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Steam Novel Chapter 03: Suit Up
I dedicate this chapter to the famous MOCer, chris roach. He once told me that CYOAs are 'a waste of bandwidth'. I believe something different. My opinion is that CYOAs are simply a different form of creativity. If done correctly, they are a product of multiple people's effort. Perhaps this dedication will help him realise this...
About this creation
John Arcan was carefully stacking some of the tech he’d gained from fighting the random soldiers, whose names would forever lost in the mists of time. John was usually a quiet man, however whenever he spoke to his brother he opened up completely. On that topic; Gale just happened to be walking up to John.
“Hey John! Nice work with The Reaper.”
“Thanks. Not so much of a death trap, it seems.”
“Hey, did you see Longfellow anywhere?”
“I’m pretty sure I saw him run off to the portal, but then he disappeared seconds before he reached it.”
“Sure did. All you could see was a blur of him running into the other world. I think its some sort of cloaking device.”
“Looks like he mastered it. Damn, and I thought I could beat him to it.”
“Is something wrong, brother?”
“Usually when you get that sort of tone in your voice, it means something’s wrong.”
“Well, you are in fact spot on for once. I came to say goodbye.”
“This Stark fellow seems as if he could use a bit of help. Besides, I wouldn’t want him turning over to the Bloodies now, would I?”
“He could also use some weapons and stuff. I’m pretty sure that sneaking into, well, whatever Noj stays in will be difficult.”
“Well, I’m off…”
Gale gave John a slap on the back. He then turned around and walked towards the portal. Before entering, he turned around.
“Oh, by the way. I’ve left you a surprise for The Reaper. It’ll be fitting for your name. Test it out and see how it goes before I make any improvements.”
And he then went running off to the other side…

Moda was explaining the exact same things to the those who’d stayed behind in the steampunk world. However, their mission was different. Moda’s voice, although not too loud, carried quite well.
“As you know, we have no idea what Longfellow and Quinton are planning. Gale and his teammates will try and find out as much information as they can, however this simply isn’t enough. We need to work on capturing either one of these. We have reason to believe that these two have split up. Longfellow has apparently retreated to the sewers to think of a new plan, while Quinton will be travelling on the Jokidoryoku Shinkansen out of the city to his secret laboratory. We will split into two groups. Each of you will choose their weapons and split up. James Wallace over here will take Artorious, Cutter and Arcan to the sewers. Make sure you be careful down there; we don’t know what he’s put up as his defences. I will be taking Onncod and Fireblade.”
“And what about me?”
The voice came from behind them. Ervan was standing there, leaning on his staff. He rebalanced himself and took a few steps forward.
“I think you’re underestimating the scientist. According to police records, he’s absolutely crazy. Psychotic people are always the hardest to deal with.”
“And what would you have us do?”
“Take me with you.”
“What, you?”
“Yes. I’ve got a couple of months leave, so I was planning on using it on some undercover work. However, it would seem as if this opportunity is much more interesting.”
“And why come with us?”
“How do you expect to get on this Jokidoryoku Shinkansen?”
Moda turned his head away for a second. He had not actually thought this part through. The Jokidoryoku Shinkansen was very hard to board, particularly the right one. Although they came frequently, catching the same one as someone else was almost unheard of. Moda turned back to Ervan.
“Just how do you plan to get on the precise train?”
“By getting us into first class. I have a few tickets, but I’ll only use them if I’m with you. Now, what do you say? Am I in, or am I out?”
“Well, um, I suppose, wait, OKAY FINE! You’re in. Just don’t get in the way…”
“Well, I’m glad that you came to your senses.”
Ervan walked off to the other side of the room for one reason or another. Moda looked at the rather confused people standing before him. He looked at their blank faces, before issuing the first order he’d ever given the newcomers.
“Newbies, come with me. We’re going to choose your weapons.”

