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Unitron Endurance Battleship - "Antares" 3.1 Class
This ship is result of secret , but unplanned colaboration between Unitron Empire and Atritian forces marooned on Spyrius homeworld. Spyrius were hunting down any ship that would approach their planet , and few Atritian scout ships were hit and they ended marooned on this world. There they observed both fighting sides and they find out that Unitron morale codex were very similiar to that of their own , so they made pact between Alliance and Unitron. In order to get out of there , they robbed some major Spyrius depots of resorces and handed some of their tehcnology to Unitron to make mothership that would out-class even most advanced Spyrius tehcnologies. After some cruelsome battle , they were able to escape Spyrius and land on Unitron homeworld and started to produce these ship massively. Atririans didnt need to worry of Unitron abuse of their pact because Unitron have no magical abilities that are needed to steel their core techs. In real life, I need to admit that ship is not completed , beceause of its size I could not put cannons on tentacles and floor and roof. Idea behind was originally planned to make up Atritian ship , but i found it convenient to lend some help to my favorite fleet - Unitron :D
About this creation
Idea note – vertical triple thorax : Whole trunk idea came from development of most advanced Atrititan ship – Siaron. I tried to modify its design for creating something less planar and more irregular shape. So I took three V – shaped platforms and arranged them to each other vertically. In addition, I put the inferior part as foremost and each other part higher and more posterior.

Morph note – irregular trunk designs : only 2nd etage is fully loaded with rooms , 1st and 3rd etages are the same. They are „compressed“ in middle section in coronary plane, so their lateral edges are pointing on sides. Aditionaly , they are narrowing from middle to lateral edge.

Morph note – star motive : Simple triangle shape is boring and ship would be very short , so I added tentacles holding giant star generator between them. It were meant to look like two hands holding a star. Generator is attached very fragile to tentacles in order to look elegant. It is sometimes better to make ships contains open to make it look less „boxy“ and more „anathomical“.

Morph note – tentacles contains : I must admit that tentacles are highly underedeveloped. Yes , once again due to ships file size. They protect energy containers made from cylindric pieces. Their design was meant to look like little stars beside big star forming constellation.

Morph note – proportions : Every ship that looks good in fact resembles something from real life. This one was meant to look like some winged creature , manta fish. All horizontal floors and ceilings are faceted to resemble of fish fin. Multiple cockpits are meant to look like heads of dragon and tentacles are added in order to look more dangerous and mystilcal. In Starcraft II , there is evil creature called „Maar“ that has similiar design combining manly looking athletic figure and womanly looking arrays of tentacles . Maar has been very big infulence on my designs.

Idea note – 5 stars : Each etage has it own star , but I added one on each side of 2nd etage to look like „eyes“ on butterfly wings. It also visually enhances style superiority of middle = 2nd etage.

Morph note – energy bulbs :They are apparent from front aspect. They are meant to store ships energy. Bulbous design is not very convenient for sleek Unitron designs, but it looks great with combination with Unitron slope design. In addition , it resembles bundle of glandular cells in human body that store some matters needed for body functions – hence is inspiration. Other means is that some molluscae has series of simple eyes between edeges of it shells.

Morph note – turret proportions : Most prominous turrets were placed on end of wings. Reason was that they can disrupt planar design of main etage and looks like bent feathers on some birds wings that they use for better maneuvering.

Idea note – little darts on 2nd floor – they are amassed on 2nd etage tentacles. They are same as small starship that is present on 2 Unitron sets – both bases Transport monorail system and Space Zenon Station. Their arrangment is aerodynamical to beutify somewhat crude tentacle design. As for function , they serve as escape pods.

Turret detail. All of them are similliar to those on Space Station Zenon. I arranged them into several groups just for estetic purposes .They are all placed on connections of triangular plates that form feather-like design on floor and ceiling. Cannons on floor are just reverse version of small cannons atop.

Energy bulbs are also present beside connections between etages. They are meant to look as some muscles between bones that compress them together as in human joints.

Interior of 3rd etage. „Collumns are in fact computer cores. Both 3rd and 1st etages were meant to be armory and laboratory, but no interior could be made because of lag. Idea came from Persian architecture – „apadana“ is collumned hall in their palaces serving as throne room and feasting room.

Close detail on „star“ motive. Its pointy ends are in fact cokpits made solely from transparent bricks and wrapped in trans yellow covers that are to look like flowers calyx. Central bulb is made from 10x10 bulb from trans blue and another yellow bulb inside it. Because of its fragility, all ocntruction is compressed by vertical beams.

3rd etage from above. You can see original Unitrons „Star Hawks II“ docked on ends of wings. They are 10 in total on this ship.

2nd etage detail. On its end , you can see resting room with table and seats, with some cups and computers on it. Unitron Astronauts like to rest there when they are not working.

2nd etge detail. You can see 2 huge rooms with 12 beds inside. They are serving as beds, statis consoles and medical facilities . Astronauts use to sleep and heal there. Covers of trans blue cylinder offers some privacy to them. Between them is big hall in T shape that serves as main corridor.

Detail of 2nd etage plating. They are composted by wall elements with some windows inside. I made them with many slopes to fit into Unitron aesthetic standards.

Another plating. I placed this ones on front to look more magnificent.

Detail of lateral part of 2nd etage. You can see toilets and showers there , arranged in two units with walls to be more private. Showers are made of semi archs and toilets have one round brick as toilet paper.

Cockpit detail. Originally i planned to put biggest globe brivck there, same as cokpit on M:tron Mega core magnetizer, but , even in LDD is not very usable. I tried to compensate it with composite cockpit with lateral cockpits that both cover computers and hold much of cockpits cannons

Interstitial bulbs have another facet bricks to look like some pottery.

