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Aitryn: Glint Alpha
New Self-MOC. A descendant of both Innocence and Dystrax, hunted just for looking like him.
About this creation
Real Name: Aitryn Taeir
Title(s): The Neverending Night, Glint Alpha, The Second Coming of Dystrax
Aliases: Dystrax, Booster Boy, Guilt, The Heir
Gender: Male
Species: Velcion (Half), Unknown
Race: Antym
Element(s): Sonics, Ice, Air
  • Dystrax (Ancestor)

  • Innocence (Ancestor)

  • Mira

  • Mercy

  • Raylen

  • Imbron

Equipment: Twin Horizon Cutters, Cyclone Thrusters, Kanohi Tryna, Nanomite Infusion
Fighting Style: Dual Wield Erosion
Affiliation: None, but indebted to Mercy
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Attack - 30 Seconds To Mars

Alternative Theme: Polaris - DuelJewel

Combat Stats (Start of Birthrights)
Level 20 Lightining Bruiser
HP: 1750
MP: 2100
Melee: 700
Ranged: 300
Defence: 450
Speed: 1800
Intelligence: 1500


"I can't tell if you're depressed or depressing. Unfortunately I have nothing to treat either." -Raylen to Dystrax about his "aura", Birthrights.

Aitryn's personality is a little milder than Dystrax's while still retaining his serious demeanour and silent atmosphere. He is quite opposed to working with others, but only because he believes that he should be the only one to face any consequences. His selflessness is often his downfall, and he often comes across as being an ineffectual loner. Despite his somewhat warped morals, Aitryn wouldn't do anything that would endanger his comrades.


"I lost my second chance the moment I opened my eyes. The moment you freed me. If this is my journey to finish then so be it. I know there isn't much worse than knowing how it ends..." -Aitryn to Mercy, Birthrights.

When Teridax fell, Dystrax stopped running. The Toa Order called off the hunt for him, instead inviting him and his team to join their ranks. Dystrax was reluctant, but was convinced by the rest of the team, who were tired of running. The Order began to take control of the newfound peace, eliminating any other groups or organisations that they believed could not maintain the peace. In the end, only the Dark Hunters survived.

The Toa Order had a very special task for Dystrax and his team. The existence of several Great Beings hiding on Spherus Magna was inadvertently revealed by Mata Nui, who believed that they could finally live among the other species. The Order considered the Great Beings as traitors for not intervening in the conflict, and ordered Dystrax to hunt them down so they could not create anymore horrors. Meanwhile, the Shadowed One had executed the Reciprocal Protocol, which allowed the Dark Hunters to do whatever it takes to get their payment and to survive.

Mata Nui was kept locked away within the Mask of Life, until it was stolen sometime later by a rogue white and silver Toa. Dystrax and the others tracked the Great Beings all over Spherus Magna, slaying every single one. While they fought together, Dystrax was always the one to deliver the killing blow. This would eat away at his already rotten conscience, questioning himself after every Being he put down.

Sometime after completing his mission, Dystrax was approached by the supposedly dead Psycho, who convinced him to free Mata Nui. Dystrax didn't know that Mata Nui was already gone, and went ahead with Psycho. By the time he found out that the vault was empty, Dystrax had slaughtered several Toa. He fled to the town of Nimbus, Cylin's hometown. Liberating the town of Toa, he was soon ambushed by his own team, his friends. Seeing their devotion to the Order disturbed Dystrax, who no longer saw them as his teammates. By this point, Psycho had fallen, but was slowly merging with Dystrax.

"It was as if they had forgotten what had brought us together. I thought I could trust them. They knew they couldn't trust me."

Dystrax took them all on at once, having no other choice. With his power combined with Psycho's he killed them one by one, admitting that he was sorry for ever meeting them. Returning to the Order's stronghold, he saw just how ready they were for him. A whole army had been mobilised to destroy him, which he ignored, instead finally striking down Sartax with his bow. With that, Dystrax turned around and walked away, never to be seen again.

