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Steam Novel Chapter 05: All Aboard The Jokidoryoku Shinkansen
Well, chapters three and four are out! This blurb will be copied over to both of them, and here's why. I've decided to post these chapters now, and chapter six tomorrow. Due to homework and stuff, it's taking a lot longer than expected. Not to worry, though. I promise whole-heartedly that I'll post chapter six either this afternoon or tomorrow. I just want to fix it up a little bit. Also, the chapter name will be changed from the one I gave the spoiler to. It will not be called 'storming parliament house', as I thought it would be better to re-write it telling the events that happened before their infiltration. Don't worry, it's still a fantastic chapter and everything. Sorry for taking so long to write this stuff. I'm sure you'll enjoy this and revitalise the group once more...
About this creation
Michael was in utter disgust at how he looked. The train where their target was located was leaving in an hour or two, so he was going along with Ervan and Moda to look at the shops near the station. It was a typical market, with several stalls selling hot sauce (not the disgusting special sauce from earlier), crystals, plush toys, Rotonium (yes, it’s so cheap even stalls sell it) and clothes. It was actually at one of these clothes stalls where Mike had gotten some new ones. Moda said it was necessary to ‘blend in’ with the passengers on the train. However, in the eyes of anybody from the normal world, he looked utterly ridiculous. The colours made him look like the sixth doctor, only worse. His clothes were also uncomfortable as hell. Michael had every right to be in a bad mood.
“Moda, why must I wear such idiotic attire?”
“Because when you’re going on a train you need to dress up. The train we’re catching is an intercity one, and since those are expensive only the upper class bother catching them. So, we need to blend in with them to get the element of surprise.”
“I still look retarded.”
“You don’t look slow at all!”
“I meant it in a different way. In my world, ‘retarded’ means stupid.”
“You actually look quite nice.”
“Couldn’t I wear a cape or something?”
“No, otherwise you’ll end up looking too much like Longfellow. That may cause commotion, and commotion is exactly the kind of thing Quinton enjoys.”
Michael grunted and looked around the market. His anger eventually faded, as there was just so much to see. Ervan walked up to him and popped something in his hand.
“Here’s some cash to spend around here. Our currency is quite similar to yours, so you should find it easy to calculate what’s expensive and what isn’t. Stay close to Moda, so that you don’t get lost.”
“Are you going somewhere?”
“I’m heading back to the train station. There’s something I want to do.”
Ervan quickly walked off. Michael turned around to Moda.
“Moda, I think I’m going to follow Ervan. Something seems off about him.”
“He just ditched us for no apparent reason. I think it’s worth checking out.”
Michael then ran off, but not before picking up a hotdog from a stand in front of him.

Ervan was walking briskly alongside one of the parallel streets of the market. Michael didn’t find it too hard to follow him without being noticed, because he was completely oblivious. Ervan walked over to what seemed to be a telephone when he entered, Onncod went in the one beside him and put his ear to the door, still eating his hot dog. He only caught half the conversation, but what he did hear was very mysterious.
“Yes, this is agent Sylph speaking…yes…yes I have him in my sights…yes, we’re planning on apprehending the scientist in a few hours…the package? Oh yes, it’s being delivered directly to the train’s cargo bay…yes…yes…no, nobody suspects me. I’ll report back to you later. Over and out.”
Sylph put down the phone quietly and walked out of the booth. Michael pretended to be talking on the phone. He didn’t have to, though, because Ervan was still oblivious to everything happening around him. He began briskly walking down the road towards the train station. Onncod quickly chucked his rubbish in the bin and followed him down.

