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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 18: The Final Eve
Here is Part 18 in Season 5 of my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

“QUIET!” bellowed Iadsgb as he stood on The Desolation’s bridge, the other F.I.S. leaders now assembled before him, all of whom were talking frantically among each other, exchanging tales of what had happened so far and sharing suspicions of how the U.R.S. had managed to find them. The only man missing was Biosnake, who as far as anybody knew, was still locked away in his laboratory and they were happy for it to remain that way.
Pilots, captains and other officers dashed around the bridge, both on the main level and down in the control area, checking different consoles and exchanging commands while their leaders stood just inside the door, Iadsgb facing them on the catwalk.

The men and women, all geared up and ready for battle, fell silent and faced their head.
“Yes, the U.R.S. are here.” Iadsgb started. “No, I don’t know how they found us but I highly suspect that one of us has been tracked.” He had had enough time to try and work out how the U.R.S. had managed to find them so easily and come to just a few possible conclusions and so as he said this, he glared slightly at Callum, whom he suspected was the one responsible.
“We must act quickly to stop them. I believe that Blast and the other leaders are already onboard, fighting their way through our forces somewhere downstairs. My bet is that they’ll be making their way here but we need to stop them before they do so.”

“How did they get onboard? Surely we would have noticed.” Jamie questioned. “Are you sure they’re here?”
“Messengers have informed me that yes, the enemy leaders are indeed onboard. How they managed to slip past our defenses though I don’t know.” Iadsgb replied and was about to continue but Fixer interrupted.

“The shuttle!” he realized aloud. “A shuttle landed in the main hanger! But it was one of ours.” He told them all.
“Did it have clearance?”
“Yes. It sent through its clearance codes with no issues. It was…” Fixer continued but then stopped as it dawned on him. It appeared that Iadsgb had just worked out what had happened as he finished the sentence.
“It was an old shuttle.”

The other leaders hadn’t quite caught on yet.
“The code, what was the code?” Iadsgb demanded suddenly and Fixer quickly checked on the nearest computer, logging into the security clearance files. He recited the code to them and Iadsgb sighed in dismay.
“That shuttle was due to be decommissioned! That’s the shuttle we GAVE them!” he shouted the word and as one, everybody understood what had happened.

“We must act fast. Get down there and STOP them!” Iadsgb commanded forcefully.
The team turned and made for the door but Iadsgb called,
“Fixer! Jelli! You two stay with me. I can’t risk you being taken back by the U.R.S.”
The duo nodded and remained where they stood as the other leaders flooded out of the room, all drawing their weapons, ready to fight.

“Jamie!” Iadsgb called after his second in command who also turned back.
“Yes sir?”
“Send a couple of guards up here.”
“Right away.” Clift nodded and continued on his way.

“I too shall stay my lord.” Eve bowed low to Iadsgb who didn’t reply, instead walking off towards the viewing wall.

Heat filled the air as a grenade exploded a few yards away from the U.R.S. men inside the F.I.S.’s capital ship. It had rolled to a stop just a few feet away but Shock had given it a quick kick to get it out of harms way and now the corridor filled with the smoke and dust that the explosion left behind.
The leaders were fighting against a small group of soldiers who had gathered together in an uncoordinated attempt to tackle them head on.

Very soon and after fighting through the smoke, the U.R.S. moved on past the bodies of the men they had just defeated and continued on their way. Now only a few floors below the bridge, they were nearing their goal.
‘Blast must be there by now.’ Padfoot thought to himself as they ran on.

As it happened, the head of the U.R.S. had only one more floor left to climb, but had just had to duck to one side and take cover behind a stack of crates as he heard numerous pairs of running feet up ahead, heading his way. He crouched down on his haunches and waited as the steps got closer.

When movement appeared in the corner of his vision, he pressed himself flat against the crates, trying his hardest to avoid detection. As he did so, he realized that the people running past were the F.I.S. leaders.
Jamie, Callum, Rogue and Stallion.
‘Where are the others?’ he wondered to himself as they sped out of sight. ‘Biosnake, Jelli, Eve and Fixer are missing.’

But he didn’t spend very long pondering the subject before leaping up and running onwards towards the bridge, drawing ever closer.

“Form up behind me!” a U.R.S. pilot by the name of ‘Silver’ said into his comlink as he darted between two oncoming F.I.S. jets.
There was a chant of “Yessir!” in his earpiece from the men in his flying squadron, each in their own individual ships.
Silver had flown with Slash in the N-Section before and now he took charge of the squadron of flying bombers himself.
The other bombers appeared in his mirrors and the group flew in formation, heading towards The Calm Before The Storm.

“We’re going in for a first pass.” Silver commanded and each pilot on his tail replied,
“Roger N-Leader.” in turn.

The group of seven bombers flew in low over the hull of the F.I.S.’s secondary cruiser, just above the height of where they knew the invisible shield throbbed away, protecting the ship from most attacks.
They followed the curves of the ship until they started to approach a cluster of tall antennae and aerials.
“Go for the Sensor array!” commanded the head of the section of as each ship flew overhead of the antennas, they began to drop their bombs.

