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The Necromancers Revenge: The Adventures of Rumanthil the Elf -Part One
About this creation

King Karayan of Unbrana rode towards the dark tower of Mudan. He grinned savagely as he thought of his revenge and remembered the message he had recieved. "King Leo stole your lands and sent you to scrape a living beyond the Southfall mountains. You and your people deserve better than this. Gather an army and march to North to the badlands. Together we can crush the imperial throne and be free once more".

At first, Karayan had doubted the messenger, but when rumor reached him of rebellion i te north, he gathered his forces and prepared to join the alliance and take back the lands of his fathers.

At the gate, he dismounted and called up at the Tower, "I, King Karayan am here as requested. I demand audience with Arcannon the Necromancer of the North". The door of the tower opened silently on hidden hinges and Karayan slowly entered. If this was a trap he would be ready. His army were close by and he could contact his mage if anything went amiss. He was in a large dark entrance hall, unadorned and with bare walls. Everything was made from the same dark polished stone as the Tower's exterior. A ladder hung from a hole in the ceiling and he cautiously walked towards it. Putting his axe in his belt and his shield on his back he began to climb.

He found himself in a Large room, with a balcony on one wall. Another Ladder led up to the upper floors and opposite the ladder was an ancient black throne and seated in the throne was Arcannon the necromancer. He was tall and wore a dark cloak and ancient Armour from the first demon war. But most noticeable about him was the color of his skin, white as alabaster and ageless. Arcannon was a Vampire.

karayan threw himself on his knees. Here was a sorcerer from the ancient world. Here was an immortal being. Here was someone who could bring down the empire and return the land to it's rightful owners.

"rise Karayan King of Unbrana. i have long awaited you. Welcome to Mudan, the ancient dwelling of the Elves which they abandoned long ago for trees and forests" he smirked. "here you will find no plants or Elves. What you will find are armies ready to attack and destroy the empire. I give you the chance to join with me and take back what is yours. You shall have the rich lands of Esmaria, if you and your men will fight for me"

"My Lord, I have been waiting for the time to attack the king, but have not the men or resources. Now we shall fight. The crown knights and their allies have forgotten the power of the Black Falcons of the south. We shall serve you until the end"

An Orc Captain, with a golden helm and Staff entered.

"My Lord, i am sorry to disturb you, but i have some very troublesome news"

"very well Ushnack, you had better tell us"

"one of the knights, by the name of Tredor and an Elf called Rumanthil has killed the last of the giant land worms".

"WHAT! they will pay for it"

Arcannon rushed over to a corner where a large semi-transparent sphere stood on a pedestal. He held it with both pale hands and spoke

"iky nakgro, etgano shun eta Tredor ud Rumanthil".

The sphere shimmered and an image appeared

It showed a man and a young Elf riding down an old road. The man wore expensive armor and carried a Silver spear. The elf wore light scale armor and held a a Sabre.

"I have found their location. And now they shall die. Ushnack come to the top of the Tower with me. I might need your skill".

Arcannon and Ushnack climbed up to the top of the tower. Arcannon shouted an inaudible word, and a huge tongue of flame shot from his hand and disappeared into the distance. Arcannon held the flame for a few minutes, and then extinguished it.

"It is useless. They are protected by strong wards. See if your staff can do any better, Ushnack"

Ushnack stood on the platform and fired a blood red beam of magic from his staff. After a minute he also stepped down.

"you are right my Lord. They are protected by strong wards indeed. There is only one powerful enough to cast such powerful wards. Eldrin the wizard."

"I feared that might be the case. Very well, I shall see what my new ally can do"

(In the throne room)
"well my friend, it seems that your test has come early. Gather your troops and capture this scum. They are an Elf and a knight and were seen not 10 minutes ago on the borders of the Forest of Sestan, heading south. They must be brought here unharmed and alive. Do not on any account kill them. If they are killed then i shall burn the one responsible alive. Is that clear?"

"yes my lord"

"right, get your men ready right now"

"you have been chosen for a very special mission. Earlier this day, two of the enemy, an Elf and a Man entered our masters land and killed the last of his giant Land Worms. Right now these two murderers are travelling south along the borders of Sestan. Find them and bring them back here, but try not to harm the. If even one of them is found dead, then you shall face the worst death possible. Now go!"

the men cheered and rushed down the road, through the skulls impaled on spikes and into the wilderness of the badlands.

(in the throne room)
"ushnack, get your army ready to march to the siege grounds at first light tomorrow. Once these scum are captured we shall attack and destroy the empire once and for all"

Meanwhile, an Elf and a Knight were riding along the borders of the Elven forest Sestan.
"Tredor, dont you think we had better leave the road"

"why would we do that?"

"i don't know, but twice i have felt that something was trying to do me harm"

"what do you mean? Wooh, what is that!"

lying on the road ahead was the body of a knight wearing a travel stained black and white tunic.

Tredor dismounted and went to inspect the body

"I think he's dead. Let us leave this place"

Suddenly more knights charged out of the trees on either side. Rumanthil turned around to face the on coming attack

Tredor jumped up and tackled one of the strange knights to the ground, knocked his sword off him and with the knights own weapon, beheaded him.