The train station was much larger than most of the normal world’s. Compared to something that we would understand, it was half the size of a regular suburb. At any given time, there were approximately 113 different trains on different platforms, with several entering and leaving every few seconds. Strangely enough, Ervan was not going to the platform at all. He went around the back and into the cargo bay. He was getting a little bit more aware that he was being followed, however there were more places for Onncod to hide. Sylph walked up to meet a man standing beside a truck. He greeted him, and carefully watched as something covered up by a large sheet was rolled onto a conveyor belt. The item was about as large as one of the Mecha James and his company had encountered, although it wasn’t shaped like that at all. From what it looked like, it seemed to have a large pyramid at the top of it. There weren’t any other clues to its true form, however. The sheet was completely black, letting no light through. Nonetheless, Michael moved closer to get a closer look. In doing so, he caused a circular bin lid to fall on the ground in front of him. Ervan quickly turned around.
Onncod stood completely still, hoping nobody noticed him. He was right to do so, however Ervan knew that someone was there.
Ervan gripped his staff tightly, waiting for a reply. At any moment, he was ready to use it to disarm this person. Michael thought it best to make himself be seen; a rather quick change from his attitude a few seconds ago.
“Sorry for following you.”
“Michael? What on earth are you doing here?”
“I was curious.”
“So, that strange presence I felt in the phonebox…”
“That was me too.”
“And, why were you curious?”
“Perhaps you should answer some of my questions.”
“I thought you were on our side. Are you even a policeman in the first place, or are you working for ‘them’?”
Ervan was rather annoyed. He walked up to Onncod and looked him in the eyes. He did it in such a way that Michael knew he had perhaps taken his curiosity a tad too far.
“Listen, I’ll let this go just this one. That being said, I would like you to know this. I want Longfellow dead as much as you do. Don’t think for a second that I’m not on your side. Oh, and that thing under the sheet? It’s none of your business. It’s just something for the operation that may come in handy. I hope we don’t have to use it, but you never know.”
Ervan then proceeded to lead Michael to the opening of the station.

Sam Fireblade was the first one waiting at the station. Unlike the others, he had slept in and walked by himself to the station at a later time. His actions reflected how tired he was, which was strange considering how much he had slept for. Onncod walked up to him and began to give some reassurance.
“You know, it’s funny. Why is it that you get tired if you sleep past your wake up time?”
“I know, right? It’s one of those mysterious things of the universe.”
“We’re not in our universe.”
“True, but it should still apply.”
Ervan handed out a crimson train ticket to each person. As they each walked through to the entrance, Michael and Sam noticed that there were no ticket gates. All the tickets were taken by hand. After they were through, they walked along to a series of conveyor belt. Ervan and Moda seemed to step on with ease, however the other two were having a rather hard time simply getting near it. The conveyor belt was made of metallic plater, each painted black to look like rubber. It twisted and turned for a short while inside a pitch black tunnel, however when it opened up an awe-inspiring view gazed upon them. Hundreds of conveyor belts were all crossing over each other inside a huge open-rooved room. They were all leading to separate platforms, which were also contained in the room. Michael was speechless. His mouth was gaping wide open. This was a bad idea at the time, for at that moment a Jokidoryoku Shinkansen came charging under them. A huge puff of steam went all over Onncod, making him cough and splutter like crazy. After he’d come to his senses, he noticed how his clothes were slightly damp, but completely clean. He looked at Moda, and got a grinning reaction from him.
“That steam’s made of nothing but water and nitrogen. There’s practically tonnes of the stuff around you anyway, so there’s no need to worry.”
“Around me?”
“Yeah. You’re breathing it in, whether you’re in your world or ours.”
Michael felt slightly reassured, however this feeling was soon interrupted. The conveyor belt came to a complete stop, and an alarm began to sound. The other conveyor belts kept going, which meant there was something wrong with this one. A large three-spoked claw came rising from under the belt, and in its centre lay a blue eye. It surveyed the people around it. When it came to Onncod, it stopped, before quickly moving on. It reached a young woman a few people down from where Ervan was. She was shaking in fear, staring up as if the claw was the devil himself. She didn’t dare move. The claw grabbed hold of her and pulled her under. Michael was rather taken aback by what just happened. Ervan walked up to him and explained.
“She must have been a fare evader. People like that are common here, since the intercity trains are expensive. She’s going to be taken to the police station, and likely be put in gaol.”
“Gaol? For not having a ticket? Mind you, she could’ve just lost it.”
“Doesn’t work like that. There’s an AI in this place tapping into all our minds as we speak.”
“Yep. It picks up those without a ticket and takes them away.”
“But what about us? I mean, I’m from a different universe.”
“Shouldn’t be a problem.”
“And Quinton?”
“It usually can read people’s minds to determine whether someone’s guilty or not, but for Quinton it’s a different story. You see, according to psychic analysis, he has the ability to block mind probing. It’s a bit of a problem in places like these.”
“Didn’t you say he was mad?”
“Yes, yes I did.”
The claw rose above the conveyor belt once more. It looked around it for a second, and then it spoke.
“I apologise for the inconvenience. This person has unfortunately attempted to evade their fare. I am pleased to inform you that this crime will not go unpunished. They will have two weeks in the Central Junction basic gaol for what they have done. Furthermore, I recognise some of the people on this conveyor belt from my last encounter. I am referring to that known as Ervan Sylph.”
Ervan froze. AI would never single out somebody unless there was a problem that they couldn’t fix. He looked at the blue eye, rather worried at what was the robot was about to say.
“The one you are looking for has already boarded the train ten minutes ago. He should be in car six by himself, as I have locked the other carriages without him realising. You may want to stay in carriage four, just two ones down. He won’t notice you there.”
The claw then descended once again, and the conveyor belt started up with a jolt. Ervan was quite worried now. Moda walked up to him.
“What’s wrong?”
“The fact that the AI was able to determine where Quinton was; isn’t that strange?”
“Why isn’t Quinton shielding himself from the AI?”
“Maybe he wants us to find him.”
“That does sound like something he’d do, but I’ve got a gut feeling that this is something else…”
After that, nobody said a word until they reached the platform.

