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Tale of Steven Part 4: Regional Challenge: Felmore Tower
This is a chapter in my character�s story in the awesome group known to mortals as �The Lands of Mythron," in this case dedicated to the "Escape!" challenge. It is also a long chapter (182 pics), so if you want to skip straight to some details on the build itself, then
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Oh, and if you like what you see, join the faction of Rainos in the Lands of Mythron group. There is a link to the group's homepage on the right-hand side of this page.

Map of the MOC

~ ~ ~

'Gently down''

'Excellent. With this view, any enemy that comes within five hundred yards will wish he hadn't.'
'Let's do a ranging shot. We have enough- Hey!'

'Feels like someone hit me in the back of the head'.'

'Oh, [BOTHER].'
~ ~ ~



'Good day, fellow traveler. I'm known as Gilbert Despathens. And you?'

'Pull up a brick. We've got time to shoot the breeze.'

'Really? You do that for a living? Well, to each his/her/its own. I'm a storyteller, myself. Prove it, you say (or even if you don't, because I can't hear a word you're saying)? Well, I came recently from Falmore. I barely escaped the battle with my life.
'What battle? You must be joking. The Great Battle of Falmore, of course! Ten thousand- nay, ten million men and beasts on two sides, tearing the world asunder with their violence, and you ask me, 'What battle?'
'Wait! If you want the straight facts, you'll get them. No exaggeration, upon my word. You'll find it uncanny how I can tell the truth and still astound. Where to begin? Ah, yes, with them'.'

'Here it is at last: the mighty fortress at Felmore, untouched by the years that have passed since its construction.'

Steven- I can see that.
'Captain Harold, is there a connection between the color of the flag I see on the wall and your change in uniform?'
'Yes, indeed, Miss Flounder. As I said before, this fortress is held by the troops of the Iber Clan, of which I am a member. This is my first way of introducing myself. That said, I don't see anyone here to introduce myself to. Perhaps we should try the other door.'


'HALT! You Shall Not Pass!'
'I am Harold of Puerto Jimlet. I come in peace, to seek aid and information for my crew.'
'Gerald? Not Gerald, the son of Jorge, the son of Alberto I?'
'Yes, I-,'

'COUSIN! I am Alberto III, son of Alberto II, son of Alberto I!'

'It is so good to see you here! You and your men will always be welcome in my home.'
'Emilia! Everyone! It is my cousin Gerald, from Puerto Jimlet!'

Cptn. Harold- I have been away for longer than I thought.
'Pst! Dead! Why does that woman have a beard?'
'Shut up, Ivan! It's not a woman, it's a man with long hair!'

Steven- This looks welcoming, yet still I feel that no good will come of our stay here.

'Sir, words cannot express how joyous I am to see that Lord Cedric has sent men to us! How many are you?'
Steven- Bingo.
'Uh, five, sir. What you see is what you get.'
'Only five? Welcome all the same, my good man'.'

'Bill, what do you think is going on here?'

'No idea, Steve, but I'm about to let it bother me. I have a chance to take a bath, and I intend to use it. You should probably do the same. You haven't even fallen in the river for a week.'

'Yeah, right! If we were meant to bathe, we would have been born with copper tubs or something. I'm going for a look around.'

''failing that, Bilmeroth took the mule upon his own shoulders, and set out for his future capital.'
'Hah, that's nothing. Back in Worsan, I know a guy who can lift a whole ox-cart!'

'Ivan, I thought you were saying the other day that you're too old for storytime?'
''Too old for storytime?' Young soldier, everyone needs a story. They keep our history alive. Who knows- maybe you will have a story, too, someday.'
'Me? Nobody gets in stories anymore. At least, no one short of a king, and nobody believes the stories about them.'
'Excuse me, you are Steven?'
Steven- How does one person have so much hair? Why is it orange?'
'Yes, ma'am?'
'My lady wishes to receive the new arrivals in her tower. Will you accept her invitation?'
'Can I come?'
'Ah' I think not today, boy.'
'Sure, I accept. Lead the way.'

'Do you wish you'd washed now, Steve?'

'Huh? Sorry, Bill?'
Steven- Wow, she looks even better than before. Hold on- is that what happens when someone gets clean?

'Come, this way.'