One by one, the bombs detonated on impact but through the constant series of explosions it was unclear to them if it had had any effect.

Once the last bomber had dropped it’s first set, they banked around and came back again. Silver could now see that the Sensor array was still intact. The shields were still strong and had done their job.
“Go in for another pass!” Silver shouted to his men and they began to fly down low again.

Back in the corridors aboard The Desolation, Padfoot was covering for Nightblaze who had just been crushed between a wall and a stack of crates that an F.I.S. grenade had brought down upon him.
Padfoot took his friend’s place in their formation, firing at yet another squad of hopeful but unorganized F.I.S. troops, as Hess and Shock helped Nightblaze out of the pileup.

He gave them his hands and together they hauled him out of the heap.
“Thanks you guys.” He panted as he knelt up and got his breath back with the others still providing covering fire.

“No worries. That’s why we’re all here, ‘ey.” Shock replied and patted his comrade on the shoulder before returning to the frontline to help the others.

“You’d only have done the same.” Said Hess, crouching down to keep Nightblaze company and keep an eye out for anybody trying to sneak up behind them.

Nightblaze thought about what had just been said and instantly knew that, yes, he would have done the same. For any of them.
They’d fought side by side for several years now, survived against all the odds and come out strong. They been through the whole journey together, helping each other through and were now much more than just comrades, they were friends.
He looked up into Hess’s black T-visor and although neither could see the other’s face, they knew that they were both smiling.

Nightblaze nodded slightly and stood up. Hess followed suit and the pair returned to the battle.

As they stood there, together in their formation, Nightblaze thought more about the time they’d all spent together. They were more than just friends, more than simply the best of friends. They were a family. All of them, a family. A family that had been through the good times and the bad, in their case mainly the bad, but they’d pulled through because they’d always been together. Together, working as a team. They’d lost friends along the way but they’d survived and now here they were, side by side once again in what could possibly be the final battle. All together for the final time.

Only two men in the enemy squad remained and when one fell, the other decided to try and flee. He was quickly dispensed with and after a quick check that everyone was all right, the team prepared to move on.

The U.R.S. cannons and turbo turrets were still hitting The Desolation hard and the constant bombardment was starting to have an effect.

“Sir! The shields are faltering!” an officer on the bridge of the ship shouted to Iadsgb who was pacing back and forth anxiously. There were two guards just inside the door and both Jelli and Fixer stood watching the battle outside from the viewing window.

Eve followed her master around like a lost puppy, bowing her head every time he turned to look at her, mostly in annoyance.

“Send all reserve power to them. We can’t have them failing!” he shouted back but just as he did so a rogue laser penetrated the shields and smashed through one of the bridge’s side windows, just behind the F.I.S. leader.

Air gushed out of the room as the space outside attempted to pull the bridge’s occupants out into it. Everybody grabbed onto something as they were pulled towards it so all that was sucked into the vortex were a few sheets of paper,

before the automatic shielding system came into effect and a durasteel cover slid across the hole, causing everyone to drop back to their feet as gravity took effect once more.

Iadsgb panted heavily in shock at how close they’d come to being killed. He was panicking; something that he very rarely did and he knew that he shouldn’t be. He just couldn’t help it. A wild terror past through his eyes as he turned around, looking at the people around him on the bridge.

“My lord Iadsgb. Are you hurt? Are you okay?!” his assassin rushed over to him, crouching low and patting his armour all over as if trying to feel for any wounds. She herself was visibly shaken from the near miss, her breath coming in pants and her breasts heaving.

“How are you feeling sir? Are you ready to win?” she dashed over to the holoprojector and brought up a display of the battle raging outside.
“We outnumber the U.R.S. fighters but they have more firepower and were more prepared than us, sir.”

Eve continued to rattle out a series of stats about the battle but Iadsgb took in none of it. He couldn’t really hear what she was saying; he was still in shock. He could hear her constant pestering and babbling but failed to even try and understand individual words.
Suddenly she was with him again. Touching him, trying to comfort him as though her words were supposed to do anything for him. She was incredibly attractive but Iadsgb had never had an interest for her. Her pestering and whining always got on his nerves and he’d had enough of it.

“Sir, maybe we should…” she began once again moving up to him and placing her hands on him arm.

But this time, his brain fuzzy with shock and anger, he drew his right blaster and suddenly put a single hole through the assassin’s forehead.

Jelli and Fixer spun round at the gunshot in time to see Eve’s body slump to the ground and Iadsgb holster his gun, before walking to the nearest computer.


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 I like it 
  August 22, 2013
nice fight scenes! and oww! Eve was hot! oh well. CO0L!
 I like it 
  August 2, 2013
Well she had it coming :P -Ess-
 I made it 
  August 2, 2013
Quoting Michael K. Seemed even shorter than usual, but great episode.
Compared to previous seasons, this was a long episode. It's just that recent ones have been extra long. --Blast--
 I like it 
  August 1, 2013
Seemed even shorter than usual, but great episode.
By --R.K. Blast--
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