It was only a short drive to the weapon store. This universe had a rather different policy on weapons. Anyone who wasn’t a member of Blood Brotherhood would be given the right to buy weapons to protect themselves. Because of this, many weaponry shops were placed throughout the city. The group split up and each took separate buses to another sector. The reason why they didn’t travel to a closer stop was mainly because of Moda’s loyalty. The shop was owned by one of his uncles, so he often got plenty of discounts. This wasn’t the only reason, however. His uncle, William Soda, was one of the finest weapon makers in the state. He not only made traditional weapons, however. He also made many interesting high-technology weaponry for all classes. When the group was together, they entered the shop. William was a middle-aged man. He was almost entirely bald, seldom for a little bit of short hair around the edges. He had a very large and thick moustache, but the rest of his face was clean-shaven. He greeted Moda and James as soon as they came in.
“Good evening, James!” he shouted from behind his counter.
“Good evening!” shouted both James Wallace and Moda in unison. The felt a bit embaressed for a second, but they then had a chuckle. Ervan was just walking in the door, with Michael right behind him. Ervan whispered to him briefly.
“This is why he calls himself ‘Moda’. It’s so that people don’t often get him mixed up with James Wallace.”
Moda was walking up to the counter. He exchanged a quick handshake and got straight to the point.
“We’re going after Blood Brotherhood tomorrow. We’ve got a bunch of new recruits. We need as many weapons as there are people.”
“Sounds big. I presume you have the ‘special payment’ again.”
Moda nodded. He took a golden card out of his pocket and handed it over. William examined it closely.
“Seems legit. This came from one of the soldiers, right? It’ll mean that I’ll have a whole lotta big ones for the family at home. As always, many thanks.”
“You’re welcome, uncle. Now, let’s get choosing.”
He gestured to the others to choose a weapon. Artorious was the first to run off, like a child in a toy store. He ran straight to the back of the shop to where there were a bunch of scythes hanging on the wall. William walked up to him.
“So, a scythe fan, eh?”
“Sure am! I’ve loved scythes ever since RWBY!”
“What’s that?”
“It’s an internet show.”
“Oh, right. Parallel universes and stuff. You don’t have internet. Well, that sucks. Oh, by the way, my name’s Artorious.”
“You’re one of dem parallel guys, Arty? Well, pick any one you like. Ja- um, I mean Moda, has already payed.”
“Do any of these fold up?”
“The scythes. Do any of them fold up?”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a good one. Scythes can’t fold up, silly. Their design doesn’t allow that. Now, you don’t seem like you have the build for a scythe anyway. You look more like a, um…”
William ran over another part of the store. He looked along the walls. He picked up a bunch of arm straps and handed them over to Artorious.
“These are fold-up machetes. They’re light, easy to use and extremely deadly. Also, they’re double sided. You’re body composition is perfect for them. Use them wisely.”
Artorious, all though slightly annoyed at not getting a scythe, felt a connection to these weapons. He put them on his arms and flicked them out. After testing out their spinning mechanisms, he flicked them back in and smiled. William chuckled again.
“Looks like you’re feeling it.”
“Feeling what?”
“The connection. A man always feels that kind of connection when he finds the weapon that connects to his soul. You’ve chosen wisely.”
“But you chose it for me.”
“Same thing. Now, I’ve gotta help that other young-un over there.”
William ran off to the other side of the store to help out another.

Michael was looking at the sniper section. Since he was very good at calculating distances and other variables, he believed that a sniper rifle would be perfect. William walked over to him, curious about his choice.
“Why choose that?”
“Because I’m an analytical type of person. This weapon is perfect for me.”
“Is it? Sorry I didn’t come sooner. Your mate Fireblade wanted advice on what kind of sword to pick. Anyway, sniper rifles. Let’s see, oh! I know!”
William opened up a cabinet marked ‘advanced weaponry’, stationed right next to the started ones. He took out something that looked like a regular rifle, only it had twin barrels and it was a lot shorter.
“This, my friend, is what you’re looking for.”
“It is? What might this be?”
“It’s a compact double barrelled sniper rifle.”
“That’s impossible. The recoil would be too much for any normal human to handle.”
“Normally yes, however this one is special. The rifle is built in such a way so that recoil is nil. Also, it can go farther than any other sniper rifle you’ve seen before I bet. There’s even an extra short-range mode for you. And, no refills! It’s an energy rifle, so it has a Rotonium generator inside it. Just watch out for the steam that comes out after firing it.”
Michael looked it all over, and then smiled.
“I’ll take it.”
“Wise choice, my friend. Wise choice…”