Aitryn woke up in a puddle of water, a woman named Mercy standing over him. Telling him to get as far away as he could, Mercy held off the guards for him to escape. Emerging in the courtyard, he instantly recognised it as the main base for the Toa Order, despite not knowing how. Everywhere he looked people were either screaming or drawing their weapons. They called him Dystrax, the Neverending Night, a monster. He had heard that name before but it wasn't his.

Suddenly, as if by instinct, Aitryn activated his Cyclone boosters, fighting his way to freedom. He desperately searched for an exit, but soon ran into an initiate of the Order, Mira Fazel. Mira reluctantly helped him, as ordered by Mercy, who had been captured. She filled him in on who Dystrax was, with Aitryn clarifying that he wasn't the same person. After being told where the exit was, Aitryn had a change of heart, deciding to at least free Mercy for what she had done.

"For someone who looks like our greatest enemy, you sure don't look like much."
"Wait till you see the boosters. And the blades." -Mira and Aitryn, Birthrights

Freeing Mercy was especially easy for Aitryn, as all the guards looked like they were moving in slow-motion to him. Mira and Mercy were reunited, as it turns out they were sisters, albeit with a very competitive sibling rivalry according to Mira. Mercy quickly took charge, with their escape route already thought out. They charged through waves and waves of enemies, realising how well their abilities complemented each others'. Aitryn could deal lightning fast aerial and CQC attacks, Mira could provide long range support and was quite nimble, and Mercy could take on multiple enemies at once.

After hours of avoiding conveniently placed enemies and bosses, they finally found their way out. And they ran. They kept running. They've been running ever since. The Toa Order wants to strike down Aitryn for being Dystrax's heir, while the Dark Hunters want his abilities and knowledge of the Order. Despite insisting that he go it alone, Aitryn has never been able to shake Mercy and Mira.

And so begins Aitryn's chronicle, being hunted for what Dystrax did. Along the way, he'll run into some familiar faces...but not how he thought he would...He doesn't know why he's being targeted himself, or why he was asleep in a cryo-chamber for so long. At least this time he knows that he won't make the same mistakes Dystax did. Hopefully.

Bottom line: He didn't ask for this.

"There is no good or evil to be found anywhere in this world I have awoken to. The Toa cry for order, the Hunters chant for chaos. It was at this point that I realised: Why make a choice between the two when you can take no sides and kill them all?" -One of Aitryn's monologues.

Additional Info

Velcions are a species built around speed and aerial combat. Their bodies are usually quite slender, giving even the males a slightly effeminate look. This is for aerodynamics, not wanting to compromise on speed. Velcions are divided into two races, Antyms and Bityms. Antyms are more rational, have more control over their emotions, are more machine than organic and can retract their weapons and boosters at will. Bityms (like Innocence) are more organic and must manually store their equipment, if not at all. This is because Antyms are more compatible with nanotechnology and are more willing to alter their bodies.

Aitryn has three modes of engagement. The first is Neutral mode, when there are no enemies or when he uses unarmed combat and stealth. The second is Reactive mode, where the leg boosters allow him to react quicker and boost around while dual wielding his Horizon Cutters in each hand. It is his default mode for combat. While it doesn't allow him to fly, it does allow him to jump great heights. The third is Overkill mode, which is when he activates the auxiliary boosters on his back, allowing him to fly at unimaginable speeds. This is only used when the situation calls for it, as it has many downsides. For one, the boosters are extremely heavy when he isn't moving, leaving him barely able to stand. Prolonged use drains his energy and he has little directional control when in full throttle. For this reason, he prefers to leave his blades attached to his forearms, as it makes strafing runs easier and more powerful. Not to mention that he would lose his grip on them if he were to hold them by hand. Because of this, Aitryn is considered an imperfect Velcion, but this is explained by his heritage, as he is actually only half-Velcion.

