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Quest for a Beard 16: Beginning of the End
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One day after Quest for a Beard 15, Skargim’s friends stood gathered, mourning the loss of the heroes.
About this creation
Quest for a Beard 16 002

Dain: Skargim was a great warrior. There were few who could surpass his skill with an axe.

Quest for a Beard 16 003

Drainir: Aye, he will be missed.

Quest for a Beard 16 004

Lothar: Liam was my greatest friend in this life. I wish that he could be here now, but I know that he has gone to a better place.

Quest for a Beard 16 005

Miluiel: Skargim was a good friend. I spent many weeks journeying with him. He saved me from the Goblins. I only wish I could have done the same for him.

Quest for a Beard 16 006

Voice: Why do you mourn for one who is not dead?

They turned to see a figure standing in the entrance.

Jake: Who are you?

Quest for a Beard 16 007

The figure stepped out of the shadows and they realized who he was.

Skargim: I am the one you mourn for, but I am not dead… Not yet.

Lothar walked swiftly toward Skargim.

Lothar: You are alive! Tell me, does Liam still live?

Skargim bit his lip and looked at the ground.

Quest for a Beard 16 009

Lothar turned and walked away, a tear rolling down his cheek.

Quest for a Beard 16 010

Skargim walked over to the others.

Skargim: My friends, during my time in the healing room, I have been thinking about the Orcs that have invaded. I do not know why they have come, but I know it cannot be for a good reason.

Drainir: Orcs never have reasons, laddy. They come and destroy villages and towns, plunder whatever they come by. They never have a reason.

Skargim: But these Orcs have a reason. I know it.

Quest for a Beard 16 011

Meanwhile, on the Borders of Mirkwood; Arthonen of the North, Avenblist the Cunning, Celorwyfin, and Lemlar were planning their next step.

Arthonen: We have received word that Orcs are attacking the Lonely Mountain. The Dwarves need our help!

Celorwyfin: The Dwarves are a greedy and careless people. They would not help Thranduil, my king, were our borders in trouble.

Lemlar: So you would not help them because you think they would not aid you? I do not altogether approve of Dwarves and their love of gold, but I hate Orcs. If they want to destroy the Mountain, they will have to destroy me first!

Avenblist: What hope do we have of saving the Dwarves? We number but four-

Voice: You number six!

Quest for a Beard 16 012

The party turned to see a Man and an Elf ride up on two horses.

Arthonen: Who are you?

Aragdorm: I am Aragdorm. I am a Captain of Gondor. I was exploring with my men when we were ambushed by Orcs. We became separated and I met this Elf, Eldenimir.

Eldenimir: I found him and took him to my home, not far from here. We had heard of you before this, and we knew that the Dwarves needed help. So we came searching for you.

Arthonen: Thank you! Now we have hope, Avenblist!

Celorwyfin: Yes we have; but I still do not feel that it is right to help them. The Orcs came upon the Dwarves no doubt to take the wealth they possess. Let the Dwarves defend themselves.

Quest for a Beard 16 013

Eldenimir climbed down from his horse.

Eldenimir: You realize not what you are saying! If we follow your ideas and leave the Dwarves to fight alone, they will fall. Then what? The Orcs will march upon Mirkwood with all their might. Mirkwood will fall, but they will not stop there. With renewed strength, the will march down, and destroy the beauty of Lorien. Is this what you wish for? You would let the Orcs destroy everything we have worked for!

Celorwyfin: You are saying I would let them ravage Middle-Earth! YOU would be the one! We, six people, would march off to certain death at the hands of the Orcs just as merrily as if we were going to a tea party!

Quest for a Beard 16 014

Arthonen quickly came between the two Elves.

Arthonen: Stop! Both of you! We may be few in number, but we are WARRIORS! I will take whoever will come with me; I will fight for the Dwarves.

Quest for a Beard 16 015

Arthonen marched off with Avenblist, Lemlar and Aragdorm behind him; Celorwyfin and Eldenimir stayed back.