Placing energy depots close to cannons is good fo providing energy to laser cannons.

Lateral part of cockpit. You can see a computer there.

General view on 2nd etage ceiling. It is mean to resemble feather wings.

Below plates, there is a skeleton of 2nd etage. It is same design as on majority of Polaris Alliance ships.

Energy bulbs are covered by cannon cores. Little parabolae are used to navigate cannons to target the enemy without bothering pilots with it.

Nice picture for comparing cannon classes.

Some of cannons also holds some riffles to help soldiers to shoot from wings if ships is attacked when docked on some planet.

Blue semi - archs on front wall are shield generators protecting most vulnerable part of ship.

2nd etage as concept.

Little hatch leading to 1st etage from behind. Well protected by star itself, which can make grevious energy blast to burn enemies alive when trying to violently enter ship.

Detail of posterior wall of 1st etage. It consits of computer cores that form collumns in 1st and 3d etage hall and some interstitial bricks.

Star Hawks are well protected by cannons despite of being situated on end of wings.

Detail of anterior wall.

Dorsal wall detail. IT is inspired by faceted ceillinigs of rainessance-period mansions where were casseted ceiilings used quite often.

"Apadana" again

For the glory of Unitron Empire :D


 I like it 
  December 1, 2013
Hello out there... I see good spaceships! Sariun Three is almost complete. SBSY wants to also tell you that Blacktron was recently driven out of your newly gained galaxy! Our friend Polaris is happy to extend its welcome as well... :D
 I like it 
  October 18, 2013
Wow! This is fantastic. You really can't tell just how huge this ship is until you click on the high resolution pic ! Excellent work!
  October 5, 2013
Pretty good spaceship. So, you are talking on my craft about destroying them and rebuilding them? Is that right...
  October 4, 2013
Good. Well, I would like to know where your music is. I'd very much like to know. -Commmander Cold
 I made it 
  October 2, 2013
Quoting Commander Cold Are there any living quarters?
Yes, there are :D On second floor are two rooms ,each with 6 stasis beds, on end of it is living room and at lateral parts are hygienic quarters with toilet , shower and medical facility :D Ship was constructed to transport crew members trough vary long journeys and to withstand very cruel battles, since that is named "Endurance Mothership" Now I am working on the second Unitron Mothership, it will be named Sirius :D
  October 2, 2013
Are there any living quarters?
 I made it 
  September 30, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah It is the biggest spacecraft I have seen... Build more!!!
:D I just started working on another big Unitron mothership, her name will be Sirius :D
 I like it 
  September 29, 2013
It is the biggest spacecraft I have seen... Build more!!!
 I made it 
  September 29, 2013
Quoting Michael K. Thank you for your comments on my MOCs. You make stunningly detailed creations, they just leave me speechless. One thing I'd suggest, is to take some screenshots in build mode, with the plain grey background for contrast. Some details are difficult to see; dark LEGO on a dark background.
Thank you, Michael :D I ll try to use your advice :D
 I like it 
  September 29, 2013
Thank you for your comments on my MOCs. You make stunningly detailed creations, they just leave me speechless. One thing I'd suggest, is to take some screenshots in build mode, with the plain grey background for contrast. Some details are difficult to see; dark LEGO on a dark background.
  September 26, 2013
Should I compete in the MOCOlympics? Everyone else is.....
 I like it 
  September 13, 2013
You just blew my mind.
  September 9, 2013
Ho wouha! After solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, there is spaceship eclipse. Lot of details.Good work!
 I like it 
  September 8, 2013
Oh my. How big do you get? Bigger than anything I have seen!!!
 I like it 
  September 6, 2013
 I made it 
  August 29, 2013
Thank you, guys, for encouragement to going on with my ships. Especially Crimso that discovered every hidden thing I put on this ship. I am working on ship that will be mixture of anathomical model and spacecraft. I hope I will be able to overcome myself once again :D
 I like it 
  August 28, 2013
Woaw ! For sure it's very original, huge and impressive. Link to a cool old theme is a bonus. It's so enormous and detailed that it become somewhat abstract art : but for me it's a compliment, as ships are frequently a kind of excuse to create interesting shape and fields of colors. Congrats on the best LDD creation I've seen in a while !
 I like it 
  August 19, 2013
Wow, this is a mammoth starship!
 I like it 
  August 14, 2013
OMG. Mate this is just epic, lmao.
 I made it 
  August 6, 2013
Quoting Deus "Big D." Otiosus Hmm... A little crazy on the colours there, no? I could see this one go quite well without the black, amybe with only one colour of trans, too.
Thank You , Deus. I agree that too many colours were used. but originally in Unitron was the same multicolored scheme. I added much of trans neon green in order to make it more optimistic-looking, because all others colours are dark and cold :D
 I like it 
  July 31, 2013
Hmm... A little crazy on the colours there, no? I could see this one go quite well without the black, amybe with only one colour of trans, too.
 I like it 
  July 31, 2013
Oh wow! an awesome ship!
 I made it 
  July 30, 2013
Quoting El Barto ! Massive! Must be a huge file? Looks great!
Thank you, El Barto :D it means much to me that some LEGO master like you said that. I hope I would be able to complete my ships if I get some better machine to work on :D
 I like it 
  July 30, 2013
Massive! Must be a huge file? Looks great!
 I made it 
  July 30, 2013
Thank you, guys :D Yes , it took around 10 days to make it and it is still not complete due to lagging. Unitron is my favorite faction by far, so it saddens me how it was underdeveloped. I plan to make more Unitron in future :D
 I like it 
  July 29, 2013
 I like it 
  July 29, 2013
Quite impressive. This site lacks Unitron model, and this looks like it took you a long time to make.
By Michal Hennel
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