Pulling his fist back as far as he could, Aitryn gave the knight no warning. In a split second, the knight's shield had splintered with Aitryn's fist gone right through it. Mira had to quickly process what had just happened. Aitryn's boosters retracted slowly, his body visibly worn out from just one punch, and what a punch it was. -The Punch Of Kill Everything (P.O.K.E.)

Creator's Comments (From the Fourth Wall, of all Places)

Here he is, my new self-MOC, Aitryn. He is formally replacing Dystrax, as will another MOC will replace Psycho, but like Aitryn, he will be similar to Psycho.

If there's one thing that I've always had trouble with when building Dystrax/Aitryn, it would be the main body. Silver pieces aren't something I have an abundance of, and there was always the problem of his mask getting in the way. The current torso isn't stellar in my opinion, but it gets the job done. I tried to keep the sort of skinny look Dystrax had, while making Aitryn look a lot more sleeker. Somewhat. *Sigh*. Of course, me being silly, I built the body around the wings. I had a feeling they would be too heavy, but I went ahead anyway. So now, despite how cool they look, they are really just there for aesthetic reasons. But my god are they cool, am I right? A speedy mecha like MOC was supposed to be my third self-MOC, but I thought why not combine it with Dystrax? Can someone remind me who made the foot greebles so I can credit them? Credit to that guy.
Ok, so he still looks like Dystrax. Things never go the way I intend, but I still like this MOC a lot. I'm not too happy with the upper arms though. They feel too bulky and similar to one of the older versions. A BrickLink order should fix that. Suggestions for pieces? Let's not forget that this is Aitryn V1 (or Dystrax V394) and that this is just the beginning. If I make a minor change, I'll notify you guys in a future MOC's page and update the pictures. If it's a major change I'll make a completely new page. Checklist for V2? Lighter, sleeker, more angular. By the way, like the new lightbox? It's for photography classes next year.

As for inspirations, let's take a look at the Inspiration Table.

Alisa Bosconovitch - Tekken
Sam Gideon - Vanquish
Armored Core
3D Gear/Swords - Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
RWBY - Don't ask me how :P
Adam Jensen - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

So this is my first proper MOC since my "return". It's really strange though, how many MOCers just...disappeared for a while. Hopefully I can be active more often, but things are gonna have to start out slow. Practice exams aka mock exams are coming up followed by the actual thing, so things will be different, to say the least (this is my first year of proper exams). Just informing you guys that I will be away sometime after Christmas in Singapore again. You gotta love the heat.


If you couldn't tell already, the direction I'm taking with self-MOCs is an uncommon one. From now on, if I build a self-MOC, it will be the descendant of the original. This gives me the freedom to use whatever pieces I want, while still retaining some similarities to the ancestor. Of course, I'll consult the owner beforehand. As with my other MOCs, I really want to blend RPG elements with Anime/Mecha and Medieval/Fantasy style, as well as going overkill on aesthetics. This should be interesting. I don't have any plans on a stop-motion series, but I have been doing a lot of writing lately...*cough*Birthrights*cough*...

You know what this means, right?

I get to kill self-MOCs on their birthdays again!

But isn't my birthday the next one coming up...?

Next Time:
Her Name is a Lie, But Her Blade Will Cut Deeper.

Until then, whenever that may be.



