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Atritian Arthanis no.III - "Siaron" 4.1 Lightship (scale 1:2000)
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I realized that next step in evolution of ships is microscale. It was nessessary to do it to compress even more complex structures in much space. Ship is completed only for half , thats why it lacks wings , tail and tentacles. Yes, lag again. After successful defeat of much of their enemy , Atritians gained much materials, safety and precious time to let their Arthanis Flagship grow due to crystalization. Due to enormous size , ship had to develop her own organs to survive. In thorax it has energy generators acting like lungs, its giant head contains much senzory organs to spy on her enemies, as well as enormous brain to enable her to outsmart enemies as well as any of her crew. On her lateral sides, giant salvage tubes serve as liver and stomach to digest enemy ships material to provide ore to repair itself. Numerous green fortresses were built to provide lots of repair and combat drones to protect ship form infiltration inside. Purple tubes are vessels that house much of communication , energy and material exchange and crew transport. Crew lives in its quarters built form especially resistant gold - looking ore. Last but not least, massive silver skeleton and plating is what holds all parts together. However, ship is not completed yet due to lack of material and Atritians anxiously defend it from numerous enemy attacks that want to prevent birth of most deadly Atritian weapon so far ... NOTE : Atritians are people that value sacrifice greatly , even when it comes to ships. Arthanis II was continually attacked to enable birth of Arthanis III in safe way. But Atritians dint forget about this ship and since A IV came to building site, they finally repelled surprised enemies and ... started to repair this ship. Toll on her body was very painfull ... many of Phantoms were injured, skelet was covered by molten ore from enemy blasts, organ reeking with loosening energies, cannons cracked, energy veins filled with rubble ... but it was not the end. Her builders has raised a network of little bases around all ships that defended her against enemies and form them they stared to repair. After very long time, Arthanis II was able to take off and started to act as flgship should. Due her lack of complete plating enemies mocked her as a "Flayed Beast" that spent most of her time hunting down ones that once were ravaging in her helpless body ...
About this creation

Idea note –organ casts : This third Atritian flagship semi-anathomical structure. This idea is veryold like Siaron is, and I loved to put it together. In anathomy dissections are blood vessel often filled with endurable material ,that becomes solid and then is body itself corroded by acid. All that remains is cast of all vessel that uncovers fascinating sophistication of cardiovascular system. I was amazed when I first saw it. Somebody might said that anathomy is disgusting (even I hate dissections) . Despite it thinking of strucutre of linig things are one of my strongest sources of faith (and humility possibly).

Cast of devouring chambers – it is housed mainly in thorax and serves as source of ore to rebuild ship if injured. Material of enemy sunken ship is recycled here and trough „blood vessels“ it flows to places that need repairment.

Morph note – Siaron features : despite lack of mosta notable parts – wings , you can see most of classical features here – triple thorax, triple pelvis , massive head , praying towers , vertical wings and lots of cannon towers.

Idea note – lateral engines : Atritian ships are built in focus of maneuvering. Placing engines on most lateral parts helps their maneuverabilty very much.

Triple pelvis detail. Their lateral parts were meant to bear large tentacles , that why it is so massive.

Ship is pretty long. After doing head and thorax, I realized i would be never complete it, which saddens me much (despite it is not a real life problem). Nowdays I am working on Siaron 3.2. which is pretty smaller and I hope it to contain all effort i put in Siaron till this days. Lenght and wings is most important feature of my ships, so I tried to do something that looks like my design.

Morph note – alternating design areas : When creating a massive ship , you should think about composition of particelse on her surface. It is good to make them looking like some ornament. In this ship it was little difficult because things on surface were just extension of internal organs , notably in thorax and head. Thats why i divided areas to those of containg praying towers and to orther with more „wingy“ designs.

Head was meant to resemble dragon , but those long nose resembles mosquito more than swordfish, sadly. Lateral horns and tricratops-like collar was added to look more like dragon.