'Your wine is wonderful, Cousin Alberto, but I sense that this meeting concerns more than wine-tasting.'
'Quite right, Sir of Puerto Jimlet, there-,'
'Let me tell him, Emilia. I am the captain of the guard here.'
'Please, go on.'
'Cousin Gerald, does it strike you as odd that there are so few men present to hold such an important territory?'
'I did mark the unusual state of affairs, yes.'
'The usual garrison is fivescore-and-ten, with another thousand or so in the mountains and fields, watching the land and resting between war-bands. One such gathering occurred three days ago, and the King's bodyguard went with them.'
'The King!'
''Is here with us. On the evening of that day three days past, Mythronian trumpets sounded in the mountains. From that time, only one man has returned out of our grand army.'
'They were ambushed?'
'By Carthalian forces under the command of D'Colore, the Mad Scrindl. They say his hatred for Rainos is matched only by the discipline of his men. Where his armies march, none of our kind live.'
'I've met him.'

'Then you are blessed to be alive. He is camped in the valley with his legions of madmen.'
'How many do we have to oppose him?'
'Currently? Including your 'men'? Eight fighters, and the women and children, but I have two more on scout detail. There have been rumors that William the Scarred was raiding in this area, but we now believe this to be untrue.'
'Ten soldiers! Why have you not fled?'
'The north and east roads are guarded. There is no way out the way you came, and we have no boats to cross the river, even if we could descend the cliff.'
'You know, I might have something to help you with that, but I need my men.'
Two hours later'


'Falling over backwards, Captain, sir! Whoops!'
'Ha ha ha! He got that right!'
'What? Stand to attention, all of you!'

'Liza, you wretch! What have you and your mistress done to my cousin's men?'

'We invited them to tea, Lord Iber. It seems that something did not agree with them. Now, her ladyship is tired, and will see no one else today.'

'Thank you, Liza. Alas, there is much to do yet. Do you have the dark-lantern?'
'I will see to it, my lady. Might your ladyship wish to do as I told them? Tomorrow will be a busy day.'

'Yes, you are right. Freedom awaits us.'

'How are you feeling today, gentlemen? Hung-over? Ashamed of the way you supplied enemies with strategic information?'

'You were too hammered to notice, but there was a light flashing atop the tower last night. By this time, Mad Scrindl D'Colore knows exactly how many of us there are, what armaments we have, and' What are you two doing here?'

'Attending roll-call, captain!'
'You are not part of my command. You aren't even from Rainos. No one is asking you to fight with us.'
'Not much other way out, captain. Way I hear it, we're blocked in. The only ways we're leaving this bloody place are victory and death, so we might as well go for the first.'
'Very well. Now, stand to attention for King Raoul II of Iber.'

'Lady and gentlemen, you understand the situation. My clansmen are hopelessly outnumbered, and, in accordance with the Treaty of Guaire, it is within my power as the head of a clan to recruit my fellow Rainosians to my cause. Welcome to my army.'

'Lord Iber, attend us. We must plan.'

'Farrer, we need the Weezil to evacuate the civilians. You will take horses, return to the ship, and sail it upriver, where we will lower ropes to the vessel.'
'Juan, you will accompany Sergeant Farrer and return with the horses to defend the fortress. Paul, you and my cousin's bow-master will set up the ballistae.'
'Ivan, you will run ammunition to all crossbowmen when the battle begins. We will need a constant stream of fire if we are to survive. Until that time, everyone without an immediate role will work to patch the gaps in the wall.'

'Giddyap, Suerte!'

'Gently down.'
Welcome back.

'Everyone, run! We're taking fire from the tower!'

Panic, panic, panic. (Words don't really have meaning until you say them three times.)

'What happened, private?'
'Crossbow quarrel, sir! It stuck in Paul's helmet; no injuries taken, sir.'
'This is what comes of leaving hostages all the comforts of home. When you lock a captured queen in a tower, you aren't supposed to leave her any bloody weapons! Where's Lord Iber? I want to know if we can take the keep.'
'Your majesty, my husband is trapped on the bridge.'
'Drat. We'll shoot it out.'

'In position.'

'Ready' set''





'Get back here, you fools! There's a better way to do this than becoming human pincussions!'

'Is she talking to us?'

'This, your majesty, is a very powerful sleeping draught. It becomes a vapor when exposed to air. Get this into the tower and the problem will be over soon enough.'
'Thank you, ma'am. Captain, I believe I saw a chimney hatch in the forge that led into the tower. Did you observe this as well?'
'Aye, your highness, but the ground floor of the tower is magically protected. I fear that if we try it there, the guardian will act to counter it.'