Quest for a Beard 16 016

Eldenimir looked at Celorwyfin long and hard before moving off to join the others. Celorwyfin turned and walked deeper into the woods.

Quest for a Beard 16 017

The Lonely Mountain; one day later. Lothar sat outside the gates of Erebor, holding Liam R’Mala’s bow in his hand.

Lothar: I am sorry Liam. Sorry that I could not save you from the assassin.

Lothar was disturbed by the sound of laughter.

Quest for a Beard 16 018

He turned to see Jake Baggins and Mistimr come out holding bottles of wine.
Jake: Don’t be sad, friend! It is a time for making merriment!

Mistimr: Yes! The Orcs have not been seen in a few days. We are perfectly safe for now!

Jake: Here, take some wine!

Jake held the bottle out to Lothar.

Quest for a Beard 16 019

Lothar was about to take the bottle when he heard a noise. He stood up with bow in hand.

Lothar: Did you hear that? Someone, or something, is coming.

Quest for a Beard 16 020

The two Hobbits stood up, with swords in hand.

Jake: What was that?

Lothar: I do not know. Be ready.

Quest for a Beard 16 021

Suddenly, a pack of Orcs came into view, armed to the teeth. Lothar loosed an arrow which struck an Orc squarely in the chest.

Lothar: Orcs!

Quest for a Beard 16 022

Jake stabbed an Orc in the stomach while Mistimr slashed another across the chest.

Mistimr: I think I’m gettin’ the hang of this!

Quest for a Beard 16 023

Lothar tossed the bow aside and drew his sword.

Quest for a Beard 16 024

Despite the Hobbits’ greatest efforts, they were no match for the large Orcs. The Orcs overpowered the Hobbits, knocking them to the ground.

Jake: Lothar!

Mistimr: Help!

Quest for a Beard 16 025

Lothar ran to help the Hobbits, slashing down the Orcs.

Quest for a Beard 16 026

As Lothar was running, the Nameless Trouble rode up on his Warg.

Nameless Trouble: You will die, scum!

Lothar: Not today!

Quest for a Beard 16 027

Lothar charged toward the Orc, but the Nameless Trouble swung his bone-axe, slashing Lothar across the chest. Lothar fell to the ground.

Nameless Trouble: Your father would be disappointed in you. Falling at the hands of an Orc!

Quest for a Beard 16 028

Lothar pushed himself onto one knee.

Lothar: No, he would not. I would die at the hands of any Orc! And I would bring some with me.

Lothar looked over to see the Hobbits being carried away by the other Orcs. The Nameless Trouble laughed.

Nameless Trouble: What will you do now?

Quest for a Beard 16 029

Lothar stood and the Warg charged at him. He ducked and rammed the blade of his sword into the Warg’s throat. The Nameless Trouble fell off of the beast’s back.

Lothar: I do not have time to finish this battle. I have Hobbits to save!

Nameless Trouble: You will not save the Hobbits!

Quest for a Beard 16 030

Skargim: Lothar go! I will finish this Orc!

Lothar turned to see Skargim, Xantalin and Drainir come out of the gate. He smiled when he saw his friends. He said nothing but turned and chased after the Orcs.

Quest for a Beard 16 031

Skargim: Go with him. I will finish this.

Xantalin and Drainir ran after Lothar while Skargim stayed behind.

Quest for a Beard 16 032

The Nameless Trouble stood and drew his twin axes.

Nameless Trouble: I remember you, Dwarf. I remember killing your friend in the red hood.

Skargim: He was the last of my friends you will ever kill!

Nameless Trouble: Don’t be so sure.

Quest for a Beard 16 033

Skargim gripped his axe and ran forward, swinging his axe. The two weapons collided with a thunderous noise.

Quest for a Beard 16 034

The Nameless Trouble turned and swung his axes at Skargim. He missed and the two weapons were stuck fast into the dirt.

