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Legendary U.R.S vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 21: Redemption
This is Part 21 in Season 5 of my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the same ship, Fixer punched Blast in the gut and he doubled over momentarily but was still able to avoid an attack by Jelli.

He swiped out, just making them back off until his breath came back and then reversed his blade, jabbing it backwards at Iadsgb who was approaching from behind.

He spun, spinning his lightsaber back round the correct way as he did so and brought a new flurry of attacks down on the head of the F.I.S..
The four of them fought fast and frantically, Blast only just able to hold out against his three attackers as the fight intensified.

Lightsaber grasped in both hands, Iadsgb stepped forwards and performed a speedy underhand sweep that almost knocked Blast’s lightsaber from his grip as he deflected a separate attack from Fixer. Spinning, Blast regained his balance and raced forward, feinting a diagonal slash from the left, then twisting the blade around in the opposite direction and surged forward.

The blade was knocked aside, as so many attacks had been before it and so he spun one hundred and eighty degrees and re-engaged Jelli. He took a quick upwards sweep to her neck but Jelli spun to the right, her blade held straight out in front of her as she completed a circle, nearly cutting R.K. in half.

Folding himself at the waist, Nightblaze skittered backward a few steps down the corridor, parrying a rapid series of slashing attacks from Biosnake.

Sliding backwards out of range by several feet, he twisted his body to the right, set the blade over his right shoulder and rushed forward, hammering away.

Biosnake growled angrily, stomping backwards, keeping a careful eye on Nightblaze’s viroblade and then took a chance and reached out with his claw. Grabbing the tip of his blade, he snapped the tip clean off and it rattled as it hit the floor. He whacked the weapon aside and spun.

The body of Shock was by his feet and reaching down, he took up the fallen man’s viroblade and used it to reengage Nightblaze.

Rouge was still battering Falcon with powerful blow after blow, gradually wearing him away. Falcon deflected each of the blows and as a series of faster attacks came from his opponent, blocked each one without altering his stance or giving ground, but in the process left his lower trunk and legs unprotected.

In a blink, Rogue had noticed this and dropped into a crouch and pivoted through a turn.

For an instant it seemed that his weapon was going to pass clear through Falcon’s knees, but Falcon leapt high over the blade and raised his own weapon way above his head, angling it carefully downwards.

As gravity pulled him back down, Rogue began to stand and in the same move, the U.R.S. Flight Commander’s blade slid straight through the back of his enemy’s neck and out the other side.

Falcon’s feet hit the ground and he looked down at the lifeless body of the F.I.S. marksman, impaled through the neck on his blade. He pulled the weapon out and the body rolled gently onto it’s side, blood seeping from the hole in it’s neck.

Blade-to-blade, Blast and Iadsgb were virtually identical. After all the hours they’d spent together over the many years in which they’d been friends and in all of their previous battles, they knew each other like brothers, they were complimentary halves of a single warrior.
With Fixer and Jelli on his side however, Iadsgb had the upper hand and Blast was tiring fast. With every exchange, he gave ground. Exchanges flashed. Leaps were sideslipped or met with flying kicks; ankle sweeps skipped over and punches parried.

R.K. was losing and he knew it. He lunged at Fixer who deflected the attack with ease. The head of the U.R.S. sensed Iadsgb behind him and spun to meet his oncoming blade. He barely blocked it but then with a final, extra hard downwards sweep, his lightsaber was knocked from his grasp.

The blade withdrew into the hilt as it hit the deck and Iadsgb lashed out, punching Blast square in the front of his helmet, making a small dent.

He fell backwards and collapsed on the walkway with the three F.I.S. leaders looking down on him.

Everyone was panting, finally having a brief chance to rest. Blast closed his eyes momentarily and when he opened them again, Iadsgb was grinning slightly.

The F.I.S. leader drew something from his belt and knelt by Blast, who realized they were binders. He hauled the beaten Blast to the railings of the walkway and placed him in a sitting position with his hands behind his back.

Using the binders, he cuffed him to the railings and then without any care, yanked off his helmet, dropping it to the side.

Still grinning, Iadsgb began to boast.
“You’ve lost, Blast! After all of that. All your plans, all your carefully plotted moves, all of your waiting, it’s all been for nothing. You’re done, my friend. You’re down and out.”
Blast’s head was lolling against his chest as he fought the pain and exhaustion.

“Everything you’ve done, this war, the ENTIRE war, is your fault. YOU started the war…”
Blast interjected at that point, “No. No, YOU started the war when you threw me out.”
“I threw you out but I never declared war on you as you did on us! You went off and formed your little band of men to try and get back at me, that’s what this whole war has been about hasn’t it.” Iadsgb retaliated. “It’s been about you wanting revenge on me for throwing you out in the first place.”