To dirsrupt II generation look, I made thoracic units diminishing from front to rear. Lateal towers were put to narrow end parts and were meant to resemble abdomens.

General organ cast. I filled all ships with organs. If you looked on real organs , you would see that all of them are covered with vessels, nevrves and lymphonodes. That is beecause all organs need some support and regulation. But form visulas POV, this make them to look very complicated. I provided detail of each organ in other pics.

Dorsal aspect. Good in revealing axial structures. You can see massive central cord of vessels and nerves that are radiating toeach organs. Yes, it is meddular cord and great vessels- aorta and caval vein.

Ventral aspect. Reveals engines attached to „liver“ parts. It is logical hence unusable particles from ship digestions serves as fuel for hover engines.

Here comes internal organs. This are „abdomen“ wings. Lateral of incenerators in blue tubes are computer cores covered by wings, then crew towers that hold men manning all organs on this part. Tower- like structure has green „tissue“ between them that works like lymph nodes guarding most exposed organs. As theit real biological counterparts contain dangerous lymphocytes , here are many combat drones and itnernal cannons.

Medullar segment. Ut is hused in two canals that are close together. Upper one houses mainly „nerve tissue“ (blue) , in fact massice somputer cores, Purple vessels are needed to provide energy. Lower one has all parts concentrated on its wall , which forms central corridor of ship. Blue tree like computer bricks form four cords that is reserve for case central meddulas are destroyed.

Central parts of „abdomens“. Massive triangular vessels are powering absorbtion wings that covers abdomen. They drain energy from shots to depot in incenerator.

Dorsal fin particles. I added them on saggital addition trunks alternatively with one spot vacant to look more ragged like fishs fin are. It serve as main „praying tower“ to gain energy from stars.

Head was most effort-heavy part of ship. Its most promining parts are areas with eyes. I had played for a whle with them. I always liked third eye in reptiles and I made all eyes triple with even small eye areas on front part.

Long nose was chosen because I was not confident enough to make upper jaw more complex. When I tried to do so in past, i could not tell what animal iI drew :P

Central eye detail.

Nose detail. Becoming such cliche as most usual title pic of every ship.

Upper jaw detail. „Teeth“ are shot shield emiters that protect vulnerable eye. I arranged them into groups to mimick real jaw that has distinctive groups of teeth. Cannons above them are meant to mimick eye-lashes.

Posterior aspect. You can see starting cervical spinal collomns arch parts there are to mimic vertebral archs thath protect spinal cord.

Posteror aspect on neck-protector. It has segmental structure similiar to ribs. Every rib in human body has its own intercostal nerve ,artery and vein, it is so mimicked here. It were meant to house attachment fo tentacles that were meant to be ships hair. I hope in 3.2. model I will be to finish the idea.

Lateral protector horn. It houses the most powerful cannons in all ship. Similiar are found on all horns of head.

Central eyes are their own cannon grids that looks like angry eyebrows.

Cranial organs. Note that horns have their segmental distribution and in fact they are giant energy stores to power head.

Main brain (forebrain) has coronal cords that are in opposite diresctions with traditoinal hemispherical composition. I tried to mimick hemispheres but it didin look good. I segmentated whole brain to show that main brains focus is to serve to eyes. All orbitae have thier own brain segment.

Innermost part of brain contain many segments that have their innervation destination on parts of head. Their sceintific term is the nuclei. Green parts are lymphonodes. It is actually an error, because brain in humans has no lymphatic drainage. Here it is meant to prevent inner infiltration. I saw that „Deathstar“ was destroyed by single shot by Luke, and this will be not an issue here :D

Lowers parts of brain with blood support for jaws.

Lateral wing detail. It is by fact a engine reactor with segmental arrangements.

Pelvis unit as concept. Basically there are big incencerators on lateral parts (similliar to „livers“ on thorax) , in interior there is a sipnal cord and big conferrence halls form hemispheral domes on top and on th inferior parts. Between there there are energy stores well hidden between wings. All pelvis units are similiar to deigestive system of human body.