When everyone had chosen their weapons James told the others to split up and find their own accommodation for the night. He took his own small group to a small motel down the road. It wasn’t too run-down, however Michael felt rather let down. Still, he didn’t complain. Moda packed his stuff away, and lay down on his bed. Moda and Fireblade were sharing one room, while Ervan and Onncod were sharing another. Ervan was the first of them to speak.
“I suppose this is all a bit much for you.”
“Not really. I always wanted a new life, and this is my chance to get one.”
“Really? Well, that’s good.”
“I have a couple of questions, well, I actually have a lot of them.”
“Start with the simpler ones, and then work your way up.”
“What’s this Rotonium that everyone keeps referring to?”
“Rotonium is the substance that powers the world around us. It creates steam power without doing any damage to the environment. So, while your world has advanced a lot more in its technological side, it has done so at the cost of killing the world around you.”
“Which is why your world is partially still in the past.”
“From your point of view, yes that is entirely true. However to us it is simply a different form of progress. Once we’re on that train, you’ll see all the beautiful scenery. Any more questions?”
“Why is Moda so weird when he’s around you?”
“We used to be in the same high school. Something happened one day, and he’s been like that ever since.”
“What happened?”
“I’ll explain another time. Any other questions?”
“Oh! I’ve got one! I’ve been wanting to know this for a REALLY long time. What’s this Jokadorwioko Shinekanson?”
“You mean Jokidoryoku Shinkansen, don’t you? It’s a special train the Nihongans designed.”
“Nihongans? Nihon; I’ve heard that word before. I think our equivalent for that word is ‘Japanese’.”
“Our intelligence says that too. Anyway, these Nihongans designed a special high-speed train. Nowadays, it’s the standard form of transport across the country.”
“So, what’s its literal translation?”
“It means steam powered bullet train.”
From there, Michael kept on asking questions until dawn, not knowing what events were occurring halfway across the city.

Longfellow briskly walked across the bridge. At this time of night, and in this certain sector, there was nobody to see him. Even if they could, few people recognised Longfellow. They had only heard rumours and stories about him, which was an advantage many other members of the society didn’t have. As he walked over the bridge, it began to rain. Longfellow, although his cape and hood were not waterproof, took no notice. He did slow down, however, to avoid slipping on the wet slope. As he was walking, somebody began to walk beside him. That person pulled up an umbrella and covered him with it. As Longfellow turned to face the man, and perhaps kill him, he saw the grinning face of Quinton looking back at him covered ever so slightly by a yellow raincoat. Longfellow signed and grabbed hold of the umbrella. He closed it and tossed it over the side. He didn’t look as it fell, which meant he didn’t see it flying back onto the ground of the bridge from the wind. Quinton ran back to pick it up, after which he ran back to Longfellow with a rather annoyed tone.
“That cost quite a bit, my master.”
“I have no need for your help this time. You should be escaping on the train as I ordered. That was the emergency protocols for if the operation went wrong. Speaking of which; I thought you said the site was secret.”
“It was, but the winds of change have altered our position. I say we also alter theirs.”
“Your opinion is noted, but rejected.”
“Oh, but please. I have a diabolical plan that they will never see coming!”
“There is nothing thatyou can do to change my mind.”
“They know.”
Longfellow stopped, glaring at Quinton. Up until now, he’d been facing away from him, however now he had complete eye contact. He glared at him with a small bit of anger, but mostly disgust.
“What did you say?”
“They know. The boy they call Moda knows where we will be going. There’s been a leak. We need to re-evaluate our plan.”
“For once you sound completely sane.”
“Well, you know me. I do like to have a bit of fun from time to time. Like all the joke books I read, and the models I make, and the singing…”
“I take it back.”
“Oh, please don’t. This isn’t the time for fun and games. I have reason to believe that the leak has already committed suicide. The fact still remains; we must change our plans.”
“What would you have me do?”
Quinton reached into his pockets. He giggled while doing so, but it was only to annoy Longfellow. Quinton’s psychotic nature could always annoy Longfellow anyway, but that didn’t stop Quinton from trolling him. Quinton finally found what he was looking for. It was a small piece of paper. Quinton handed it over, making sure it didn’t get wet. Longfellow looked at it for a second and then quickly put it in his pocket.
“This is surely a simplistic but effective plan. Once again you have proved your worth. However, I have one question. Even if you tell me the truth and I do not like it, I will not kill you.”
“Go ahead. Truth-sayers often get the last laugh anyway.”
“Were you the leak?”
“Oh no. It was merely another. I would never!”
Longfellow sighed. He walked off in the opposite direction he had been travelling in. Quinton watched him go, and he then took his hand out of his pocket.
“Heh heh. Crossies doesn’t count…”, he whispered.