Nameless Trouble: Good work. But it will not save you.

Quest for a Beard 16 035

The Nameless Trouble drew his sword and swung at Skargim, but the Dwarf blocked the attack with his axe.

Nameless Trouble: Even if you defeat me, you cannot stop the rest of us.

Skargim: Maybe not, but I will die trying!

Quest for a Beard 16 036

Skargim swung his axe so hard that it knocked the Orc’s sword away.

Quest for a Beard 16 037

Skargim knocked the great Orc to the ground and planted his axe in its chest.

Skargim: You have been defeated.

Nameless Trouble: Not…Yet.

Quest for a Beard 16 038

Suddenly Skargim felt a sharp pain as Kargin, leader of the Orcs, punched him. Skargim flew through the air and hit his head on the ground; he lay there dazed.

Quest for a Beard 16 039

Kargin: Get up, weevil!

Kargin hauled the Warg Rider to his feet.

Kargin: That Man is trying to save the Halflings!

Kargin and the Nameless Trouble ran after Lothar and the other Orcs as fast as their feet would carry them.

Quest for a Beard 16 040

While Skargim lay unconscious, Lothar had caught up to the Orcs. Xantalin and Drainir were not far behind.

Lothar: Release them!

Quest for a Beard 16 041

Lothar cut through every Orc that he came across, yet he was no closer to the Hobbits than when he had started.

Quest for a Beard 16 042

Jake: Lothar! Help!

Lothar heard the faint cries in the distance; they gave him renewed strength and he fought more fiercely than ever.

Quest for a Beard 16 043

Lothar felt a sharp pain in his back and dropped to his knees. He turned his head to see Kargin, pushing his knife deeper into Lothar’s back.

Kargin: I can smell the fear in you. The age of Men is over; the time of the Orc has come.

Lothar: Not today!

Quest for a Beard 16 044

Lothar picked up his sword and turned, shoving the blade into the Orc’s stomach. Kargin screamed in pain.

Quest for a Beard 16 045

Lothar slumped to the ground while the Nameless Trouble dragged Kargin away.

Quest for a Beard 16 049

The other Orcs continued to run, carrying the Hobbits on their shoulders.

Quest for a Beard 16 050

Suddenly a volley of arrows rained down on the Orcs. Many fell to the ground.

Mistimr: What’s happening?

Quest for a Beard 16 051

The Hobbits were just beginning to regain their senses when Aragdorm, Eldenimir, Lemlar, Arthonen and Avenblist ran out of the bushes, ready for battle.

Quest for a Beard 16 052

They made short work of the Orcs but the Hobbits began crawling away from the scene.

Lemlar: You finished them off too quickly with your arrows! There was nothing left for me to do!

Avenblist: That is why it is good to know more than one weapon.

Quest for a Beard 16 053

Arthonen quickly dropped to the ground, staring intently into the grass.

Eldenimir: What is it?

Arthonen: We are not alone…… Halflings, at least two of them.

Eldenimir: There is something more. I feel another presence.

Quest for a Beard 16 046

Xantalin Redsword and Drainir Steelhelmet came into the clearing with Lothar. They knelt next to his body.

Xantalin: Lothar! Speak to me!

Lothar: I….Xantalin….Drainir….You are….here.

Drainir: Yes. What happened?

Lothar: I…was following….the Halflings…..the Orcs…..they came on me……and….I…..could….not…..defeat……

Xantalin: NO! You cannot pass! Come back to the light!

Quest for a Beard 16 047

Drainir and Xantalin stood silently, in remembrance of their fallen comrade.

Xantalin: He is dead then.

Quest for a Beard 16 048

Drainir: What was that?

Drainir ran off into the distance, followed by Xantalin.

Quest for a Beard 16 054

Drainir and Xantalin came to a clearing and found all the signs of a skirmish. They looked about eagerly for a sign of the voices they had heard but saw no one. Soon, Arthonen and his friends came from their hiding places in the bushes.