'Then I can put it through the upstairs windows! That spire is covered with handholds, so a girl raised to climb masts should have no problem getting there.'

'You can't! They'll shoot you off the wall in an instant!'
'Then cover her, private. Get onto the gatehouse.'

Steven- This is a cunning trick! I'll poke my helmet up on a stick, they'll loose their quarrels on it, and Dead can run over to the forge while they're reloading. I wonder why no one's ever thought of it before.

Steven- Why aren't they shooting?

Steven- [Dung!]

Dead Flounder- Gotcha!

Dead- Missed me!

The gas attack succeeds, the ransom prisoner and her maid are moved to a more secure location, the fortifications are completed, and blocks of soldiers clad in the blue-and-silver uniforms of Carthal gather on the horizon. Hours pass.

'Why do they stand there? What is their purpose?'

Paul- That cloud looks like a donkey.


Alberto III- What moves yonder?

'Red uniforms on the horizon!'

Spirits sink as the local Falmore troops join with their allies under the banner of Mythron, but the disappointment works both ways.

'My lord D'Colore, his Grace the King of Falmore bids you stand your men down.'
'I acknowledge the divine right vested in the King of Falmore and the nature of his bond to the king, yet my mortal senses are disturbed by this request, sir knight. Who are you, and why does your master send such unwelcome orders to his friends from the south?'
'I am Lord Captain D'Brigs, vice-commander of the Army of Falmore. My king appreciates your activity against the bandit legions of the hostile power, but he feels that allowing your men to continue to his former stronghold would be disadvantageous to peaceful sentiment between Falmore and Carthal.'
'Ah, yes, I understand the situation. I am at liberty to destroy any real barbarian threat to his realm, but his men must seize the actual control points to prevent my city from gaining any claim for recompense for its actions. Very well, what are your lord's orders?'
'I am to march for the castle at dawn tomorrow, breach the perimeter by any means necessary, put any barbarians found therein to the sword, and restore Her Majesty the Queen of Falmore to her long-deprived liberty. Any objections?'
'No, not at all. My men will take the day off. Good knight, Lord D'Gribs.'
'D'Brigs, sir.'
'Quite right.'
Despite his grand plan, Lord D'Brigs wakes his men well after the cock's crow, and gently at that. Gradually, the camp opens up to divulge its occupants, who, expecting to return promptly, leave their tents erect as they set out for their battle.

Dividing into two columns, the Falmorians march confidently onward, well aware that no bow can yet reach their position.

Incredibly, a mighty bolt penetrates the ranks and binds two unlucky soldiers together for the rest of their lives.

The valiant soldiers scramble for cover, dozens piling behind each of the crossbowmen's mantlets while others make use of the items and buildings left by a peasant population that did not want front-row seats to the battle.

The ambush is sprung- hedges throw up guerillas, spearman appear from hidden spider-holes, and the very 'cover' used by the soldiers as protection becomes a death-trap.

In seconds, the Iber warriors take out a Mythronian each aided by the element of surprise, then move onto their second. (As the battle progresses, pick out individuals and follow him. Each death is very carefully thought-out, and if you don't watch closely, you might miss something.)

The initial result is slaughter. Encouraged, the Rainosians fight all the harder.

More Mythronians arrive to avenge their comrades. Lord D'Brigs himself arrives with troops from the second column, relying on the might of cavalry to push his point.

King Raoul II- And so it ends.

'Finish him, soldier!'





William the Scarred- Look at all that premium armor. I wonder how much that will bring me back in Rainos? If I make it, that is.
'Onward, you dogs!'

D'Colore- Yes! That is, too bad for D'Brigs, I'll have to help him out.
'Men, to arms!'
I have to drag this out just long enough'
'Our allies are beset from all directions. As heathen blades penetrate the bodies of their former comrades, their hearts falter and their arms fail them. I know you to be'long enough Oh, forget it. We're the best; let's go kill them!'

Frantic trumpets sound
Paul- They're leaving!

With another warp in time and space, let's look at the other column of Falmorian military might, which elected to cross open country rather than narrow roads lined with hedges and stone walls.

'Whoa, there! Mike, get your bandages.'

'Help me' there was this pirate' she stuck this dagger into me''
'What pirate? Sir Michael will help you. Just tell me about the pirate.'