Another chapter is out! Now, the next three chaptera will take a bit longer. This is because I'm writing them simultaniously. I will release all three within minutes of each other, so that will work okay. It's friday now, so I'll begin on monday. For those who have not chosen their weapons, please choose. If you don't, I'll make up one for you. I bet at least one person will forget, so at least one person will just get grenades. The other thing you need to do is tell me some ideas based on what will happen. I take in all ideas (I even made a reference to the last chapter when somebody made a choice), so don't be afraid to make a really important one. Please comment ASAP.

Thanks for reading my chapter! If you liked it, then like comment and add me as a favourite builder. Also, are you sad that you didn't realise about this CYOA and still want to take part in it? No problemo! Just click HERE to check out the group and sign up. Any newcomers are welcome, and although your entry may not be for another chapter or two you'll still get in! Also, click HERE to check out the whole novel in one place! It's not on MOCpages, but it's still cool...


 I made it 
  August 31, 2013
Quoting Sam Sanister Of course no masterpiece status, the story's not finished yet.
I meant no masterpiece status for the single chapter, but that's okay. You have to bridge over what happens between the action...
 I like it 
  August 30, 2013
Of course no masterpiece status, the story's not finished yet.
 I made it 
  August 30, 2013
Quoting Timothy Wallace If this CYOA was a Pokemon, it would win the Pokemon League ;). Great job, Declan!
Thanks. On the topic of pokemon, can't wait for Y that I preordered. :)
Quoting Thatch Gears Very nice.. I'm liking how this is going. *puts on fake beard* The plot thickens... *Strokes beard*
Indeed it does. If only the enter would work properly on creation comments, then your's would have had greater effect...
 I like it 
  August 30, 2013
If this CYOA was a Pokemon, it would win the Pokemon League ;). Great job, Declan!
 I like it 
  August 30, 2013
Very nice.. I'm liking how this is going. *puts on fake beard* The plot thickens... *Strokes beard*
 I made it 
  August 30, 2013
Quoting Sam Sanister Another nicely-written chapter.
No 'masterpiece' status? it's okay, this chapter isn't one for action. The next three will be better...
 I like it 
  August 30, 2013
Another nicely-written chapter.
 I made it 
  August 30, 2013
Quoting Stephen Boe Amazing work as usual! Love that bit about the scythes, of course, it's perfect, makes me laugh every time! Can't wait until the next chapters!
I wish I could start writing them now, but i have to wait. yeah, I thought it would be funny if I included the bit about the scythe. :P
 I like it 
  August 30, 2013
Amazing work as usual! Love that bit about the scythes, of course, it's perfect, makes me laugh every time! Can't wait until the next chapters!
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