 I like it 
  September 9, 2014
This is a really cool moc.
 I like it 
  April 22, 2014
Well done Adam, I love the design and weapons.
 I like it 
  March 3, 2014
I love this model! I especially like the sword design, very well done!! Keep up the great work!!
 I like it 
  December 22, 2013
I can't believe I forgot to comment on this. The new self MOC is amazing. I like how he's a descendant of Dystrax. I really love the wings as well as the sword type weapons. The rest of the body design is fantastic as well, I'm glad that you're back to MOCing! Hopefully I'll be seeing more from you.
 I like it 
  November 15, 2013
 I like it 
  September 23, 2013
Dystrax Dynasty XD really nice moc
  September 3, 2013
awsome moc i really like the swords
 I like it 
  September 1, 2013
Lol, he's not the only one who gets mistaken as Dystrax :P Excellent new selfMOC to say the least. I like the new direction you're taking. And good lord those wings are orgasmic! I still wanna do a 'Knight of Nights vs The Neverending Night' fight though. Oh and, just to let you know... my birthday was on the 27th... ;D
 I like it 
  August 28, 2013
I love it! Awesome parts usage, and I'm digging the booster/wing pack!
 I like it 
  August 28, 2013
 I like it 
  August 27, 2013
Awesome story and great MOC! Great to see you back Adam! :D
Adam Toh (Ajtnz)
 I like it 
Donvier (Or just Don)
  August 26, 2013
It's so awesome that you got inspiration from Attack on Titan. Also i haven't seen you make a moc in a while so this is so great.
 I like it 
  August 25, 2013
Well build and designed. Looks great!
 I like it 
  August 25, 2013
I like the Boosters-On look very much. Excellent torso and lower legs as well, Cheers, Adam =) Good luck with those 'quakes, m8.
Adam Toh (Ajtnz)
 I like it 
X ~
  August 24, 2013
The story is tops.No doubt about that. The Moc itself is executed well, as story, and as a ancestor to Dystrax And Innocence. You can tell where both of the characters were involved(Wings,Mask). Overall a very well done moc and story! ;)
 I like it 
  August 24, 2013
Aha! I knew those blades and leg attachments reminded me of Attack on Titan! :D
 I like it 
  August 24, 2013
Great to see something from you! It's strange, but the two parts I really took note of were the upper arms and torso. They're the best parts, wings aside. Great job, I look forward to more!
 I like it 
  August 24, 2013
is it the same design or have you made another one in total
 I like it 
  August 24, 2013
Very cool. Good to see you back.
 I made it 
  August 24, 2013
Quoting Akara The Great Bravo man, welcome back! I personally need to start MOCing soon, since I've only had two MOCs this whole year. Oops. But anyway, for some reason, the MOC also reminds me of Sword Art Online, even though you never mentioned it.
You're right, I should have. I was subconsciously channeling Kirito when I made him dual wield. No matter, another MOC will have some SAO inspiration.
 I like it 
  August 24, 2013
Bravo man, welcome back! I personally need to start MOCing soon, since I've only had two MOCs this whole year. Oops. But anyway, for some reason, the MOC also reminds me of Sword Art Online, even though you never mentioned it.
Adam Toh (Ajtnz)
 I like it 
TheRandomGangsta (Peter Crasher)
  August 23, 2013
Me likey. His design is simply amazing but then again, this is your work so I shouldn't be surprise. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the inspiration table idea.
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
I wish there was more to say. This is amazing. I love the story too :D Great Job! :)
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
nice :D
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
I see Shingeki no kyojin and armored core pretty cool the problem will the pictures, you have to put lights on both sides of the light box as well, I can still see some lines on it.
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
Great moc Adam. I like the look and design of it. I also love those swords. I knew right as soon as I saw them that they looked like 3D gear from Attack on Titan. Overall, great work
 I made it 
  August 23, 2013
Quoting TheRandomGangsta (Peter Crasher) Me likey. His design is simply amazing but then again, this is your work so I shouldn't be surprise. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the inspiration table idea.
You're always welcome to use it.
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
Nice to see a new MOC from you. Nice work!
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
I see that armored core there! Very inspiring designs those.
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
*cracks knuckles* Heavy-duty review, incoming! First off, I love the new look and colors. The wing boosters are amazing, and those swords are just BOSS. Really like what you did with the story too! My only gripe is that his back looks rough and over-greebly with all those pins and connections. The waist is also very narrow, and looks a bit odd. The MOC comes together very well though, and maintains the look and feel of Dystrax while bringing something new and different to the character. Overall an awesome MOC, and glad to see you back in action :D
 I like it 
  August 23, 2013
Yer back !!!!!XD AWESOME and is that a Spartan I see in the inspiration table
By Adam Toh (Ajtnz)
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