The Jokidoryoku Shinkansen was a rather strange train in the eyes of anyone from our world. It was pretty similar to one of our bullet trains, but it had a few differences. These trains, including the one in front of them, were brown. The front of the train seemed slightly weird due to the large smokestack protruding from it. Also, two of the wheels on the engine car were slightly elevated, so as not to touch the track. These wheels would start moving and gain enough speed before reaching the ground, so that the train could start without having to go through the painstakingly slow acceleration. Most of the carriages were for passengers only, but there were some cargo ones at the end. Michael looked down at them to see the strange sheeted object being placed on board by another claw. He was almost about to step closer and take a look, but Ervan stepped in front of him and shook his head. He gestured to the carriage they were boarding. The train was split into very distinct and separate sections. The first two were the engine car and the crew’s private lounge. These cars had their interior walls painted black. Cars three to eight were business class. The entire concept of ‘first class’ had been abandoned because people believed in modesty while travelling on private transport. These cars had red interior walls. Cars nine to eighteen were economy. Although these were the cheaper classes, they still had higher quality than most trains. These cars had walls painted in light blue. The remaining four cars at the end housed the cargo bay. These cars were connected differently. They had a bendy-bus style connection, allowing for more goods to be stored. Nobody bothers painting the interior here, because it was a rather useless concept. All twenty-two cars that made up the train had a similar exterior, however. The only way to tell what each car had in it was the text on the top of the side. Sam, after looking at these, had a lot of questions to ask. Michael just sighed, however.
“It seems like Galaxy Express Three-Nine, only you’re not going into space.”
Moda checked for carriage four and quickly hopped on. The interior was quite fancy. Beautiful crimson curtains hung from the side of the windows, and a large chandelier from the ceiling. The tables were made from a wonderful dark wood, and the chairs were covered in leather. Although this was ‘business class’, it seemed like a cabin fit for a king. Many others were already sitting down, so they took a double seat next to the window and waited for the train to leave. Moda looked at everyone to make sure their conversation wasn’t being monitored, and then he spoke.
“Now remember, this isn’t a fancy-shmancy train outing. We’re on a mission, so you need to be careful. We’ll go after Quinton after the train leaves the tunnel. If we go any earlier, these a chance he might try to escape. Also, for you two from the other world, I suggest you hold on tight. This train doesn’t slowly accelerate; instead it just goes. You’re gonna want to make sure you’re read- ah, that’s the sound of the engines starting.”
The sound Moda was referring to was a loud humming noise. The engine had started up, and the wheels were spinning around very slowly. However, within seconds they had increased their speed and were almost invisible due to their spinning. Ervan looked around, checking if there were any unsecured items lying around. Satisfied that there were none, he muttered four words to nobody in particular.
“Better hold on tight.”

