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Halo 2 Final Battle: The Arbiter vs. Tartarus
Otherwise known as... cool new minifig MOCs on a cruddy diorama! But hey, at least there IS a diorama. And pretty cool minifig MOCs.
About this creation
NOTE: Okay, okay, I'll admit I got Sgt. Johnson's rifle wrong. Yes, he's supposed to have a Beam Rifle, not a Sniper Rifle. My mistake; I just forgot. Sorry about that if it bothers you.

Perhaps to wrap up my Halo 2 series of customs (before truly beginning
my Halo 3 series, although I've already posted the Halo 3 Master
Chief...), I present to you now on August 27, 2007: the Final Battle of
Halo 2... Tartarus vs. The Arbiter! Also known as: some cool new figs on
a crappy diorama. But hey, at least there IS a diorama!

I was originally just going to post the Arbiter and Tartarus, but then I
thought: why not do the whole final battle scene? Besides, it includes
two other characters I haven't made: Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Johnson.
BTW, on a random note: Thank you, Bungie, for including 4-player co-op
in Halo 3! Unfortunately it seems I'll have to buy another TV, another
360, and another copy of the game in order to play it. What the heck?!
Gah. And worst of all... I might just be willing to do that. And
they know it... They know it.

I've heard of many different ways to win this battle... some of which
involve exploiting the game to get either a Banshee into the room, or to
get Half-Jaw the invincible Elite to do the whole fight for you. I
haven't been able to get either of those cheat methods to work yet,
myself. And as a matter of fact, Ryan and I still haven't actually
beaten this fight on Legendary difficulty. Heh.

Usually we just let Sgt. Johnson snipe Tartarus until his shields are
down, then we hose the Brute with two Brute Plasma Rifles each. But he
sure is tough! Eventually we get frustrated and take out our frustration
by jumping to another platform to annoy one of our two invincible but
not-too-helpful allies, Sgt. Johnson and Miranda Keyes. Apparently a lot
of other players use these two damage sponges to vent their frustration
as well. How else would Halopedia have such detailed but completely and
totally pointless information about which types of attacks will cause
Miranda Keyes to bleed? Sickos.

In the final battle scene, Tartarus has an Elite skull, a trophy from
the new Covenant Civil War, attached to his large bronze-looking
shoulder pauldron.

"I shall be the last... and you shall go first... heheheheh..."

Sorry, I always think of Sarevok from Baldur's Gate (PC) when I hear
Tartarus talk... same voice actor. I would say that I think of Vhailor
from Planescape: Torment when I hear the Arbiter talk... but I actually
think of Goliath from Gargoyles. Heh.

"How do I stop it?!"

"Well, it will take some time to go over the proper procedures..."

(unnaturally long pause in dialogue)

"Quit stalling!"

Miranda Keyes' voice always grates on my nerves, and it doesn't help
that she's also pretty ugly. Oddly enough, her voice actress is actually
more of a television actress, so that might explain why she's not as
good at the former. However, she's quite a lot more attractive than her
badly-bump-mapped video game counterpart. So the question is: why did
Bungie hire a good-looking actress with a bad voice to play an ugly
character who looks nothing like her? Strange. But then, I hear she'll
have a different voice actress in Halo 3, and apparently she will have
suddenly gained an unexplained new accent. Huh...?

"Johnson, I'm on it!"

"Negative, ma'am, not until that Elite is dead!"

Yeah, he's supposed to say Brute, but let's face it... the Arbiter dies
a lot more often than Tartarus.

Just because I know that everyone will fuss if I don't: here is a brown
version of Sgt. Johnson. Even if it does go against my policy of making
all normal LEGO humans yellow, as they should be. You can't see his face
very well here, but that's mostly because it was a crappy photo. This
was the last photo I took and my camera ran out of batteries. And I'm
too lazy to take another one. Meh.

And here's my yellow version. Ahh... sooo much more like a proper LEGO.
Notice that he's holding an only-slightly-modified version of my
original Sniper Rifle design. Because I still like it. So there.

And here's Keyes again. Personally I found her to be one of the most
annoying characters in the game. Jacob was so much more respectable...

You know, the Arbiter has one of the most uncomfortable-looking helmets
ever created by man or alien. After inspecting it very closely in the
game in order to make this minifig, I observed that it has the following
features: a big hook-like beak on the front that covers up the front of
his mouth, going BETWEEN his mandibles... a pair of sharp hooks on
either side that go between the SIDES of his mandibles... and finally,
two more small hooks that go under the bottom of his head and
practically force their way down his throat! Perhaps all of this is
meant to be painful to the Elite as punishment for his previous
transgressions. The only question that leaves is just how the Arbiter
was so easily able to don this torture device in the cutscene where he
first puts on his helmet.