'She looked exactly like me, mate!'

'After her!'

Steven- Just you try it.

Horse- Ouch!

Cptn. Harold- Too easy! Crossbows away!

Ooh! Running'

'Whoo! Nice shooting, Steve-man!'

Ivan- Uh-oh.

'Del, find me something dangerous! There are barbarians!'

Del- Mummified frog? No. Rum? No, they aren't pirates. Funny scepter-thing crackling with energy? Well, this job can't be all work.

'Here, sir!'


Steven- Why's the world spinning like that?

'I freaked out back there. At least I didn't light anything on fire that time.'
'Yes, that is a bonus, sir.'

'Hmm. This thing looks empty. I wonder what it did?'

'That was fun, hey, Harold?'
'No comment. The roads ahead are clear, Miss Flounder. You are free from Falmore. I'm sure Ivan is where we left him.'
'It's about time I told you, Harold. It's 'Sam' to friends.'

'I do advise that you come quietly. My men have spent years learning to put sharp bits of metal through people who make them jumpy, so escape is inadvisable.'
'Aren't you going to butcher us, Mad Scrindl? That's what I hear you do to your prisoners.'
'I've met you somewhere, haven't I? Oh, yes, on that accursed tub called the Eagle. You're one of Cedric's captains. As for my reputation, the rumor mill has honored me with considerable over-inflation. You are prisoners of war with no ransom expected, yet your lives will be as safe as you want them to be.'
Harold- The galleys, he means. Only one way out' I hope Dead- Sam- takes it.
'Hah! I would rather die than be captured by the likes of you, you mad puppet of an [nasty, crazy] king! Your master is a [person of questionable lineage] who [does many highly improper things when he thinks no one is looking]. I spit on all of you.'

'You may slander my name, but that of my king is holy. Draw your sword, captain; this is a matter of honor now.'
Sam- My gods.


'You were a brave man, captain, but no swordsman. You, ma'am, should' Where is she?'

'She was here a second ago''

'Sir D'Colore! The High King is dead!'
'On whose authority do you have this rumor?'
'My own eyes, sir! I came straight from the capital. A truce has been called with King Bartok- the perpetrator is thought to be an outlaw, and a great campaign is underway to destroy every last stronghold the bandits have. This is, however, a top secret.'
'Right away. Sir Howard, sound the retreat immediately! D'Brigs and his blundering can wait.'


'Wakey, wakey! Have you been good this year?'
'Look at me, I have a hula-hoop in my stomach.'
'Who knows? Maybe someday you, too, will be a king.'
Steven- Huh?

War cries.



'Steven? There's not a mark on you, you can't be dead, too.'

'It's all right, Bill, I'm just a bit woozy. Someone's dead? Is Fish- Flounder- Ivan''
'Skipped out of town, I think, but the Captain is dead. And the king of the Ibers, and another one of their soldiers. And a bunch of orcs.'

Bill- It's not the truth, but at least it will hurt him less.
'Come on, we should get your stuff and get back to the castle.'

'The Clan of Iber owes you a great debt.'

'Without you, Lord William, we should all have perished. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your- men.'
'They knew what they were signing up for, and the loot from the Mythronians will help to ease their families' sorrow. Mourn for your own king- he was a good man, and a good friend.'
'Also, thank you for agreeing to escort Liza from the province. Life will be much safer when she is gone. With luck, her queen will soon follow her; now that we have lowered the ransom, her husband is likely to rid us of her presence.'
'Goodbye, your Highness.'
'Travel safely, Lord William.'


'And you, warriors of the bull whose losses have been the greatest, you will always be welcome in the lands of the Iber. There is a place here for you, if you like; we have no news of the rest of your clan.'
'Thank you, your Majesty, but if there is no further threat, our work here is done. We cannot desert our lord.'
'No, there is no further danger. As the new clan-king and with this truce the Mythronians proposed, I can sail as many reinforcements in from Rainos as I need. Someday soon, this tower will truly shine again' but I digress. Paul, come forward.'

'In this bag is enough gold to get you safely home, and more. It is a poor gift, but I feel it will be useful in your lives to come.'
'Thank you, your Majesty, you do us too great an honor.'
'Is that it, then? You have rations and supplies aboard your vessel, and more ammunition for your wonderful ballistae. Will nothing else keep you here.'
'No, your Majesty, we must go.'