Float engines.

Praying tower are attached on energy stores to provide aditional enrgy income.

Energy stores detail. It has bulbous strucuture like glandular units of human saliva glands called „acins“. Also , all skeleto was removed to show complicated strucure.

Thoracic viscera concept. Thorax itself has segmental strucutre veri similiar on those of Unitron Mothership i made some time ago. IT was ideal to place lung-like organ into some great cavity.

Vessels of organs run close to rib sections to be more protected.

Organ strucure – Gold particles are energy generator , violet bulbous parts are „hearts“ that helps energy and ore carriers circulates through vessels. They are multiple to ensure they will work in any conditions. Blue containers are meant to store enrgy to help hearts to work.

Ships main part- thorax as concept. In center there is long spinal cords, on vntral and odrsal partsa are fin trunks thaht would house escape motherships. It is protecteed by fin units that were described above. In proper thorax there are organ agregates that runs most of ships energy processes.

Alternation of belly and thorax subunits.

Thorax skeleton

Goodbye :D


 I like it 
  February 3, 2014
See if you like this! (If you don't have a flickr account either make one and please comment on it or just tell me what you thought of it on one of my MOCs.)
 I made it 
  January 31, 2014
Quoting Bill Ding That is a genius idea! a living ship that can "grow" back if damaged. only one thing puzzles me: does the ship need air or food?
Thank you, Bill :D Ship is made from inorganic matter that can crystalize its part to repair itself ... as energy source it can use nulcear fuel, salvaged parts of enemy ships, and yes, it needs oxygen. I imagine its "life" way as big monstrous computer that is so intelligent it can design its own computer parts and crystalize them in the way we use architecture of processors or other CPU parts. And, I consider magic as part of it, so its thing hard to explain :D
 I like it 
  January 31, 2014
That is a genius idea! a living ship that can "grow" back if damaged. only one thing puzzles me: does the ship need air or food?
 I made it 
  December 9, 2013
Quoting Gavin Nossal These are some very interesting designs. However, the armor really gets in the way of the detail.
Thank you, Gavin :D This ship is so big that I was not able to plate it properly ... that is why I used to build 2 ships on same fremework- one with external details and one with internal parts of ship. From my opinion, even SHIP must have and proper interior - I am not fan of greebles, unless they have some reason in them.
  December 8, 2013
These are some very interesting designs. However, the armor really gets in the way of the detail.
 I made it 
  November 1, 2013
Quoting cyberfrank 2010 it looks like a mix of the star trek crystalline entity with sim city!
The funny part of this is that I absolutely dont know what is the crystaline entity ... I think I saw just one episode of Star Trek since I didnt like Enterprise at all :D But thanks very much :D
 I like it 
  October 31, 2013
it looks like a mix of the star trek crystalline entity with sim city!
  October 19, 2013
Yes, I do not know how to use LDD... Coming right back at you!!!
  October 19, 2013
Ummmmm.....what? Did Benjamin just say, " Decent, but put them up in plastic at some point, if at least if it is some parts of it like a fighter or two!" DECENT?!? PUT THEM UP IN PLASTIC?!? You, my friend, are missing the whole point. Michal says RIGHT ON HIS FRONT PAGE: " I have abandoned real LEGO creations because i have very little LEGO. Since I specialize on biggest starships I had no other choice than LDD." I think he can do what he wants. .....(Okay, I apologize for that little outburst, but there were things that needed to be said)
 I like it 
  October 18, 2013
Another cool ship !
 I like it 
  October 6, 2013
Decent, but put them up in plastic at some point, if at least if it is some parts of it like a fighter or two!
  September 6, 2013
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Atritian Arthanis no.III - "Siaron" 4.1 Lightship (scale 1:2000)Fighters and battle ships

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