"What do you want your Arbiter to... OW, this helmet hurts like hell!"

My original Arbiter minifig (still built because I have a fondness for
it) next to his much larger brick-built counterpart. I can't decide
which one I like best. I guess if I could find a way to get the
clay-made head onto the brick-built body that would result in the best
combination, but I hate working with clay, and besides, I wanted my new
Arbiter to match the rest of my new Elites.

You know the Arbiter was originally going to be called the Dervish, but
the name was changed because it might be offensive to Muslims? Even
though I'm glad they changed it because Arbiter sounds cooler than
"Dervish," I'm somewhat offended by the fact that they use lots of
Christian terminology like Covenant, Ark, and Flood... but Muslim
terminology is apparently off-limits. Bah!

And my personal favorite of the new minifigs shown here: Tartarus,
Chieftain of the Brutes! I don't like the Brutes that much, but I gotta
admit, Tartarus was pretty cool. In fact, I wish they'd kept him alive
as a villain in Halo 3, actually. The minifig was fun to make, although
I went through many designs for his hammer (the Fist of Rukt, according
to Halopedia) before settling on this one, which I'm still not quite
satisfied with. Note his feather Mohawk. Heheh.

It's funny how most people don't even realize the name Tartarus is from
Greek mythology. In keeping with this naming method, I named the Brute
in my Halo fan fiction Thanatos... and soon got an e-mail saying "Nice
Resident Evil reference!" What...?

Finally, here's Tartarus next to one of his Brutish goons. Note the
height difference (Tartarus's head is three plates tall instead of two),
and also the different hands. I used my original

Nova Refuge Slashrim Lizardmen
hands for him so that his wrists
could rotate in order to hold a two-handed weapon. Oh, and finally,
Tartarus also has his original shoulder shield in this picture, without
the Elite skull attached.

Well that's it for Halo 2! Next time, it's on to Halo 3!


EDIT: And just for fun, here's a picture of a Black Halo 3-style SPARTAN
people have been requesting that I take. Note that I didn't modify the
torso armor in this instance because I didn't want to mutilate my black

These minifigs were made using decal designs custom-drawn by me. I now provide a printing service for these decals HERE.

In reply to nate: Er, Myles is correct - I am Saber-Scorpion. He's me. Justin Stebbins = Saber-Scorpion. You can e-mail me or contact me on my forum and I'll confirm this page is mine. ;-)


