the Toa Samura
Mask: Huna
Weapons: Kaiken (knife)
Tools: Blowtorch, hammer, bag of odds and ends, mechanical arm
Status: Alive
Story: Will be posted later (similar to Bushido's)

360 time (yet again)


Legs (side)



Normal Arm

Mechanical Arm


Back of Head

You know that giant backpack she had? Here it is!

Oh wait! It transforms into "Robo Samura," a helper/artillery drone built by Onna!

Front View of Robo Samura

Robot and Creator

Wielding her kaiken

Wielding a plasma cannon

Building a new weapon (she can substitute her arm with different tools)

Onto the "Fallen"

Name: Nellaf
Gender: Male
Species: Fa-Matoran
Alignment: Toa Samura (formerly), Makuta
Elements: Magnetism, Shadow (minor)
Examples of Powers: All examples listed above, minor shadow attacks
Titles: Muscle of the Toa Samura (formerly), The Fallen Samura, Commander in Teridax's army
Mask: Infected Hau
Weapons: Dual Hook Blades, Dual Katanas
Status: Alive; rouge
Story: Will be written later (similar to Bushido until he was corrupted)

360 time (last time)


Legs (side)

Upper Body

Upper Body (back)


Dual Hook Blades

Hook Blades and Katanas combined

Dual Katanas

Weapons on Back

Group pics!

Shinto and Bushido holding Japanese fish

Bushido: I got a koi!

Shinto: I got this weird puffer fish thingy

Fighting with a Ninja, apparently the enemy of the Samurai

Bushido: We don't want to hurt you! We're Toa also!

Rinji: Take this Samurai scum!

Shinto: Oww...

Rinji: Oh, wait. You're Toa? Ooops...

Shinto: Oh now you stop! Oww...

Size comparison of Shinto and Bushido to Rinji

Drinking Tea

Konnichiwa viewers (hello viewers)

The Samura find their lost member!

Shinto and Bushido brofist!

Bushido and Shinto

Battling against scum

Winning against scum

Shinto writing haiku

Shinto turning the camera upside down with his powers

Group Shot!

Sushi!!!! (I had sushi the week I was photographing, so I figured why not)

Size comparison to Tarshduk

With a VIP keychain and my new camera! (used to take these pics)

Bringing the 4th wall into view: These are the mocs that have brought me out of my block. They began with Bushido after I bought some parts through bricklink. I posted him on Flickr and Chronos Omega game me the idea of a Samurai-like team. I then set off to build the rest of the team. Soon, Shinto, Onna, and Nellaf came into being. These quickly became some of my favorite mocs to date. While building them, I wanted to keep custom parts in each moc, and the torso and head all became custom. The males of the Samura all feature the same torso and shoulder armor. Onna has her own unique torso.

The idea of the Fallen Toa began when I got the infected Hau in an order. I wanted him to be the fallen muscle of the team and set off to give him that feel.

The Names of all of Samura have a meaning behind them. Bushido is the code of honor for the Samura. Shinto is the native religion of Japan. Onna is part of "Onna Bugeisha" which were women of the Samurai class. Nellaf is "fallen" backwards, hinting at his corruption.
The weapons of the Toa are real samurai weapons, besides Nellaf's hook blades.

I really enjoyed building every one of these. I got to use new designs and concepts in these mocs. I also got to do more Japanese mocs XD Through this, I have created my first fully custom moc, Bushido! If you don't get the pics above where Bushido shoves Fikar away, let me explain. I have decided to replace Fikar with Bushido as my new Secondary Self-Moc!

I will hopefully become more active on the 'pages and talk to you guys more :) I hate the uploader right now... I had to reload a bunch of pics and rearrange a ton also!

Thanks for sitting and reading through this all XD If you liked the mocs, feel free to comment and rate. Also check out some of my other stuff and add me as a fav!

See ya guys later! (Note: I will be leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow, where my grandparents have no cable or internet :( so yeah)

Happy Easter!

And Happy April Fools Day!


 I like it 
  August 8, 2015
Really need to revamp these, bro :P
 I like it 
  March 16, 2014
Samurai Toa? Sweet. The designs for them not only look good, but fit well in the description.
  July 3, 2013
Thanks man! I just finished my moc and sent it to a buddy to put the finishing custom touches on him.
 I made it 
  June 13, 2013
Quoting Erebus Nuva, Toa of Darkness . Yes. Bushido, sry I was paying more attention to him then anything else :p but if you can upload the instructions on how to make this guys legs that would be freaking awesome.
Here ya go:
 I like it 
  June 12, 2013
Yes. Bushido, sry I was paying more attention to him then anything else :p but if you can upload the instructions on how to make this guys legs that would be freaking awesome.
 I made it 
  June 10, 2013
Quoting Erebus Nuva, Toa of Darkness . Dude I would love to have the instructions to the legs and waist to Toa Samura these are the bane of my articulated moc projects (something I just started on yesterday:p), an I could never get custom limbs just right :'(. He is by far my favorite in this set and I would like to build something similar to this on one of my mocs.
I will see if I can. For "Toa Samura," do you mean Bushido? Because none of these mocs is named that. It is the team of these Toa. The instructions will most likely be on my flickr.
  June 10, 2013
Dude I would love to have the instructions to the legs and waist to Toa Samura these are the bane of my articulated moc projects (something I just started on yesterday:p), an I could never get custom limbs just right :'(. He is by far my favorite in this set and I would like to build something similar to this on one of my mocs.
 I made it 
  May 1, 2013
Quoting L.A. Miranda
Thanks for the compliments :)
 I like it 
  May 1, 2013
It's strange... I mean, they have Samurai look and Japanese names; they have magnificient desings on them, I can´t find anything to improve them (well, Onna has weird designs and I think you could upgrade her a bit, to made her more similar to her brothers)... And however I still don't like them very much. It's like they don't convince me... Too much black? Dark photos? Don't know, sorry dear. They're greatly designed, seriously, the idea of a samurai magnetism team is something that I love, and even keeping the same color scheme they have a great variety. But, personally, they don't convince me... =/ Nothing bad, only feelings. Not offense, please. Great job, indeed, and you get my 'like' because they are good, but...
 I like it 
  April 27, 2013
Fantastic job!
 I like it 
  April 27, 2013
Great build! I like his weapons :)
 I made it 
  April 27, 2013
Wow... I thought these would have gotten a lot more likes...
 I like it 
  April 19, 2013
WOW! These are spectacular! I'm not a Bio builder, but I know good ones when I see them! Sweet! The muscles and weapons are amazing! Keep it up!
 I like it 
  April 5, 2013
Why, just why it have 4 likes?!?!?!?! This is awesome. 4 awesome mocs in one post... that is amazing. But I have two favourites. Bushido is perfect! I love that custom head also that legs and arms are really, really awesome. I like how you used that toa mata legs on his body. Second favourite is Onna. I like how you built her head and body, it looks jut amazing. I think that you had to spend a lot of your time to build this. I know that feel when you was favourite but later.... OK that is my comment and I hope that you will be more favourite than before. Good luck.
Jaetaro the Wise
 I like it 
The Texan Bionicle Builder
  April 4, 2013
Very awesome!
Jaetaro the Wise
 I like it 
Toa Viking
  April 1, 2013
 I like it 
  April 1, 2013
Awesome bro!
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