The starting of the train was rather odd. Most of us are simply used to anything slowly gaining speed, or suddenly stopping. However cases where something suddenly starts, and then continues at that speed are very rare. This train was an even rougher experience. Rotonium energy is very powerful, so these trains could go much faster than even the Japanese bullet trains to which to Jokidoryoku Shinkansen was obviously a parallel of. For Michael Onncod and Sam Fireblade, the train’s departure was rather uneasy. They had gone from zero inertia to high inertia in milliseconds, and of course people know what would happen to one’s stomach. The train went zomming out of the platform. The large open space was barely visible but for a few seconds before the train went into the tunnel. Pitch blackness surrounded the tunnel. Even if there were lights in it, the smoke from the train was blacking it out. Ervan gestured to the others to get up.
“Come on. We’ll get up now and ready ourselves for the infiltration. According to some info I gatherer, Jones is currently in a carriage all by himself. We’ll enter as soon as we’re out of the tunnel. Ready your weapons.”
Michael readied his sniper rifle, while Moda loaded his pistols with two new cartridges he’d gotten from William. Sam reached for his belt to see how many grenades he had (because he had decided grenades were a simple weapon, and because of his shotput skills) while Ervan gripped his staff tightly. About thirty seconds passed before the train left the tunnel. When it did, a marvellous view opened up. The train track was on top of a bridge, crossing over a huge open grassy plain with a few large patches of trees. The trees grew even taller than the bridge was, and they weren’t just regular trees. These were rainforest-like trees; a fine sight to behold. Noboy took notice of this, though. Their mission was way too important for sightseeing, so they quickly ran into the next cabin. This one was empty due to the AI’s seating plan. He had made it so that a commotion wouldn’t be caused. Moda and Michael stormed into the cabin where Quinton was supposedly hiding. A hooded figure was sitting with his back to them on the side. Moda shouted at him, his gun pointing in his direction.
“Put your hands up and turn around slowly, Quinton!”
The hooded figure gave no answer.
“Who are you calling Quinton?”
The voice was obviously not Quinton’s. It was much deeper and serious. Moda recognised it immediately.
Longfellow stood up, revealing that he wasn’t in fact Quinton at all. His eyes glared, and he smiley slyly once as he had earlier from behind the metallic mouth cover. Moda took a step back in shock, but he didn’t lower his gun. Longfellow pulled a bottle of an opaque red liquid out of his pocket. He opened the cap, stuck his finger inside and proceeded to do the same thing he had done on the docks in the parallel universe. He put the bottle out in front of him.
“Special sauce anyone? I managed to find what ingredients it was made from due to an analysis from Quinton. I presume he’s keeping Wallace and his friends entertained in the sewers.”
“You switched places?”
“It was Quinton’s idea. He said it wasn’t him who leaked it, but I have a feeling it was. He always does like to troll his targets. He also had an interest in James lately. I think he knows him from somewhere. Oh, and by the way, you’re about to die.”
He raised his arms to fire knives at the unsuspecting (and half confused) team. Michael quickly pushed Moda out of the way to avoid the daggers flying at him. Ervan, who was standing behind Michael at the time, did a matrix-style manouver to get out of the way, unfortunately falling on Sam behind him. Longfellow used the commotion to escape into the next carriage. Moda was the first in pursuit, firing several missing shots. Michael stood up to look and see if everyone was allright. Ervan simply shook his head and ran in the same direction that Moda was going in.

Two down, one to go! I only have to finish chapter six and we're good to go! You guys have it a bit easier than the guys in the sewers. I've thought out the story a bit further than them. Still, your ideas are needed. If you want a secret weapon to be revealed, or a plot twist or story idea then go ahead and post it below. For those who haven't had their characters appear because they are in the normal world, sit tight. The chapter's on the way. Today or tommor, I PROMISE.

Thanks for reading my chapter! If you liked it, then like comment and add me as a favourite builder. Also, are you sad that you didn't realise about this CYOA and still want to take part in it? No problemo! Just click HERE to check out the group and sign up. Any newcomers are welcome, and although your entry may not be for another chapter or two you'll still get in! Also, click HERE to check out the whole novel in one place! It's not on MOCpages, but it's still cool...


 I made it 
  September 14, 2013
Quoting Timothy Wallace Amazing chapter, Declan!
Thanks! :)
 I like it 
  September 14, 2013
Amazing chapter, Declan!
 I made it 
  September 12, 2013
Quoting Thatch Gears The old swicheroo eh? I like it! Like Stephen said.. I'm hooked!
That's good. Now, I'll start writing the chaptes next week...
 I like it 
  September 12, 2013
The old swicheroo eh? I like it! Like Stephen said.. I'm hooked!
 I made it 
  September 12, 2013
Quoting Stephen Boe I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next part!
Should be out really soon. I'm writing it as I write this! (sort of)
 I like it 
  September 12, 2013
I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next part!
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