 I like it 
  April 1, 2012
Awesome job. Love the elite design. Miranda Keyes had a lot of jumps from Halo 2 to Halo 3. In Halo 2: Ugly, Annoying, Bad voice. In Halo 3: Not ugly, Not very annoying, Better voice. BLAAAAH.
 I like it 
  January 14, 2011
Dude, that's really cool that level on halo was easy
 I like it 
  December 21, 2010
love your lego website saber scorpion keep up the good work on saber scorpion and mocpages;)
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
Boss Nass
  October 25, 2010
Very good. This is excellent. The stickers kind of... make character id easy but at the same time are a little bit no offense lame. Your skill with the pieces though is impressive.
 I like it 
  January 13, 2010
WOW! MOTD again! Dude you're really good(and you know it ;P)Anyways a reply to Jerrod, no LEGO® is not putting out HALO® sets, MegaBlocks have already gotten a deal with Microsoft® for some collectors series Halo Wars sets. Anyways, amazing job on this Justin. Also if you don't mind may I make a request? I would really like to see a newer version of your Pelican. Sure, it was really good when it first came out(and it still is)but alot of your HALO® creations are older and a bit outdated(no offence of course!)
 I like it 
  January 13, 2010
its awsome because ive being trying to make my own warthog but it breaks every time
 I like it 
  January 13, 2010
Heck man you are the best Halo lego builder ever, but doesn't it bother you that in about two months the lego company is going to make Halo legos and all this will be a thing of the past? ~Jerrod~
 I like it 
  January 13, 2010
can you look at my creations, and comment on mine? by the way, awesome moc For one of my creations, I used your suspension
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
mark Goncharov
  October 28, 2009
 I like it 
  July 15, 2009
hey scorp i was wondering what type of printer do u use for ur decals and how much did it cost ?
  July 15, 2009
 I like it 
  July 13, 2009
How did you make the brute, the arbiter and elite armors?
 I like it 
  June 29, 2009
cool,this a very good scene
 I like it 
  April 5, 2009
"Listen 'tinker-bell' don't make me.." Nice build, great figs!
 I like it 
  April 5, 2009
i usually stay back with an energy sword until johnson knocks tartarus's shields down, then i hit em with the sword/.
 I like it 
  February 15, 2009
Hey! Brutes have red blood!
 I like it 
  February 11, 2009
Iono wat tis has to do wit tis, but i cheat to get ur decals, I put dem on wordpad, den print dem un sticker paper
 I like it 
  February 5, 2009
awesome sniper. you have to send me the instructions for the sniper. my email is
 I like it 
  August 7, 2008
great moc! (that battle was so easy!!)
 I like it 
  July 30, 2008
How did you make the Haybusa Helmet in Your website
 I like it 
  July 19, 2008
You need to send me instructions to build an elite.
 I like it 
  June 21, 2008
You so deserve recon !
 I like it 
  March 25, 2008
Cool, simply cool. My only possible complaint is the hammer. I love this battle, mostly because of triple wielding needlers, but the Elite AIs will do funny stuff. If Tartarus gets himself stuck, and there is an Elite with duel needlers, he will continue to blow needler rounds into Tartarus even though he dose nothing. Good vig though, 5/5.
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
Bradley DeBildt
  March 18, 2008
Great job. There is nothing bad about it except one thing. Johnson has the wrong sniper oh well.
 I like it 
  March 15, 2008
LOL, the reason they use christian termonology is because i guess halo is based off of john 117 in the bible or something, anyway great creation i should have my on story going soon and might remake a stop animation of halo landfall with those marine decals.
 I like it 
  February 3, 2008
nice spartan and arbiter and tartarus. but when are you going to post new halo creations?
 I like it 
  January 12, 2008
very good and nice diarama i have mede my own halo 3 arbiter and i will be posting it soon please review my lego
 I like it 
  January 3, 2008
Hey, thanks a lot for the html! You're not so secretive and suspicious as I had expected from a saber and a scorpion *hmm* but anyway . . . thanks again! Your stuff is really great, and I'm looking foward to your new stuff. I'll be posting my new MOC with the new html soon . . . I'll give you the link if you're intersted in seeing it. And again, a quote from me: "A creative guy with a bunch of Legos cannot exceed a greater sense of contentment."
 I like it 
  October 29, 2007
 I like it 
  September 15, 2007
Not sure where I stand right now on your black list, but I find that the best part of all this is the confirmation that you be working on a halo 3 series. As for the MOC itself; great, I don't have any good memories of that room...bad ending for halo 2...but the detail you put into decals and character designs is just as impressive as always. Good work!
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
Jackson F.
  September 2, 2007
Woah! You blew me away with this one, Scorp! The minifigs are awesome, the scenery is exceptional, and the new black Halo 3 Spartan is awesome! I wonder how many noobs are going to email you about Johnson's skin color. "OMG yor jonson figs all ronggg!!!!!!!1111111change it pleez and give me instructons on da warthog pleez!"....anyways, can't wait to see the Halo 3!
 I like it 
  August 31, 2007
great, but in the battle sgt johnson has a BEAM rifle, not the sniper rifle.
 I like it 
  August 30, 2007
Nice new figures Scorp, can't wait till halo 3 comes out and to see your halo 3 lego creations
 I like it 
  August 29, 2007
WOW! This is AWESOME! But you gave the Arbiter a Brute Plasma Rifle; he's an Elite, they won't go anywhere near Brute weapons, let alone pick them up. I'm a HUGE fan of Halo, so that's why I say that the Elites won't use Brute weapons. But anyway, it's...well, I can't find words to describe it, it's THAT good!
 I like it 
  August 29, 2007
Amazing. I love the little diorama. I made an arbiter using your new Elite design a while back.... but yours still totally owns mine. ;-P Feel free to check it out if you want to (hint, hint), but hey, I know you're a busy guy.
 I like it 
  August 28, 2007
"nice resident evil reference" nice work hete. i actually think the Tartarus turned out better that the othe rbrutes. those arms pulled it off. i'll be glad to see your Halo3 mocs in the future.
 I like it 
  August 28, 2007
This is quite good. I really like your brute and Elite designs. I also like the new black spartan. Your Halo 3 stuff is going to be good. Good luck.
 I like it 
  August 28, 2007
Good job!!! I must say that I really like your new elites and Brutes. The Black Spartan kicks alot of @$%. PLease review my new stuff that up!!!
 I like it 
  August 28, 2007
You are right on the " at least there is a diorama" but it's kind of.... well, the platform where Johnson is should be way farther, since you have to jump down a few.. Anyways, it's ok
 I like it 
  August 28, 2007
I love it all!Espicially your black HALO Sparton!
By Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
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