Arthonen: Who are you?

Drainir: Drainir, at your service!

Xantalin: I might ask the same of you.

Arthonen: I am Arthonen, Dunedain Ranger of the North. These are my companions, Aragdorm Longbow, Eldenimir, Lemlar, and Avenblist the Cunning.

Xantalin: I am Xantalin Redsword, I fight for the Dwarves.

Drainir: WITH the Dwarves don’t you mean laddy?

Arthonen: If you fight with the Dwarves, then we will come with you. My companions and myself have come for the very purpose of helping the Dwarves.

Quest for a Beard 16 055

Drainir: Very well. You may come with us.

The company turned and left, taking no notice of the Hobbits that had been left behind.

Here at last! Finally got this episode posted. I've been working on it for a long time and it's finally ready. I hope you guys are all enjoying the series and any suggestions you have I would love to hear them!

But I regret to announce that this is the end. Well, almost. The title pretty much sums everything up (purely a coincidence btw). This will be the beginning of the end of Quest for a Beard. I will try to get one or two episodes posted every week until the end. I expect close to 6 or 7 more episodes; maybe less.

I also would like to announce that I will not be accepting any more Sig-figs. If your character has not been included, don't worry! He will be included in one of the following episodes.

And this is the part that I need you all to cooperate with me on. I'm having some trouble deciding on continuing Skargim's story, or ending it with Quest for a Beard. I really would like to hear all your opinions on this matter; they mean a lot to me. Just let me know in the comments whether you want to see more of Skargim's story or not.

Again, thank you so much for reading this. I am exceedingly pleased with how many nice comments I get from you guys. It inspires me, and every time I think I want to stop (believe me, it's more work than you think (probably)), I remember my 'fans' and all the praise I get for this series; it makes me want to keep going.

Again, thank you so much for reading this!
~Beardless Dwarf


 I like it 
  July 3, 2013
Great episode with a lot of great fight scenes! I think you should continue if you want to; if you don't think you'll enjoy continuing the story, don't make yourself but I'd love to see more of Skargim's adventures - with a beard i:^{>
 I like it 
  July 3, 2013
Awesome! Can't wait for the next!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2013
Nice! I would really like to see more of these stories, whether it continues the Quest for a Beard or a new storyline. I enjoy reading your stories!
 I like it 
  June 30, 2013
Oh crud! What happened to Mistimir and Jake? Well, I gues I'll find out next story! Anyway, really awesome! I love the return of Skargrim (I hope I spelled it right)
 I like it 
  June 30, 2013
Great job! I was looking forward to this! You did great!
 I like it 
  June 29, 2013
Best one cant wait to see the rest of them I also would really like to see another season.
 I like it 
  June 28, 2013
Great episode! Don't worry if you have to end it! I have read all the episodes before this and was hoping for a good battle like this! Extremely well done on it! Sorry I did not make a sig-fig. But I still get to see the ending of this awesome series! Go Middle Earth series!
 I like it 
  June 28, 2013
Nice! (a lot of people die though) are you including my sig-fig in the next episode?
 I made it 
  June 27, 2013
Quoting warg rider of isengard Quick question : is my guy dead or not? I don't see his body anywhere on the field of the ones the elves killed. What should happen is he eats one of the hobbits but the other kills him by stabbing him in the eye. That would be cool. And I would like to see more of him (skagrim) after he gets this beard of his.
Quick Answer: =P he is not dead, he dragged Kargin away from the battle-field and was not killed by Arthonen and his friends. I have a much more gruesome death in store for him. >:D Glad you like the story!
  June 27, 2013
Quick question : is my guy dead or not? I don't see his body anywhere on the field of the ones the elves killed. What should happen is he eats one of the hobbits but the other kills him by stabbing him in the eye. That would be cool. And I would like to see more of him (skagrim) after he gets this beard of his.
By Beardless Dwarf (Evan)
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