Blast was silent, taking deep breaths and trying to get his strength back.
“But…” Iadsgb continued. “You’ve failed. It all came down to this moment, this battle. Just the two of us as it always should have been and you failed. You lost.”

R.K. shook his head slightly and finally gathered the strength to raise his head and look up at the F.I.S. leaders, stood together in front of him. He let the back of his head rest on the bar behind his back, the same one he was tied to and just sat, looking up at them.

“Instead of coming and facing me like a man, you had to build up an army before you had enough courage. And look where it’s got you.”
Iadsgb spread his arms wide and looked around. “It’s got you knocked down and half your army killed, that’s where it’s got you.

He turned and began to walk off and mumbled, “Pathetic.” just loud enough for his enemy to hear.

All of a sudden, using some of the last remnants of his strength, Blast lashed out with his foot and kicked Fixer in his groin.

The RC shouted in pain and fell to his knees where with another carefully aimed kick, Blast got him in the head and sent his sprawling on his back, unconscious.

Iadsgb spun around at the sounds and whacked Blast in the head with the butt of his lightsaber as he aimed another kick at the surprised Jelli.

R.K.’s head flew back and his body started going numb as Iadsgb hit him over and over. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Repeated, hard hits to get him to stop.

The head of the F.I.S. finished his pummeling and stood up straight panting just as much as Blast was, slumped on the floor, his head hanging to one side.

He could taste blood and licked his broken lip, unable to touch it with his hands. Iadsgb staggered away, wiping a spot of splattered blood from his cheek.

Saliva mixed with blood dripped from R.K.’s open mouth onto the walkway and he turned his head slightly to look up at Jelli. His eyes silently begging for help. He knew it was a long shot. She’d betrayed him, why would she help him now? But it was his only chance.

Jelli looked down at him and glanced over at Iadsgb a short distance away, clearing his face and sorting his hair, like he was about to present some big awards ceremony.

She looked back down at the man she had betrayed, feeling so sorry for him. His battered and scarred face pleading with her.
She knew he couldn’t see her face and she was glad of that. Glad he couldn’t see her expression and see how sad she was. Glad he didn’t know the truth, although sometimes she wished he did.

Jelli wished Blast knew the truth about what had happened, why she betrayed him. Why she HAD to betray him. But she could never tell him. He would never know the truth and that saddened her even more than seeing the man she’d looked up to as a great person, as a role model, bloodied and beaten on the ground at her feet.

Could she return to Blast? She wondered as she looked down at him. She heard movement off to the side and turned and looked at Iadsgb who was walking back over to them.
He stopped next to her and she looked between the two men, torn between whom to choose.

Should she go with the man who she’d fought alongside since the start of the war but had betrayed? Or should she choose the man who’d forced her betrayal and whom she now worked for?

On the ground, Blast’s head lolled again and he gave up all hope. He was going to die and he knew it. The U.R.S. had lost. His men would probably never know what transpired on the bridge. In fact, for all he knew they could all already be dead.
No, he refused to believe that, at least.
Iadsgb smirked at his fallen opponent, drew one of his blasters and made to step forwards.

Summoning all her strength Jelli spun to her left, and struck Iadsgb in the face with her hands clenched together in one big fist. His legs flew out from underneath him and he crashed to the floor on his back, hitting his head on the ground, dazing him, as he did so.

Jelli grabbed Iadsgb’s dropped blaster and smashed the butt of it into his face.

He shouted in pain, still dazed from his head-bash and she quickly pulled a second pair of binders from his belt. Jelli spun him around on his back and, using the binders, tied him to the railings next to Blast.


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 I made it 
  August 27, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah Really Great Job! I tried to make a scene where my leader is rooting and watching your FIS scenes, as he is FIS... IS there something better he can do?
You would most likely have been sent to tackle the U.R.S. leaders as they made their way through the ship. Either that or sent to participate in the space battle. --Blast--
 I like it 
  August 26, 2013
Really Great Job! I tried to make a scene where my leader is rooting and watching your FIS scenes, as he is FIS... IS there something better he can do?
 I made it 
  August 26, 2013
Quoting clayton Marchetti Best episode yet! Love the fight sceens . Can't wait for the movie :-)
Haha. If only there was one. --Blast--
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
NO! ROGUE! HE WAS A GREAT FRIEND! Brilliant story Blast. I loved it
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
Awesome! I love it! I never liked rogue. Haha
 I like it 
  August 22, 2013
Best episode yet! Love the fight sceens . Can't wait for the movie :-)
  August 22, 2013
Great episode!
By --R.K. Blast--
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