Then, with his new sword, he charge at the captain

Meanwhile, Rumanthil drove his horse onto one of the knights breaking his ribs. Another one yelled and charged at his side. Rumanthil broke his opponents axe and slashed at his neck.

Tredor disarmed his opponent and prepared for the final blow

But the Knight who had been lying on the road got up and tackled him to the ground.

Falcon Knight Captain:
"o'k pointy eared scum, we have your friend at knife point, so unless you want to see him dead, i suggest you drop your weapons"

The knight who's ribs Rumanthil broke approached, bent over in evident pain.

"well, whats wrong with you then?"

Injured Knight:
"nothing serious, just a few broken bones"

"well then, you clearly are in no state for the journey home are you now?"

The knight grimaced.

"if you don't get better soon then i shall have to do something myself"

The knight tried in vain to look 'better', but failed . The captain put an end to his bad acting with a quick swing of his notched blade.

"now then, unless you want to share his fate, do not do anything unless i give you permission. Sanderson, take the Elves horse and find a cart. Their is a small village by the name of woodbush not far from here"

"make sure that the cart can carry two people with room to spare. we will wait for you here. Also try to find some strong chains. Be quick"

"yes sir"

It was beginning to grow dark, and still there was no sign of Sanderson. The knights built a fire and huddled around it.

The prisoners were guarded and had their weapons and armor taken from them.

"This waiting is tiresome, I require some entertainment. Harker, do you think that you could beat Tredor in a fight?"

"what, that whelp! of course I could".

"So be it. You shall fight Tredor. If you win then you can ride in the Cart on the return Journey. Tredor, get up and duel Harker"

Tredor looked surprised and a bit worried, but he got up and under the careful watch of a sentry stood opposite Harker

Harker charged. Tredor was unarmed and wearing little armor. He jumped back from the singing blade and tried to work out what do to. Harker was an older knight, which showed that he was experienced or was good at winning fights. Harker lunged again.

Tredor dodged and grabbed Harkers sword arm with both hands. Slowly he twisted it, until the blade pointed towards the ground. Harker punched Tredor with his left fist, but Tredor ignored the blow and carried on twisting Harker's wrist. Something clicked and Harker yelled, dropping his sword. Tredor let go and punched Harker with all his strength.

Harker grunted and stepped back. Tredor punched him again, and grabbing him by the neck, lifted Harker from the ground.

"submit, you vagabond"


"O'k Tredor let him go, or i'll kill you"

Tredor threw Harker on the ground where he lay gasping for breath and coughing.

"well,i suppose you will need to kill him as well. He is certainly injured"

"N-no i-im f-fine"

Speaking seemed to much of an effort for him however, because he started coughing again, even more violently than before.

The knight guarding Rumanthil turned around and laughed.

"seems like Harker needs some medicine. He sounds like he's been breathing up a chimney".

This distraction was all that Rumanthil needed.

He rolled forward, and kicked out behind with both legs. The guard was sent sprawling.

Tredor grabbed some weapons and ran at the captain who stumbled back trying to draw his notched sword.

Rumanthil disarmed the Guard and gave him a quick end. He then turned to see what wa happening to Tredor

The captain ran and Tredor gave chase. But just as he began to gain on him, Harker, who was still on the ground, stuck out his legs and tripped Tredor up face first.
The captain ran over to Tredor and put the point of his sword onto his back. He laughed.

"that's the second time your friend has screwed up. So, for the second time, drop your weapons or i shall kill your fine and clumsy friend."

Rumanthil had no choice but to drop his weapons.

At that very moment, Sanderson returned. He was riding Rumathil's horse and leading another horse attached to a cart.

"what took you so long?"

"i'm sorry sir, but the peasants didn't take well to me stealing their stuff. I had to kill a few before they would let me go."

"what! you were seen!"

"yes sir, so i went back and burned the farm where i got my stuff from."

"And the peasants. Are any of them are still alive?"

"none who saw me sir"

"very well. Harker, help Sanderson bind the prisoners. Put them in the cart."

"what about their armor and weapons?"

"put em in the cart as well. Arcannon might want to see them"

Tredor and Rumanthil were bound with heavy chains and dumped in the cart. THe knights mounted up and prepared to set of.

"this scum shall pay for all their crimes soon enough" thought the Captain to himself as they started to ride. "no one has ever escaped Mudan, and no one ever will"

To be continued.....


 I like it 
  December 8, 2013
Nice Job!!
 I made it 
  June 11, 2013
Quoting Pineapple Samurai Studios I love reading these comics but I have a few suggestions if you don't mind! 1. When characters are speaking set them out with the names so we can tell who is speaking like this Valendor: We should head up the mountain Thorold: Yes that would be best! And finally grammar spelling and punctuation! I think that will greatly improve your comics and I look forward to reading them in the future!
Thank you. I have done all that and it looks much better now
 I like it 
  June 9, 2013
I love reading these comics but I have a few suggestions if you don't mind! 1. When characters are speaking set them out with the names so we can tell who is speaking like this Valendor: We should head up the mountain Thorold: Yes that would be best! And finally grammar spelling and punctuation! I think that will greatly improve your comics and I look forward to reading them in the future!
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