--- Pics Without Figs ---

'Well, what do you think? Oh. Since I still can't hear you, I'll take that as a compliment [But you can still rate and comment]. Well, I must be off.'

'Perhaps you or I may be the stars of the next story.'

Builder's commentary
READ ME!- Since you have come this far, please take another thirty seconds to give me some feedback: What was the worst part, and what was the best? It doesn't hurt you, and a poor review won't hurt me. Thank you.

Well, this was a lot of fun. It's good to be back with a castle, and I reached new ground with this one. There are no pre-formed wall pieces anywhere in the castle- even the portcullis is hand-built. No, wait, there were a few large rock pieces in the foundation, but I forgive myself for those. The 'solid' walls are a new thing for me, and they turned out pretty well. I'm not thrilled with the gatehouse, but the bridge and the shorter tower next to it were amazing. The gothic style of the smaller tower looks really good to me, and the keep itself was passable. As always, I enjoyed doing the plaster buildings that the barbarians built since they took the place over- accessibility was the only issue with them. What else is there to talk about? Oh, yes. I elected to build a checkered bottom-ground rather than the traditional elevated baseplate (like you saw in the battle pics) for purely practical purposes- I ordered enough tiles to cover a 32 by 32 square and always need a place to use them, whereas raising up an entire castle takes a lot more pieces than I have available. So, thanks for viewing, and I hope you join the Lands of Mythron (link on right-hand side, towards the top).

Map of the MOC


 I like it 
  June 17, 2013
To start, a very nice build! I (Personally) Can't enjoy the story with all the weird </? or somethings like that...Of course, that could be only my computer:) The story seemed a bit long though! Also, there were some pictures that didn't need to be there, speaking of the close-ups in this particular matter. Overall, good job, and definitely worthy of my smiley head;) -Brick Boy
 I made it 
  June 15, 2013
Quoting Thatch Gears Very, VERY good. I'm impressed. I may join this group soon...
Just make sure you join Rainos, not the Outlaws. Their faction is way overstuffed.
 I like it 
  June 14, 2013
Very, VERY good. I'm impressed. I may join this group soon...
 I made it 
  June 14, 2013
Quoting kaeleb appleyard come to Guiare and come get me
*Sigh...* All right.
 I like it 
  June 13, 2013
come to Guiare and come get me
 I made it 
  June 13, 2013
Quoting kaeleb appleyard wonderful work my friend you should bring your men to meet me now haha
Actually, I was thinking of having them meet up with some of your Dragon Clan soldiers. What if I meet you in Meids to kill some outlaws?
  June 13, 2013
Oh i forgot one other thing, your wagon driver (with the grey robes) has a yellow head but still has fleshy hands :P
 I made it 
  June 13, 2013
Quoting Shawn Gibson
Thank you for the in-depth response. I completely agree with everything you said, and I'll try to avoid those issues in my future MOCs. This is intended for the ”Escape!” challenge because the barbarians are ”escaping” from a Mythronian siege. I'll edit that into the description tonight.
 I like it 
  June 13, 2013
wonderful work my friend you should bring your men to meet me now haha
  June 13, 2013
I loved it all around! A weak point for me was the story was difficult to follow at times and did find myself rereading some sections to identify characters. I did find your story engaging and action packed. I loved the amount of detail put into the fort. Lots of techniques. My only issue was i felt the story teller should have had some lego build "stage" to tell his story from instead of just sitting in white. Also some of the outdoor scenes just take place on a large green baseplate without anything but minifigs. I feel just a small amount of scenery around and perhaps zooming in a bit to cut out the large amount of baseplate would help. Again, loved the advancement of your story! One other thing your title says Regional Challenge in it. Which regional challenge and which photos are examples for this? Perhaps setting them apart would make it easier to judge since the amount of photos in this moc is massive. All my best, Zim
 I made it 
  June 13, 2013
Quoting Justin L. Wow, this is immense! So much detail everywhere. Some overview pics would be nice.
Overview? Oh, yeah... I completely forgot, and by now I've completely dismantled the castle. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll draw up a floor plan to help with that.
 I like it 
  June 13, 2013
Wow, this is immense! So much detail everywhere. Some overview pics would be nice.
 I like it 
  June 13, 2013
Wow, that is a lot of builds there! Excellent work!
 I like it 
  June 13, 2013
That's a lot of pics.... Cool story.
By Gilbert Despathens
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